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A Conspiracy of Lemurs

A Regal House Publishing podcast that celebrates the writing craft.


Education in Literature 53:55 06/28/2021
Navigating the Indie Publishing Scene with Jon Sealy, founder of Haywire Books & author Heather Bell Adams 61:38 05/19/2021
All Hail the Mighty Underpup: Writing the Underdog Hero in Children’s Literature 61:44 03/18/2021
The Impact of the Pandemic on Writers, Artists, and the Creative Community: 49:49 03/09/2021
Surviving Racism in a Global Pandemic: Being Black or Brown in America during the Coronavirus 43:58 02/23/2021
Political Literature: The Personal and the Political, an Intertwining Narrative 51:03 10/29/2020
The Road to Redemption: Landscape, Culture, and Catastrophe As Catalysts For Character Development 63:38 09/25/2020
Traveling in Place – Stories in Which Place takes a Significant Role 45:13 09/15/2020
In a Moment of Madness – Exploring Mental Illness in Gothic Literature 53:40 08/11/2020
Truth in Historical Fiction 55:31 07/15/2020
Girlz 'n the Hood with Dr. Mary Hill-Wagner 52:02 06/27/2020
Walking the Tightrope: The Challenges of Memoir 58:56 06/21/2020
Holding a River & Irreverent Prayers: Martha Kalin & Zack Rogow in Conversation 41:39 06/12/2020
Historical Fiction Series: Unhealed Wounds—The Legacy of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Beyond 38:59 06/05/2020
Steven Mayfield: Treasure of the Blue Whale and Writing "Small Town" America 39:51 05/22/2020
Tackling Challenging Topics in Novels-in-Verse: Mary Sullivan, author of High 48:36 05/12/2020
Writing Under Lockdown 32:05 05/12/2020
(Her)oics: The Women Behind the Anthology 29:30 05/08/2020