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The Uncaged Clinician

This is the Uncaged Clinician Podcast. Our goal is simple: to help you become an Uncaged Clinician. What does that mean? That means being free from corporate healthcare and having the freedom to practice as you always envisioned. If that is your goal, this podcast will be your guide to get there.


Preparing For Your Downtime 12:12 10/06/2021
Overcoming The Challenges Of Starting And Growing A Business 23:16 09/29/2021
Should You Post Your Prices On Your Website? with Fitzherbert Harry 19:46 09/22/2021
Serve Before You Sell! 38:06 09/15/2021
Should A New Grad Start A Practice Right Out Of School? 18:07 09/08/2021
Secrets of Growing an Effective Team 10:08 09/01/2021
Pushing Through The Discomfort of Growth 16:57 08/25/2021
How to Build and Maintain Momentum in Business? 20:46 08/18/2021
How to Deal with Your Naysayers in Your Life? 16:01 08/11/2021
Taking Radical Ownership in Your Business! 11:40 08/04/2021
Characteristics of Successful Business Owners! 24:34 07/28/2021
One word that will be the biggest block to your longer sustainability and success in your practice! 13:02 07/21/2021
What If You Don't Want To Be A Therapist Anymore? 12:07 07/14/2021
Three steps to accomplish what you desire in your business 10:56 07/07/2021
How to build your bridge to financial freedom? with Will Butler 31:45 06/30/2021
Your Next Client is Right in Front of You! 23:08 06/23/2021
How to negotiate with a gym for ZERO DOLLARS rent! with Jordan Floyd 33:29 06/16/2021
How to combine Medicare with cash-based practice part 2 with Fitzherbert Harry 42:14 06/09/2021
You have a license to think big! 16:02 06/02/2021
Walls you face that lead to starting a business with Lyda Kongswangwongsa 26:29 05/26/2021
Would clarity and confidence help you to take a risk? 15:22 05/19/2021
Want word of mouth? Do something worth talking about! 17:29 05/12/2021
Healthcare marketing challenges 20:07 05/05/2021
Master the skills you know with Greg Todd 63:21 04/28/2021
How to combine Medicare with cash-based practice with Fitzherbert Harry 63:37 04/21/2021
Making the jump without a single client with Rachel Gaura 33:34 04/14/2021
Protecting and Securing your Income With Will Butler 30:55 04/07/2021
Stop mixing up investments and expenses! 18:57 03/31/2021
Niche down and going all in! with Willam Schopp 34:31 03/24/2021
Uncaged Clinician Round Table 50:00 03/17/2021