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Talking sports betting with industry experts, a behind the scenes look at the betting industry. Brought to you by the International Betting Integrity Association. To know more on the 'Ask the Operator' series visit


Episode 9- Regulating sports betting in the Americas
James Kilsby, VP Americas for VIXIO GamblingCompliance provides a macro-analysis of the key markets for sports betting  in the Americas and walks us through the latest regulatory developments.  
36:02 6/4/21
Episode 8 - The importance of diversity in sports betting
Christina Thakor-Rankin, co-founder of the All-In Diversity Project, explains why diversity and equality need to be part of betting companies' growth strategy; she examines the positive economic impact that inclusive policies can have on the business. 
26:51 2/18/21
Episode 7- The challenges of regulating sports betting
In this episode David Foster, Head of Regulatory Affairs at GVC, discusses the global trends around sports betting regulation; he examines the key challenges and describes what good regulation looks like from an operator's point of view.
30:29 11/10/20
Episode 6- What is a B2B sports betting provider?
Oliver Lamb, Head Sportsbook Controller at Kambi, explains the role of a B2B sports betting provider. He also discusses the impact of COVID-19 on their operations; new markets opportunities and what the future of sports betting will look like. 
23:35 10/8/20
Episode 5: Developing a sustainable sports betting model in Sweden
Per Carlander, Country Manager Unibet Sweden at Kindred Group, continues the conversation we started with Kindred’s Sustainability Manager Anna Jein and walks us through on how education projects on match-fixing and gambling addiction are put in place in Sweden in the framework of Kindred's sustainability programme.More information on Kindred’s projects in Sweden:Integrity Officers battle match-fixing:
24:19 7/22/20
Episode 4: How to define sustainability in sports betting?
We chat with Anna Jein who is the Sustainability Manager at Kindred Group, which holds brands like 32Red and Unibet, on how Kindred has managed to incorporate sustainable activities at the core of their business.Relevant documents and links:- Kindred Group Sustainability Report 2019: Fair Sport 4 All: Kindred and EFDN team up to battle match-fixing: Sustainable Gambling Conference:
19:49 7/2/20
Episode 3: Innovation and future trends in sports betting
Lloyd Danzig, Founder & CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, shares his views on how the betting industry needs to innovate for new markets and what the impact of Covid-19 could have on the sector. 
47:35 6/17/20
Episode 2: Behind betting integrity
Listen to Lee Calverley, Sports Integrity Lead at GVC Group, as he gives us a behind the scenes look at sports betting integrity related matters and how these are tackled.
13:22 6/3/20
Episode 1: The evolution of the trading floor
We chat with Alan Alger, Head of Corporate Communications at Betway, on how it was to make odds during the early internet era, when big data still did not exist, and how the role of a sports betting trader has evolved over the years. 
21:14 5/13/20