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Judging Books By Their Covers V
This week on Words About Books we're going to do something we've never ever done before on Judging Books By Their Covers. Want to know more? You'll have to listen to find out and you won't believe our ears! Hey if it works for Hell's Kitchen, it might work for us.Yes it's that time of year where Ben has to pick a book from Nate's treasure trove of books... only with a twist! We also talk about the NCAA bracket at the time of the recording. You might also wonder where the monthly book is. Well Ben decided to move to another apartment and let us all down. So March is going to be a little slimmer pickens but don't worry this episode and the month of April will make up for it. You'll just have to tune in to find out!Support the show
50:48 3/26/23
Nate Recommends Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir
This week on Words About Books a medicine man explains to a computer programmer man how science works. We discuss Project Hail Mary in detail and Nate just might convince Ben to read a book he recommends.Support the show
88:30 3/19/23
Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour and The Long Rain
It was a podcast. It was a long podcast. It was a torrential downpour of po-And we're done! This week we're talking about Ray Bradbury short stories as voted on by the patrons! Do you want to be a sexy captain of industry? Then sign up for our patreon and MAYBE that will happen. We don't know. No refunds!Support the show
63:59 3/12/23
Discussing Fated by Sarah Fine [Servants of Fate Book 3] (Part 2)
This episode contains explicit content. Don't listen to this without listening to part 1. And if you listened to part 1 and you want to listen to part 2, then you number among an elite group of Words About Books listeners with a stronger than average tolerance for nonsense. You deserve to be commended. You are the real heroes. Support the show
83:49 3/5/23
Discussing Fated by Sarah Fine [Servants of Fate, Book 3]
This episode contains explicit material. Servants of Fate is an Erotic Urban Fantasy set in a Dystopian Environmental Collapse Future with a magic system inspired loosely by Greek Mythology. If that sounds like a lot, it's because it is.Support the show
92:50 2/26/23
Author Interview - John Bierce (Mage Errant and The Wrack)
This week we were fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down and talk with John Bierce. John is the author of the Mage Errant series and The Wrack. We chat a bit about his writing process, mega structures, and the sexy sexy subject of Geology. Support the show
94:24 2/19/23
Spy x Family: One we actually really liked!
This week we are finally talking about something we liked! A Japanese manga which is SORT OF like a book. It's part wacky comedy, part spy drama, part wholesome family story. Highly recommended if you enjoy good stories and fun adventures.Support the show
65:36 2/12/23
How to Kill Your Family (with a Razor-Sharp Wit) by Bella Mackie
Thank you to our Patrons for voting for today's episode! This is a book that sounds so incredible. A woman is in prison for a murder she didn't commit. Oh but she DID kill 6 people, all members of her rich father's family. Now she's writing her memoirs about those 6 killings while a mystery unfolds on what really happened to the person she didn't kill.Or that's what I thought anyway. Instead it's mostly a mean-spirited dick (Grace) rambling for 400 pages. No that's not a joke, that's even written in the book. To quote the book: "Christ, I'm rambling again." This book is painful to read and even more painful to listen to.I promise we don't only read books we don't like. I mean we read an Agatha Christie novel earlier this year and it was awesome! Nate genuinely thought the premise to this book sounded amazing but the author does not know how to write novels. Nothing about this book works. It's easily one of the worst books we have ever read on this podcast. So strap in for a deconstruction of everything that went wrong with this book as we attempt to solve the real mystery: what is this book and what is it trying to say?Support the show
101:11 2/5/23
The Expanse - Caliban's War (More Like Caliban's Bore) by James SA Corey Part 2
We're still talking about Caliban's War, and we still don't like it. On the plus side, with a part two episode this long we know that no one else is listening. Now we can get into all the really juicy criticisms. Support the show
107:32 1/29/23
The Expanse - Caliban's War (More like Caliban's Chore, amirite?)
This week Ben and Nate read the sequel to one of their favorite books of last year. Join them as they embark upon a quest to find a missing girl and unravel the mystery of a mysterious alien monste-and hey wait a minute, is any of this starting to sound painfully familiar?Support the show
91:29 1/22/23
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
This week Ben and Nate are voted by the patrons to travel to an island off the coast of Devon to investigate 9 murders and a suicide. Which one of the islands residents could have done all of these murders? And which one knows that we're listening to his/her inner monologue in order to cheat us out of being able to solve the mystery? Find out on this week when we tackle And Then There Were None!Support the show
95:35 1/15/23
Norse Myth - Dude Where's My Mjolnir
We're talking about norse myth again. This time we talk about the one where Thor has to do drag to save Asgard and retrieve his hammer Mjolnir!Support the show
46:35 1/8/23
"Author" "Interview" - Chad Dingleton, Writer of Extra Sensual Perception
Ben puts off medical treatment to make sure he's available for Words About Books' first ever author interview.  He should have known better. Join Ben as he has a life changing discussion with amateur Erotica author, Chad Dingleton, who is almost certainly not just Nathaniel Creed in sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap. Support the show
43:00 1/1/23
End of the Year Awards + Xmas Show Gift Exchange!
It's that time of year again! Nate drinks alcohol and gets festive while Ben is a less-rich Scrooge. A Grinch if you would. We give our coveted end-of-the-year awards, exchange book gifts for next year, and look back on season 3 and forward to season 4 in this Very Special Episode of Words About Books.Support the show
83:32 12/25/22
The Mage Errant by THE John Bierce
This week on Words About Books we tackle John Bierce's other work: The Mage Errant. Listeners of the show might know that we covered another one of his books last year called The Wrack. That book was Nate's #1 book of 2021! Will The Mage Errant claim the 2022 role? Or will we keep going on tangents talking about Naruto? The answer may surprise you! Also since Nate had to cut a ton of stuff from this episode consider throwing $2 at us on Patreon as we're going to start putting our extra tracks on there for that amount very soon. It's 8+ minutes of tangents and filler! That's way less than Naruto!Support the show
87:46 12/18/22
Ben did it! He finally convinced Nate to talk about Armada. Support us on Patreon for $5 or more and get access to this AND ALL OTHER BONUS EPISODES AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT!Support the show
01:47 12/11/22
Nate Should Read Babel by RF Kuang
Ben attempts to convince Nate and The Listener to read Babel by RF Kuang. If you have already read this book, listen anyway and be convinced to read it again. Support the show
70:32 12/11/22
Claimed by Sarah Fine (Servants of Fate) Part 2
We continue our discussion of Claimed by Sarah Fine (Servants of Fate). If you haven't already please check out part 1, or this will not make much sense. Support the show
56:15 12/4/22
Claimed by Sarah Fine (Servants of Fate Book 2) Part 1
Ben and Nate discuss claimed by Sarah Fine. Long ago we read a book chosen somewhat at random. That book was Marked by Sarah Fine and we mocked it relentlessly. Then something unexpected happened. It lived absolutely rent free in our heads for the next two years. We MUST find out what happens next. Maybe you care, maybe you don't, but this IS happening. Support the show
62:53 11/27/22
Ben vs. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
This week the boys discuss a book voted on by the Patrons over at Patreon: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Ben goes all Carmen on us when he describes this book. Nate thanks the Patrons for giving us a book Ben finally hates. If you want to hear more about the Sisterhood OR you never want to hear from them again then consider becoming a $2 Patron to vote in our monthly polls! Help Nate annoy Ben or help Ben curb Nate's tyrannical abuse of power! Democracy!Support the show
79:34 11/20/22
I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy (We're Also Glad)
This week Words About Books tackles non-fiction! Something we've probably perhaps never done maybe? It's Jennette McCurdy from such hit shows as iCarly and also others doing her actual passion: writing. She expertly writes her memoirs in an easy-to-read and shockingly entertaining fashion. Also her mom died and we don't say this often, but good for her.This episode courtesy of Nate's wife.Support the show
71:17 11/13/22
Why Nate is Not an English Major & Memories of My Melancholy W****s
This episode brought to you by all the beautiful people over at our Patreon. If you want to vote on what we're going to read and discuss then head on over to week the boys read Memories of My Melancholy Whores by a Nobel Prize winning author. On a 100% related subject Nate discusses why he's no longer an English major. Hint: this book played a key role in that decision.Support the show
70:57 11/6/22
The Raven (Halloween Spooktacular 2022)
It's Halloween and you know what that means! A spooky story from your pals at Words About Books. The spookiest part? Nate got this out... LATE :OSupport the show
08:38 10/31/22
Dracula by Bram Stoker Part 3
We conclude our discussion of Dracula by Bram Stoker. As you all know, part 3's are only for the super fans. So get ready to get weird. Support the show
84:12 10/30/22
Horror Classic - Dracula by Bram Stoker Part 2
The discussion of Dracula by Bram Stoker continues. Lucy dies and then takes up child murder. In that order. Van Helsing and the boys team up to mutilate a sexy corpse. Mina saves Jonathon, I wonder if he'd ever be able to save her? Support the show
87:25 10/23/22
Horror Classic - Dracula by Bram Stoker
We read the legendary Dracula by Bram Stoker. This is the book that put vampires on the map. It has it all. Monsters, Mayhem, Vague Allusions to Sex, and SO MUCH JOURNALING. Prepare yourselves for bad accents and hot takes. Guard yourselves with your heaviest crucifix and your most potent spices. Turn out the lights, and turn up this episode of WORDS ABOUT BOOO-KSSupport the show
100:05 10/16/22
The BETTER Haunting of Hill House (Miniseries Discussion)
This week Ben and Nate read a book with moving pictures and sound on something called a "Netflix". It's the Haunting of Hill House miniseries! It's like the original except it fleshed out a lot of the characters and improved on the foundation that the book laid down in almost every way! Seriously it's great you should check it out!Support the show
86:51 10/9/22
Horror Classic: The Haunting of Hill House (A Discussion)
The boys start Spooky Month 2022 with a discussion of a classic in ever sense of the word: The Haunting of Hill House. Is there a spooky ghost? How can we defeat a House that stands on its own? And why the hell did Shirley Jackson think having two late-game cartoon characters would be a good idea? All these answers AND MORE await you!I wondered about calling this "Discussion at House on the Hill" as a parody of Betrayal at House on the Hill. But then nobody would know or care what I was talking about. So instead you get a boring title.Support the show
82:12 10/2/22
The Dresden Files - Grave Peril by Jim Butcher Part 2
We conclude our discussion of Jim Butcher's Grave Peril. We follow Harry Dresden as he infiltrates a vampire party, and then escapes, and then reinfiltrates the vampire's head quarters even less prepared than he was the first time. Is it crazy? Or is it just crazy enough to work? Support the show
96:28 9/25/22
Dresden Files - Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
Two Dresden novices jump into the series for the very first time. They discover a world of magic, monsters, weird audio book direction, and many many descriptions of the humanoid mammary. Join them as they try to find out who is driving the spirit world of the Chicago Metro Area into a chaotic maelstrom! Support the show
65:23 9/18/22