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Zack, professional musician and instructor, and Seth, student of many arts, meet to discuss different topics of self improvement for curious minds, musicians, and artists of all types.


Episode 46 - What do you mean all metal guys use Neapolitan chords the same way?
Zack and Seth get together to discuss life, streaming as a musician, and Neapolitan chords.Special thanks toLimitless Cables  Use code "Zack10"Swiss PicksSupport the show
65:09 3/11/22
Episode 45 - Paul Wardingham
 Paul Wardingham visits the podcast again to talk about his newest album, Cybergenisis.  He is an English-born Australian musician. Self-described as "instrumental cyber metal" his style can be categorized as a hybrid mix of rock, progressive metal with electronic elements. Found out more about Paul here:www.paulwardingham.comSupport the show
78:18 12/18/21
Episode 44 - Discipline Again
Zack and Seth chat about their upcoming Discipline December challenge.  Stay updated and follow along the show
63:19 11/30/21
Episode 43 - Sean Branney
Sean Branney has produced and directed many theatrical productions, winning awards for Acting, Directing and Producing from the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle.With his colleague, Andrew Leman, he founded and continues to run the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society in Glendale, California. With the HPLHS, Sean has co-produced the films The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness. Sean adapted The Call of Cthulhu for the screen and directed The Whisperer in Darkness.Find more about Sean and the HPLHS here: www.hplhs.orgSupport the show
55:09 10/31/21
Episode 42 - Alex Weber
 Alex Weber, bassist, composer, and teacher is based in Baltimore, MD.  He joined the progressive metal band Exist in 2008 to cover bass and vocal duties and has since recorded 4 albums with them. Over the last 4 years Exist has signed with Prosthetic Records and has toured the US and Canada with notable bands such as Gorguts, Obscura, Beyond Creation, and Archspire.  Besides touring with Exist, Alex has also been hired by and toured the US and Europe in a diverse assortment of metal bands such as Jeff Loomis’ solo project, Defeated Sanity, and Sabbath Assembly. In 2020, Alex joined the renowned technical death metal Malignancy.Check out more about Alex here:alexwebermusic.comYouTubeInstagram Support the show
98:24 8/23/21
Episode 41 - Tim Roth
Tim Roth is the guitarist, backing vocalist and only remaining founding member of Canadian melodic death metal and progressive metal band, Into Eternity.    Roth is very much the mastermind of Into Eternity, plays the majority of their guitar solos and also was originally the lead vocalist. Check out Into Eternity the show
130:11 8/18/21
Episode 40 - Benny Goodman and Kelly Kereliuk of Lost Symphony
Benny and Kelly revisit sit down with Zack and Seth to discuss Lost Symphony's Chapter III album release Benny Goodman is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, podcaster, and founder of the music project Lost Symphony.And check out Benny's podcast 2020'd here: 2020-d.comKelly Kereliuk is the guitarist for Prismind, Lost Symphony, Sound Chaser and Negus (Steve Negus ex-Saga), as well as a full-time instructor in the Hamilton, Ontario area for the past 30 years.    Check his PATREON for many new goodies  Find out more about Lost Symphony here:  lostsymphony.comSupport the show
153:17 8/3/21
Episode 39 - The Lost Episode
FINALLY FOUND.  This episode has been lost in the void of broken file naming for over two months!  Zack and Seth sit down to discuss streaming, Gojira and more.Check out Zack's stream: the show
85:55 5/22/21
Episode 38 - Ermin Hamidovic
Ermin Hamidovic is a mastering engineer hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  He is the owner of Systematic Productions, director of SubMission Audio (creator of our favorite bass VSTs), and authored The Systematic Mixing Guide.Find more about Ermin here:www.systematicproductions.comwww.submissionaudio.comSupport the show
93:06 4/15/21
Episode 37 - Mathias Norvig, PhD on Ásatrú
 Mathias Nordvig (1982-) was born in Denmark and has lived part of his childhood in Greenland. He has a PhD in Nordic mythology from Aarhus University in Denmark. During his studies, he has also lived in Iceland. Mathias Nordvig has been teaching Viking studies, Norse mythology, Scandinavian folklore, and Arctic culture at the University of Colorado at Boulder since 2015. He runs a YouTube channel called The Nordic Mythology Channel with the attached website He also has a podcast with the co-owner of the clothing company Horns of Odin, Daniel Farrand, which is called The Nordic Mythology Podcast. His latest book, Ásatrú for Beginners,  is a newcomer’s guide to the spiritual belief system based around the pre-Christian folklore and mythology of Northern Europe. Support the show
89:27 3/19/21
Episode 36 - (Music Theory) NERDS!
Zack and Seth get together to talk about voice leading in  songwriting, slash chords, recording guitars, and more.Support the show
62:38 3/16/21
Episode 35 - Matt Zastrow
Matt Zastrow is a nutritionist, engineer, and mountain climber.  In 2020, he founded Earth Inspired Coaching with the goal to improve an individual's health, so that individual is more capable of contributing and living in a way that's beneficial to the individual AND the living environment around them. Check out more at:earthinspiredcoaching.square.siteSupport the show
156:00 2/27/21
Episode 34 - Discipline December recap
Seth and Zack get together to discuss how their individual experiences for their Discipline December challengeSupport the show
78:58 2/23/21
Episode 33 - Kelly Kereliuk
Kelly Kereliuk is the guitarist for Prismind, Lost Symphony, Sound Chaser and Negus (Steve Negus ex-Saga), as well as a full-time instructor in the Hamilton, Ontario area for the past 30 years. In addition to releases from his other bands, Kelly now finds himself working alongside Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Bumblefoot (GnR/Sons Of Apollo), Oli Herbert (All That Remains), David Abbruzzese (ex-Pearl Jam), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jimi Bell (Autograph/House Of Lords), Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), and many more, in the LOST SYMPHONY project.Support the show
81:06 1/30/21
Episode 32 - Zachary Adkins
Zachary Adkins won first place in the 2017 Flying Fingers Guitar Competition hosted by Ibanez Guitars. He has played guitar since he was 12-years-old and was taught by his father. He attended Iowa Western Community College for Music Education with a full scholarship while teaching students guitar lessons in his home, at local guitar music schools and Guitar Center. Since opening his guitar lessons studio in 2017, he has taught hundreds of people, both domestic and international, custom guitar lessons.Learn more about Zachary Adkins:www.zacharyadkinsofficial.comSupport the show
128:39 1/8/21
Episode 31 - Discipline December, Week 2 Recap with Alec Uidl
Zack and Seth hang out with Alec Uidl as they discuss Discipline December week #2, MMA, Aldi, and the passing of Burt ReynoldsSupport the show
74:14 12/16/20
Episode 30 - Rusty Cooley
Rusty Cooley is an American guitarist, known for his highly refined guitar technique. He is regarded as one of the fastest guitarists in the United States and a master of the shredding technique of guitar. Guitar Player magazine called him "the leading light of the post-Malmsteen shred-volution."He discusses his influences, history, the new Day of Reckoning release, his new Patreon service and more!Check out more here:rustycooley.comRusty's PatreonSupport the show
104:50 12/12/20
Episode 29 - Discipline December, Week #1 recap, and puppies
Zack and Seth get together to discuss their first week of #disciplinedecember, plus songwriting and puppies.  What's not to love???Support the show
76:06 12/8/20
Episode 28 - Michael Joly of Solu
Michael Joly has spent the better part of 4 decades as a sound engineer.  He was the founder of Oktavamods, a microphone modification and repair company.  In 2018 he took a leap of faith, shut down his mic business and dedicated himself exclusively to his new company, Hear Now Systems, Inc. and launched a new consumer mindfulness meditation product called N.O.W. Tone Therapy System.Find out more here:www.nowbysolu.comSupport the show
94:47 12/5/20
Episode 27 - Discipline December Begins...
Zack and Set get together to talk about their Discipline December challenge.  Join in on the fun by downloading the DISCIPLINE DECEMBER WORKBOOK and joining in with us on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGESupport the show
57:01 12/1/20
Episode 26 - Benny Goodman
Benny Goodman is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, podcaster, and founder of the music project Lost Symphony, who recently released their second album "Chapter II"Find out more about Lost Symphony here:  lostsymphony.comAnd check out Benny's podcast 2020'd here: 2020-d.comSupport the show
62:28 11/21/20
Episode 25 - A Metal Makers Guide to Orchestration
Zack and Seth get together to discuss writing for orchestration, their 23 and Me results, and more!Support the show
95:06 11/18/20
Episode 24 - Null Valley
Zack and Seth sit down with Xach Lively, Chris Flint, Ryan Key, and David Ford of Null Valley.Null Valley is an American heavy metal band that came in the scene amidst the global pandemic.  They are four friends making noise in the sacrifice zone of the USA.Find more about Null Valley here:www.nullvalley.netSupport the show
130:09 11/14/20
Episode 23 - Lisa Scheller of Evansville Ketamine Center
Lisa Scheller is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist(CRNA).  In 2019, she founded the Evansville Ketamine Center to offer hope to those suffering from psychiatric disorder, chronic pain conditions and other general maladies. Find more information the show
80:18 11/11/20
Episode 22 - Robert Lunte
Robert Lunte is the owner and founder of The Vocalist Studio (TVS) and Course Creek Consulting.  TVS is an Internationally recognized voice training school for singing vocal techniques, public speaking, teacher training, accent training and vocal related events. Course Creek Consulting is designed to help thought leaders implement their ideas in a scalable online format.   Robert is also the author and producer of the critically acclaimed vocal instruction training online course and book, “The Four Pillars of Singing”.Find out more about Robert here:thevocaliststudio.comwww.coursecreek.comSupport the show
77:12 11/4/20
Episode 21 - Claire and Dean Lamb
Zack and Seth sit down with Claire Lamb, The Hallowed Catharsis, and Dean Lamb,  Archspire, metal guitarists, video creators, and crow enthusiasts from Vancouver, British Columbia.You can find more about them herewww.deanlamb.comDean YouTubeDean bandcampDean InstagramClaine's World TwitchClaire YouTubeClaire InstagramSupport the show
82:58 10/30/20
Episode 20 - Anup Sastry
 Anup Sastry is a drummer based out of Frederick, Maryland. He's been playing and recording actively with artists for many years, artists such as Skyharbor, Monuments, Marty Friedman, Devin Townsend, Jason Kui, Jeff Loomis, Intervals, and many more. Along with playing drums, he's also a producer and engineer, having worked on many projects for bands and artists out of his home studio. He also writes and releases his own music. Find more about Anup, here:anupsastry.comYouTubeBandcampFacebookInstagramTwitterSupport the show
72:56 10/27/20
Episode 19 - Novembers Doom, the Doomcast revisited
Zack and Seth travel to the dungeon of Novembers Doom to talk to Vito Marchese, Paul Kuhr, Gary Naples, and Larry Roberts.Novembers Doom is an American death-doom metal band from Chicago, currently signed to Prophecy Productions. They are one of the earliest American death-doom bands still active today.  Their latest album, Nephilim Grove, was released on November 1, 2019 via Prophecy Productions.  Check out more at www.novembersdoom.comSupport the show
82:54 10/24/20
Episode 18 - Dr Keith Kretschmar
 Dr. Keith Kretschmar has devoted his life to helping people by developing protocols utilizing cutting-edge clinical methods such as the PulStar Computerized Spinal Scanning and Adjusting Device, Rapid Release, Functional Medicine, Food Sensitivity testing, Nutrient Deficiency testing, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback along with many other devices and modalities. Check out more at: foxrivergrovechiro.comSupport the show
73:37 10/21/20
Episode 17 - Jesse Coomer
Jesse Coomer is a breathwork and cold exposure instructor, author, and professor. You can find Jesse's book A Practical Guide to Breathwork here.Find out more about Jesse and Midwestern Method at the links the show
66:44 9/25/20