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This daily podcast for federal audiences that address the top stories for each day ahead. Host Ross Gianfortune interviews newsmakers, GovExec staff and experts for analysis of the news of the day.


GovExec Daily Live: The Mar-a-Lago Search, Classification and Federal Employees 45:14 08/13/2022
IRS Hiring in the Big Climate Bill 21:25 08/12/2022
What Happens After The Mar-A-Lago FBI Search? 16:24 08/11/2022
Getting More Women into Federal Policing 19:34 08/10/2022
Telling the Story of the Fall of Kabul 12:54 08/09/2022
Financial Tips From a TSP Millionaire 16:41 08/08/2022
Criminal Referrals at the Border and Immigration Policy 17:36 08/05/2022
The Decision That May Upset the Administrative State 17:55 08/04/2022
The State of Women in Federal Law Enforcement 12:56 08/03/2022
Securing the Human Side of Elections 26:11 08/02/2022
How the Pandemic and Economic Climate Has Affected Women 22:06 08/01/2022
Get Ready for the Return of Schedule F 24:46 07/28/2022
How to Oversee $1 Trillion Dollars in Relief 19:53 07/27/2022
Hybrid Work in Government is Here to Stay 17:22 07/26/2022
How to Plan For Your Retirement 10:04 07/25/2022
Will the Vaccine Mandate Discipline Ever Start? 14:10 07/21/2022
The Feds' Monkeypox Response Strategy 15:51 07/20/2022
USGS is Fighting the 'Blood Diamond' Trade 23:28 07/19/2022
The G Fund is Now the Biggest Core TSP Fund 12:56 07/18/2022
The Pendulum Shifts Toward Workers 24:05 07/15/2022
The Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Decreased Autonomy for Tribes 23:36 07/14/2022
Using Technology to Hire the Best Talent to the Public Sector 14:17 07/13/2022
Despite the Supreme Court, the EPA Can Still Do Its Job 20:15 07/12/2022
The TSP, Sustainability and the Mutual Fund Window 12:49 07/11/2022
The Defense Department Will Continue Reproductive Health Procedures 19:24 07/08/2022
The Supreme Court Is Limiting the Regulatory State 21:10 07/07/2022
The Postal Service Will Continue to Deliver Abortion Meds by Mail 18:13 07/06/2022
The Connection Between Mindfulness and Leadership 15:32 07/05/2022
Government Has a Recent History of Big Successes 22:34 07/01/2022
The TSP Service Transition is Not Going Well 16:56 06/30/2022