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Misha Montana and Ivan Dragon are two Russians living in America. What sets them apart from the others is she is an Award-nominated Tattooed Alt Pornstar while Ivan is a Hall of Fame and Award-winning Adult and Horror Film Director. This is a spinoff of their viral YouTube channel.


Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins discuss their feature movie Neon Vampire
Sarina Havok and Robin Coffins discuss their Vampire movie "Neon Vampire" which was Written & Directed by the two and shot by Ivan.  The three share some on set stories and how their filmmaking partnership began. Also is the Neon Vampire #2 in the works?  
62:27 11/7/23
2 Russians, 1 Podcast - Food, Porn, Lighting & Dumpster Fire Divas
We introduce Steve to Weekly Sundays "2 Russians 1 Podcast" segment of King Slivan as he talks about his "Fat Man on Food",  we discuss his cooking, Slava/Ivan's and Steve's lighting styles and history plus fun Dumpster Fire Divas stories.  And few Porno archives about Ivan's legendary ex Kami Andrews
54:03 10/22/23
King Slivan - Porno 101 "The Art of A** to Mouth
Two time Adult movie director Ivan discusses the Art of shooting Ass to Mouth.  He goes into details about proper ways of shooting the scene for the viewers best and most honest expericence as a fan of the genre.  Adult Content for 18 and over only!
24:13 10/19/23
1 Week, 14 Scenes
Ivan discusses his first week of June in 2023 as, he shoots 14 scenes with 7 different models in 5 days. One of the most hectic yet productive creative weeks of his career.  He goes into detail about the shoots and shooting in Black & White.
40:11 6/12/23
XPW's Here Comes Revenge goes viral!
This is Slava's review from the photographer's point of video from Xtreme Pro Wrestlng's "Here Comes Revenge" The show had an intense Scaffold Main Event that saw Shlack get stabbed all over his body, The Body get syringed in his genitals and VIRAL MOMENTS GALORE!
49:18 3/28/23
Ashenn Fire Fetish & Alt Model LA surreal to Classic looks
Fetish and Alt Model Ashenn Fire comes out to Los Angeles to shoot with Ivan. Why? Legendary status has it's perks. Asheen and Ivan discuss her background handy work in in strip clubs and the variety of shoots from the week including a surreal horse cosplay to Ivan's new Black & White series claXXXic and her slow-motion eating video of caviar with her split tongue.
111:47 3/22/23
Kennedy Rose the Street Taco Eating, _Ferrari Driving, VEGpire
Kennedy Rose is a heavily tattooed, split tongued Alt model making her first trip to Los Angeles for shoots with Ivan and Alt Erotic. Her adventures took her to Hollywood Blvd for bikinis and street tacos, driving a Ferrari to the Hollywood sign, starring in a Rap music video and playing a VEGpire in Ho Hunters #2.
41:57 3/13/23
Robin Coffins Lighting 101 - Ink Motel 4
Lighting 101 with Ivan as he discusses the scenario and feel of the shoot with Alt Model Robin Coffins.  The Grindhouse / Red Light district feel for this Ink Motel #4 shoot is broken down from shot to shot to the lighting created.
29:34 2/28/23
Darcy Diamond - The Black Eyed HOsferastu in XPW
This is an early morning podcast as Darcy Diamond and Ivan/Slava drive to LAX after 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours.  They share stories from Darcy's first trip to Los Angeles as she got her second eye ball tattooed black! Her new character for Ivan's "Ho Hunters #2" as she plays HOsferatu and the grand finale as she competed in XPW's "Miss Xtreme" Contest then fell in love with Deathmatch wrestling!  
37:58 2/21/23
Dumpster Fire Divas "Ice Cream & Bounced Checks"
First installment of "Dumpster Fire Divas" as Ivan / Slava shares stories from his vast 20 plus years as a Hall of Fame Porn Director and reads old school snail mail fan letters.  "Ice Cream & Bounced Checks" is a story of a desperate pornstar who decides to step outside her boundaries to put herself in a deeper hole.
16:18 2/5/23
XPW's "We Are Not Your Kind review from Xtreme Photographer's POV
Here is a re-cap from Ivan aka Slava's Point of View as the backstage and ringside photographer for XPW.  The latest topics are discussed from his personal life to majority focused on the show from the imagery, injuries and being welcomed as one of their own. 
49:54 2/4/23
Samantha Saint The Naked Tebowing Girl, Wicked Pictures contract star and Miss Howard Stern!
Ivan sits down with Samantha Saint over cookies and milk to share some wonderufl stories from their almost 12 year friendship. They discuss her going viral for being the "Naked Tebowin Girl", Wicked Pictures contract star, their adventures around America and pulling back the curtain on the industry and magazine covers.
63:29 12/21/22
XPW's Xtreme Invasion Review
Here is Ivan's review of XPW's latest live event "Xtreme Invasion" in New Jersey.  He also shares his history with XPW from their first go around and some interesting todbits about him attending "Hostile Takeover" in Phildelphia over 20 years ago.  Stories are shared from the ringside and backstage photographger.
44:02 12/7/22
Red versus Blue the Political Gang Wars
Misha Montana and Ivan Dragon take another drive to the airport and do a podcast amidst a rain storm.  The two shares their views on thoday's political climate as well as stories about anti-semtism and racism. Listen as the two almost crash while doing a live recording of the podcast.
40:39 11/9/22
Jewish Pipe Bomb
Ivan shares horror stories from being a young Russia Jew in early 1980's while living in what is now Ukraine.  Remidning people racism comes in all sorts of colors, races, religions and genders. In today's climate of anti-semitism many forget that hate goes beyond color or sexual orientation. A few heart wrenching stories of violence and murder from family and friends dealing with such issues back in the Motherland.
61:03 11/6/22
Brutality of a Schedule at it's most Brutal
Misha Montana and Ivan discuss the non-stop schedule of a single day. They share their limited time for anything but work and branding as well as the frustration of people getting upset over lack of communication.  Another drive tot he airport podcast after a brutal 24 hour schedule. 
45:00 10/29/22
XPW's Halloween in Hell" with stab wounds, MAGA and Misha's bloody skull
One of the most entertaining podcast to date as Misha and Ivan share their night at XPW's "Halloween in Hell #3" The duo discuss warnings from the paranormal, massive deathmatch wounds, Mega Maga controversy and Misha Montana spills blood from head all over the venue!
60:15 10/25/22
4am Car Wrecks, Crackheads and XPW Halloween
4am drive to the airport leads to witnessing a car wreck in front of our eyes, crackheads at Jack in the Box and finally discussing the up coming XPW’s Halloween in Hell #3 where Misha will have her revenge on Jasmin St. Clair and Veronica Caine!
36:48 10/18/22
Ivan the Urban X Hall of Famer
Ivan Dragon and MIsha Montana discuss the two night event at 2022 Urban X Award festivities.  The first night Ivan was inducted into the Hall of Fame and night two was filled with shenanigans at the Awards Show. Ever wonder why they call her "Mushy"? Take a listen.
37:57 10/11/22
Christy Mack the Pirate of Roses
Christy Mack joins Misha Montana and Ivan for a fun banter about the day Christy decided she wanted to be a pirate and how Ivan made her Aaarrr dream come true! Also the discussion about Christy's soft way of performing leads into her mainstream man crush. Who is it? And why? And are you listening?
26:45 10/4/22
Don't Sanction Me
Misha Montana ans Ivan discuss the latest developments between Russia and Ukraine.  They share personal stories from living in to being Russia during the time where so many deem Russians "evil" and sanctionings that follow. They discuss the sanctions of innocent Russians to how uneducated social media clout chasing affects the masses.
29:36 9/27/22
The Anti-Porn Debate that Never Was
Misha Montana and Ivan Dragon discuss their experience with a mainstream YouTube Debate channel.  The discussion covers why the debate never happened and what the two deemed to be unethical ways the production team tried to do.  The two cover the questions that were going to be brought up and their opinions including experiences from their professional lives in the adult industry. 
55:48 9/21/22
From Puking to Norway Legends?
Misha Montana and Ivan Dragon do an impromptu podcast covering "Mushy" aka Misha's puking adventures in the car as she vomits all over her highly expensive robw.  The the two discuss the day of a Norwegian Film Crew spending the day with them at home and on set.  And finally XPW's next show (Halloween in Hell #3) is promoted with specifics of sexual favors Misha will be providing to the fans.
34:44 9/19/22
"Shlak Watch" the Promo
This is a quick episode as Misha Montana and Ivan Dragon discuss their day at Santa Monica beach shooting a promo for XPW TV.  The promo is called "Shlak Watch" and is an homage to the TV show Baywatch but with these two russian's quirky twist.  Listen to their story from the beach as they talk about Misha almost getting dicapitated by Seagulls and drowning in 8 inches of water.
10:17 9/13/22
XPW's Night of Reckoning review with Misha Montana & Ivan
The two discuss XPW's "Night of Reckoning" event and their repsecvtive roles.  Misha Montana was confronted by Porn Legends Jasmin St. Claire and Veronica Caine before being brutally attacked with slaps and Singapore Cane shots.  Ivan spend the night shooting backstage and ringside photos.  They go into detail regarding their involvement with this iconic Hardvore Wrestling promotion.
59:25 8/16/22
Bankruptcy to Branding
Misha and I emotionally discuss the hardships of branding. The financial strain to health and family sacrifices you make to building a better life for yourself and loved ones. Don’t be an Entitled Hooker and stay grounded. 
47:25 7/30/22
Morning stories with Bodhi
Our early morning podcast was interrupted as our 5 year old Bodhi woke to sabotage the recording. So we decided to tell stories about his sassy personality as well as his cute dramatic moments. 
50:22 7/28/22
XPW’s Beautiful Disaster recap and 2R1A episode preview
Misha Montana and I recap and share their stories from XPW’s Beautiful Disaster. They also share preview the the first full episode of their YouTube Eccentric Reality “2 Russians 1 America” from XPW’s Killafornia Deathmatch tournament. 
44:25 7/12/22
Pride of being and having Russian Jewish Parents
Ivan shares his love for his parents and stories of their strength in leaving Anti-Semitic life in Russia. He talks about his feelings on the war, the hypocrisy of flag waving clout chasers and brutal truth most don’t know or understand. 
46:59 7/9/22
Post Ivan’s Eye surgery and interesting nurse interaction
Ivan shares his post eye surgery story as he gets eye stabbed and fixed. And has an interesting interaction after staff learns about  2 Russians 1 America channel. Hear details on the eye stabbing and interesting perspective from American doctor and Ukrainian nurse. 
18:56 7/6/22

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