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It’s like playing a round of golf with some of the most interesting innovators, entrepreneurs, and listening to the stories behind their success. Hi, I’m Paul Liberatore, and I love talking to entrepreneurs and the stories behind their band. I find it intriguing when people are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and success. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to some of the biggest names and brands in the game of golf. So come join me on my quest to find the stories Behind the Golf Brand.


#89 - GolfForever: Dr. Jeremy James (Founder)
We made it to Episode 89 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Jeremy James Founder of GolfForever. Jeremy James, DC, CSCS spent a decade helping professional and Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and men and women from all walks of life overcome pain and get back to the sports, activities and daily life they love.Now Dr. James has teamed up with two experts in golf and sports performance, Justin Leonard and Bill Fabrocini, to build the most effective golf training program anywhere. Combining their expertise in the three important areas of golf technique, sports performance, and joint and spine health, this program will have you playing and feeling your best ever.In a process as precise as golf itself, Dr. James continued to optimize, study and hone his method into a full body mind and movement series that transformed lives along with scorecards.In a series of digestible, daily videos, GOLFFOREVER brings these techniques to players everywhere. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to play. Living better is just a side effect. Dr. James is also the co-author of the best-selling Younger Next Year Back Book and former Director of the Aspen Club Back Institute.Support the show
49:05 09/13/2022
#88 - Hackmotion: Reinholds Pirags (CCO)
We made it to Episode 88 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Reinholds Pirags the Chief Commercial Officer of Hackmotion. The Hackmotion  is the ultimate training tool to learn correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. Precise data and feedback after every swing helps you to accelerate the learning process.  Support the show
41:11 09/07/2022
#87 - Capstone Hospitality: Brian Friederichs (Founder)
We made it to Episode 87 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Brian Friederichs the CEO and Founder of Capstone Hospitality.Capstone Hospitality is an industry-leading sales & staffing firm specializing in membership sales for private clubs.  With roots deeply embedded in the hospitality industry, we know what it takes to ensure your business succeeds. They partner with clubs and organizations across North America, bringing each a customized sales plan, renewed energy, and competitive spirit.Support the show
68:40 08/23/2022
#86 - The Golf Sock: Josh and Owen Finnerty (Founders)
We made it to Episode 86 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Josh and Owen FinnertyThey both play college soccer and absolutely love to play golf, and the golf industry is not a new place for the Finnerty family. Their Dad, Bryan Finnerty, is the CEO of V1 Sports and Galway Bay. The Golf Sock is a high performing sock that is dedicated to keeping you comfortable on the course while looking great and performing at your absolute best. The Golf Sock the next time you hit the links and make it the only sock you will ever need on the course.Support the show
48:00 08/17/2022
#85 - Todd Kolb: Instructor, YouTuber and Author
We made it to Episode 85 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Todd Kolb from USGolfTv. Todd Kolb, husband, father, coach and entrepreneur with a passion for excellence and achievement. In his 25-year journey around golf he has been blessed with many wonderful mentors and experiences that have helped form his coaching and business beliefs. See, he believes it is ultimately WHO we surround ourselves with and WHAT we experience that determines our course in life. Success on the golf course like success in the business world is about passion, energy and WHO you take along for the ride. Once you find people who share your vision and desire, you have found the winning formula that leads to great achievement. His personal journey is about finding those people, making those connections and building a pathway to what is possible.Support the show
57:41 08/02/2022
#84 - Merdian Putters: Ryan Duffey (CEO)
We made it to Episode 84 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Ryan Duffey the Founder and CEO of Meridian Putters.At Meridian they don't believe that a custom milled putter should cost you thousands of dollars and they know your game deserves better than your typical machine cast putter off the rack that the big brands mass produce. That’s why at Meridian they have set out to create an elite yet affordable group of milled stainless steel putters emphasizing roll, direction, forgiveness and feel to give you the confidence to hole that putt whether it’s to win a $2 nassau or that club championship you’ve been gunning for. Their putters are designed by engineers with years of industry experience and tested by tournament players so you know you're getting the best product out there. They have three different models with different variations to fit your stroke and even have custom design options for those who want to take it a notch further.Support the show
70:40 07/28/2022
#83 - Mullie Golf: Michael Zerah and Steven Moskowitz (Founders)
We made it to Episode 83 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Michael Zerah and Steven Moskowitz the Founders of Mullie Golf.To elevate the golf-related buy-and-sell shopping game, MULLIE Golf has developed an app which focuses on an alternative experience of a modern-day marketplace approach.MULLIE Golf, is the first-ever community-curated marketplace designed for golfers by golfers as a “social-commerce” forum to buy and sell golf products with zero fees, ultimately allowing goods to be more accessible, inexpensive, and educational. MULLIE Golf also acts as a strong foundation for beginner golfers currently look for ways to link with others in the golf community, all the while being able to purchase new or pre-owned equipment or apparel that may fit to a player’s specifications. Users can also organize their feed based on likes, style, and player skill level, allowing for ease of use and the ability to be updated as they progress.Support the show
44:10 07/19/2022
#82 - Garmin: Derek Mousseau (Regional Sales Manager)
We made it to Episode 82 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Derek Mousseau of Garmin. Garmin, the leader in everything GPS. is an enduring company by creates superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are an essential part of our customers' lives.Support the show
55:40 07/11/2022
#81 - John Diulus and Emily Faulkner (CEO)
We made it to Episode 81 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends John Diulus and Emily Faulkner of Founded by PGA Master Professional Dr. Gary Wiren, in 1984 as a resource for providing training aids to teaching and touring professionals, has expanded to now offer the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. Serving the golf industry for over 35 years, we are the most knowledgeable one stop shop for all of your training needs.Support the show
49:18 07/04/2022
#80 - Glovelast: Adam Hollis (Founder)
We made it to Episode 80 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Adam Hollis, the founder of Glovelast. Glovelast helps to make your golf gloves look and feel new longer with the Glovelast glove shaper. Its patented pronated thumb design and raised rib feature fill out the glove to promote drying. With the Glovelast, your golf gloves will never be stiff and wrinkly. Simply put your glove on the Glovelast to always have smooth, new-looking gloves on hand.Support the show
50:08 06/27/2022
#79 - Red Rooster Golf Gloves: Kerry Moher (Co-Founder)
We made it to Episode 79 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Kerry Moher the co-founder of Red Rooster Golf Gloves. To nail your game, you need to be able to feel your club. You need a glove that fits like a second skin. It needs to have the softest, thinnest, supplest leather, be made expertly, and make you feel (and look) like you’re ready to tee off at The Open. At Red Rooster they believe that a golf glove should help you play, and feel, great. And that everyone—including kids trying the game—deserves to have a great golf glove. This is why we created the Red Rooster.What is great about Red Rooster, outside of their quality, is a GLOVE PURCHASED = GLOVE DONATED.When you buy a glove - they give a glove to youth golf! Their Play It Forward Program Partners (First Tee Triangle, First Tee Ontario, Kevin Haime Golf Centre) are helping to shape the lives of young people around the world – this is their way of “Playing It Forward.”Support the show
52:05 06/15/2022
#78 - Needle Golf: Trip Todd & Andrew Creed (Founders)
We made it to Episode 78 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Trip Todd and  Andrew Creed the founders of Needle Golf. Needle Golf is a golf focused needlepoint accessories brand.  Their original product was the first of its kind, a blade style putter headcover with a fully hand stitched needlepoint exterior.  This was just the beginning for Needle Golf as they have continued to expand our product offerings since. Needle Golf was started by two friends with a passion for the game of golf and all that encompasses the spirit of the game. They are serious golfers that relish the never ending search for improvement in the greatest game in the world. Their goal is to bring craftsmanship and quality to our products without compromise. By sourcing the finest materials and always paying close attention to design, we ensure that no product leaves our warehouses without being perfect. They believe that golf is the ultimate parallel to life, it takes so much focus, commitment and drive to excel in either arena. They strive to bring all those qualities to the golf course as well as to Needle Golf on a daily basis.Support the show
37:49 06/01/2022
#77 - G-Tech Apparel: Jesse Galvon (Founder)
We made it to Episode 77 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Jesse Galvon from G-Tech Apparel.  G-Tech Apparel is a high-tech apparel company that specializes in heated clothing. We have developed and patented our heat technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat on the market directly to your hands. Our products are currently being used by professional athletes all around the world including several players within the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and major sporting events such as the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Ryder Cup.Support the show
49:56 05/26/2022
#76 - Izzo Golf: Jeff Gage & Aaron Frank
We made it to Episode 76 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Jeff Gage & Aaron Frank from IZZO Golf.  IZZO  focus on just one thing – providing creative solutions to the problems that vex every golfer. From the original IZZO Dual Strap™ to their ultra light carry bags, cart bags, training aids, clubs and the NEW SWAMI 1500 golf GPS – IZZO is dedicated solely to making your golf game better and more enjoyable than ever before.Prior to 1991, millions of golfers had to endure the pain of shouldering a bag on a single strap for 18 exhausting holes. Feeling their pain, T. J. Izzo sought to eliminate fatigue by creating the IZZO Dual Strap System™. This simple, brilliant innovation made walking the course easier, golf more enjoyable. In fact, Today, 100% of all carry bags use a dual strap, and millions of golfers are enjoying the walk thanks to IZZO innovation.Now, charged by that spirit of innovation and a quest for quality, the IZZO Product Development and Quality Teams – all avid golfers – apply their unparalleled knowledge and passion for the game to deliver unique, superior quality products that can help every level of golfer.IZZO. Ideas, innovation, and quality. For the game you love.Support the show
72:30 05/19/2022
#75 - Kraken Golf: Marc Cordeira (Founder)
We made it to Episode 75 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Marc Cordeira, founder of Kraken Golf. In the summer of 2015, Marc Cordeira bought a Grizzly G0704 mill and converted it to a CNC after watching a few YouTube videos. That is where his passion for being a maker began! He decided to combine my new love of machining with an old passion – GOLF. From there he started a brand called NXT18Golf, where he machined custom belt buckles that helped golfers express themselves on the golf course. Seven machines later with a new brand called Kraken Golf, he has turned his attention to other golf items with the idea of being very disruptive in this space – pushing boundaries in the world of golf with the hopes of opening the game to a new, diverse audience.Support the show
69:20 05/10/2022
#74 - True Temper Golf Shafts: Keenan Philips (Brand Manager)
We made it to Episode 74 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Keenan Philips, Brand Manager for True Temper Golf Shafts. The #1 Shaft in Golf, and the most trusted name in golf shafts worldwide. True Tremper is played by more professionals than all other shaft brands combined. True Temper is the brand that brought you Dynamic Gold, Project X, Aerotech, Hzrdus, and Accra Shafts and is a must in any golfer's bag.Support the show
59:13 05/03/2022
#73 - Fujikura Golf Shafts: Spencer Reynolds (Brand Manager)
We made it to Episode 74 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Spencer Reynolds, Brand Manager for Fujikura Golf Shafts. Since their inception in 1995, Fujikura Composites America has been at the forefront of design and development to produce the world’s best golf shafts.  Their mission is to bring joy to all golfers by improving their game and maximizing their potential.  When looking at Fujikura Driver Shafts, it's clear that they are the cutting edge in shaft design. Their shafts are known to be the spin killers in the golfing world, and their graphite shafts are great for adding distance to your game as well as accuracy. Superior carbon fibers in the Fujikura Driver Shafts offer many benefits. Using premium materials allows Fujikura shafts to add weight in just the right areas for maximum benefit. Using the right golf driver shaft for the perfect swing is what it's about in this game. And, Fujikura graphite Shafts allow for increased club-head speed to get the distance and low ball spin you are looking for every time.Support the show (
49:46 04/26/2022
#72 - USGolfTv: Nick Anason (YouTuber)
We made it to Episode 72 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Nick Anson, of USGolfTV .  Nick Anson, and the team at USGolfTV is dedicated to helping the amateur golfer lower their scores and improve their games. Coming to you from South Dakota, USGolfTV is geared toward providing the best information available through instructional videos from their resident PGA Teaching Professional, Todd Kolb. Todd's passion for instruction, with over 25 years of experience--combined with their commitment to bringing you information the average golfer doesn't have readily available--has their viewers and subscribers learning more about the game we all love. If you are struggling to improve your golf game, are new to the game and looking for a place to start, or just like engaging with other enthusiastic golfers, then be sure to join their community.Support the show
39:11 04/15/2022
#71 - Birdie Ball: John Breaker (Founder)
We made it to Episode 71 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend John Breake, founder of Birdie Ball. We have all seen the commercial, this is BirdieBall.  Not to be confused with the name of the company, the BirdieBalls are limited flight golf balls that simulate curvatures when impacted with golf clubs. BirdieBalls fly approximately 40-60 yards total when struck with drivers and they make fantastic practice tools in larger backyards or on shorter ranges. BirdieBalls are ideal for golfer that has an outdoor hitting space at their home. Over the past 20 years, BirdieBall continues to innovate with products that allow golfers to improve their game at their own pace. BirdieBalls are perfect for players that want to swing a club more often but do not have time to go back-and-forth from their local course. BirdieBalls can also be used as indoor chipping golf balls to help golfers practice strike and very short pitches. Golf can be a game that is limited because of price, weather, and real estate, thanks to BirdieBall, all of these can be overcome.Support the show (
64:19 04/08/2022
#70 - Cut Golf Balls: Sam Uisprapassorn (Founder)
We made it to Episode 70 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Sam Uisprapassorn, founder of Cut Golf Balls. Founded in 2016, Cut Golf was born from one man's rising frustration with the ridiculous cost of quality golf balls. Tired of losing one expensive golf ball after another, I decided that there had to be a better way to purchase quality golf balls at a reasonable price. Thus began my pursuit of the best damn golf ball under 20 bucks.Cut Golf is a group of guys who believe that high quality golf balls don't need to be expensive. Through extensive robotic and real world Trackman testing, we developed our line-up with all types of golfers in mind. By pairing our quality product with an efficient business model, we are able to offer savings without compromising performance. Cut truly offers a ball for all skill levels and budgets. A ball for the people.Just like you, we are passionate golfers, looking to save some dough and enjoy our time on the course. We hope to share our passion with you guys. It's time to Cut the Crap and start getting quality performance for less.Support the show (
55:16 04/01/2022
#69 - Whiskers Laces: Kyle Groth (CEO)
We made it to Episode 69 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Kyle Goth, founder of Whisker Laces. Since the dawn of time, the laces that have held together shoes have been overlooked and boring. Rumor has it, even the caveman cruisers were held together by the classic brown wax laces. Pssh, cavemen, am I right?.Fast forward to a few years back, when their founder Kyle Groth snapped a dress lace when lacing up for the day. Searching for a replacement lace, Kyle went into an upscale shoe store. No dice. They told him they “don’t just sell the laces”. What? Why not just sell the laces? And when he finally found a replacement pair, they were the cheapest strings he’s ever seen.Just then, a cartoon light bulb illuminated above Kyle’s messy bed head. Nobody sells quality or unique shoelaces – and the laces that do come in men’s shoes are all the same. Boring. A tiny hole in the world of fashion opened up and Whiskers was born to fill it.They DO just sell the laces. And we’ve taken the most mundane part of the modern wardrobe and transformed it into tiny little rebellious threads of self-expression. Tastefully wrong. Wrongfully right. Because well, your shoes deserve better. And so do you. So go on ahead - lace-up, and Whiskers on.Support the show (
66:53 03/24/2022
#68 - Next18: Mathew McDonell (Founder)
We made it to Episode 68 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Mathew McDonell, founder of Next18. At Next 18 their mission is to use the sport of golf as a conduit to provide transformational mental health resources and holistic life resource training to veterans with disabilities and first responders. These week-long golf camps, offered free of charge to veterans with disabilities and first responders. Mental health and holistic training modules each evening with a focus on living a healthier, better life.Support the show
60:29 03/12/2022
#67 - Lohla Sport: Lisa O'Hurley (Founder & CEO)
Is Lohla Sport the New Star of Women's Golf Fashion? We thinks so! With incredible growth, and the signing of Annika Sörenstam they are the poised to take over the golf fashion world thanks to their founder and CEO Lisa O'Hurley.Golf. Golf. Golf. After a 10 year career at GOLF CHANNEL, Lisa began the US business of GOLFINO, turning her love for golf fashion into her profession. After 7 years with GOLFINO, Lisa began LOHLA SPORT in June 2020 to continue to bring premium European-designed sporting fashion to the United States. Lisa strives to bring on-trend designs (with a touch of LA flair) to those who live a country club, resort or traveling lifestyle. Lisa lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, John (Seinfeld's J. Peterman), their son Will and two dogs, Lucy and Charlotte.Support the show
56:38 03/02/2022
#66 - Handup Golf Gloves: Troy Stewart (VP of Marketing)
We made it to Episode 66 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Troy Stewart the Vice President of Marketing for HandUp Gloves. If you are from the Mountain Biking world you would know HANDUP Gloves. Coming straight out of Chattanooga Tennessee they took over the biking world in HANDUP  Gloves in 2014. What began as bold, minimalist cycling gloves for mtb riders, cyclocross racers, and downhill riders has become much more. They have expanded into four separate glove weights to get you through the seasons, introduced a line of golf gloves in our other favorite pastime, and made apparel affordable for casual wearing, cycling, golfing, or just being active outside.As a company, they land somewhere between fast and fun. Their gear is used from average joes to pros without compromise. The HANDUP glove definitely has a shock factor straight out of the packaging. The visuals of the glove will be noticed by anyone right away. HANDUP gloves feel great and they are among some of the most durable gloves tested. This durability comes with a firmer feel when comparing them to AAA Cabretta style options but that is expected given the difference in prices.  The HANDUP gloves are a great option for players that want the diverse color set without paying for the most expensive glove models.Support the show (
61:25 02/23/2022
#65 - Quantix Golf Balls: Ean Martin (CEO)
We made it to Episode 65 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Ean Martin, CEO of Quantix Golf Balls. Unlike your typical direct to consumer ball company, Quantix® has a world renowned chief ball scientist behind the creation of our products who works directly for us. With the mind behind the Titleist Tour Balata®, Maxfli HT Tour Balata®, Maxfli DDH®, and the DDH III®. they don’t just take an on “off the shelf” ball and slap our name on it unlike some ball brands. They have put massive amounts of time into R&D and creating a new hot ball unlike any others on the market, not to mention they control their manufacturing process just like the big box golf ball companies.  This allows us to perfect the quality control within our products to give you the most consistent, and highest performing golf balls.Support the show
60:22 02/08/2022
#64 - LYLE & SCOTT: Chris Somerton (Head of Golf)
We made it to Episode 64 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Chris Somerton, the Head of Golf at LYLE & SCOTT.Founded in 1874, Lyle & Scott has a history steeped in craftsmanship and innovation. Over the past 147 years the company has grown to be an established menswear brand, famous for creating edited, versatile collections with a quality that can be trusted.In the mid-1950’s, it became a disruptive force in golf apparel, changing the game forever with its innovative patterns and prints worn by champions such as Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tony Jacklin and Lee Westwood. Lyle and Scott’s premium and accessible men’s golf-fashion pieces include its heritage knitwear along with more innovative, sustainable, and organic materials in sophisticated, modern aesthetics informed by decades of design and a passion to make golf more exciting, inclusive, and accessible to everyone.Based in the UK, with proud Scottish roots, the Brand has successfully flown the flag as far afield as Japan and Australia, with the iconic Golden Eagle now very much front and center on the world stage.Support the show (
56:41 11/24/2021
#63 - LIVE VIEW SPORTS: Shane Yang (CEO)
We made it to Episode 63 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Shane Yang , the CEO of the LIVE VIEW SPORTS.The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf. The self-awareness that comes from seeing yourself and connecting the objective image with a kinetic feeling is invaluable in accelerating and re-enforcing the learning of a new skill.Shane’s children worked for several years using traditional video-based instruction, when it occurred to Shane that the learning process could be greatly accelerated by providing traditional video tools like swing planes in a live environment. Instead of showing students mistakes only after they had already been made, live swing tools would show mistakes as they were occurring and allow for instant correction. With a live swing tool environment, students could practice precisely, learn quickly, and avoid forming bad habits.Shane’s idea culminated in the successful completion of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10,000 for the initial production of LiveViewGolf cameras.Support the show (
56:51 10/27/2021
#62 - DIVOT BOARD: Bo Longo (CEO)
We made it to Episode 62 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friend Bo Longo , the CEO of the DIVOT BOARD GOLF training aid.The Divot Board is one of the best golf training aids on the market, and provides instant feedback while you are hitting the golf ball. The only step you need to take is to look back down at the board and see how effective your golf swing was. You won’t have to wait for a computer screen to load or to rewind a video to see whether or not the swing looks exactly like it should. Instead, you simply look down at the impact position and take note of the club path. No other golf swing trainer has the ability to offer this instant feedback and have it be nearly as accurate as the Divot Board. LEARN MORE👉 the show (
52:09 10/14/2021
#61 - LET'S PLAY THRU: Gabe Aluisy (YouTuber)
We made it to Episode 61 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Gabe Aluisy , a fellow YouTuber who shares his story how he went from 0 -24,000 subs in a year and a half on YouTube and his story behind his channel  Lets Play Thru.Support the show (
54:37 10/06/2021
#60 - GREENSIDE GOLF: Sam Gleason (CEO)
We made it to Episode 60 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast.  In this week's episode, I interview my good friends Sam Gleason, the CEO of GREENSIDE GOLF carts.If you haven’t heard of Greenside Golf yet, I’m not surprised!  I can tell you it won’t be long until you do though.  This up-and-coming company was founded by golfers, for golfers.Even more, they’re a group of golfers that won’t settle for anything less than the very best.  That’s reflected in the Golf Money Bag and G Wagon Speed Cart.I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this group of fellow golf geeks.  It’s just a matter of time before this company finds huge success.Support the show (
46:39 09/22/2021