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Podcasting Made Simple is the premier podcast about podcasting! We’re here to help podcast guests and podcast hosts reach more listeners and grow their income so they can change more lives! Join Alex Sanfilippo and other podcasting industry experts as they share how you can level up on either side of the mic! (Show notes and resources:


Podcast Guesting for Business Growth | Chris Williams
Send Us a Text MessageGaining exposure for your brand and business can be overwhelming in today's noisy world. Thankfully, there is one medium that develops "know, like, and trust" faster than any other. In this episode, Chris Williams explains how to leverage podcast guesting to grow your business and position yourself as an industry expert. Get ready to revolutionize your podcasting game and take your business to the next level with these game-changing strategies!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/283Chapters00:00 The Importance of Strategy in Podcasting01:29 Positioning Yourself Well During Podcast Guest Appearances04:21 The Power of Post-Interview Follow-Up05:16 Staying Organized and Nurturing Relationships08:30 Identifying Opportunities for Joint Ventures and PartnershipsTakeawaysPodcasting does not automatically lead to money, clients, or opportunities. A clear strategy is necessary to achieve desired outcomes.Position yourself well during podcast guest appearances by prioritizing the host and encouraging the audience to engage with them.Create a memorable experience by delivering aha moments that resonate with the audience and demonstrate your expertise.Follow up with the host after the interview, sending a relevant and co-branded gift to strengthen the relationship.Stay organized and nurture relationships over time using a CRM to manage and track connections.Identify opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships by finding complementary products or services in your network.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/283
16:46 6/11/24
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome in Podcasting | Tara Halliday
Send Us a Text MessageAre you a podcaster struggling with impostor syndrome? You're not alone. Over 70% of high achievers experience it, and it can lead to blame, regret, and disappointment. Thankfully, there are simple coping mechanisms to help you overcome these feelings! In this episode, Tara Halliday explains the surprising root cause of impostor syndrome and how to get free from it. Get ready to begin developing unconditional self-worth to start breaking the vicious cycle!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/282Chapters00:00 The Experience of Imposter Syndrome in Podcasting03:54 Recognizing and Managing Imposter Syndrome Symptoms07:37 The Root Cause of Imposter Syndrome09:02 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Changing Beliefs and Developing Unconditional WorthTakeawaysImposter syndrome is a common experience for podcasters, causing feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.Imposter syndrome is not low self-esteem or a medical condition, but rather a normal functioning that can be managed.There are three types of imposter syndrome symptoms: imposter syndrome thinking, physiological stress, and imposter syndrome behaviors.The root cause of imposter syndrome is a belief that your worth as a human being depends on your performance.To overcome imposter syndrome, it is necessary to change this belief and develop unconditional worth.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/282
10:33 6/4/24
Turning Listeners into Customers Using Email Marketing | Liz Wilcox
Send Us a Text MessageAre you struggling to convert your podcast listeners into paying customers? Conventional wisdom says it's challenging. But it doesn't have to be! In this episode, Liz Wilcox explains how she turned podcast listeners into email subscribers and then converted 100% of them into sales! Get ready to learn the 3 email secrets that you can apply to your own podcast strategy to skyrocket your sales!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/281Chapters00:00 Introduction and Personal Experience02:23 The Email Staircase03:19 The Power of Owning Your Email List04:18 High ROI and Real Connections with Email Marketing05:15 Gaining Followers and Nurturing Them as Friends09:04 Converting Friends into Customers: The Importance of Selling and Knowing Your Subscribers12:26 Summary and ConclusionTakeawaysEmail marketing allows you to own your audience and have a high return on investment.The 'email staircase' involves turning followers into friends and then into customers.To gain followers, you need to get visible and actively promote your content.To turn followers into friends, show your investment in their journey, be relatable, and stay top of mind.To convert friends into customers, you need to sell and stop guessing by getting to know your subscribers.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/281
12:45 5/28/24
Increase Social Proof Using Podcast Testimonials | Ben Albert
Send Us a Text MessageDo you find it challenging to get testimonials for your brand or business? Look no further than your own podcast! In this episode, Ben Albert reveals a game-changing strategy that will transform your podcast into a social proof gold mine. Get ready to earn endorsements and leverage social proof to elevate your podcast's credibility and your brand/business's reputation, gaining more listeners and customers!MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/280Chapters00:00 Digging the Well Before You're Thirsty02:20 Building Social Proof03:48 Creating a Conversation-Based Show04:48 The Plus-Minus-Equal Framework05:45 Relationships Equal Recommendations06:41 Asking for Nominations and Reviews09:01 Utilizing Google Reviews10:25 Being Unforgettable11:22 Making the Ask at the Right TimeTakeawaysDig the well before you're thirsty by consistently looking for opportunities and resources.Podcasts can be turned into a social proof goldmine by building relationships and creating impactful content.Social proof, such as testimonials and peer recommendations, is a powerful tool for attracting customers.Interview-based podcasts provide a platform for building relationships and establishing social proof.The plus-minus-equal framework can help in identifying and connecting with mentors, prospects, and peers.Building relationships through podcasts can lead to recommendations, referrals, and collaborations.Asking for nominations and reviews from guests can enhance social proof and attract more business.Utilizing Google reviews can improve online visibility and credibility.Making the ask for testimonials and reviews at an emotional high point can increase the likelihood of receiving positive responses.MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/280
16:18 5/21/24
5 Key Things The Best Podcast Guests Do | Billie D Jauss
Send Us a Text MessageLet's face it, many people are podcast guests these days. However, very few stand out as "the best guest" among listeners and podcast hosts. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure that you reach that status! In this episode, Billie D Jauss shares 5 essential steps that only the best podcast guests know to follow. Get ready to quickly become a highly sought-after podcast guest who yields results and secures repeat invitations from hosts!MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/279Chapters00:00 Researching the Podcast00:28 Understanding the Podcast's Audience01:23 Listening to Episodes and Understanding the Flow02:20 Tailoring Your Message to the Audience02:50 Serving the Host and Their Audience03:19 Following the Podcast's Guidelines03:47 Answering Questions Succinctly05:00 Respecting the Podcast's Timeline05:26 Following the Podcast's Guidelines06:24 Answering Questions Succinctly07:48 Presenting Offers at the Appropriate Time08:17 Respecting the Podcast's Timeline09:14 Offering a Gift to the Audience10:13 Recap of the Five Key Ways to Provide the Best Content10:42 Sending a Thank You and Sharing the EpisodeTakeawaysResearch the podcast and understand its audience before appearing as a guest.Tailor your message to the specific audience and serve the host and their audience.Follow the podcast's guidelines and answer questions succinctly.Respect the podcast's timeline and present offers at the appropriate time.Send a thank you and share the episode to enhance your guest experience.MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/279
12:46 5/14/24
How to Sell Your Podcast | Anjel B. Hartwell
Send Us a Text MessageHave you ever wondered what it would take to sell your podcast? For most of us, selling a podcast seems like an impossible task. But that’s not the case. In fact, it's not only possible to sell your podcast, but there's also a path to follow to make it happen! In this episode, Anjel B. Hartwell shares the 7 crucial steps she took to sell her podcast. Get ready to uncover what it takes to begin positioning your podcast for a future sale!MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/278Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background00:57 Knowing When to Let Go03:39 Making Decisions as a Podcaster04:09 The Healing Journey of Men on Purpose05:07 Opportunity to Sell the Show07:06 Approaching the Potential Buyer08:29 What the Buyer Was Looking For09:21 Importance of Name and Intent09:51 Ranking and Reach10:19 Value of Rolodex and SOPs10:47 Revenue Generation and Team11:17 Consulting and Transition12:44 Selling and Growing a Sellable ShowTakeawaysKnowing when to let go of a podcast is crucial for growth and success.Building a sellable show requires considering factors such as the show's name, ranking, reach, revenue generation, SOPs, and team involvement.Finding the right buyer for a podcast involves understanding their goals and aligning them with the show's brand and purpose.The process of selling a podcast includes transferring assets, setting up a succession plan, and consulting with the buyer during the transition.MORE ON THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/278
13:23 5/7/24
Uncovering The Hidden Value of Podcasting | Tom Rossi
Send Us a Text MessageHow do you determine the value of podcasting? Is it through monetization? Audience growth? Your total number of guest appearances? The myth surrounding podcasting success on either side of the mic is that you have to look to these metrics. But the value of podcasting actually far surpasses these things! In this episode, join Alex Sanfilippo and Tom Rossi as they share the hidden value of podcasting that will uplevel your perspective on the medium, lead you to a more enjoyable experience, and lead to more success!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/277Chapters00:00 Introduction00:53 Extracting Value from Podcasting04:28 Encouraging Independent Podcasters05:16 The Meaningful Experience of Podcasting07:04 Engagement and Intimacy in Podcasting08:26 Building Relationships through Podcasting09:17 The Value of 120 Downloads10:08 Growing Your Podcast Audience11:13 Creating Valuable Relationships as a Guest13:08 Redefining Monetization16:22 Different Strategies for Monetization21:38 Dynamic Content and Extracting Value24:16 Educating Listeners on Supporting the Show25:42 The Value of Every Episode27:04 Imposter Syndrome and Extracting Value28:23 Setting Goals and Being Intentional28:50 ConclusionTakeawaysServe the listeners and focus on providing value.Build meaningful relationships through podcasting.Success in podcasting is not solely determined by downloads and monetization.Explore various strategies for extracting value, such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and listener support.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/277
29:00 4/30/24
3 Things That Only Top Rated Podcasters Do | Alex Sanfilippo
Send Us a Text MessageDo you ever wonder what it takes to become a sought-after podcast guest or a top-rated podcast host? Thankfully, success in podcasting leaves clues! In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo uncovers 3 essential habits that only the best of the best in podcasting, on either side of the mic, understand. Get ready to discover 3 essential traits that will elevate your podcasting experience and yield results and success for years to come!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/276Chapters00:00 Introduction and Personal Story02:20 Consistently Sticking to the Basics06:34 Protecting Your Energy09:29 Trusting the Process12:54 Conclusion: Seek Clarity and Take ActionTakeawaysConsistently stick to the basics of podcasting, such as releasing episodes on time and being a guest on podcasts regularly.Protect your energy by focusing on one main direction and avoiding distractions.Trust the process and embrace the journey of success, even when it doesn't go as planned.Seek clarity, reconnect with your why and who, seek wise counsel, and bring joy to your podcasting journey.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/276
14:57 4/23/24
Thinking Bigger and Accomplishing More In Podcasting | Jay Papasan
Send Us a Text MessageAre you thinking big enough for your podcasting goals? Whether you're a podcast guest or host, you have a goal you want to accomplish through your podcasting efforts. The sad truth is that, on both sides of the mic, most people quit before reaching their goals. Don't let this be you! In this episode, join Alex Sanfilippo and Jay Papasan as they explore how to set bigger/better goals AND how to ensure that you accomplish them. Get ready to achieve extraordinary results in podcasting!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/275TakeawaysPrioritize tasks and focus on the most important onesAsk the right questions to uncover the one thing that will lead to extraordinary resultsAvoid multitasking and say no to unnecessary commitmentsThink bigger and aim higher to achieve extraordinary successChapters00:00 Introduction00:39 Passion for Creating Content02:06 The Power of Writing and Reading03:27 The Lies: Everything Matters Equally07:09 The Truth: The Focusing Question20:29 Unleashing Extraordinary Results33:53 Saying No and Thinking Bigger40:34 ConclusionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/275
40:28 4/16/24
How to Amplify Your Presence After Being a Podcast Guest | Chris Stone
Send Us a Text MessageMost podcast guests are missing out on much of the impact they could be making before, during, and after their podcast guesting appearances. But this doesn't have to be the case! In this episode, Chris Stone shares comprehensive strategies to maximize your influence so you experience a new level of engagement, connection, and value. As a result, you'll leave a lasting mark on the podcasting world. Get ready to amplify your presence and influence every time you're a podcast guest!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/274TakeawaysEffective promotion is crucial for podcast guests to maximize the impact of their appearances.Content should be treated as a legacy, with a focus on creating extraordinary content that will resonate long after the episode ends.Guests should prepare for their guest spots by understanding the target audience and crafting a compelling narrative.Taking control of content includes recording audio and video locally and asking hosts for the files to promote the episode.Guests should strive to look and sound their best during recordings and be ready to pivot during the podcast.Repurposing content with purpose allows guests to reach new audiences and add value to their community.Embracing new platforms and technologies can amplify a guest's presence and reach.Guests should aim to leave a lasting legacy through their content, inspiring and serving the world.Chapters00:00 Introduction01:10 The Challenge of Effective Promotion03:05 Content as Legacy04:01 Preparing for Your Guest Spot07:08 Taking Control of Your Content08:31 Looking and Sounding Your Best10:23 Being Ready to Pivot11:19 Repurposing with Purpose15:26 Embracing New Platforms and Technologies15:53 Leaving a Lasting Legacy16:22 ConclusionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/274
16:19 4/9/24
Selling to Your Podcast Audience At Scale | Chris Williams
Send Us a Text Message"How's it going with monetizing your podcast?" When asked this question, most podcasters sigh and explain that it's either non-existent or not going as expected. But there's good news! Generating a full-time income through podcasting doesn't have to be a dream. In this episode, Chris Williams explains how you can begin to sell to your podcast audience at scale, even if you have a small audience. Get ready to unlock the secret to the highest-yielding podcast monetization strategy!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/273TakeawaysUnderstand your audience's dreams, drains, and doubts to create a product or offer that addresses their needs.Build a minimum viable offer that provides a solution to the audience's challenges while minimizing time and effort.Promote the offer through your podcast and existing platforms to reach your audience.Take action and do the work to achieve results.Chapters00:00 Monetizing a Community01:10 Identifying the Audience's Dreams, Drains, and Doubts05:01 Building a Minimum Viable Offer09:10 Promoting the Offer to the Audience14:29 Taking Action and Getting ResultsMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/273
15:00 4/2/24
Crafting a Killer Podcast Guesting Sales Funnel | Sara Lohse
Send Us a Text MessageDo you ever question whether podcast guesting can yield the results you seek? Can it lead to book, course, or program sales? Can it drive traffic to my website/brand? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES. You can yield incredible results and drive sales/traffic through podcast guesting. In this episode, Sara Lohse shares how you can create a high-converting sales funnel and call to action as a podcast guest. Get ready to start earning the results you seek from your podcast guesting efforts!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/272TakeawaysKnow your topic and the common questions related to it when appearing as a podcast guest.Create a lead magnet to answer those questions and generate leads.Fill the sales funnel by moving potential customers through the stages of awareness, interest, consideration, conversion, and advocacy.Use a clear call to action and set up landing pages to capture leads effectively.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Goal of Podcast Guest00:43 Step 1: Know Your Topic01:39 Step 2: Identify Common Questions02:34 Step 3: Answer Questions with a Lead Magnet03:02 Types of Lead Magnets05:20 Step 4: Create the Lead Magnet05:49 Step 5: Fill the Sales Funnel06:19 Awareness Stage07:17 Interest Stage07:46 Consideration Stage08:44 Conversion Stage12:35 Advocacy Stage13:03 Call to Action14:27 Setting Up Landing Pages15:48 ConclusionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/272
15:43 3/26/24
Setting a Solid Legal Foundation for Your Podcast | Gordon Firemark
Send Us a Text MessageMost podcasters have yet to take steps toward legally protecting the business and brand behind their podcast. That's because the legal side of content creation seems complex and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! In this episode, Gordon Firemark (The Podcast Lawyer™) explains how an LLC can protect your content while legitimizing your podcast and even save you money! Get ready to learn how you can benefit from using an LLC to lay a solid foundation for your podcast!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/271TakeawaysPodcasters should consider their podcast as a business and be aware of the risks they face.Forming an LLC can provide liability protection, flexible management and financial structures, potential tax benefits, and increased credibility.Alternatives like insurance and strong contracts can be viable options if an LLC is not the right fit.Consultation with a lawyer and tax advisor is recommended when considering forming an LLC.Chapters00:00 The Importance of Considering Your Podcast as a Business02:06 Risks Faced by Podcasters03:02 The Need for Legal Protection03:58 What is an LLC?05:24 Benefits of Forming an LLC07:19 Considerations for Not Forming an LLC09:10 Steps to Forming an LLC13:25 Reflection and Consultation13:53 Summary and Closing ThoughtsMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/271
14:32 3/19/24
Simple Systems That Drive Success in Podcast Guesting | Patty Block
Send Us a Text MessageEvery day, people give up on podcast guesting. Those who quit report that they didn't see results from being a guest, and the extra stress/demand on their time was not worth it. This one-and-done mindset toward podcast guesting will not get you far, but there is an alternative! In this episode, Patty Block shares how you can build a system around podcast guesting that reduces stress while maximizing results. Get ready to unleash the benefits of a podcast guesting system!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/270TakeawaysSet clear goals for podcast guesting, such as building relationships with hosts, raising visibility, and developing reusable content.Realize that a one and done strategy is not effective in podcast guesting.Develop a system for podcast guesting that includes three stages: before, during, and after the interview.Pay attention to the after stage, as it can be the most powerful in terms of promoting the episode and engaging with the audience.Chapters00:00 Introduction00:28 Goals of Podcast Guesting01:25 Realization of One and Done Strategy02:23 Building a System for Podcast Guesting03:50 Three Stages: Before, During, and After05:15 The Power of After the Interview06:13 Developing Content from the Recording07:39 Collecting and Filing the Recording08:09 Editing the Recording09:09 Setting Standards for Video Clips11:02 Distributing the Video Clips13:55 Engaging with Podcast Hosts and Network15:22 Benefits of a Systematic Approach16:05 ConclusionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/270
15:50 3/12/24
Get More Downloads for Your Podcast Starting this Week | Chase Neely
Send Us a Text MessageDo you ever feel like you're fighting an uphill battle with your podcast? How about the feeling that you're never gaining any substantial traction? If you're not seeing the results you expected from your podcasting efforts, it's time to make a change! In this episode, Chase Neely explains how you can break your podcast out of stagnation and into a position of thriving. Get ready to learn how to improve and reinvent your podcasting strategy to position for a huge response!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/269TakeawaysTake a 30,000-foot view of your podcast to identify areas for improvement.Adopt a mindset of improving or inventing until you get a huge response.Rethink your podcast strategy and software to optimize growth and reduce costs.Focus on incremental improvements to have a compounding effect on your podcast's growth.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background01:11 The Importance of Taking a 30,000 Foot View03:08 The Mindset Shift: Improve or Invent for a Huge Response04:36 Case Study: Doubling Downloads and Cutting Costs08:22 Innovating and Testing for Growth09:21 The Power of Incremental Improvements10:49 Summary and Call to ActionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/269
11:36 3/5/24
Top Tips For Effective Communication in Podcast Guesting | John Duffin
Send Us a Text MessageDo you feel lost in the crowd with so many people guesting on podcasts these days? Do you worry that you're just another voice on another podcast? There's something you can do to ensure this isn't you! In this episode, John Duffin explains how you can become an iconic podcast guest who leaves a lasting impression. By focusing on the fundamentals, you'll become a more confident speaker that listeners want to work with. Get ready to optimize your communication skills and "wow" listeners!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/268TakeawaysAuthenticity and differentiation are key in delivering a message that sets you apart.The Navy SEAL's Body of Evidence Technique, a breathing technique coupled with a mindset, can help center yourself and overcome fear and imposter syndrome.Preparation is crucial for effective communication as a host or guest on a podcast.Avoid fillers and up-speak by staying focused in conversations and using your authentic voice with confidence and engagement.Sit up, use your authentic voice, and maintain good body language to enhance your communication during podcast episodes.Chapters00:00 Optimizing Communications by Leveraging Your Voice01:12 The Arc to Authenticity02:03 The Navy Seals Body of Evidence Technique06:14 Preparation is Key08:43 Avoiding Fillers and Focusing on the Conversation11:07 Avoiding Up-Speak14:27 Game Day Physicality16:50 Getting Your Message ReceivedMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/268
17:01 2/27/24
4 Post Social Media Strategy For Growing Your Podcast | Katie Brinkley
Send Us a Text MessageSocial media is the destination of choice for podcast hosts to grow their listenership. The problem is that social media, as we use it, does not help with growing a podcast audience or gaining more listeners. But this doesn't have to be the fate of your social media efforts! In this episode, Katie Brinkley explains a simple social media strategy you can implement that will grow your podcast listenership using social media! Get ready to unleash organic growth for your podcast by using social media correctly!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/267TakeawaysSocial media should be used to build a community around your podcast, not just for self-promotion.Understand your audience and tailor your message to each platform.Use the four post strategy to create a variety of content that engages and attracts listeners.Focus on building relationships and having conversations with your audience.Chapters00:00 Introduction00:42 The True Intention of Social Media02:11 Understanding Your Audience03:08 Different Platforms, Different Strategies05:04 The Four Post Strategy08:02 Building a Community09:27 Actionable Posts11:48 ConclusionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/267
11:42 2/20/24
Getting a Return on Investment From Podcast Guesting | Beate Chelette
Send Us a Text MessagePodcast guesting has become the most valuable form of content marketing and relationship building. As a result, getting booked has become hyper-competitive, and getting a return on investment from guesting is growing in complexity. But this doesn't have to be the case for you! In this episode, Beate Chelette explains 3 ways to gain a greater return on investment from podcast guesting. Get ready to take control of your podcast guesting in innovative ways to yield extraordinary results!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/266TakeawaysPodcast guesting is a powerful growth strategy for businesses.Consistency and alignment with the host's audience are key to successful podcast guesting.ROI and monetization should be considered when investing in podcast guesting.Building relationships and partnerships through podcast guesting can lead to new opportunities.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Overview02:20 Secret #1: Podcast Guesting as a Growth Strategy06:09 Secret #2: ROI and Investment in Podcast Guesting09:02 Secret #3: Maximizing the Power of Being a Podcast Guest13:44 Conclusion and Call to ActionMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/266
13:58 2/13/24
Becoming a Elite Interviewer and Podcast Host | Michael Ashford
Send Us a Text MessageIf you've ever interviewed a guest on a podcast about their life and work, you know that interview is far more than an innate ability; it's a challenging skill to master! In this episode, former journalist and long-time podcaster Michael Ashford explains how to master your interview technique to create powerful conversations that listeners want to listen to on repeat and share with their friends. Get ready to excel as an interviewer and create content that listeners will want to binge!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/265TakeawaysApproach interviews with a curious mindset rather than assumptions and opinions.Avoid asking lengthy questions and focus on asking shorter, more to-the-point questions.Take notes during the interview and refer back to interesting points for follow-up questions.Listen to oneself and analyze interviews to identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes.Master the art of the interview by clarifying, interrupting sparingly, giving space, and tying up loose ends.Find your own interviewing style that reflects your show and preferences.Chapters00:00 The Worst Question I Ever Asked02:08 What Went Wrong in the Interview03:56 The Issue of Lengthy Questions05:25 Basics of Interviewing07:18 Mastering the Art of the Interview08:14 Preparation and Patterns09:14 Clarifying and Flowing Between Questions10:13 Interrupting and Giving Space11:42 Silence and Tying Up Loose Ends13:36 Finding Your Own Interviewing StyleMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/265
13:44 2/6/24
Insights Into The Future of Podcasting | Chris Krimitsos
Send Us a Text MessageWhether you're a podcast guest or podcast host, gleaning insights into the future of podcasting and where the industry is heading is an essential part of your podcasting journey. In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo is joined by podcasting influencer Chris Krimitsos, who shares what he's seeing happen in podcasting right now, along with his predictions for the future of this great medium. Get ready to learn what you need to do to continue to succeed in podcasting on either side of the microphone!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/264TakeawaysPodcasting started as a pure medium with no corporate involvement but has now grown into a vibrant and supportive community.Podcasters should be aware of the different platforms and the importance of owning their RSS feeds to protect their content.Community plays a crucial role in podcasting, providing support, education, and networking opportunities for podcasters.The future of podcasting includes consolidation of tools and software, as well as the potential for AI tools to replace niche players.Podcasting offers unique opportunities for monetization, with host-read ads and loyal listeners.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Appreciation01:49 Building Community in Podcasting02:13 Past of Podcasting (2015)03:08 Early Origins and Monetization04:33 Podfest and Growing Podcasting Community07:17 Present State of Podcasting08:43 Importance of Community in Podcasting10:05 Different Platforms and RSS Ownership12:30 Regulations and Protecting Podcasting13:48 Consolidation of Podcasting Tools15:36 Podfest and Building Community18:17 Importance of Community for Podcasters19:41 Shift in Podcasting Tools and Software24:01 Future of Podcasting at the High End26:18 Monetization and Advertisements27:42 Future Growth and Integrity in Podcasting30:09 Podcasting's Loyal Listener Base31:07 Closing Remarks and AppreciationMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/264
31:15 1/30/24
A Content Paradigm Shift You Must Embrace | Alex Sanfilippo
Send Us a Text MessageAs podcast guests and hosts, we're all looking for a way to stay relevant and get ahead with our content. As we attempt to achieve this goal, we've neglected what will ultimately lead to our success. In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo shares why it's time for a paradigm shift in our approach to content. Instead of focusing on quantity, it's time to do less and ensure it's of the highest possible quality. Get ready to learn how to rise above the noise in podcasting and skyrocket your impact and influence!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/263TakeawaysShift your focus from quantity to quality in podcasting.Align with your why and think about who you serve.Join a community of like-minded, quality-first creators.Stay consistent and avoid compromising quality.Consider repurposing content to maximize its impact.Articulate the pain point your podcast solves in a few words.Measure the success of your podcast by its shareability.Engage with your listeners and make adjustments based on their feedback.Have a lot to share about your podcast in various contexts.Test the quality of your work and ensure it withstands scrutiny.Produce higher quality content to achieve better results.Chapters00:00 The Quantity Mindset01:06 Shift from Quantity to Quality02:03 The Shift in Social Media03:23 Quality Over Quantity in Content Creation04:19 The McLaren Analogy05:15 Podcasting is Like Taking the Stairs06:14 Finding Your Capacity07:11 Consistency is Key09:04 Joining a Quality-Focused Community09:58 Repurposing Content11:48 Articulating the Pain Point13:13 Getting Your Quality Right14:38 Testing the Quality of Your Work15:02 Producing Higher Quality ContentMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/263
15:05 1/23/24
Creating One of The World's Biggest Podcasts | Brandon Turner
Send Us a Text MessageIn this episode, Brandon Turner shares his experience as the creator and host of one of the world's largest podcasts. Since its origin in 2013, The Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing Podcast has been ranked among the top 10 of all podcasts. Brandon shares what led to their success and how he's been able to remain podcasting consistently for all these years. Additionally, Brandon explains what he's learned and what he's doing differently with his latest show, A Better Life with Brandon Turner. Get ready to learn critical insights for how to improve your craft as a podcast guest and (or) host!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/262Key Moments:00:00:16 - Introduction 00:02:13 - Leaving BiggerPockets 00:03:50 - Transitioning as a Solo Podcaster 00:06:19 - Podcasting as a Business 00:08:47 - The Why Behind A Better Life 00:15:17 - Openness to Pivoting and Following Market Demand 00:17:38 - Self-Discipline and Accountability 00:22:56 - The Importance of Tracking and Accountability 00:24:06 - Surrounding Yourself with the Right People 00:26:45 - Quick Hacks for Goal Setting 00:28:09 - Overcoming Procrastination 00:30:41 - Staying Focused on Success Island 00:33:42 - The Importance of Consistency 00:34:47 - Book Recommendations for Podcast Guests and Hosts 00:36:30 - Brandon's Insights on Podcast Success Timestamped Summary:00:00:16 - Introduction They discuss Brandon's background and his transition from real estate to podcasting. 00:02:13 - Leaving BiggerPockets Brandon explains why he decided to leave the BiggerPockets podcast after a decade of hosting. 00:03:50 - Transitioning as a Solo Podcaster Brandon reflects on the challenges and uncertainties he faced when transitioning from a co-host to a solo podcaster. 00:06:19 - Podcasting as a Business Alex and Brandon emphasize the importance of treating podcasting as a business, regardless of the topic or niche. 00:08:47 - The Why Behind "A Better Life" Brandon explains the reason behind his pivot to his new podcast, "A Better Life."00:15:17 - Openness to Pivoting and Following Market Demand Brandon highlights the importance of being open to the market's feedback and adapting accordingly.00:17:38 - Self-Discipline and Accountability Brandon shares a story about his struggle with self-discipline and how having someone hold him accountable helped him make progress.00:22:56 - The Importance of Tracking and Accountability Tracking progress and having accountability are essential for staying motivated and achieving goals.00:24:06 - Surrounding Yourself with the Right People Surrounding yourself with people who make the impossible seem achievable is crucial for personal growth.00:26:45 - Quick Hacks for Goal Setting Having the support of loved ones is important for goal achievement.00:28:09 - Overcoming Procrastination and Shiny Object Syndrome Procrastination often stems from a pattern of breaking commitments in other areas of life.00:30:41 - Staying Focused on Success Island Many people get distracted by new trends and opportunities, which can lead to a lack of focus and procrastination.00:33:42 - The Importance of Consistency Brandon uses the analogy of going to the gym to emphasize the importance of consistency in podcasting.00:34:47 - Book Recommendations for Podcast Guests and Hosts Alex asks Brandon for book recommendations for podcast guests and hosts.00:36:30 - Brandon's Insights on Podcast Success
37:39 1/16/24
Growing Your Email List By Being a Podcast Guest | Tracy Beavers
Send Us a Text MessageYour email list is one of your most valuable assets, but growing it can be a painful task. Thankfully, there is a simple solution! In this episode, Tracy Beavers shares how, through podcast guesting, you can create a powerful call to action that will lead listeners to sign up for your email list. Get ready to increase your visibility and explode your email list with new subscribers and potential future customers!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/261Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction00:01:47 - Types of CTAs00:03:58 - Importance of Consistent and Strategic CTAs00:06:19 - Leveraging Podcast Guest Spots00:09:35 - Choosing the Right CTA for TimingTimestamped Summary:00:00:15 - Introduction Tracy Beavers shares her experience of being a guest on a podcast and the importance of being prepared with a strategic call to action (CTA) to maximize business growth. 00:01:47 - Types of CTAs Tracy explains different types of CTAs that can be used, including free downloads, joining a mailing list, subscribing to a podcast or newsletter, and engaging with social media content. 00:03:58 - Importance of Consistent and Strategic CTAs Tracy emphasizes the need to consistently and strategically use CTAs in content creation to maximize email list growth and audience engagement. 00:06:19 - Leveraging Podcast Guest Spots Tracy highlights the special marketing opportunity of being a podcast guest and the credibility and trust that comes with it. She emphasizes the importance of having a strong CTA at the end of the interview to capitalize on the audience's interest. 00:09:35 - Choosing the Right CTA for Timing Tracy advises aligning the CTA with the timing of promotional activities in the business. She suggests offering free resources, promoting webinars or memberships, or directing listeners to podcasts, blogs, or social media channels.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/261
12:31 1/9/24
How to Build a Successful Podcast On YouTube | Jesús Ramirez
Send Us a Text MessageThe podcast listenership data on YouTube is staggering! But is your podcast getting the traction that YouTube claims is possible? In this episode, Jesús Ramirez, the creator behind a YouTube channel with over 2 million followers, explains the top 2 contributing factors for gaining traction as a podcaster on YouTube. From uncovering the pivotal metrics that impact your visibility to mastering the art of crafting compelling titles and thumbnails, Jesús will provide insights to skyrocket and elevate your podcast's YouTube presence!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/260Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction and YouTube Channel Success00:02:14 - Importance of Click-Through Rate and Retention Rate00:03:22 - Click-Through Rate (CTR)00:09:39 - Retention RateTimestamped Summary:00:00:15 - Introduction and YouTube Channel Success Jesus Ramirez introduces himself as a YouTube channel owner with over 2 million subscribers. He discusses the importance of high click-through rates and retention rates for success on YouTube.00:02:14 - Importance of Click-Through Rate and Retention Rate Ramirez explains that YouTube rewards videos with high click-through rates and retention rates because they keep viewers on the platform longer. He emphasizes that good content is key to achieving these metrics.00:03:22 - Click-Through Rate (CTR) Ramirez explains that click-through rate measures how many people click on your video when it appears in their YouTube feed. He provides tips for improving CTR, such as creating compelling and unique thumbnails and using engaging titles.00:09:39 - Retention Rate Ramirez discusses the importance of retention rate, which measures how long viewers watch your video. He emphasizes the need for engaging content and a strong opening to hook viewers and keep them watching.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/260
12:24 1/2/24
3 Key Things That Only The Best Podcast Guests Do | Mark Herschberg
Send Us a Text MessagePodcast guesting has become one of the most significant exposure-gaining opportunities in the digital world. Because of this, people are flocking to the medium. Unfortunately, most people end up making costly mistakes while being interviewed. In this episode, Mark Herschberg shares 3 tips to help you stand out as a podcast guest. Mark explains that by avoiding visuals, keeping content evergreen, and not talking over hosts, you'll step into a further level of guesting mastery. Get ready to start winning more as a podcast guest!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/259Key Moments:00:00:11 - Introduction, 00:00:28 - Avoid Using Visuals00:02:10 - Be Explicit with Visual Examples00:03:52 - Create Evergreen Content00:07:27 - Never Speak Over the Host00:09:51 - Editing Tips Timestamped Summary:00:00:11 - Introduction Mark Hirschberg shares his experience appearing as a podcast guest in over 350 episodes and introduces the three basic tips for giving a great episode as a guest.00:00:28 - Avoid Using Visuals Mark explains why visuals may not work well for podcasts, as some listeners may be visually impaired or accessing the podcast without video. He also highlights that people often listen to podcasts while driving or exercising, making visual content inconvenient or inaccessible.00:02:10 - Be Explicit with Visual Examples If visual examples are necessary, Mark advises being explicit and describing them rather than relying on slides or visuals. He suggests using air quotes as an example and explicitly mentioning it for audio-only listeners.00:03:52 - Create Evergreen Content Mark emphasizes the importance of creating content that remains relevant even in the future. He encourages providing temporal context when discussing time-sensitive topics, such as mentioning specific dates or seasons, to ensure listeners understand the timing of the conversation.00:07:27 - Never Speak Over the Host Mark advises against talking over the host during podcast conversations, as it can be frustrating for listeners and difficult to edit. He suggests being differential and pausing if overlap occurs, allowing for smoother editing if needed.00:09:51 - Editing Tips Mark shares two helpful editing tips: using clapping as an audio cue to indicate the need for a redo and visually marking the section with a piece of paper forMORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/259
12:27 12/26/23
The Science Behind Episode Titles That Attract Listeners | Courtney Elmer
Send Us a Text MessageIf you've never explored the psychology behind podcast listener behavior, you're missing out on a wealth of insights that can help you attract new listeners. In this episode, Courtney Elmer shares the subconscious triggers that influence why someone clicks play on your podcast and how to use persuasive language that compels them to keep coming back for more. Get ready to discover the psychological "secrets" that will help you title your episodes to increase listeners and create an addictive podcast experience people can't stop raving about!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/258Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction00:01:41 - Increasing Listens00:05:16 - The Four Solicitations00:07:52 - Subconscious Triggers00:09:47 - Understanding the Ideal Listener00:10:58 - Persuasive Language00:15:22 - Understanding the Value of Your Content00:16:17 - The Importance of Listener Psychology00:16:47 - Overcoming Struggles as a Host00:17:20 - The Power of Language in Podcasting Timestamped Summary:00:00:15 - Introduction Courtney Elmer discusses the challenges podcast hosts face when their episodes don't receive many downloads. She highlights the importance of understanding listener behavior and shares that increasing listens is key to growing a podcast.00:01:41 - Increasing Listens Courtney explains that increasing listens from current listeners is crucial for attracting new ones. She emphasizes the need to step into the mind of the ideal listener and address their pain points to capture their attention.00:05:16 - The Four Solicitations Courtney introduces the four elements that act as gatekeepers to capturing a listener's attention: cover image, title, description, and episode titles. She emphasizes the importance of making a strong first impression within milliseconds.00:07:52 - Subconscious Triggers Courtney dives into the subconscious triggers that cause someone to hit play or scroll past a podcast. She explains the need for hosts to communicate on a subconscious level and understand what motivates their ideal listener.00:09:47 - Understanding the Ideal Listener Courtney emphasizes the importance of understanding the specific problem, underlying cause, failed attempts to fix the problem, and the meaning the listener associates with it. This understanding forms the foundation of a successful podcast.00:10:58 - Persuasive Language Courtney introduces the concept of persuasive language and its application in podcast titles, descriptions, and episode titles. She encourages hosts to focus on addressing the listener's pain points rather than simply highlighting the benefits.00:15:22 - Understanding the Value of Your Content Learn how to effectively communicate the value of your podcast content to your ideal listener by addressing their pain points and solving their problems.00:16:17 - The Importance of Listener Psychology Gain a competitive advantage by understanding the subconscious triggers influencing listeners' decision to listen to your podcast. Adjust your language to effectively communicate the value of your show and keep listeners coming back.00:16:47 - Overcoming Struggles as a Host Many hosts struggle with understanding listener psychology, but by implementing these strategies, you can overcome these challenges and experience the satisfaction of making a positive impact on your listeners' lives.00:17:20 - The Power of Language in Podcasting Discover how adjusting your language can create an addictive podcast experience. By speaking directly to your listeners'
16:22 12/19/23
Tailoring Your Story for Podcast Guesting Success | Juliet Hahn
Send Us a Text MessageThere's a specific method to becoming every podcast host's favorite guest! In this episode, Juliet Hahn dives deep into the art of storytelling from the perspective of articulating your personal narrative effectively to fit the expectations of podcast hosts and their guests. Whether a 30-minute interview or an hour-long conversation, Juliet will explain how to tailor your story for different podcast formats and timeframes. Get ready to gain valuable insights and practical tips to become every host's favorite guest who connects deeply with the audience!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/257Key Moments:00:00:15 - The Power of Storytelling00:01:26 - Childhood Memories and Life's Path00:03:25 - Uncovering Hidden Connections00:06:12 - Finding Your Authentic Voice00:08:34 - Connecting Through Stories00:12:35 - Finding Space and Connecting with AudiencesTimestamped Summary:00:00:15 - The Power of Storytelling Juliet Hahn discusses the importance of storytelling in podcasting and how it can create a deeper connection with listeners. She explains that sharing significant moments and experiences from our lives can evoke emotions and engage the audience.00:01:26 - Childhood Memories and Life's Path Hahn encourages listeners to reflect on their childhood and past experiences that may have shaped their current path. Even seemingly insignificant moments can have a profound impact on our lives and can be powerful storytelling material.00:03:25 - Uncovering Hidden Connections Hahn shares an example of a podcast guest who discovered a hidden memory from her childhood that revealed her true passion for entrepreneurship. By exploring and articulating these memories, we can connect with our audience on a deeper level.00:06:12 - Finding Your Authentic Voice Hahn emphasizes the importance of being authentic when sharing our stories. She suggests that we consider how our brains work and whether we prefer a linear or non-linear storytelling approach. Being genuine and passionate in our delivery helps build a stronger connection with listeners.00:08:34 - Connecting Through Stories Hahn reminds us that while it is important to share information about our products or services, the real connection with our audience comes from sharing personal stories. Passionate storytelling captures the listeners' attention and makes them want to learn more about us and our journey.00:12:35 - Finding Space and Connecting with Audiences Juliet Hahn emphasizes the importance of finding space and articulating effectively on a podcast. She highlights the significance of connecting with audiences on a deeper level through storytelling, regardless of the topic being discussed.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/257
12:29 12/12/23
5 Tips to Elevate Your Podcast Interviews | Jennifer Furlong
Send Us a Text MessageCrafting a quality podcast interview is no simple task. A good podcast interview requires more than a list of questions. In this episode, Jennifer Furlong shares 5 critical interviewing tips that will take your conversations with guests from good to great. This is the art of recording confident, naturally flowing interviews that become captivating and engaging conversations that your audience will love and remember for years to come. Get ready to elevate your interviewing skills and take your podcast to the next level!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/256Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction00:01:28 - The Skill Set of Successful Interviewers00:02:40 - Bringing Value to Listeners00:05:53 - Prepare Your Own Questions00:10:55 - Going with the Flow00:16:03 - The Importance of Nonverbals and Vocal Variety00:16:41 - Listening for Keywords and Asking Follow-up Questions00:17:40 - The Power of the Pause00:19:53 - The Impact of Mindful Listening and Pauses00:21:16 - Five Tips for Effective InterviewsTimestamped Summary:00:00:15 - Introduction Jennifer Furlong emphasizes the need for good conversation skills and highlights that the majority of popular podcasts are conversational in nature.00:01:28 - The Skill Set of Successful Interviewers Successful interviewers are described as good listeners, relatable, and willing to ask tough questions while remaining respectful. They create a synergy with their guests, allowing for a deeper exploration of topics and the possibility of revealing new ideas or perspectives.00:02:40 - Bringing Value to Listeners To elevate conversations and make interviews great, Jen suggests five tips. The first tip is to begin with the end in mind, considering the goals of the episode, audience expectations, and the suitability of the guest. Building rapport through a pre-interview and vetting the guest's intentions are also important.00:05:53 - Prepare Your Own Questions Jen advises interviewers to prepare their own questions rather than relying solely on guest-provided questions. Doing thorough research on the guest's website, social media platforms, and conducting a Google search allows for unique and meaningful questions.00:10:55 - Going with the Flow While having a list of prepared questions is important, flexibility is key to having a robust conversation. As guests answer questions, new doors may open, and interview00:16:03 - The Importance of Nonverbals and Vocal Variety Pay attention to the nonverbals and vocal variety of the guest's answers to understand their thoughts and feelings about the topic. Listening to volume, pitch, and speed will give you clues to their mindset.00:16:41 - Listening for Keywords and Asking Follow-up Questions Practice mindful listening and listen for keywords that pique your interest. Don't miss the opportunity to ask good follow-up questions that will enhance the conversation.00:17:40 - The Power of the Pause Embrace pauses in the conversation. They give the guest time to reflect and provide meaningful answers. Pauses also prevent information overload for the audience and make the message more impactful.00:19:53 - The Impact of Mindful Listening and Pauses Mindful listening combined with pauses creates a powerful tool. It builds trust and allows guests to share deeply personal stories.00:21:16 - Five Tips for Effective Interviews Begin with clear goals and understand audience expectations. Develop unique questions and go with the flow of the conversation. Practice mindful listening, pick up on keywords, and ask
21:47 12/5/23
Mastering the Art of Concise Communication | Paul Granger
Send Us a Text MessageEvery podcast host's worst nightmare is having a guest on their podcast who provides long-winded answers, shares lengthy monologues, and goes down every rabbit trail possible. In this episode, Paul Granger explains the art of concise communication for podcast guests and how mastering this art can lead to more podcasting-related opportunities. Get ready to learn the benefit of brevity and simple ways to hone your stories to impact your podcast guesting and even your everyday conversations!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/255Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction to Roblox obsession00:02:09 - Goldilocks and the Three Types of Guests00:03:29 - Understanding Your Why for Sharing00:06:09 - Honoring the Host and Context00:07:19 - Achieving Brevity in StorytellingTimestamped Summary:00:00:15 - Introduction to Roblox obsession The host's son became obsessed with the game Roblox, a global gaming platform where players can build landscapes and adventures together. The son's love for connection and external processing led to endless soliloquies about his Roblox experiences.00:02:09 - Goldilocks and the Three Types of Guests The host discusses three types of guests: those who say too little, those who say too much, and those whose content is just right, like Baby Bear. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance in sharing as a guest on a podcast.00:03:29 - Understanding Your Why for Sharing Before sharing your story, it's crucial to understand why you want to share it. Knowing your why will impact how and what you share. The host provides examples of different motivations for sharing and highlights the importance of considering the value for the host and listeners.00:06:09 - Honoring the Host and Context As a guest on a podcast, it's essential to respect the host's space and understand the context of the show. Guests should consider whether their content brings value to the host and listeners and be willing to adapt their sharing style to honor the context of the space.00:07:19 - Achieving Brevity in Storytelling Many stories can be too long for a podcast context, but the host assures that brevity is achievable in four steps.MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/255
12:29 11/28/23
Why You Should Consider Rebranding Your Podcast | Angie Griffith
Send Us a Text MessageHave you ever wondered how to breathe new life into your podcast without losing your loyal audience or missing out on potential new listeners? In this episode, Angie Griffith shares her journey of rebranding her podcast after nearly 100 episodes. She explains pivotal moments that led to her rebrand decision and the steps she took for a seamless transition. You'll learn valuable insights, including the unexpected marketing tactic that yielded remarkable results. Get ready to learn how a well-executed rebrand can reignite your podcasting passion and momentum!MORE FROM THIS EPISODE: HTTPS://PODMATCH.COM/EP/254Key Moments:00:00:15 - Introduction00:00:59 - The Power of Podcast Rebranding00:01:34 - The Story of Two Fishermen00:04:05 - Personal Experience of Rebranding00:10:02 - Finding the Right Audience00:14:35 - The Power of a Press Release00:16:03 - Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone00:15:50 - The Impact of a Billboard00:18:07 - Lessons Learned from Apple Podcasts00:20:10 - Staying Organized Through a Rebrand Timestamped Summary:00:00:15 - IntroductionThe host welcomes the listeners and expresses gratitude for their presence. They explain that the episode will focus on rebranding a podcast and the benefits it can bring.00:00:59 - The Power of Podcast RebrandingThe host dispels the misconception that rebranding a podcast leads to losing followers. They share their experience that a well-executed rebranding can breathe new life into a podcast and attract fresh momentum.00:01:34 - The Story of Two FishermenThe host shares a story about two fishermen. While the first fisherman sticks to his usual routine and catches five fish daily, the second fisherman takes a step back to evaluate and improve his fishing method. Eventually, the second fisherman surpasses the first in success.00:04:05 - Personal Experience of RebrandingThe guest, Angie Griffith, shares her personal experience of rebranding her podcast. She initially started with a podcast focused on providing short, four-minute episodes on podcasting tips but later realized it wasn't aligned with her goals. She then rebranded to a more impactful and fulfilling podcast titled "Podfluencer Society."00:10:02 - Finding the Right AudienceAngie reflects on her journey and how she discovered her true passion for serving podcasters who are already making an impact and building a business. She explains how this realization led to the idea of00:14:35 - The Power of a Press ReleaseAngie shares how writing a press release for her podcast rebrand helped her secure future partnerships by showcasing her professionalism and commitment to her brand.00:15:03 - Stepping Out of the Comfort ZoneAngie discusses the importance of asking for help and reaching out to peers in the podcasting industry for support. Despite her initial hesitations, this step proved to be essential in making a successful rebrand.00:15:50 - The Impact of a BillboardAngie explains how she purchased a billboard in Nashville as a marketing strategy for her podcast rebrand.00:18:07 - Lessons Learned from Apple PodcastsAngie shares her experience seeking promotional support from Apple Podcasts for her rebrand. She reflects on the need to present it as a co-promotion opportunity rather than a favor and the importance of taking the time to plan and strategize before approaching platforms for support.00:20:10 - Staying Organized Through a RebrandAngie advises using a timeline and creating a checklist to stay organized during a podcast rebrand. Drawing from her experience i
20:55 11/21/23