Show cover of Profit Cleaners: Grow Your Cleaning Company and Redefine Profit

Profit Cleaners: Grow Your Cleaning Company and Redefine Profit

Welcome to the Profit Cleaners Podcast, the only place where you can learn from the top 1% of cleaning business owners. Focused on redefining profit, each episode is designed to give you practical tips and advice so that you can grow your own business, whether you’re just getting started or have been in the industry for decades. Discover the most intelligent ways to make more profit per customer, increase customer retention, improve your work culture, and create sustainable systems that actually give you more time back. Roll up your sleeves and get to work with your hosts Brandon Schoen and Brandon Condrey, owners of one of the most successful cleaning businesses in the Southwest.


How Important is Customer Experience? (Hint: It’s SUPER Important) 34:59 05/12/2022
The World’s Largest Retailer Cleaning Houses: What Happens to Local Businesses Like Yours? 25:58 04/28/2022
Why Business Reviews Are Gold- And How to Get Them Automatically 34:57 04/21/2022
Extreme Ownership Book Club: Helping Your Business WIN (And Keep Winning) 43:29 04/07/2022
Why Your Cleaning Business Matters 22:46 03/31/2022
Big Wins from Our Business’s Annual Meeting (And Why You Should Start Your Own Annual Meetings) 48:00 03/24/2022
Gas Price Increases: How It Affects Your Cleaning Business + Ways to Cope 28:26 03/17/2022
5 Ways To Improve Your Emails As a Cleaning Business 32:31 03/10/2022
2022 Update for Our Local Cleaning Business 16:07 03/03/2022
The Power of Identity: Who Do You BELIEVE You Are? 35:16 02/17/2022
Launching into New Markets: The Right Way to Grow 17:51 02/10/2022
January Book Club Sneak Peek: Atomic Habits 42:25 02/03/2022
Own Your Life So You Can Better Own Your Business 28:01 01/27/2022
Spring Cleaning 101: Free Press + Happy Clients and Happy Employees 29:37 01/20/2022
Join the Profit Cleaners Book Club! 17:51 01/13/2022
4 Habits That Helped Us Win Best of the City 26:10 01/06/2022
How the Bucket Story Will Transform Your Cleaning Business 24:32 12/30/2021
Create a Positive Workplace Culture with These Fun Company Holiday Party Ideas 15:48 12/23/2021
Getting in the Flow State to Operate at the Speed of Excellence 20:29 12/16/2021
Debunking Misconceptions in Copywriting with Julie Schoen 32:00 12/09/2021
The Difference Between Good Difficult Customers and Problematic Difficult Customers 24:02 12/02/2021
Cleaning Systems Course Q & A Call with The Brandons & Corby 86:58 11/27/2021
A Thanksgiving Special from Profit Cleaners 13:12 11/25/2021
Why We Share Our Cleaning Business Secrets 15:26 11/22/2021
A Closer Look at the Home Cleaning System Course 29:45 11/20/2021
Why The Home Cleaning Training System Course Is Your Ultimate Secret Weapon as a Business Owner 14:49 11/18/2021
Winning in the Cleaning Business World with Jen Mignard 36:50 11/16/2021
Damage? How to Handle Damage + Breakage in Clients’ Homes 24:04 11/11/2021
Welcoming Change in Business 20:49 11/04/2021
Business Strategy: Why Planning for Success is Key (+ Cleaning Business Projections Update!) 21:53 10/27/2021