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Tips tricks and commentary from the world of Cisco brought to you by the people that know it best. Conf T, short for Configure Terminal, is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Cisco Systems Engineers where we discuss various Cisco technologies, best practices including Cisco Validated Designs, and overall commentary regarding Cisco and Technology in general. With new topics covered every two weeks across the entire Cisco portfolio, this is one of the best ways to keep up on everything Cisco. If you manage Cisco networks, be sure and subscribe so you can stay up to date and informed.


Ep 48 - Thousand Eyes and Catalyst
Special guest Simon Donahue joins us to talk about Thousand Eyes and our recent integration with Catalyst Switches. Follow Simon! LinkedIn:   Links What is digital experience monitoring: Embedded Agent Info: Free Trial: Free t-shirt:   Connect with the Show Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on YouTube: Check out our website: Contact us: Join the Discord Study Group - It's all About the Journey:
57:43 06/16/2021
Ep 47 - DNA Spaces
Special guests Jake and Sean discuss DNA Spaces, Cisco's people and asset tracking solution. Our Guests Jake Lovisolo LinkedIn -   Sean Park LinkedIn - Mojo's Instgram - hairlessnhappy   Links DNA Spaces - DNA Spaces Demo -   Connect with the Show Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on YouTube: Check out our website: Contact us: Join the Discord Study Group - It's all About the Journey:
49:13 06/02/2021
Ep 46 - Mitre Att&ck Framework
Bryan and Tom invite special guests Keith Manville and Mike McPhee to go over what the Mitre Attack Framework is and how it can be used to help security teams. Our Guests Follow Keith - Follow Mike -   Links Mitre Framework Homepage - Mitre Engenuity -   Connect with the Show Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on YouTube: Check out our website: Contact us: Join the Discord Study Group - It's all About the Journey:
45:33 05/21/2021
Ep 45 - Cisco Live! 2021 Recap
Bryan and Tom invite Sal and Patrick to join them in a discussion around the largest Cisco event of the year. They discuss some of the latest announcements and their thoughts on where Cisco is heading as automation becomes more important every day. Follow Sal!YouTube: Follow Patrick!YouTube: Twitter: LinksMeet the Author Event Link: Free Devnet Training: Connect with the ShowLike us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on YouTube: Check out our website: https://www.conft.showContact us: hello@conft.showJoin the Discord Study Group - It's all About the Journey:
48:25 04/07/2021
Ep 44 - Threat Hunting with Cisco Secure Endpoint
Special guest Keith Manville joins us to discuss Cisco Secure Endpoint, formerly known as AMP for Endpoints. We discuss the latest in threat hunting, automation and orchestration as well as a deeper dive into the various engines that make Secure Endpoint such an amazing tool. Links Cisco Live 2021 - It's all About the Journey Discord - Keith's LinkedIn - Conf T with your SE Youtube Channel -
43:03 03/24/2021
Farewell to Mr Boyd
A special announcement from the Conf T team as we thank Brian Boyd for all his contributions to the podcast.
08:01 02/16/2021
Ep 43 - IoT Deep Dive
Bryan sits down with Stephen Friedenthal, IoT Solutions Architect at Cisco to discuss all the happenings within the IoT industry covering 5G, edge computing and everything in between.
63:32 01/14/2021
Ep 42 - WebexOne Recap
Tom and Sal come on to discuss the 2 day event Cisco ran called WebexOne and all the cool announcements that were made. From innovative software announcements to cool new hardware, WebexOne was packed with informaition. We break down all of the announcements that is making Webex meetings 10x better than in -person. Links WebexOne One Demand Content - Video of this podcast - Sal's Babblelabs Demo -
58:55 12/16/2020
Ep 41 - Meraki Physical Security
Mike Lavallee from Cisco Meraki joins us on this episode to discuss what Meraki is doing to address physical security and environmental monitoring for businesses and IT infrastructure. We dive into the features and benefits of the Meraki MV Camera lineup including the progression of hardware and software capabilities. Then in the second half we discuss Meraki's latest hardware announcement, their MT line of environmental sensors affectionately called Meraki Things. Links ** Webex One Registration** - Meraki MV - Meraki MT - Meraki Documentaion -
48:10 11/18/2020
Ep 40 - Customer Spotlight: LLS
Special guest Andrew Struzik, Sr director of IT Operations and Cyber Security  at LLS comes on the show to talk about the various changes their non-for-profit went through with Covid and what made them decide to go with Cisco's Security EA. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a 501 charitable organization founded in 1949, is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to fighting blood cancer in the world. The LLS's mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Support LLS in their mission to cure blood related cancers. Find out how you can help by visiting their website. Links: LLS Website: Light The Night:
52:45 10/21/2020
Ep 39 - App Dynamics
Bryan and Brian sit down with Shaun Dolan and Devin Adair to discuss App Dynamics. Everything from its components, strengths, integrations and use cases is covered on this in-depth episode. Be sure to check out the links for more information. Links: AI Ops vision: Customer success stories/verticals: Free trial licensing/POC: AppDynamics/ThousandEyes Webinar for 10/27: MicroDemos: SAP- Workload Optimizer Integration: Deep Code Insights: Harness (CICD): BiQ with Carhartt:
45:35 10/07/2020
Ep 38 - Day 2 Operations for Data Center Fabrics
Joe Piperata joins us again for another great data center conversation around day 2 operations for data center fabrics. We also have a great conversation around ACI and the various tools Cisco has to offer that can greatly reduce your management operations and ensure your security posture is being correctly applied.
42:14 09/24/2020
Ep 37 - Fluidmesh Founders Session
Co-founders and brothers Cosimo and Umberto Malesci join us to tell the story about how Fluidmesh started and what it brings to Cisco. From humble beginnings in MIT to the recently closed Cisco acquisition, Cosimo and Umberto share their experiences with how they started from a failed MIT competition to ground-breaking technologies within the rail and IoT systems. Links: Fluidmesh Acquisition Announcement: Fluidmesh Website:
47:20 08/27/2020
Ep 36 - Cisco SecureX
Jamey Heary joins us on this very special episode to discuss Cisco's latest security project, SecureX. Building on our previous episode's conversation around automation and API integration, SecureX ties together the various Cisco and Third-Party security products and tools into an easy to use, intuitive interface that empowers your IT team to discover, remediate and automate their security posture. Links: SecureX Landing Page: Security Portal:  
35:17 07/15/2020
Ep 35 - Cisco DevNet with Susie Wee
Susie Wee, SVP of Cisco DevNet joins us for a great interview about the history and future of Cisco DevNet. Links: Cisco DevNet: Susie Wee's Website: Get Started with Development: DevNet Certifications:
52:43 07/01/2020
Ep 34 - An Intro to ThousandEyes
On May 28, 2020, Cisco announced it's intent to acquire ThousandEyes. On this episode, we speak with a fellow Cisco SE who was a heavy user of ThousandEyes in his previous role and go over its uses, methods and how it can offer additional visibility of network performance beyond the LAN. As an added bonus, we had the privilege of featuring "Old Town Network" at the end of the episode performed by Mike Schultz and his team's group called "Layer8". Links: Cisco Press Release: ThousandEyes CEO Message: Marc Nufrio's LinkedIn: Mike Schultz's LinkedIn: Old Town Network Music Video:
39:15 06/17/2020
Ep 33 - Meraki Adaptive Policy
Bryan and Brian sit down with Meraki PSS, Ryan Harami to discuss the latest Meraki developments and the launch of the Meraki Adaptive Policy. Links: Meraki Adaptive Security Webinar: Cisco TrustSec Overview: Meraki Blog - Adaptive Policy:
35:56 05/20/2020
Ep 32 - Viptela/SD-WAN Deep Dive
In this episode we sit down with two colleagues from our Viptella team to discuss the evolution of Cisco's SD-WAN offerings as well as provide competitive insight, product updates and a peek behind the curtain of what is coming next from the Viptela engineers. Links: Cisco SD-WAN Page: What is SD-WAN: Article on Integration with GCP: Trent's LinkedIn: Scott's LinkedIn:
37:53 05/06/2020
Ep 31 - Cisco Modeling Labs
Bryan and Brian sit down with Ralph Schmieder, Technical Lead at Cisco to discuss the latest release of CML2, previously known as VIRL. Ralph shared valuable insight into the history and future of CML. Links: Cisco Modeling Labs Landing Page - DevNet CML - CML Client Library (APIs) - Ansible Plugin for CML - David Bombal Videos on CML - Ralph Schmieder Twitter - Ralph Schmieder LinkedIn -    
51:23 04/22/2020
Ep 30 - Segment Routing (SRv6)
Special guest Bruce McDougall Joins Bryan in this episode to discuss Segment Routing and IPv6 within the Service Provider and Cloud Computing space. Links: Segment Routing Labs: Bruce's LinkedIn:
31:58 04/09/2020
Ep 29 - Boyd's Journey to 6 Kids
On this episode, special guest Vaughn Suazo speaks with us about the different technologies and operations that our customers within the service provider space work with. In this rare peak behind the curtain, we get to see what Cisco is doing to help our customers in a world that is becoming ever reliant on cloud services.  Links:  Cisco Silicon One: SRv6: DevNet: COVID-19 Offerings: Folding @ Home:  
55:30 03/25/2020
Ep 28 - Secure Internet Gateway
On this episode of Conf T, we being back special guest Shaun Furey to discuss the latest additions to the Cisco Umbrella product stack to keep your users safe and policies enforced. Links: Cisco's COVID-19 Response and Offerings: Umbrella Packages Overview: Getting started with SIG: AV-Test Results: Shaun Furey LinkedIn:
38:25 03/11/2020
Ep 27 - A Journey to CCIE
We speak with Chris Pratt about his personal journey to achieving the CCIE certification. Links: Chris's Website: Chris's LinkedIn: Your CCIE Success Strategy Book: Router Gods: Cisco Recertification Policy: VIRL: GNS3: EVE-NG:
59:20 02/26/2020
Ep 26 - Protecting Talos
Bryan sits down for a conversation with Nigel Houghton from the Talos organization to discuss the finer points of protecting the largest threat intelligence organization in the world against itself and adversaries alike. We discuss the various shortcomings and concerns when it comes to securing an organization in this modern day environment as well as taking a look back to simpler times. Be sure and listen to Nigel on the "Beers with Talos" podcast available wherever fine podcasts are sold.
47:59 02/12/2020
Ep 25 - Deep Dive with Duo
Bryan and Brian sit down with Karl Lewis from the Duo team to discuss the finer points of Multi-Factor Authentication and why its such an important thing to have. They also explore the concept of Zero trust, and look of some of the competitive differences between Duo and other MFA providers. Show Notes: Duo Demos: Duo Tiers and Pricing: Cisco MFA Case Study: Duo Free Trial:
42:43 01/29/2020
Ep 24 - BUR(R)A
Bryan and Brian sit down with Joe Piperata to chat about Cisco's Backup and Recovery Solutions. Links: Cisco S3260: Veeam on S3260: Cisco & Cohesity: Cisco Hyperflex:
31:45 01/15/2020
Ep 23 - Cisco UCS
Bryan and Brian chat with Joe Piperata about the Cisco UCS platform and all the benefits and differentiators that Cisco brings to the table, mainly around the management features. We also touch on intersight and why it's a no-brainer to sign up for. Cisco UCS - Cisco Intersight -
42:28 11/20/2019
Ep 22 - Cisco Talos
Bryan sits down with Craig Williams and Sean Mason from Cisco Talos to discuss everything from their outreach program, to incident response and everything in between. Sean and Craig give us a peek behind the curtain of the largest private security research firm in the world and lets us in on some of the lessons learned. Links: Talos IR Announcement: Cyber Security & Insurance: Talos Incident Responce: Beers with Talos Podcast: 
63:59 11/06/2019
Ep 21 - Cisco E-mail Security
On this episode, we sit down with Technical Solutions Architect Clarke Caporale to discuss what Cisco is doing to protect our customer from the largest attack vector, e-mail. We discuss the various forms that an email attack can take as well as technical and even non-technical ways they can be approached. Links: Email Security Best Practices: Email Security PoV:
69:33 10/23/2019
Ep 20 - Cisco CX
On this episode, we sit down with Katelyn Cadoff from the Services team where we discuss Cisco CX (Customer Experience) and the breadth of services options from Cisco. From adoption to implementation, we learn how the CX "Racetrack" is used and where customers can benefit the most from what the CX team has to offer. Links Cisco CX Overview: Managed Security: Incident Response Retainer: Business Critical Services: Total Care Portal:
35:57 10/09/2019