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The WikiRacing poadcast! A trip from one random topic to another (inspired by suggestions from listeners via social media) through the links of with hosts Jethro Nolen and Matt Hartman. Music by Jesse Landis-EigstiArtwork by Nick Jaramillo.Check out all of our links here -


RERELEASE - Beef on Weck to Heat Death of the Universe with Rob Leveille
A rerelease of season 3 episode 5 (2/16/21) with our guest Rob Leveille of Niagara Escapement! Matt and Jethro recently visited Niagara Escapement and completed two escape room. Hear some audio from when we were there as well as our take on the rooms at the end of the episode!And don't miss season 7 starting NEXT Tuesday (10/11/22)!
54:46 10/04/2022
RERELEASE - Gold Glass to Beef on Weck with David Becker!
A rerelease of season 3 episode 4 (2/9/21) a walk with David Becker, winner of the Butter Bakery charity auction. Jethro and Matt recently traveled to Buffalo, NY and their experience with Beef on Weck is added at the end of the episode.Listen and get ready for SEASON 7 coming Tuesday October 11th!
56:54 09/27/2022
Baleen to Big O Notation
The season finale of season 6! Will Matt and Jethro every figure out what Big O Notation is? Find out!
55:56 06/14/2022
IBM 650 to ? with Chris Mathieu
Jethro and Matt head back under water with actor, singer-songwriter, Chris Mathieu!
51:24 06/07/2022
Green Eggs and Ham to ? with Phyllis Hartman
Matt and Jethro are joined by yet another parent, this time Matt's mom! And they walk off to  some computations of the past!
51:42 05/31/2022
Phosphene to ? with Dan Nolen, Jr.
Matt and Jethro stop seeing stars,They venture off to nears and fars.They have a guest who isn't bad,In fact that guest is Jethro's dad!Dan Nolen, Jr.
46:53 05/24/2022
Crown-of-Thorns Starfish to ? with David Becker
Emerging from the seas Matt and Jethro take off toward parts unknown thanks to a topic from Florida Man himself, David Becker!
56:40 05/17/2022
Salish Sea Human Foot Discoveries to ? with Maddie Nolen
Walking away from tragedy to comedy! Matt and Jethro continue on their journey joined by Jethro's daughter, Maddie!
45:08 05/03/2022
L (New York City Subway Service) to ? with Sue Salvi
This one is . . . unlike anything Jethro and Matt have journeyed to before! Check if out and hold on to your . . . everything!A quick warning that there is mention of suicide in this episode. Need help? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at  1-800-273-8255. 
76:35 04/19/2022
The Larry Sanders Show to ? with Alexa Warden (and Kristy Nolen and Emma Hartman) PART 2
The exciting conclusion to the two-parter. Will Matt and Kristy be able to beat the walk that Jethro and Emma went on? Find out!
56:32 04/12/2022
The Larry Sanders Show to ? with Alexa Warden (and Kristy Nolen and Emma Hartman)
The wives are back! Matt and Jethro begin this two-part adventure with Jethro and Emma traveling via public transit to parts unknown thanks to guest Alexa Warden! Also, vote now for Drunkard's Walk in the Pittsburgh Magazine Best of the Burgh Readers Poll! Follow this link or check out the pinned post on our Facebook page!
49:38 04/05/2022
Food Blogging to ? with Mike Rhodes
Matt and Jethro head toward more hilarity with their guest Mike Rhodes!
47:04 03/29/2022
Tom Lehrer to ? with Dave Forman and Briana White of Plate It Pittsburgh
Come along with Matt and Jethro as they travel to tasty parts unknown with Briana White and Dave Forman of the streaming show Plate It Pittsburgh. Available on the Very Local app on your Roku, Fire Stick, and other devices!Also, don't forget to nominate Drunkard's Walk for Best Podcast in Pittsburgh Magazine's Best of the Burgh!
68:04 03/22/2022
Trilon to ? with Katie Tarara
Matt and Jethro venture off again with Patreon subscriber Katie and even include some public domain music along the way!
52:53 03/15/2022
Adam Yauch to ? with Dan Nolen
Jethro and Matt venture of to parts unknown in another family affair with Jethro's brother Dan!
48:37 03/08/2022
Blaseball to ? with Kristy Nolen
Jethro and Matt leave crazy sports behind and start to get ill with their guest Kristy Nolen!
51:18 03/01/2022
Crokinole to ? with Todd Etter
A walk away from one obscure sport to another? Perhaps. Jethro and Matt are joined by puzzle legend and Motley Fool himself, Todd Etter.
45:54 02/23/2022
Big O Notation to ? with Greg Gillotti
Matt and Jethro are BACK with another big season. They start at the season 1 topic of Big O Notation and get a new destination from returning guest Greg Gillotti. All the fun of season five PLUS one!
63:46 02/15/2022
Radio Clatterbridge to Lockstich
Another season comes to a close as the boys return whence they came. Thanks for listening!
52:10 01/11/2022
Gilda Radner to ? with Mike Eveleigh
A voice from across the pond joins Matt and Jethro as they leave the US and head to the UK!Take a listen to Radio Clatterbridge here:
60:51 01/04/2022
Limnic Eruption to ? with Brian Gura
Jethro and Matt get away from exploding lakes and into some funny, funny people! Including the delightful Brian Gura!
52:42 12/28/2021
Alexander Ovechkin to ? with Kaitlin Moore
Thankful to be free of one scourge, Matt and Jethro are on to another. See what kind of trouble they get into on this Christmas special with Kaitlin Moore!
68:36 12/21/2021
EPCOT to ? with Emma Hartman
Turn about is fair play and Jethro gets his revenge for the "October Surprise" of David S. Pumpkins. Join them along with Emma Hartman!
43:52 12/14/2021
King Cake to ? with Amanda Averell
This week it's a journey to the happiest place around and Matt and Jethro are joined by Snack Life host, and stand-up extraordinaire, Amanda Averell!
59:14 12/07/2021
Brisket to ? with Mercy Odhner
Jethro and Matt take off alone again. Alon with Mercy Odhner as their guest, at least! Once again traveling to delicious delectables.
54:59 11/30/2021
Hachiko to ? with Ryan Wanner and THE WIVES - Part 2
Now it's Jethro and Kristy's turn to see how they do with this walk. Excellent audio and some dropped in audio from Rayn Wanner make this a MUST listen!
33:50 11/23/2021
Hachiko to ? with Ryan Wanner and THE WIVES - Part 1
Matt and Jethro are joined by their wives Emma and Kristy as well as Drunkard's Walk regular Ryan Wanner for this exciting TWO PART episode!
39:50 11/16/2021
Falkirk Wheel to ? with Nick Jaramillo
Another international journey with Matt and Jethro as they try to avoid a geographical route. Is it possible? Join them and Drunkard's Walk logo Nick Jaramillo to find out!
63:22 11/09/2021
David S. Pumpkins to ? with Penelope Bourbon
Jetho and Matt reconcile and move on from Mr. Pumpkins with their TWO guests Michael Paladini and Daniel Polise from Penelope Bourbon. They spend some time talking about how to make bourbon and then venture off to parts unknown!
55:08 11/02/2021
Fluffernutter to ? with Dave Forman
A tasty treat to a nasty TRICK! It must be Halloween and Jethro and Matt celebrate with Dave Forman!
53:34 10/26/2021