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Scary Story Podcast features scary stories about darkness, unexplained phenomena, ghosts, and the paranormal. A collection of short original horror tales written by Edwin Covarrubias. 


The Door
Scary stories "The Door", "End of the Road", and "The Crawling Woman of Tilston" by Edwin Covarrubias Up next, check out Dark Memory for real stories about true paranormal events. Get ad-free listening and bonus content by trying out Scary Plus or our Apple Subscription channel. Find me at or visit our website at Production by Scary FM. Join our free newsletter for more!
30:27 11/25/2022
A Murder of Crows
Scary stories "A Murder of Crows," "Four Days" and "Joey" by Edwin Covarrubias. Creepy stories of premonitions, strange disappearance, and a haunted doll.Get in touch with me here https://edwin.fmHelp out the show by joining Scary Plus https://scaryplus.comFind us on Instagram and more!
20:35 10/21/2022
The Old Woman of Cedar Lane
Scary stories in this episode are "The Old Woman of Cedar Lane," "The Break In", and "The Ruby Dragon Ride" written by Edwin Covarrubias. You can find Edwin at https://edwin.fmLinks to our social media profile and email newsletter: https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comInstagram: next, be sure to check out A Dark Memory by searching for it on this app.Ad-free and additional content over at
27:21 10/14/2022
Give Them Nightmares
Scary stories "Give Them Nightmares" and "Two Bodies in the Back" by Edwin Covarrubias. In these creepy tales, a young woman visits an old family vacation home only to discover a story of creatures lurking in the area. In the next, a funeral home driver makes a strange discovery while on the road.Ad-free over on https://ScaryPlus.comFind Edwin here: https://edwin.fmUp next, check out https://TrueScaryStoryEmail me at
27:55 10/07/2022
The Guest Room
Scary stories "The Guest Room" and "The Babysitter" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). These ghost stories include creepy children, as requested in several messages and reviews.Ad-free and more on https://ScaryPlus.comSend me a message or find me on https://edwin.fmDiscord and more on or hello@scarystorypodcast.comOther shows mentioned in this episode are A Dark Memory and True Scary Story
25:23 09/30/2022
Tommy From the Sewer
Scary stories "Tommy From the Sewer" and "The Lady in the Front Seat" by Edwin Covarrubias. How can you be sure that the person you are seeing is actually there?Leave me a message: or https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comScary Plus (ad-free and early episodes): https://ScaryPlus.comUp next, check out Scary Mystery Surprise by searching for it here on your podcast app.
19:17 09/23/2022
INTRODUCING: Scary Mystery Surprise (Edwin's New Show)
Scary Mystery Surprise is live now! Find it by typing SCARY MYSTERY SURPRISE into your podcast app. We hope to see you there!Spotify: Podcasts:
01:51 09/20/2022
Green Numbers
The two scary stories in this episode take us through a trip down to our childhood memories, when stories were real. The first horror story is called "Green Numbers", and the second is called "The Doll in the Green Dress". Check out my other show, for more creepy stuff.Ad-free episodes over on https://ScaryPlus.comFind me on social media @edwincov or at
19:13 09/16/2022
My Yearbook
Scary stories "My Yearbook" and "Emails of a Stranger" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). Old memories of a child who makes himself known, while another deals with the stalking surprise of an internet friend.Check out and https://TrueScaryStory.comAd-free and Scary Plus at https://ScaryPlus.comFind me on or over at
19:31 09/09/2022
The Rocking Chair
Scary ghost stories "The Rocking Chair" and "Red Rubber Ball" by Edwin Covarrubias.Find me on https://Edwin.FMUp next, check out over at
20:55 09/02/2022
Food at a Funeral
Scary stories "Food at a Funeral" and "Out Late" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov).Want to get in touch? Email me at or find me on creepy? Search for True Scary Story!Ad-free:
17:46 07/29/2022
Two Nights at Grandma's
Scary stories "Two Nights at Grandma's" and "An Old Doll" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). Grandma was acting strange... but then again, mom used to act like that too. In the second story, a doll has a set of dead eyes that stare at you.Up next, check out True Scary Story ( https://ScaryPlus.comFind me on Instagram and Twitter at @edwincov or email me at
26:34 07/22/2022
Nightmares Are Real and Other Scary Stories
Scary stories "Nightmares Are Real", "Death in a Car", "The Mystery Man From the Shed," "Unwanted Night Crew", and "The Hotel Guest" written by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov)Check out True Scary Story here: https://TrueScaryStory.comAd-free? Visit
26:38 07/15/2022
The Other Woman
Scary stories "The Other Woman," "Polaroid," and "When We Die" by Edwin Covarrubias. These horror stories explore the past and how things used to be.Have an idea? Email me at hello@scary.fmCheck out my other show, https://TrueScaryStory.comAd-free?
24:33 07/05/2022
The Creatures From the Hills and Other Scary Stories
Scary horror stories titled "The Creatures from the Hills," "The Phenomenon of Time Skipping," "Evil Items," "A Light From My Closet," and "The Ghost at the Truck Stop" by Edwin Covarrubias.Find me on Instagram on
27:59 06/17/2022
A Place for Everybody
Scary horror stories "A Place for Everybody" and "Ball of Fire" by Edwin Covarrubias. Creepy stories about grandma's abandoned house, and the tale of a local witch.Ad-free at https://ScaryPlus.comInterested in the story submission? Email me at hello@scary.fmOur other show:
25:05 06/11/2022
Scary stories "Sofia" and "Where We Stayed" by Edwin Covarrubias. Have a creepy idea for a horror story? Email me at hello@scarystorypodcast.comOther shows: and https://ADarkMemory.comAd-free at
24:11 05/21/2022
The Boy With the Birthday Cake
Scary stories "The Boy With the Birthday Cake" and "The Boy From the Campsite" by Edwin Covarrubias.A new house comes with an existing visitor, and in the second story, a camper goes through a confusing and bizarre experience.Ad-free: https://ScaryPlus.comContact me: or (@edwincov on social media)
23:21 05/13/2022
Little Stranger in the House
Scary stories "Little Stranger in the House" and "Cemetery Nights". Lonely days bring along a visitor and the new guy in town realizes that there are more residents in town than he is aware about.Have an idea for a story? Email us at or find us on https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comWant ad-free and early access?
20:03 04/29/2022
A Book of Two Bears
In this scary story, a devastated mother brings her son's story to life through a bedtime story. The second scary story is about a neighbor dealing with loss.Have an idea for a story? Visit or email us at
19:22 04/15/2022
The Woman from the Woods / The Nightmares We Have
Scary stories about sinister discoveries through the eyes of a child and how they are not what we think they are. In the second story, a common nightmare is revealed.Talk to me:
23:20 04/08/2022
Missing a Smile / Empty Seats
Scary stories about an old doll from our childhood memories, and about the strange thing that caused Amy's accident.Send me a message at or through our website
21:51 03/25/2022
What Rosita Saw
In these scary stories, I’ll take you into a family memory with a dear friend who got a strange visitor. And then, we might find out what’s up with the abandoned house next door.Written by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). Have an idea? Email me at or through the page
20:19 03/18/2022
On the Other Side of the Building / Coupons
Scary stories about the mysterious apparitions you see when you don't know your neighbors. A man relives his haunting pass and his missing wife.Get in touch or on the website
17:12 03/11/2022
A Strange Request
Scary stories "A Strange Request", "The Tapping", and "I Can See You" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov)Have ideas for stories? Email me at or find us on our website
18:39 03/04/2022
Eighteen Days
Scary stories "Eighteen Days", "Goodbye Friend", and "The Voicemail" by Edwin Covarrubias. Creepy tales of melancholy and childhood memories.Send an email or find our site at https://ScaryStoryPodcast.comFind Edwin: @edwincov
18:28 02/19/2022
Just an Old Friend
Scary stories "Just an Old Friend", "Babysitting", and "Elizabeth's Doll" written by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov).Join our Discord: on me on social: creepy shows:A Dark Memory: https://ADarkMemory.comTrue Scary Story: https://TrueScaryStory.comTake our listener survey: to leave me a voicemail? episode webpage:
18:33 02/09/2022
Mask on the Wall
Scary stories "Mask on the Wall", "The Woman and the Hills", and "Boy Crawling on the Wall" written by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). The short scary stories are about things that are a little "out there". Discord: on me on social: creepy shows:A Dark Memory: https://ADarkMemory.comTrue Scary Story: https://TrueScaryStory.comTake our listener survey: to leave me a voicemail? episode webpage:
15:00 02/02/2022
The Doll by the Window
Scary stories "A Doll by the Window", "A Boy Named Robert", and "My Dog Freddy" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov).Ad-free on me on social: Discord: creepy shows:A Dark Memory: https://ADarkMemory.comTrue Scary Story: https://TrueScaryStory.comTake our listener survey: to leave me a voicemail? episode webpage:
18:09 01/28/2022
Children Upstairs
Scary stories of ghosts, haunting purchases, and apparitions. Sometimes we do not know exactly what is out there."Children Upstairs", "A New Car", and "The Girl by the Window" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov)Ad-free on me on social: creepy shows:A Dark Memory: https://ADarkMemory.comTrue Scary Story: https://TrueScaryStory.comTake our listener survey: to leave me a voicemail? episode webpage:
22:27 01/19/2022