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Telstra - Behind the Mic

Australian business has an amazing history of enterprising thinking - from the black box to boxed wine, the pacemaker to penicillin. What spurs our big thinking? And what’s behind our capacity for turning challenges into opportunities? In this series, Adam Spencer talks to many of today’s most enterprising minds to find out how they’re solving problems, how they embrace change to create progress, and how technology is at its best when it is laser focused on the people it aims to serve.


75 years of Telstra International - Adam Spencer chats to Geraldine Kor, Managing Director, South Asia - Telstra International. 19:53 10/04/2021
Adam Spencer talks to Dr Catriona Wallace about the importance of using AI responsibly. 29:55 09/27/2021
Fraser Shields on how Downer Group used AR to reimagine preventative maintenance of road assets 22:58 05/05/2021
Stuart Campbell on how VicRoads shifted millions of transactions from service centres to the cloud 27:25 05/05/2021
Adam Spencer talks to William Payne from Mirvac 42:10 02/12/2021
Dr Jason McClure from Ambulance Victoria on the technology empowering health workers to save lives. 17:55 10/28/2020
Brad Webb from Samaritans on the business case for digitisation. 20:18 09/07/2020
Christian Neyle from Taylor on the risks and rewards of early tech adoption. 18:08 09/07/2020
Hear how Mikaela Jade from Indigital is pairing Indigenous storytelling with the most cutting edge digital technology. 19:19 08/09/2020
Libby Christie on the challenges and unexpected upsides for The Australian Ballet as a result of COVID-19. 30:42 07/10/2020
Kamal Sarma on ways to build resilience and thriving communities through COVID-19. 24:15 06/09/2020
Bernard Salt on the effect of COVID-19 for Australians and their business. 23:58 05/27/2020
Dr Jordan Nguyen on using technology to make rockstars 21:32 05/13/2020
Anousheh Ansari on space travel, a child's drawing and a dream fulfilled. 18:21 05/13/2020
Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics, on why "I don't know" is a good answer 29:31 05/13/2020
Charles Duhigg on the real reason you eat so many cookies. 25:02 05/13/2020
Daniel Pink unearths the secret motivation behind perfect timing. 20:51 05/13/2020
Join Adam Spencer for Telstra - Behind the Mic 00:44 05/12/2020