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The Whole Veterinarian

Is it impossible for veterinarians to aim for more balance? The Whole Veterinarian podcast is about sharing experiences and starting a dialogue about how we can grow as people and professionals. As a female equine solo practitioner, mother and business owner, I've seen the challenges that face us. Vets are some of the hardest working and most dedicated professionals out there; together, let’s learn how to develop a life we love.


From Good to Great Mentorship with MentorVet Founder Addie Reinhard, DVM, MS 34:11 10/07/2021
Is Veterinary Telehealth an Opportunity to Improve Our Profession? featuring Dr. Jess Trimble 37:06 09/23/2021
Not One More Vet's Race Around the World 10:54 09/09/2021
Support Yourself by Finding Your Community with Dr. Ashley Bourgeois 26:28 08/26/2021
Moving From Overwhelmed to In Control featuring Dr. Nia Perkins of My Vetamorphosis 24:48 08/19/2021
Become Your Own Leader in Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Julie Settlage 35:14 08/12/2021
The Power of The DVMoms 14:43 08/05/2021
Goal Setting, Burnout & How Veterinary Consolidation Could Actually Help Our Industry featuring Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov 26:26 07/29/2021
Sustainability in Equine Practice Seminar and Retreat 20:13 07/15/2021
Learning to Take Care of Yourself featuring Lillie Davis, DVM, DACVIM Oncology 27:39 07/01/2021
Here's Why You Need A Plan for Your Student Loan Repayment featuring Meagan Landress, CSLP 26:08 06/17/2021
The One Where We Talk About Alcoholism featuring Amber LaRock, LVT 25:39 06/03/2021
Adaptability in Veterinary Medicine 51:48 05/20/2021
Well-being Solutions for Veterinarians featuring the Get MotiVETed Team 41:44 05/06/2021
For Animals. For Earth. 26:10 04/22/2021
Setting Boundaries and Reducing Burnout in VetMed with Dr. Danielle Alleman 20:23 04/08/2021
Unconventional Leadership In Veterinary Medicine with Iggy Perillo 23:56 03/25/2021
The Science of Gratitude featuring Dr. Katie Ford 08:15 03/18/2021
When Imposter Syndrome Rears Its Ugly Head in Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Katie Ford 31:41 03/11/2021
Ownership in Veterinary Medicine and What That Means for You featuring Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP, CEPA 30:30 02/25/2021
Social Media Tips for the Veterinary Professional featuring Dr. Crocker 14:50 02/18/2021
Crafting a Bridge to the Next Generation of Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Tannetje Crocker 25:02 02/11/2021
Couples Financial Coaching with Adam Kol - How to Talk Money with Your Partner 24:41 01/28/2021
A Veterinarian's Take on Atomic Habits by James Clear 04:54 01/21/2021
When Veterinarians Need to Hit Reset 29:25 01/14/2021
BONUS! Season 2 Intro and EmpathosVet 02:44 01/07/2021
BONUS! Global Veterinary Career Summit BOGO 06:56 12/17/2020
BONUS! What is a mastermind group? 09:19 11/27/2020
BONUS! Savoring the Positive 05:45 11/19/2020
BONUS! Moments of joy from our listeners! 02:37 11/12/2020