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Brand Tuned is a podcast on brand management hosted by Shireen Smith. It’s for marketers, designers and entrepreneurs looking to create, build and grow distinctive brands. Episodes include interviews with thought leaders on aspects of branding, from intellectual property and trademarks, to understanding your customers’ wants and needs, to using appropriate business models, setting the right brand strategy, and taking account of fundamentals like customer experience, team culture, and long-term brand building. Writing the Brand Tuned book was an eye opener into the conflicting, impenetrable advice that characterises much of the branding industry. There is so much jargon, folklore, hype and pop psychology about brands making it difficult for people to know what to focus on when creating their brands Brands are often created by people with no training in IP for people who have no idea about the pivotal role IP plays in business and branding


Stef Hamerlinck on Branding and Distinctiveness 43:41 09/24/2021
Somi Arian on Raising Women's Socioeconomic Status 49:35 09/17/2021
Logo Design Process with Ian Paget 35:55 09/17/2021
Creating a Meaningful Brand with Thomas Kolster 42:43 09/17/2021
Brand & Intellectual Property for Startups Vox Pops 27:22 09/17/2021
100th Episode Celebration of Brand Tuned 11:33 09/17/2021
Joe Gregory on the Role of IP in Branding 45:34 09/10/2021
Distinctiveness v Differentiation — Why Focus on Distinctiveness 35:33 09/03/2021
The Brand Starts From Inside Out 48:18 07/30/2021
Brand Positioning and Messaging With Margie Agin 31:16 07/23/2021
The Key Role of Values With Chet Morjaria 39:19 07/16/2021
Insights On Setting Up In Business from a Serial Entrepreneur 35:36 07/09/2021
John Vuong - How To Grow Your Business Using SEO 34:58 07/02/2021
Chris Kneeland on Cult Branding 39:38 06/25/2021
Brand Naming Hierarchy – Essentials to Consider When Naming Your Brand 22:11 06/18/2021
Brad VanAuken on Brand and Business Strategy 50:42 06/11/2021
Rand Fishkin - How to Brand and Differentiate Your Online Business 39:04 06/04/2021
Derrick Daye - Marketing is Too Important to be Left to Marketers 50:22 05/28/2021
How to Stand Out With Unique Expertise – Go Narrow and Broad 22:35 05/21/2021
Giles Edwards - Understanding Research and Diagnosis 52:36 05/14/2021
Daniel Greenberg: What You Need to Know When Choosing a Domain Name 25:05 05/07/2021
JP Castlin - What to Consider When Formulating Your Brand Strategy 42:23 04/30/2021
Phil Barden - Using Gut Reactions to Support your Goals & Brand Strategy 44:51 04/23/2021
How to Develop an Exit Plan for Your Business - Bryony Thomas 30:06 04/16/2021
John Williams - How to Develop Your Ideas using Product Market Fit 37:51 04/09/2021
Brand Strategy With Mark Ritson 32:48 03/31/2021
Chandresh Pala - What is a Business Model? Make Sure You Use The Right One For Your Business 45:59 03/26/2021
Shireen Smith - Why Fuse Brand Creation With Brand Protection? 23:09 03/18/2021
Ross Kimbarovsky - Engaging Services for Your Brand 34:22 03/11/2021
Catherine Lang - Cline - Things to Consider When Hiring a Designer 33:17 03/04/2021