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Uplifting talks and guided meditations from Steven S. Sadleir and Enlightenment Television on the Enlightenment of Mankind and the Great Awakening happening now. Covering science, Easter and Western (Biblical) philosophy and religion, spiritual practices and breaking news affecting the world.


Naga Babas
Ancient man was taught by the snake people, the Nagas, who created man and came to guide mankind to enlightenment. Shivas mala and Vishnu's lounge are Nagas, the symbol of sacred wisdom. The sadhu's and siddhas are Naga Babas, the ones who bring forth the wisdom of the ages the Sanatan Dharma or eternal truths, just ask Vethathiri Maharishi or Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.  Sign up for live class at Enlightenment Television  
53:20 11/17/23
Wake Up Call
Within the Great Awakening of mankind is the awareness of a force that dominates the world, which invokes our compassion. We are here to bring the light forward, buy directing it to the darkness and being beyond them both. This darkness verses the light, enjoy the ride. Blessings Enlightenment Television. 
66:22 11/10/23
Your Magnetism
Your whole body is generating a bio-magnetic field. And your field is connected to the earth's electro-magnetic field. We are living in a universe of fields within fields. Consciousness and energy interacting creating time and space, form and attributes. Come explore the nature of existence.  Enlightenment Television 
60:26 11/3/23
The Kingdom Within Us
This meditation focuses on connecting with the Source of life within us that IS us, the spirit, consciousness and presence animating our existence. Jesus showed us, Krishna, Buddha, Maharishi and the Maharaj too, we have only to look within to find the Kingdom, in this class we go there together.  Enlightenment Television  
53:10 10/27/23
This talk is a guided meditation. We will connect with Source within us, the life force or spirit animating our own existence. The going deeper into the subtle currents of our cells, molecules and atoms, and back out into humanity, the earth, solar system, galaxy, universe and beyond. Field within field, all interconnected and part of the whole of our being. It's far out.  Enlightenment Television  
51:05 10/20/23
Feeling Good
We are going to provide an overview and practice things that help us feel really good: Starting with how we eat and live, how to take control of our life and our mind and create the wellbeing we are meant to have. From super foods, what harms us, how to eat healthy - the Yoga Diet - vaccines, the home remedy first aid kit, cleanses, fasts and more. Let's master this subject. Enlightenment Television Natural Health Handbook    
72:46 10/13/23
You Are Being Called
You have been called: To awaken from the dream and remember who you are and why you were born. Collectively, we are awakening but you are now coming to the forefront of this movement. Herein lie some tools that will help you develop this higher awareness and inner knowing. Pass it on.  Enlightenment Television  
43:42 10/6/23
How Aware Are You?
Here is an update on what's going on: From psych-ops, more vaccinations, results of the Covid vax are in, the Smart City, Satan and what we can do to bring the light in. Please share this recording. You can join the live classes at CLICK HERE
69:03 9/29/23
Greatest Story
This meditation involves the story and stories of Mankind, the purpose of our incarnation and the opportunity presenting itself now. The Sumarians, the Bible, the Egyptians and Yogis all explain why we are here on this Earth, for those who are ready.  More at Enlightenment Television Steven's books are on Amazon   
65:30 9/22/23
Universe Meditation
In this meditation we reflect upon the various perspectives of God, Existence and the Universe, and then go beyond the mind and senses to Sahaj.  More at  
58:04 9/15/23
911 What You Still Don't Know
This discusses the whole 911 story: Who owned the World Trade Towers and why did they want them demolished? Who was behind it and why. As you look at the evidence, missing from the press and repeated removed from social media (including mine), it become very obvious. These people are still in power, and we need to stop them. One thing you can do is share this.  More at Enlightenment Television  
82:15 9/8/23
This talk explores what happened in Maui and to Lahina town. This event serves as a case study for how the United Nations and world government is implementing the "Smart City" strategy for UN  Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. Here we reveal what happened in Maui, what is happening now that new news isn't telling and what the whole agenda is.  Subjects include: Fire, UN Agenda 2030, Directed Energy Weapons, DEWs, FEMA, Governor Green, the Great Reset and New World Order.  Learn more at  
48:06 9/1/23
Christ Enlightened 3 - Now
Within the first ten years there were divisions in the Church which caused the suppression of Christ's word. Here we look at what we lost and what has happened since. These are the Last Days, prophecy is being fulfilled and we are being called to enlighten via the Word. Just listen, it's rapture.  From Steven's book Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled on Amazon. 
65:56 8/25/23
Christ Enlightened 2
Steven goes through Creation and why man was created to begin with, through Cain, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Issac, Jacob through Israel, Moses, Joshua and Judges through through to the first century and Sudduces, Pharosees and the Essene. The Covers the writings of the Semitic Christians who actually knew Jesus, from Gopsel of Thomas, James, Philip and Mary. The Gnostic gospels, and How Jesus was showing the Way to find the Kingdom of Heaven that lies Within. Christ enlightens us.  They were enlightening through Christ's word, and so will you as you listen to what he said. Steven guides you through it. From his book Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled. 
77:08 8/18/23
Christ Enlightened 1
Steven explains how Jesus was showing us The Way to find The Kingdom of Heaven that lies within us, he was enlightening us. Most of these teachings from the first and second centuries have not been revealed to the public, listen to what Jesus has to say. It will blow your mind.  From Steven Sadleir's book Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled. On Amazon, click  here. 
70:12 8/11/23
Rise Up
We are undergoing a mass Psychological Warfare, and the only way to transcend it is to understand how it works and is affecting you. In this class we first connect intuitively in meditation, and then begin to see in what ways "They" are trying to, not only track and control us, but kill us. If their plan succeeds, eighty to ninety percent of the world will be destroyed, here is how you keep from being that statistic. The enlightenment of mankind has begun.  Join us at   
48:36 8/4/23
The Heart Center
Guided Heart Centered meditation with affirmations to bring out the highest and best thinking from within yourself. Uplifting and heart-opening. Come join in.  More at Enlightenment Television 
57:54 7/28/23
Transcending Evil
This one is heavy, but powerful. The history of child sacrifice, drinking blood, Blood Libel and cannibalism. This is alive and growing today. When we see and understand what is going on, we can change it. Let's change it. Here is how.  Join live at Enlightenment Television  
56:52 7/21/23
Introspective Meditations
This whole class provides a template to introspect, reflect, analyze and understand yourself better. You might want to take notes for this one.  You can join our inner circle and these classes live by going to  
57:57 7/18/23
Self Awareness Meditation
This class provides a series of introspective meditations, mindfulness exercises and prayers and visualizations to develop higher consciousness. You may want to take notes for this one.  To join the live class you can sign up at    
68:35 7/14/23
Global Enlightenment
This class begins with a meditation the helps synchronize our own biology and that of nature and the cosmos, and ends with a vision of how to create peace on earth.  Https://   
68:35 7/7/23
Alien Life Forms
In this Satsang we discuss alien life forms on our planet, who they are, who we are, and why we and they are here. The Great Awakening has begun. Lets learn more and prepare ourselves.  Enlightenment Radio Enlightenment Television   
61:32 6/30/23
Brave New World
This Satsang is about how to maintain centeredness, clarity, happiness and peace in a crazy world. We are the brave new world being created from within this deception, greed, fear and evil. The world is awakening. You are the proof.  More at  
70:06 6/23/23
Enlightenment of Man
The greatest awakening in the history of mankind is currently occurring, but amongst the darkest forces testing mankind. Steven explains the deception and how its all playing out, and what we can do about it. Here is how we can create a better world, the enlightenment of man.  More at Enlightenment Television  
68:46 6/16/23
Siva Sutras
This satsang is from the Siva Sutras, the Supreme Identity, explaining advita-vedanta or the principals on non-dualism and the fundamental nature of reality. Let your mind expand beyond itself.  Https://   
46:57 6/10/23
The Matrix
Most of the world is clueless as to what is happening in the world. The play of consciousness is coming to a dramatic transit as the Age of Aquarius Dawns. Time to awaken from the dream and remember who we are and why we were born. This talk will support your spirit. Enlightenment Television  
60:09 6/2/23
Cosmic Consciousness Meditation
This meditation expands your own bio-magnetic field and awareness beyond your own physical being, and provides a blissful state of samadhi.  Enlightenment Television   
40:47 5/26/23
Physics of Enlightenment
Swamiji plains the physics of enlightenment. We are energy beings, spiritual beings, and their is a science to our being. There are measurable electromagnetic fields around a human or any animal, around plants, stars, galaxies and the universe itself. We are learning house to tune into these natural currents and raise the consciousness within these fields. Learn how now.  Http://   
47:58 5/19/23
About You
In this Satsang, Swamiji guides us through a series of meditations and reflections on the nature of our Self. From the physical identity, through emotional and mental aspects, to the underlying core life force energy and consciousness itself. There is nothing more important to know than knowing yourself, and there is much more you still have to learn. See for yourself.  Information on our upcoming retreat is at Enlightenment Television   
52:01 5/14/23
Dhyana & Samadhi
The story of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj and his Yoga Tapas, and a description of how to properly practice Dhyana Meditation as instructed by Sri Swamiji. This is for those ready for advanced meditation. Quotes from the book Tapas Shakti, the life of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj.  Retreat in Hawaii coming, go to for more information or to register. 
54:02 5/5/23

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