Show cover of The Three Wisemen of Divorce: Money, Psych & Law

The Three Wisemen of Divorce: Money, Psych & Law

Sit down with “The California Divorce Experts”: Mark C. Hill, CFP®, CDFA® Financial Divorce Consultant; Scott Weiner, Psychologist, Divorce Attorney and Mediator; and Shawn Weber, CLS-F* Family Law Mediator and Divorce Attorney for a frank and casual conversation about divorce, separation, co-parenting and the difficult decisions real people like you face during these tough times.We know that if you are considering divorce or separation, it can be scary and overwhelming. With combined experience of over 70 years in divorce and conflict management, we are here for you and look forward to helping by sharing our unique ideas, thoughts and perspectives on divorce, separation, and co-parenting. This podcast is for informational purposes only. Every family law case is unique, so no legal, financial or mental health advice is intended during this podcast. If you need help with your specific situation, feel free to schedule a time to speak with one of us for a personal consultation.*Certified Specialist – Family LawThe State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.


"Why can't you be happy for me?": When straying spouses can't understand the pain they cause 42:53 10/20/2021
I can't believe you asked for that! Reacting to insulting proposals in divorce negotiations 42:18 10/14/2021
Divorce and Real Estate 29:44 09/07/2021
Good Remarriage: How not to make the same mistakes you made in your last marriage. 36:34 05/11/2021
Financial Disclosures 34:58 05/04/2021
Divorce Negotiation and Thinking Outside the Box 33:45 04/30/2021
The Multi-dimensional Aspects of the Marital Home 32:00 04/27/2021
Prenups, Postnups and Pillow Talk 43:06 04/13/2021
Finding Fault in the "No-Fault" Divorce 40:25 03/03/2021
The Flowers are Dead: When Valentine's Day Leads to Divorce 30:57 02/15/2021
What to do if one spouse wants a divorce and the other doesn't 49:08 02/03/2021
New Year's Dispute Resolutions 40:50 12/31/2020
When There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays (After the Divorce) 45:10 12/18/2020
An Attitude of Gratitude 31:27 11/26/2020
Juggling Holidays and Telling the Kids about the Divorce 46:10 11/25/2020
Politics, Pandemics and Paranoia During Divorce 42:28 11/14/2020
Personality and Divorce with Personality Expert Dr. Richard Levak 44:12 11/03/2020
High Conflict Divorce 49:29 10/16/2020
Anger and Divorce 37:15 10/10/2020
The Power of the Collaborative Divorce Coach with Special Guest Nancy J. Ross, LCSW 41:08 10/02/2020
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (or something like that) 38:05 09/25/2020
Difficult Times Difficult Divorce 40:14 09/19/2020
Collaborative Divorce or Mediation? Which is the Right Choice for You? 40:38 09/05/2020
Tips for a Miserable Divorce 42:27 08/28/2020
A Conversation with Stu Webb: The Grandfather of Collaborative Divorce (Part 2) 32:31 08/19/2020
A Conversation with Stu Webb: The Grandfather of Collaborative Divorce (Part 1) 31:05 08/12/2020
Back to School Co-parenting in the Age of Cornavirus 39:36 08/04/2020
"Good fences make good neighbors" - Setting Boundaries during your Divorce 34:10 07/28/2020
A New Way of Listening During Your Divorce with Special Guest Jaye-Jo Portonova, M.D. 40:25 07/22/2020
Defining Victory in Divorce 37:06 07/14/2020