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The Minerals Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project allowed the US to defeat Nazi Germany. Project Apollo put a person on the moon and hastened the defeat of the Soviet Union. Today, western supply chains are more vulnerable to China than you probably realize. Does the US want to stay a Superpower?Welcome to the Minerals Manhattan Project - I’m your host Emily Hersh.


Inside Tesla’s Lithium Clay Salt Extraction Process, ft Alex Grant 33:23 10/07/2020
The Energy X Factor, ft. Teague Egan 36:20 10/02/2020
From Coal to Oil to Critical Minerals, ft. USGS Director Jim Reilly 33:38 09/22/2020
Lithium Solid State of Mind, ft. Doug Campbell of Solid Power 29:58 09/16/2020
Nemaska Implosion & Lithium S̶t̶o̶n̶k̶s̶ Stocks 37:24 09/02/2020
A Crude Awakening, ft. Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence 40:54 08/31/2020
Show me the money! The USA's plan for LATAM, ft. Cassandra Garrison 39:50 08/27/2020
There's a battery arms race - and America's getting lapped, ft. Joe Bryan 35:12 08/22/2020
China Dominates - Because They Planned To, ft. David Livingston 48:18 07/27/2020
How Do You Recycle a Lithium Battery? ft. Tim Johnston 37:22 07/27/2020
Why does Tesla Battery Day Matter? ft. Sam Jaffe 43:03 07/14/2020
Is Lithium Brine Water? Anti-Webinar Highlights 31:24 06/24/2020
Can North America Really Compete in Cobalt? ft. Trent Mell of First Cobalt 35:48 06/15/2020
This Man is an Island - And What They Can Teach Us, ft. James Ellsmoor 38:28 06/01/2020
Reinventing Reality: Inside Augmented and Virtual Reality, ft. Elena Piech 30:59 05/22/2020
Why is the US Behind in the Race for Critical Minerals? Ft. Jesse Edmondson 33:16 05/14/2020
Deglobalization and Control - The Pendulum Swing, ft. Hamutal Ben Bassat 29:45 05/12/2020
China, Energy, and the Americas, ft. Jeremy Martin 43:05 04/28/2020
"Out at Any Cost" - A Dislocated Market, ft. Anthony Milewski 34:49 04/27/2020
Unconventional: Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and the Future, ft. Alex Grant 32:41 04/23/2020
Advanced Battery Materials in the Wake of a Pandemic, ft. Chloe Holzinger 28:21 04/16/2020
The Rock Whisperer, ft. Dr. Edith Wilson 33:08 04/13/2020
Mineral Foundations of the Energy Future, ft. Morgan Bazilian 34:52 04/13/2020
Risk: People, Places, and Power ft. Michelle DiGruttolo 38:52 04/13/2020