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The Chauncey DeVega Show is the official podcast of politics writer Chauncey DeVega. On a weekly basis the show features a relaxed and free-form conversation with artists, authors, musicians, researchers, academics, journalists, activists, as well as Hollywood actors and directors.


Ep. 333: Chris Matthews is Worried About the Future of American Democracy 78:10 06/08/2021
Ep. 332: The Truth Report Sneak Preview -- What Will Happen When the United States and China Finally Go to War 07:59 05/31/2021
Ep. 331: The Cyberweapons Arms Race and How the World Ends 56:17 05/19/2021
Ep. 330: Jesus and John Wayne -- Guns, God, Masculinity and the Christian Fascist Assault on American Democracy 60:13 05/04/2021
Ep. 329: Dave Grossman on "Killology" and America's Out of Control Police 66:34 04/25/2021
Ep. 328: Why Can't You Lose Weight? The Processed Food Industry Has Weaponized Your Hunger 61:01 04/15/2021
Ep. 327: Jeff Sharlet Reflects on Navigating and Surviving the American Dream-Nightmare 75:23 04/01/2021
Ep. 326: Why Do People Kill? Lt Joe Kenda Explains The "Killer Triggers" 77:34 03/23/2021
Ep. 325: "Mindfulness" Will Not Save You From The Pandemic or Anything Else 63:06 03/15/2021
Ep. 324: "Judas and the Black Messiah" is a Marvelous and Flawed Film 72:09 03/01/2021
Ep. 323: The American News Media And a Crisis of Journalistic Imagination 56:11 02/17/2021
Ep 322: Dr Carl Hart Reflects on Freedom and Drug Use For Grown-Ups 64:18 02/09/2021
Ep. 321: The Truth Report Sneak Preview -- Dr Justin Frank Warns That Donald Trump's Political Cult Members Are Experiencing a Mass Psychological Emergency 07:09 02/04/2021
Ep. 320: The American People Will Not be Able to Escape The Age of Trump and Its Evil Shadow 72:46 01/26/2021
Ep. 319: How the American Mainstream News Media Enabled Donald Trump's Coup Attack on the U.S. Capitol 46:49 01/18/2021
Ep. 318: Sneak Preview -- The Truth Report: Tim Wise on White Privilege and Trump's Coup Attack on the US Capitol 06:25 01/13/2021
Ep. 317: Dr. Cornel West Reflects on Trump's Fascist Coup Assault on the Capitol Building and America's Long Catastrophe 53:37 01/11/2021
Ep. 316: Futurist John Feffer on His Hopes and Worries for America and the World in the Year 2021 and Beyond 44:16 01/01/2021
Ep. 315: America is Now an Undead Country Whose Fantasies and Lies About Itself Have Now Been Vanquished 50:19 12/25/2020
Ep. 314: What Will Donald Trump do Next? Start a TV Network and Open a Theme Park 68:36 12/15/2020
Ep. 313: Poet Nikki Giovanni Reflects on Living a Life of Truth-Telling, Mortality, and the Ultimate Emptiness of White Supremacy 63:05 12/08/2020
Ep. 312: The Truth Report -- Wajahat Ali Has Spent Several Years "Reaching Out" to Trump Supporters -- And It Did Not Go Well 05:23 12/05/2020
Ep. 311: Ace Atkins on Race, Writing Bestselling Crime Novels, and the "New South" 51:42 11/26/2020
Ep. 310: Thom Hartmann Counsels That Joe Biden May be The Last Chance to Save American Democracy/Chauncey DeVega Reflects on the 2020 Election and Joe Biden's Victory 53:38 11/14/2020
Ep. 309: Election Day 2020 -- Planning for the Worst and Hoping for the Best 21:54 11/03/2020
Ep. 308: The Truth Report -- The American People are Living in Donald Trump's Horrible Reality TV Show And Cannot Escape It 06:14 11/02/2020
Ep 307: The Truth Report -- Timothy Snyder Warns That as Election Day 2020 Approaches America is in The Midst of a Slow-Motion Reichstag Fire Emergency 05:20 11/02/2020
Ep. 306: Donald Trump's Followers Fear the Freedom and Humanity of People Who are Not Like Them 64:06 10/28/2020
Ep. 305: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity 55:58 10/21/2020
Ep. 304: Philosopher Cornel West Reflects on Donald Trump, the Virus, and Questions of Karma and Justice 54:05 10/13/2020