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Take a deeper dive into current topics in reproductive medicine including infertility, contraception, and disorders of the male and female reproductive system.


ASRM Today: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness with Dr. Steven Spandorfer 14:22 10/14/2021
ASRM Today: Interview With Megan Hanson of the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association 12:27 10/07/2021
ASRM Today: Recap and Recommendations 04:05 09/30/2021
ASRM Today: Inside the ASRM Practice Committee with Dr. Alan Penzias 13:15 09/23/2021
ASRM Today: Ovarian Cancer Awareness with Dr. Terri Woodard 13:57 09/16/2021
ASRM Today Book Review: It’s Time You Knew: The Power of Your Choices to Prevent Women’s Cancer with author Dr. Valena Wright 20:37 09/09/2021
ASRM Today: PCOS Awareness Month with Dr. Anuja Dokras 12:07 09/02/2021
ASRM Today: Fibroids in the Latina/Latinx Community with Dr. Ruben Alvero 14:46 08/26/2021
ASRM Today Book Review - Aroused: The History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything with Dr. Randi Epstein 22:31 08/19/2021
ASRM Today: Gamete and Embryo Document Update with Dr. Jennifer Kawwass and Dr. Anne Stiener 10:56 08/12/2021
ASRM Today: SRS/SREI Surgical Boot Camp with Dr. John Petrozza 23:43 08/05/2021
ASRM Today: Donor Anonymity 17:56 07/29/2021
ASRM Today: Practice Committee Document Discussion on the Review of Best Practices of Rapid-Cooling Vitrification for Oocytes and Embryos 10:22 07/22/2021
ASRM Today: ASRM Public Policy Priorities Within the Biden Administration and 117th Congress 17:05 07/15/2021
ASRM Today: Resident Education In REI 12:48 07/08/2021
ASRM Today: The Intersection Between Male Infertility And Somatic Health 22:54 07/01/2021
ASRM Today: LGBTQ+ Issues in Reproductive Medicine 21:16 06/24/2021
ASRM Today: Highlights of Male Infertility Guidelines 2021: What every ASRM member should know 29:24 06/17/2021
ASRM Today: All to Know for Advocacy Day 2021 10:08 06/10/2021
ASRM Today: Global Day of Parents with Jake Anderson of Fertility IQ 12:54 06/03/2021
ASRM Today: Catching Up With ASRM for May 04:25 05/27/2021
ASRM Today: Mental Health Awareness Month Discussion on Reproductive Health and Psychological Health with Dr. Silvia Schneider Fox 21:01 05/20/2021
ASRM Today: National Women’s Health Week Discussion on Adolescent Reproductive Health Issues with Dr. Kelly Lynch and Dr. Patricia Bailey-Sarnelli 20:06 05/13/2021
ASRM Today: National Nurse’s Week Interview with Donna Ruth of NPWH 15:19 05/06/2021
ASRM Today: Catching Up With ASRM 03:59 04/29/2021
ASRM Today Book Review: Planning Parenthood: Strategies for Success in Fertility Assistance, Adoption, and Surrogacy with Dr. Gloria Richard-Davis 20:55 04/22/2021
ASRM Today: Translocation Flagging From PGT-A Results, A Conversation with Dr. Alyssa Snider 15:51 04/15/2021
ASRM Today: Vaccines and ART, A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Kawwass 09:16 04/08/2021
ASRM Today: Guideline Development Process with Dr. Alan Penzias, Dr. Suleena Kalra, and Dr. Zachary Knight 17:54 04/01/2021
ASRM Today: Update # 14 from the ASRM COVID-19 Task Force with Dr. Alan Penzias 14:03 03/25/2021