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We're just your average couple, living normal lives, who happen to be obsessed with everything related to true crime. Shortly after relocating to the great Pacific Northwest, we realized there were stories upon gruesome stories to be told from this region. And we want nothing more than to share them with you. So come join us every first and third Friday of the month as we take a deep look into the dark and twisted. It isn't for the feint of heart, but we promise it will be worth it. ​And remember...what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.


Unsolved cases that need your help
Thank you for joining us for our season six finale. While we are on a Holiday break, don’t forget that WTFs are releasing on Patreon 2 Wednesdays a month. Come join us for the fuckery!We announced this episode that next season the podcast is going worldwide. While the PNW is our home and that’s where our true crime roots will always be, we want to venture out to bring you new cases. If you have any suggestions of cases you want to hear us cover, send them our way!We are wrapping up by sharing 2 cases that have remained unsolved for over 20 years.Sharon “Shari” Anderson is a beloved mother and grandmother who went missing December 2, 2000 after a day of running errands and Christmas shopping. Her SUV was found in a mall parking lot in Everett, WA, with no sign of her or a struggle. There have been no solid leads as to what happened to her in all this time. Friends and family still hope to learn of her whereabouts and any leads can be directed to the Everett PD at (425) 257-8483. She was last seen wearing a green jacket, jeans and white tennis shoes. She is 5’ 8”, of Caucasian and Native American ancestry, has brown eyes and brown hair and would be 72 years old now. There is a $20,000 reward offered for credible information. Tran and her 2 children were murdered on December 18, 1998 in their home by and unidentified male seen fleeing her home before it exploded and was engulfed in flames. She was also 7 months pregnant at the time of her murder. It has been over 2 decades since her murder and her case is still unsolved. There is a composite sketch released to the public that has given no leads. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Tacoma PD at (253) 798-4721 or Crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS. There is a reward of $1,000 for any information.
46:48 12/1/23
The murders of Ed and Minnie Maurin
Hello, campers! The days may be getting shorter and the nights a little colder, but the campfire is still going strong here in the woods.Thanks for stopping by for this week's episode! We have a special guest host and a brand-new case to share with you. Olivia is with us to share the heartbreaking case of the deaths of Ed and Minnie Maurin. The case went unsolved for several decades due to a lack of evidence and witness statements. Thankfully, this one does have a conviction and the elderly couple and their remaining family can maybe be at peace. Thanks, Olivia! Thank you to all our supporters on Patreon If you are missing the WTF episodes, head over to our Patreon channel and subscribe to get in on the action!We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with love and joy found with family and friends. Information from this episode: Case Files, S1 Ep2 aired March 6, 2017, on Netflix
72:15 11/17/23
Halloween special with Crimes and Closets
Happy Halloween Campers! We hope you enjoy this special episode.It's our annual collab with podcast besties Beth and Cristy from Crimes and Closets. This year's theme is horror movies that are based on true stories. Cristy will tell you the story of Ron Defeo Jr. and the events that lead up to the Amityville horror movie!Jess will tell you the story of Ivan Milat best known as the Backpacker Murderer, convicted of seven murders of backpackers in Australia.Don't forget to listen to the Crimes and Closets podcast on Monday, October 30th for the Killer B's, Beth and Brice, as they tell their horror movies inspired by true events.Let's gooooo!Cristy's sources:' sources:Wolf Creek Wiki page Milat Wiki page Ivan Milat Murderer Explanation
72:43 10/27/23
What happened to Lenoria Jones?
Welcome back to the campfire, friends! We’re nearing the end of the season, but there are plenty of cases coming your way.Don’t forget! Patreon is live. Use this link to find our page and join us for WTF Wednesdays. 4th annual Halloween collaboration with the wonderful and talented ladies of Crimes & Closets with kick off on Friday, October 27th here on our feed. Make sure you are following them so you don’t miss out on the episode we release on their podcast on Monday, October 30th.The case this episode is an unsolved disappearance from the 1990s. 3 year old Lenoria Jones has been missing for over 25 years. After a trip to Target to shop for a bathing suit, 911 was called to say the little girl was no where to be seen. Some one knows what happened but no one is speaking up.Information from this episode
64:46 10/20/23
That's Kouri with a "K", like killer...
Happy Friday, campers! Welcome back for a new episode. The season is almost over, but we still have some great cases to bring you…including this one.Eric and Kouri Richins seemed to have it all. The beautiful couple started a family and led a life that would be the envy of anyone. It all came crashing down one early morning in March of 2020 when Eric passed away tragically and unexpectedly. The community of Kamas, Utah mourned the loss heavily at his passing. For the next year, they would rally behind his widow and family. But the cracks slowly began to show and more about the couple's life came to light. No one would be prepared for what would come out. Information from this episode: Estate Deals Gone Bad TO CHECK OUT:
48:59 10/6/23
Did Alexander Stephen Martin kill Nicholas Francisco?
We’re back with a mid-season episode with a twist many people never saw coming. This week, we have it all…a disappearance, a betrayal, online profiles, a mega church, and a sex club. Oh, my! There was much to discuss in this episode.We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us for the livestream WTF episode! It was amazing to do and we can’t wait to do it again with you all. If you didn’t catch us live, head here to watch the replay. (Skip to about 18 minutes to avoid all the technical difficulties)Our winner for the giveaway will be announced today in an Instagram post, make sure to head there to catch that! The winner will receive their choice of WTF hoodie, valued at $35 (plus tax, s&h).In other news: Patreon is coming! The future home for all your favorite fuckery will be live on October 11th. We will be offering 2 WTF episodes a month, released on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Come share in the laughter with us!Information from this episode:News reports on Nicholas Francisco Forums Profile website, different nameFindnicholasfrancisco.comMars Hill Mega Church Wikipedia page that also covered this case: Life is a Lifetime Movie Episode on Prime Video - costs $1.99
64:47 9/15/23
Cowden Family Murders
Hello, campers!Your favorite podcast is celebrating its 100th episode on September 1st.What better way to do this than to give the people what they want?!? We are assembling the gang and will broadcast a live WTF episode. Crazy, right? We know, we can hardly believe it either! Be on the lookout for more details to come on the socials. See you on September 1st, 6 pm PST!In this episode, we're covering a well-known case in the PNW. While you may know of this crime, you may not know the prime person of interest nor the other crimes he committed. One of the most well-known unsolved cases in Oregon history is the 1974 Cowden Family Murders. Almost 50 years ago, Richard and Belinda Cowden took their young children on a last-minute camping trip near Carberry Creek in Copper, OR. They were never seen alive again.Join us to discuss this case, the main suspect, and other cases that are connected to him.Information from this episode:,67454&hl=en
43:15 8/18/23
The Lewis & Clark Valley murders
Welcome back for a new episode!This week, Jess and Brice dive into multiple unsolved cases from the Lewis Clark Valley that borders the state lines of Washington and Idaho. Over 40 years have gone by and there are still no answers to the disappearances of 12-year-old Christina White and 35-year-old Steven Pearsall.Nor have there been any breaks in solving the murders of Kristin David, a 22-year-old college student or sisters Kristina Nelson and Brandy Miller, ages 21 and 18.What we do know, is that none of the families of these victims have stopped searching for answers and justice for their loved ones.One person of interest has possible ties to all the victims, and maybe others, but there is no hard proof to bring anyone to justice.Don’t miss us go live on Friday, September 1st at 6:00 pm PST! We can’t wait to hang out and do our first-ever WTF live.Stay tuned for the details on our social media.Information from this episode:
68:24 8/4/23
The Tragedy at Seattle Pacific University
Hello Campers and happy Friday!Before we get started on the episode, we have a couple of announcements!First, the podcast is celebrating its 100th episode on September 1st. What better way to do this than to give the people what they want?!? We are assembling the gang and will broadcast a live WTF episode. Crazy, right? We know, we can hardly believe it either! Be on the lookout for more details to come on the socials. See you on September 1st, 6 pm PST!Second, your favorite podcasters are TV famous. Yes, you read that right! Back in February we recorded an episode on CrimeDoor TV. It was a wonderful experience and we are so thankful to have been asked. Go check it out by following the link below to the episode, but make sure to check out more episodes that CrimeDoor TV has released! second episode for season 6 takes a look at a tragic mass shooting at a Washington University. At the age of 26, Aaron Ybarra had years of mental health struggles and a problem with substance abuse. He was tired of not being taken seriously and had a hatred of the world. His answer was to cause as much suffering before taking his own life. On June 5, 2014, Ybarra walked onto the Seattle Pacific University campus with a shotgun and 50 rounds of ammunition, a hunting knife, and the urge to kill as many people as he could. Sadly, he did succeed in taking one life and injuring several others, but thanks to a heroic person on campus that day, was stopped before he could do more.Join us as we take a look at this mass shooting and the “mastermind” behind it.Information from this episode
60:27 7/21/23
The Brides of Christ of Corvallis Oregon
Your favorite podcast is back for a new season!We’ve had some time to recharge and regroup and we are ready to get back into true crime cases from the PNW. This episode takes us back to the early 1900s in Oregon, where a charismatic religious man was able to start a Holy Roller sect in the small community of Corvallis. Franz Edmund Creffield believed he was the new messiah and it was his job, his responsibility, to find the one lucky lady who would be the mother to the second Christ. His antics caused many issues with the men of the area and the local law enforcement.Join Brice and Jess for the season 6 opener of the podcast! Let us know your thoughts and send any suggestions you have our way.Some information from this episode:A deep dive into Creffield and the newspaper reports of his activity at the turn of the 1900s with news articles included (this is also a review of the book written by T. McCracken and Robert B. Blodgett Creffield and the Brides of Christ Church by Theresa McCracken Examination of Franz Edmund Creffield and the Holy Rollers, 1900-1907 by Sophie Koh definition of “Holy Roller” according to Wikipedia
55:46 7/7/23
WTF Wednesday )%)^
Description coming soon
51:25 5/17/23
WTF Wednesday )%)%
Welcome back to WTF Wednesday!This week we bring you all of the Florida Fuckery! There is only one more episode before we sign off on this season. Make sure you don't miss out on any of our episodes.Let us know if you have any suggestions for next season. Thanks, everyone!Nothin better to do on a Saturday evening't know you could do this in the library can't prove I stole that shirt! did you not know?'s fun fact isn't in the business of providing rides to Hooters? open the door! Wozniak (Apple) LITERALLY Prints His Own Money | Wild Ride! Clips YouTube
43:38 5/3/23
WTF Wednesday )%)$
It's that time again! Buckle in for another WTF episode and enjoy the ride. Thank you for joining us and see you next week!The story making its way across everyone's social media over the past few weeks: don't use Meth: Fuckery:'s Fun Fact: of storage auctions:
56:28 4/26/23
WTF Wednesday )%)#
It's that time again, campers! The 3rd installment of WTF Wednesday is out and coming in hot. Tune in and enjoy all the incredible stories we share this week.Millions of dollars worth of stolen items from in homes of retired Italian gentleman didn’t mean to scare anyone, but she needed money Don Lewis resurface in Costa Rica? And no one noticed?! Fuckery with alligators Facts with Cass for Hire website is legit
50:41 4/19/23
WTF Wednesday )%)@
Florida Fuckery, where’s my teeth what, apparently we’re dead’s fun fact parts for sale
45:53 4/12/23
WTF Wednesday S)%E)!
The gang is back for more fuckery, and we brought more friends!Have some guns for your wall stole my Mummy your backyard with insurance fraud’ fun fact Michigan doesn’t take kindly to your potty mouth Fuckery
63:03 4/5/23
A Brave 8 year old Shasta Groene and the Justice system that failed her
Jess and Brice are back with new episodes! Thank you everyone for sticking in there with us while we were away! We had some much-needed time off but missed doing what we love and interacting with all of you.In this episode, we talk about an amazing survival story of a young woman and the man responsible for the torture and murder of her family. If child sexual abuse is a trigger, please know that we are tackling this topic in this episode. We do the best we can not to share details of these crimes, but please listen responsibly.Information from this episode:Newspaper Article on Murders and Kidnappings’s Crimes/ Background page Groene responds to news of Duncan’s death tells her story
65:40 1/20/23
The Canadian Greyhound Bus Cannibal
The Canadian Greyhound Bus Cannibal Hello, friends! Join Jess, Brice, and our special guest Dean around the campfire while Mara takes the reins and tells us about the shocking case of the killing of young Tim McLean. Tim McLean was just 22 years old when he boarded Greyhound bus 1170 bound for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. On the fateful day of July 30th, 2008, he lost his life to Vince Li. Mara tells us about the stabbing and eventual cannibalism that led to a standoff with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Li was finally taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder but he would not be found criminally responsible for the crime due to mental illness. We discuss the profound impact this case had on the passengers of the bus and the family of the victim. Was justice served for McLean and his family? Should Li be able to rejoin society? Listen to the episode and don’t forget to give us your thoughts!
59:22 1/6/23
WHITW Podcast presents: Carmita Thompson of Missing in the PNW Podcast
Welcome back Campers. We give an update on episodes and what is happening in the Woods. Our recent collaborations and future collaborations.In this episode, we have a guest, Carmita Thompson. Carmita is the host of Missing in the PNW Podcast. She will tell us the story of Esmerelda "Kit" Mora. Kit is an LGBTQ 17-year-old who is two-spirit, non-binary, asexual, and uses they/them pronouns. They had a horrible childhood growing up with an abusive and neglectful mother who never reported them missing. Nobody has heard from Kit since November 2021 but the cops went to their mom's house in September and she told them Kit "ran away" in April.Please let us know if you have any information on this case or let us know your thoughts on this case or if you have any suggestions for a case.
37:45 12/9/22
That time the United States Army took on the Crips
It’s 1989 and Sgt. Bill Foulk purchased a home in one of Tacoma’s worst neighborhoods. The street was home to one of the most notorious street gangs Washington has ever known, the hilltop street gang. Sgt Foulk and his neighbors witnessed numerous drug deals and illegal activities and reported this to authorities several times. But when that failed to garner a police response Sgt. Foulk had no problem confronting The Hilltop crips himself. They were tired of Sgt. Foulk’s threats, the Crips threatened and ambushed Sgt. Foulks' house but not before he invited some of his friends from the 2nd ranger battalion to his house for a BBQ and after 10 minutes and more than 300 rounds had been fired the Crips soon realized they were in a fight for their lives!!!!
70:08 11/18/22
Halloween Collaboration with Crimes and Closets
Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages, here we present our annual tradition and collaboration with our podcast besties... the fabulous ladies, Cristy and Beth from Crimes & Closets!!! This year we are talking about spooky and scary stories for Halloween. This episode we have on the M I C the Killer B's ... Beth and Brice. Brice will regale us with stories and traditions from the Philippines. Facts about the week of Undas and all the facts about Filipinos' relationship with the dearly departed. Even talk about some of the monsters and lore about such creatures as the Kapre, the duwende, and the much revered Manananggal.Beth gives us tales and misconceptions about the Voodoo religion. Give you details about its origins and how we get facts about this religion wrong. Along with crimes involving the Voodoo religion.So hold on to your pants and prepare yourself for the Killer B's on the tracks!Beth's Sources: would like to thank his sources:My Cousins: Francis and Monica Sacluti, Cheryl Lund, and my Aunt LenieBut most importantly my Mom Lita Abella ❤️❤️❤️💕
81:28 10/28/22
PNW True Crime Fest 2022 LIVE Podcast
This is our presentation from the Pacific Northwest True Crime fest from October 8th & 9th, 2022. This was a Live event where we got to meet so many fans and other podcasters. Not to mention all the vendors and even Crimedoor were at the event. The event was a great success and we hope to be back next year! We hope to see even more of you there next year too!Hope you enjoy Jess' presentation!
57:33 10/14/22
Kaylee Birdzell: A Family gets closure but, not Justice
Hello campers! We’re frantically getting ready for the PNW True Crime Fest, which is one week away! But we still have time to bring you a fresh case for this episode.Kaylee Birdzell was a young, beautiful and much loved woman who was brutally murdered in August of 2022. A suspect was quickly found and was awaiting his arraignment when he decided to make an attempt to end his life in jail. Sadly, the details of all of this senselessness have spread far and wide across the nation, all while Kaylee’s family is grieving and searching for justice. Please keep this family in your thoughts as they navigate the coming months.Your favorite podcasters will be set up the weekend of October 8th and 9th at the Pacific Northwest True Crime Fest! We would love to see you there. Tickets are on sale through this link and you can take 10% off either ticket option by using our discount code WHITW10. Stop by our booth to say hi, meet the family and get a treat!Information from this episode:News reports on the crime: set up at the Goose Apartments in Kaylee’s memory: gofundme set up to help Kaylee’s family: Hernandez has a interesting criminal history: chose to end his life before he was held accountable for his actions:
49:16 9/30/22
Anybody know how to time travel?? Asking for a friend.
Welcome back to the campfire, friends! We have a very sordid tale of love, lies, murder and…time travel? This episode has a little bit of everything. The victim, in this case, Anna Repkina, was a bright and lovely young woman searching for a partner to share her life with. Little did she know that her search would take her across the globe to a small Oregon town, ultimately to her death.Information from this episode:
65:39 9/16/22
Karma never forgets and neither does DNA
Happy Friday, Campers! What better way to kick off your weekend than with a new episode from your favorite podcast.In this episode, Brice and Jess talk about a cold case that got a second chance at being solved with DNA evidence. It doesn’t go as investigators hope, but at least there is some closure for the victim's family. Don’t forget! We are excited to be part of the Pacific Northwest True Crime Fest on October 8th and 9th. Tickets are on sale now; if you use our discount code WHITW10, you will get 10% off. Follow the link below to buy your tickets now and come support local podcasts and other members of the true crime community in the PNW. We can’t wait to meet all of you there!PNW True Crime fest: from this episode:Archived Article on the murder detailing murder, investigation and updates on DNA evidence
53:44 9/2/22
A dastardly fiend slayed my daughter
We're back! Did you miss us?Your favorite podcasting duo is ready to start off our next season of true crime cases for your listening pleasure. In this episode, we go back to the roaring '20s… 1920s. At a time when women were becoming more daring, alcohol was prohibited but found around every corner and the nation was reeling from WWI.Sylvia Gaines was looking towards a bright future. She had just graduated from Smith, moved across the country from Massachusetts, and reconnected with her dad, Bob. But that connection seems to be the beginning of the end for Sylvia and her dear old dad.This case still lives in infamy in the Pacific Northwest even almost 100 years later.Gather 'round the campfire and join us for our season opener in the woods.Information from this podcast episode:Articles on the murder Gaines' appeal article on Bob Gaines' hanging of persons executed in Washington state Crime Cat Lawyer mini-episode Tendencies episode Investigators at Green Lake
73:44 8/19/22
Central Park 5
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
59:28 7/15/22
WTF Wednesday $^
All good things must come to an end...Sadly we have reached the end of the 4th season of fuckery. We've had a blast getting together and talking about the stories we have brought to you. A deep and heartfelt thanks from us here at What Happens in the Woods for listening in and supporting our shenanigans!Enjoy the show!Beware of what jobs you find online: don't belong in vents: black market needs your kidney: sky at night, sailor delight: Fuckery in a Waffle House: week's Fun Facts with Uncle Colin:
57:28 7/6/22
WTF Wednesday $%
It's Wednesday and you know what that means! Wtf stories are coming your way!This week we have a very special guest as Jess and Colin's mom joins in the fuckery, along with everyone's favorites Olivia.Buckle in, we're here for the wtf wild ride!The confessions at this catholic church don't compare to what happens inside it: guy's weapon of choice is also his tattoo of choice: Bucket List wish granted: it Fight Club or burglary? stay out of the chocolate vat: week's Fun Facts with Uncle Colin: sure to like, rate and review anywhere you are able!Thanks for tuning in and we'll be back for the last episode in the season next week!
51:45 6/29/22
WTF Wednesday $$
Happy Wednesday everybody and welcome to the next installment of WTF Wednesday, your favorite midweek break. This week there is a hostile takeover! This week's host is none other than Brice! We are also joined By guest hosts Colin and Olivia. This week we learn about Jess and Colin’s adventures in California and Olivia's new obsession. Well, let's get to it!In this week’s show we talk about fuckery in California:A man gets fired for being my hero or he is trolling the world Or it was just an honest mistake in India return items because of scary dreams: and everybody's favorite we return to Florida: Florida man is arrested for requesting a ride: man is arrested on drug charges and claims " That's not mine": thank you as always for listening! We will be back with you all next week for a new episode and new fuckery stay tuned!
39:40 6/22/22