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Allie and Adam Lehman bring you interviews from small businesses, artists, friends, and thought leaders. Topics range from marketings, creativity, business growth, and self-care.


Adam Lehman - The Victory Lap - Lap 4
Allie interviews Adam Lehman about lessons learned, mistakes made, and the deeper truth he's found as The Wonder Jam turns 8 and he shifts his attention.  You can learn more about Adam's coaching work and join the online community of unique business builders over at 
40:49 06/01/2021
The Victory Lap - Matt Hart - Lap 3
Matt Hart is the Wordpress developer for Wonderly. In this episode, Matt shares tips for service-providers in thinking through their website and talks about the evolution of his career.  You can follow more of the good work Matt is doing by following @WithWonderly on Instagram.  Matt also hangs out in The Gem Club membership answers any Wordpress questions that pop-up.  VISIT OUR NEW PODCAST - The Gem Club!
49:11 05/25/2021
The Victory Lap - Ashli Nixon - Lap 2
Ashli Nixon joined The Wonder Jam as a partner and serves as the managing partner for BASIS. In this episode, Ashli shares lessons learned over the first 6 months leading BASIS as well as tips for online retailers who are getting ready to start selling their products.  Follow @WithBasis on Instagram to stay up to date with more work from Ashli.  --- VISIT OUR NEW PODCAST - The Gem Club!
41:24 05/18/2021
The Victory Lap - Allie Lehman - Lap 1
In September 2020, with the launch of Wonderly, Allie Lehman took her career and work on a new, focused direction. In this episode, Adam interviews Allie about her work, her clients, and what evolution she sees her clients making.  You can follow Wonderly more closely on Instagram over on @WithWonderly.  Sign up for Allie's newsletter - a consideration - over on her blog.  --- VISIT OUR NEW PODCAST - The Gem Club!
36:16 05/11/2021
Moving with Your Intuition / Simi Botic
Sitting down with Simi is always refreshing and in our conversation together Simi shares her observations as to what the current work-from-home environment is doing to our minds, how to move through it, and allowing ourselves to change and adapt.  Simi also shares a bit more about her virtual barre membership called Unmeasured. You can learn more by visiting her site: --- VISIT OUR NEW PODCAST - The Gem Club!
32:13 09/11/2020
9.1.2020 - A Day of Sharing
In this episode, Allie and Adam share some news regarding how The Wonder Jam is evolving. They share the thinking, plans, and what you can expect to see going forward. They also introduce a new teammate that is going to be doing big things in The Wonder Jam's future; Ashli Nixon  Learn more by visiting  --- VISIT OUR NEW PODCAST - The Gem Club!
91:27 09/01/2020
S1:07 - Started Off As A Project with Nate DeMars
Nate DeMars started Pursuit because he was annoyed. Big box suit shops had pushy salespeople, too many options, and weren't for him. In this episode Nate shares inspiration behind Pursuits early days, the struggles, and hurdles he bumped up against. Also Nate shares a fun story about sleeping on the ground so the Pursuit truck didn't get towed.
84:24 06/26/2017