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The REGIS-TR RoundUp is a hub for regulatory reporting news and views from your leading Trade Repository team and industry guests from across the globe. LEGAL BIT:


S7E7: Season Finale - M&A Special with Bernard Gudowski (SIX Group)
In this week's very special episode we talk about the behind the scenes work of Bernard Gudowski, a director in the SIX M&A team and Head of Post Merger Integration & Separation. We explore the tight timelines and high efficiency with which Regis-TR was migrated from the Deutsche Börse group and over to SIX - and talk about the role of regulators, legacy systems and internal teams in making it such a success.Plus we celebrate our 76th episode, with over 6,666 hours of listens from tens of thousands of downloads since we launched! A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us to become the no.1 Regtech podcast in the EU. We'll be back for season 8 in  a few weeks...
44:55 08/26/2022
S7E6: Q3 & Q4 Preview - What Market Participants Should Expect from the Rest of 2022
In this show we take a mid-year review of where the TR industry and market participants are in their EMIR Refit preparations, plus look at the rest of the year and consider how new regulatory regimes like DORA will add more tasks into the planning process. Plus we update on internal projects at Regis-TR UK and SA, and announce our new partners within the Regis-TR regtech ecosystem.
45:10 08/12/2022
S7E5: Crypto, DeFi and CBDC Special with Anastasia Kinsky (GBBC Digital Finance)
In this show our special guest is the Head of Programmes and Content at GBBC Digital Finance, who leads us on a whirlwind tour of digital asset regulation, and the major issues affecting retail and wholesale digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance and smart contracts. We also explore the complex issues these new technologies raise for regulators in the EU and around the world, and the huge implications for Trade Repositories and the Regtech / Fintech industries.
45:00 07/27/2022
S7E4: The Future of Post-Trade Services with Javier Hernani, CEO at BME and Head of Securities Services for SIX Group
This week our special guest is Javier Hernani, CEO of BME and Head of Securities Services at the SIX Group. In this in-depth show, Javier talks about the journey for BME, REGIS-TR and SIX through the disruption of SFTR and EMIR REFIT, plus adapting to the pandemic years. He also looks forwards to greater integration of CSD and CCP services between SIX and BME, plus the emergence of digital assets and the impacts they will have on market infrastructure providers across the EU and the world. 
41:43 07/06/2022
S7E3: Client Relationship Management Special with Chris Mason & Maria Denise Cane
This week we focus on the role of Relationship Managers, with Chris Mason (REGIS-TR UK) and Maria Denise Cane (REGIS-TR S.A.), who discuss the challenges of supporting market participants through an unprecedented era of change from SFTR and Brexit to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join them with hosts Andrew Keith Walker,  Nick Bruce and Laura Rodriguez as we explore the essential client service offering of Europe's largest trade repository.
43:43 06/30/2022
S7E2: Reporting Expert Ron Finberg on REFIT Readiness, Resilience and Digital Compliance
This week our special guest is Ron Finberg (Director, Regulatory Reporting @ S&P), in conversation with Nick Bruce and John  Kernan about the readiness of market participants for EMIR REFIT, potential Brexit Divergence, and the future of digital compliance. We also discuss S&P's UTI Connect tool for EMIR, consider the long term impact of other new regulations like DORA and talk about the need for greater digital resilience and digital maturity in the regulatory reporting space.
45:57 06/16/2022
S7E1: NEW SEASON - Regulatory Checkup for the TR Marketplace with Kevin Demeyer
In this very special Season 7 premier, we are joined by an old friend of the RoundUp, Kevin Demeyer - Dirctor at Deloitte and former co-Chair of the ALFI working group on SFTR - an acknowledged expert of regulatory reporting regimes and data quality, and prominent member of the Luxembourg RegTech community. We set-up Season 7 of the show with Kevin, and perform a mini health check on the state of Regtech, the TR community and Market Participants as they face an era of unprecedented disruption from EMIR Refit, inflation, market volatility and a complex risk outlook for the EU and UK. 
49:18 05/30/2022
S6E7: 2 Years of the RoundUp with Seb Malik (Market FinReg)
In this very special feature length episode we look back at the last 2 years of the REGIS-TR RoundUp and consider the big stories that have dominated the TR news - SFTR, Brexit, MiFID II, EMIR REFIT and ESG - plus of course the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.Join our special guest Seb Malik (Head of Financial Law at Market FinReg, author of MiFID II a survival guide) as he gives us his expert insight into what went well, what went as expected... and what didn't. Plus we consider the future for the sector, and celebrate REGIS-TR's move to the SIX Group and being the first UK TR to get an FCA license. We're celebrating our 2nd podcast birthday and taking a few weeks off before we start season 7 - come and celebrate with us!
58:56 04/07/2022
S6E6: Live Reports from the Trade & Transaction Reporting Summit 2022
This week our Head of Business Development Nick Bruce, and CEO of REGIS-TR UK John  Kernan recorded a set of live interviews at the 2022 Informa Connect Trade & Transaction Reporting Summit in London.They get the latest views on the current market outlook for derivatives reporting in the face of EMIR Refit, UMR Phase 6, and the current market instabilities facing the EU, with expert insights and opinions from some friends and partners across the industry. Featuring:Tim Hartley, Director of EMIR Reporting at KaizenAndreas Roussos, CEO at Point 9Paul Rennison, Director at deltaconXJohn Cosgrave, Regulatory Transaction Reporting Manager at AIBChris Mason, Relationship Manager at REGIS-TR
46:40 03/24/2022
S6E5: International Women's Day Special with Women in Securities Finance
To celebrate International Women's Day 2022,  Barbara Ruiz Alonso and Laura Rodriguez host a lively round-table discussion with the founders of Women in Securities Finance.WISF is a global industry organisation  was set up as a community to foster connections and promote the advancement of women in the securities finance industry - founded by Elaina Kim Benfield (Assistant General Council @ Vanguard), Jill Rathgeber (Director in the Product and Strategy Group @ BNY Mellon), and Arianne Colette (Chief Operating Officer @ Morgan Stanley).
50:08 03/11/2022
S6E4: TR Round Table Tech Talk - Roadmap 2022
In this show our Head of IT, Rocio Peña, Head of Product Management Silvia Morales and Head of Project Management Angel Del Rio, discuss the plan for Regis-TR and their clients in 2022. We discuss the move from the Deutsche Börse to the SIX Group, the preparations for EMIR Refit, and also the ESMA 2022 Roadmap and the implications it has for systems and flexible project management as the huge scale of EMIR and UMR changes cause disruption for market participants.
43:51 02/25/2022
S6E3: Exploring the New DORA Cyber Security Act
This week Mari-Carmen Mochon - our Incident & Business Continuity Manager - discusses the issues that market participants will face when the new Digital Operations Resilience Act passes into EU Law. We also consider the bigger issues of divergence between UK and EU standards for cyber security, plus the potential disruption from geo-political issues around the borders of the EU, as well as the risks of DDOS attacks on digital infrastructure. 
42:39 02/11/2022
S6E2: Ian Taylor (Crypto UK) on Regulating Crypto Assets in the UK, EU and Global Markets
Join us for an in-depth chat with Executive Director of Crypto UK - the trade body that is informing government policy and lobbying for more effective regulation of crypto assets in the UK. In this show we explore the scope of crypto regulation initiatives, define the assets that qualify for regulation, and talk about the impact for market participants who want to increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies, tokens, stable coins, ETFs and NFTs. Plus we consider the huge business opportunity for Fintech and Regtech in the light of large scale  blockchain and DLT adoption.
41:39 01/27/2022
S6E1: Advice for EMIR REFIT with Tim Hartley, EMIR Director at Kaizen - The Biggest Reporting Challenge of 2022
Welcome to Season 6 of the RoundUp! In our new, longer format bi-weekly shows we are going in-depth with senior industry leaders, experts and market participants to cover off the big stories and major events facing Fintech firms, Regtech innovators and the Trade Repository ecosystem.This week, Tim Hartley (Director of EMIR Reporting at Kaizen) joins us to look at the challenges ahead in 2022 to meet the scale and complexity of changes coming in EMIR REFIT.
44:45 01/13/2022
2021 Christmas Special: Inside the ISLA Common Domain Model with David Shone & Adrian Dale
In this special Christmas show we have a flying visit with the RoundUp team to hear how they will be spending Christmas before moving onto the main feature, a discussion that was held at the REGIS-TR S.A. client event in November with ISLA's David Shone (Dir. Market Infrastructure & Technology) and Adrian Dale (Head of Regulation and Market Practice). REGIS-TR UK CEO, and RoundUp regular John Kernan goes in-depth with the CDM, machine-executable reporting and ISO20022 with our experts, considering the future of regtech and the shape of things to come in 2022.
45:17 12/15/2021
S5E11: Season Finale with Jesus Benito, CEO Iberclear
In this last interview show of Season 5, we catch-up with Jesus Benito, Vice Chairman of REGIS-TR and CEO of Iberclear, to talk about the future of the TR Industry, the CSD industry and market infrastructure moving into 2022. We're looking at the impact of EMIR, CSDR, UMR and new technologies in the Regtech space. Plus we're celebrating our own good news as The REGIS-TR RoundUp becomes the top Apple Business News podcast in Luxembourg.
35:38 11/25/2021
S5E10: Donal Gallagher (Acadia) on Risk, Data Quality, Connectivity & Optimisation
This week we are joined by Donal Gallagher, President of Quaternion Expert Services (Acadia) who discusses the role of technology in all aspects of risk management in derivatives from collateral management to regulatory reporting. We discuss the need for new market participants under UMR to increase their connectivity and optimise their operations within networks of counterparties, and use interoperable data standards like the ISLA CDM and Acadia's ORE XML (open-source risk engine) to increase the efficiency of their operations. 
30:44 11/18/2021
S5E9: Roy Zimmerhansl on ESG Securities Lending, Green Repo, Short Selling and Greenwashing
This week we have an in-depth discussion with industry expert, consultant and podcaster Roy Zimmerhansl of Pierpoint Financial Consulting  (and formerly HSBC's Global Head of Securities Lending). With Nick Bruce (Head of Business Development) and Laura Rodriguez (Head of Institutional Relations) Roy discusses the issues that are shaping the green securities  industry and ESG securities, covering topics from green collateral management through to green triparty securities lending and new buy-side market participants, plus the impact ESG will have on the securities lending and TR industries in the future.
34:35 11/11/2021
S5E8: EMIR REFIT & UK REFIT Special with Ron Finberg (IHS Markit) & Silvia Pelcova
This week we're talking about the big issues that were raised at our EMIR Refit Q&A webinar on Wednesday 3rd November. Our guests are Ron Finberg (Director of Regulatory Reporting products at Cappitech by IHS Markit) and Silvia Pelcova, one of our relationship managers. They're reporting back on the mood of the market participants and their concerns over timings, reporting changes to the taxonomies of fields and new fields, plus how to deal with the complexities of back reporting trades that might become reportable under Refit. And of course... UK/EU divergence with our UK CEO John Kernan.
32:30 11/04/2021
S5E7: Mental Health and Returning to Work Special with Dr. Lulu Preston & Catherine Henrotte
This week our special guests are clinical psychologist Dr. Lulu Preston and work-life integration coach Catherine Henrotte. We're discussing the way our brains work and respond to difficult situations and disruption, brain hacks for dealing with the challenges of returning to work, plus preview Dr. Lulu's talk at the upcoming Regis-TR client event on November 10th. Catherine Henrotte also delivers some useful work-life coaching for planning your day to be more productive and feeling more effective, plus advice on talking to your line managers and teams about developing smarter working processes and tackling office stress. Don't miss this workplace health and wellbeing episode with two senior professionals in this important field.
32:34 10/29/2021
S5E6: The Compliance and Divergence Issues for UK REFIT
This week it's a UK TR special taking an in-depth look at how the FCA is on-shoring and consulting on UK EMIR REFIT.  We go under the hood of this major undertaking with CEO of Regis-TR UK, John Kernan, Chief Compliance Officer UK Matthew Hill, UK Managing Director and acting COO David Retana and Institutional Relations Manager for EU and UK Laura Rodriguez. We're discussing the recent FCA survey and forthcoming consultation paper, plus the data quality issues, QA, compliance and timeline challenges that EMIR REFIT will represent, plus our usual look towards the future, asking when REFIT will be completed and how open positions for market participants will be handled when it is...
33:13 10/21/2021
S5E5: Regtech and Big Data with BME Inntech
This week we're joined by Francisco Fernandez (Product and Business Development, Regtech) and Karim Recz (Regtech Products Manager) from BME Inntech to discuss the role Big Data analysis plays in optimising market participants' operations and business performance. Plus we're joined by the virtual studio crew to talk about the importance of improving data quality to both regulators and market participants alike.
32:00 10/12/2021
S5E4: REFIT Check-Up with Silvia Morales & Irene Mermigidis
This week we go in-depth on the current state of preparation for EMIR REFIT, and how both market participants and the TR industry are readying themselves for the next wave of regulatory change, plus the changes to SFTR coming as well. Expert insights from Silvia Morales Ivorra (Head of Product Management) and Irene Mermigidis, MD and GEM. Plus our Institutional Relations Manager Laura Rodriguez gives an update on the ESMA work plan for 2022, plus the usual round-up of news and views from the TR space with the virtual studio crew - plus the big news that Regis-TR has signed-up to the Luxembourg Diversity Charter. 
34:20 10/07/2021
S5E3: ESG Special with Viola Lutz - Head of Climate Solutions at ISS ESG
In a very special in-depth episode, Viola Lutz, Head of Climate Solutions at ISS ESG and one of Forbes 30 under 30 financial influencers talks about the current state of ESG within the markets and the reporting implications. Viola has overseen the screening of over $3.3tril of ESG assets for institutional investors, and is a recognised expert on ESG and its impact on securities lending, green collateral, data quality and the way different reporting regimes and jurisdictions are influencing the development of ESG within MiFID2, UCITS, AIFMD and SFTD within the EU and beyond. 
32:10 09/29/2021
S5E2: ESMA Risk Dashboard Update, Internships & Sustainable Performance Coach Catherine Henrotte
This week Laura Rodriguez (Head of Institutional Relations) gives us a summary of the new ESMA Risk Dashboard, and Sustainable Performance Coach Catherine Henrotte  gives practical advice and life-hacks for attaining better work-life integration as we transition back into office and hybrid home working routines. Plus Laura Gibson (Brexit Reporter & Producer) gives us a Brexit update, we meet two Regis-TR interns talking about their experiences with the company in Luxembourg, and John Kernan (Regis-TR UK CEO) gives us an update on his first trip back to the UK since 2019 and the forthcoming Regis-TR client conference. 
32:26 09/23/2021
S5E1: Preparing for REFIT with Carolyn Van den Daelen (Quorsus)
We're back for Season 5 of the RoundUp with a new Virtual Studio Crew and more senior guests from the world of fintech, regtech and reporting. This week Carolyn Van Den Daelen - Managing Partner at Quorsus - takes us on a tour of all the major issues that market participants will face as they prepare for EMIR REFIT, from data harmonisation & ISO 20022 variations between NCAs, to reporting differences between ETD & OTC derivatives, and improving data quality and preparing for NFC reporting obligations. 
34:56 09/14/2021
S4E11: Season Finale: A Groundbreaking Inter-TR Special with DTCC
This week we're proud to end season 4 with the first ever inter-TR podcast event with Paul Sedgwick (Executive Director & General Manager of DDRL at DTCC) and the Regis-TR team discussing the big issues facing trade repositories in 2021-22. We go in-depth on EMIR Refit, data harmonisation, ISO 20022 and the challenges of maintaining a profitable TR industry and meeting the needs of market participants in the face of ever increasing data hunger, new regulations, new technologies and changing economic conditions. Don't miss this very special 50th episode of the Round-Up - it's like a conference panel event with added banter.
44:56 06/15/2021
S4E10: UK & EU CEO Roundtable with Thomas Steimann & John Kernan
In this week's feature length episode our two CEOs - Thomas Steimann from Regis-TR SA and John Kernan from Regis-TR UK discuss the outlook for trade repositories, and examine the short-term and long-term challenges of Brexit, EMIR Refit, data quality and increasing costs for smaller market participants.
41:27 06/11/2021
S4E9: Chris Hollifield on Blockchain, Tokenisation and Liquidity in ESG - Part 2
In part 2 of our discussion with Chris Hollifield (Head of Business Development at Luxembourg for Finance) we discuss the role of blockchain and tokenisation in the future of green investment, plus we discuss his role in creating the Podcast over a curry in London's famous Brick Lane. Plus we go in-depth on Brexit News and the new regulations for reporting under EMIR once LIBOR is discontinued.
30:57 06/03/2021
S4E8: Chris Hollifield on Luxembourg as a the Gold Standard for Regulations - Part 1
In this episode Chris Hollifield - Head of Business Development for Luxembourg for Finance  -discusses what makes Luxembourg a global leader for regulations, ESG, fund servicing and a growing Fintech community. We also have our latest Brexit news, and updates from Head of Client Services Barbera Ruiz Alonso and CEO of Regis-TR UK, John Kernan. Next week in part 2 we get into the future for tokenisation, DLT, blockchain and more... 
31:40 05/28/2021