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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.


Fluff Up Their Wings
Marley Majcher is the CEO of The Party Goddess, a full-service event planning and catering company celebrated for creating high-profile parties. With clients like Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears, Marley's events are renowned for their elegance and extravagance. Known as The Profit Goddess, she provides invaluable resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She is also the author of But Are You Making Any Money?, a witty guide to managing a lucrative business. In this episode… Turning a passion project into a full-time business can be a nightmare, especially if you’re not earning enough money to match the time spent. How can you create structure from seemingly endless business tasks and turn your passion into profit? A-list party planner and profit coach Marley Majcher combines creativity, grit, and strategic financial management to lead her business effectively. If you want to transition from a hobby to a viable business, you must price your products and services accordingly and focus on revenue-generating tasks while delegating the rest. Additionally, by focusing on your unique selling proposition, you can cut through the noise in the market and make your business stand out. In the latest edition of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Marley Majcher, the CEO of The Party Goddess, to discuss how to elevate your business. Marley shares entrepreneurship anecdotes and analogies, the importance of continuous business assessment, and how to transform a simple project into a full-fledged business.
44:11 6/13/24
Experience Begets Wisdom
Niki Avraam is the Co-founder of the London-based law firm Howat Avraam Solicitors, where she litigates high-profile employment and discrimination cases. A keynote speaker on leadership mindset and workforce issues, she is deeply invested in the concept of purposeful work, inspiring others to discover their work's profound impact. Niki is a sought-after leadership consultant who champions unconventional thinking to reach professional and personal heights. In this episode… It’s not uncommon for women to feel stuck in their careers, feeling constrained by workplace customs that no longer serve them. Despite this, these women often fear discomfort. How can you overcome these obstacles and turn discomfort into your greatest ally? Transformational leader and legal entrepreneur Niki Avraam advocates for women’s involvement in male-dominated business and networking events, carving a path for them to thrive professionally. Additionally, her preferred discomfort framework promotes growth and innovation by embracing challenges that dismantle personal and professional boundaries. By breaking away from conventional workplace practices, you can inspire creativity and progress. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston chats with Niki Avraam, the Co-founder of Howat Avraam Solicitors, about harnessing discomfort to enhance leadership qualities. Niki discusses her journey through the legal world, her passion for reshaping leadership, and the pursuit of workplace evolution.
35:27 6/6/24
Stop Asking for Permission
Lydia Knight is the CEO of The She Center, a consultancy that transforms women’s lives through neuroscience-based habit change. As a certified health coach and eating disorder expert, she has received recognition from CBS, NBC, Fox News, and Yahoo for her revolutionary methods. Lydia is committed to transforming culture by empowering individuals to move from self-sabotage to self-fulfillment through programs and certification courses. In this episode... Many women are at constant war with themselves, trying to meet unrealistic societal expectations. The key to overcoming these personal hurdles often lies in how you approach your thoughts and emotions. Is it possible to transform struggle into progress? Habit change expert Lydia Knight has helped women overcome eating disorders and spearheaded a global movement to accelerate women’s growth. To boost your leadership development, you must first regulate and accept your emotions, develop personal integrity, and alter negative thought patterns. This sense of self-love and acceptance allows you to improve your decision-making and break free from self-sabotaging cycles. Once you learn to stop seeking external validation and recognize your inner potential, you can empower others. Tune in to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as Andrea Heuston welcomes Lydia Knight, the CEO of The She Center, to discuss empowering individual potential. Lydia’s philosophies on self-empowerment, societal pressures, and the journey to self-love resonate deeply, offering a beacon of hope to those seeking meaningful change in their lives.
33:00 5/30/24
Creating a Culture of Character
Mary Crossan is the Co-founder of Leader Character Associates and Virtuosity Character, which enhance organizational leadership characteristics. She is also the Professor of Strategic Leadership at Western University’s Ivey Business School. Recognized on the global list of the top 2% of the most cited scientists in her discipline in 2021, Mary received the Lifetime Career Achievement Academy of Management Distinguished Educator Award in 2023. Her research includes leadership character, organizational learning, strategic renewal, and improvisation. A prolific author, Mary has contributed to over 100 articles and books and is the co-author of The Character Compass. In this episode… Is “character” a mere buzzword, or does it hold tangible value for those in leadership positions? Cultivating a specific set of behaviors can improve your personal effectiveness and enhance your team’s performance and commitment. How can you define and develop your character to uplevel your organization? According to leadership researcher Mary Crossan, leaders must develop and hone 11 character disciplines, including integrity, humility, and courage, to empower their companies. Each discipline holds a set of behaviors that leaders can self-assess to identify strengths and weaknesses. By promoting a culture that nurtures and rewards positive characteristics and reflecting daily on actions and behaviors, you can increase employee engagement and satisfaction. In the latest episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Mary Crossan, the Co-founder of Leader Character Associates, to talk about developing leader character. Mary discusses The Character Compass, an innovative approach to shaping leadership character, and explains the implications of character on organizational culture, performance, and commitment.
36:51 5/23/24
Uncontainable Growth
Ali Cudby is the Founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, a consultancy transforming businesses through intentional customer experiences. As the author of the best-selling book Keep Your Customers, she specializes in customer experience and loyalty, employing a unique four-step method that she crafted from her extensive background in corporate planning, strategic marketing, and customer relations. Ali’s experience includes pivotal roles at the New York Times, Golf Digest, and Animal Planet TV network. In this episode… With one fundamental shift in your business approach, you can make a meaningful impact on your team and customers. Could crafting more intentional customer experiences be the key to explosive growth? Ali Cudby, a customer experience maven, emphasizes developing retention strategies that make the customer feel seen, heard, and valued. This involves making small but powerful shifts in your communication and service-delivery tactics, which fosters customer and employee loyalty. You can enhance satisfaction by communicating service benefits from the customer’s perspective and developing a clear and consistent process for customer engagement. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Ali Cudby, the Founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies, for a discussion about crafting superior customer experiences. Ali talks about the "mint method," her company's unconventional name origins, and the importance of data in aligning your organization's strategies.
36:24 5/16/24
You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For!
Jess Weems Thibault is the VP of Growth at HireEducation, an organization dedicated to growing executive, sales, marketing, and product teams in the education sector. With an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and a solid background in secondary science education, Jess bridges the gap between teaching and ed tech. She has over a decade of experience in various nonprofit settings, including passion-driven involvement in middle school education. Jess's diverse career spans from being a self-employed artist to an energetic marketer, using her deep belief in human potential to shape the future of education and talent development. In this episode… Ever felt like you're waiting for someone or something to unlock your next step in life? What if the keys to your boldest moves and successes were always within you, just waiting to be realized? Jess Weems Thibault, an educator turned growth marketer, explores her dual approach to making informed decisions that resonate with both the creative and analytical sides of problem-solving. Jess emphasizes the importance of believing in human potential and using our innate abilities to navigate the path of innovation and change. Reflecting on how her passion for maximizing human potential translates into her current role, Jess highlights the power of balancing your gut instinct with data for an enriched decision-making process.  In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Jess Weems Thibault, the VP of Growth at HireEducation, to discuss the power of informed decisions. Jess highlights the importance of ‘internal resources,’ such as self-belief and the combination of analytical and creative strengths, in pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
36:48 5/9/24
The Connector's Advantage
Michelle Tillis Lederman is the Founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, a training company that provides communication and leadership programs and executive coaching services. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and the author of four books, including The Connector’s Advantage. As a former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA, Forbes named Michelle as one of the top 25 Professional Networking Professionals. She inspires individuals and organizations in the government, academia, Fortune 500, and nonprofit spaces to build relationships and get results. In this episode… Connecting and networking are crucial for personal and professional development. Anyone can be a connected leader. So how can you scale your influence and impact? Versatile leader and networking professional Michelle Tillis Lederman has identified the core mindsets you must adopt to become an actionable leader. One approach involves cultivating a generous spirit by identifying ways to help others and maintaining curiosity about their situations. Connectors also prioritize relationships in each interaction and possess a keen sense of self-awareness. By being likable through authenticity, positive energy, and a confident self-image, you can empower those around you. In this episode of The Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Michelle Tillis Lederman, the Founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, to speak about becoming a powerful connector. Michelle explains the qualities of a connector, her impetus to write her books, and how to join the Connected Leader Club.
29:59 5/2/24
Choose Excellence and Success Will Follow
Carolyn Ward, MD is the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health. With over eight years of experience in the health sector and a background as chief resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, she leads the charge in shaping clinical product roadmaps and represents the voice of providers and patients in the development process. At Particle Health, Carolyn’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare access and patient outcomes through innovative, data-driven solutions, transforming how patient information is shared across the medical landscape. In this episode… Have you ever been frustrated filling out endless forms at a doctor's office, wondering why your current healthcare provider can’t access your medical history? Isn't it ironic that despite how advanced medical treatments have become, patient data management seems stuck in the past? What if there's a way to change that? Carolyn Ward, MD, a dedicated physician and health tech innovator, introduces us to the revolutionary world of medical data integration. She discusses her path from the halls of Rutgers, delving into medicine, and eventually finding her true passion in the dynamic field of health tech. Particle Health stands as her current platform, where she strives to dismantle the fragmented healthcare system by promoting the unification of patient data for personalized care. Carolyn emphasizes the potential of AI in understanding and predicting individual health outcomes, and how innovation is key in reshaping the relationship between patients and providers. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, host Andrea Heuston sits down with Carolyn Ward, MD, the Director of Clinical Strategy and Head of Product Marketing at Particle Health, to talk about leveraging data to transform patient care. Carolyn showcases the power of unified data, the possibilities of AI, and the importance of innovation in the medical field, exploring a future where technology and human touch seamlessly enhance patient outcomes.
32:37 4/25/24
Don't Limit Yourself
Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation, aiming to connect individuals for great causes and improve data, AI, and analytics solutions. A mathematician, cryptographer, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur with successful startups in Silicon Valley and the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, she has a rich background in system security and technological innovation. Sherry champions women in STEM and strives to influence a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. As a business leader and advocate for female entrepreneurship, she co-founded Women Funding Women to amplify women-led ventures. Sherry holds both a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and an honorary doctorate for her work promoting girls and women to study and pursue a career in STEM. In this episode… Have you questioned whether taking risks and stepping into the unknown would bring you to where you wanted to be? Is it possible to bridge the gap between fulfilling one's potential and overcoming societal expectations? Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, a crusader for female empowerment, tackles these issues head-on. With an illustrious background in cryptology and a fearless leap into entrepreneurship, Sherry's story is nothing short of inspiration, as she highlights the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in male-dominated fields such as tech and government, as well as the journey to fostering a culture of inclusivity and achieving successful startup ventures. Listen to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, as host Andrea Heuston sits down with Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, the Founder of Profound Impact Corporation and Co-Founder of Women Funding Women, Inc., to talk about leveling the playing field for women in tech and entrepreneurship. They delve into Sherry's commitment to supporting women-led ventures and how she carved a significant path for herself and future generations of women leaders in STEM.
38:25 4/18/24
Be Your Own Advocate
Chrissy McGarry is the Chief Operating Officer at Second Front, a company that streamlines software delivery. With over 12 years of experience amplifying brands such as Red Bull and Salesforce, Chrissy thrives on challenges, leveraging her expertise to navigate the unknown with confidence. Her journey underscores the belief that anyone, regardless of their background, can carve out a prosperous path in their chosen industry—provided they possess the courage to challenge conventions, expand their networks, and remain lifelong learners. Driven by an unwavering commitment to understanding the 'why,' Chrissy empowers individuals, particularly women and 'working moms,' to embrace their ambitions fearlessly. In this episode… Leveraging your strengths as a woman in the workplace is about embracing your unique perspective and skillset. These strengths can translate into powerful assets, fostering collaboration, clear communication, and a results-oriented approach. But how can you best translate these strengths into action in your specific role? Mentor and sales expert Chrissy McGarry uses her non-military background for success in the defense industry. She has a diverse background in beverage sales and fitness instruction, in addition to her undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and gender studies, which she leverages for her success. Highlighting the value of diverse thinking, she promotes the use of humor and confidence to navigate the male-dominated field. To manage remote teams, Chrissy recommends using virtual tools to help foster connections. She also emphasizes the value of self-reflection and routine to manage a busy schedule. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Chrissy McGarry, the Chief Operating Officer of Second Front, to talk about using your strength as a woman in your industry and workplace. Chrissy discusses how she got into defense tech, creating value in the corporate world, and fostering inclusivity in a male-dominated field.
41:52 4/11/24
Go Fix It!
Tina Chamoun is the Owner and Operator of Terranean Herbs & Spices, a thriving food manufacturing business specializing in traditional Lebanese flavors. Tina is a dynamic Lebanese American businesswoman, attorney, former marketing director, blogger, and devoted mother of three. Through her company, she imports authentic Lebanese za'atar to Ohio, crafting and distributing premium products to American specialty and major retail stores. Beyond business, Tina is dedicated to giving back to her community through volunteer efforts and mentorship, particularly focusing on supporting and empowering the Arab American community. In this episode… Starting, developing, and expanding a business is akin to navigating uncharted waters in pursuit of untapped potential. It requires a blend of strategic planning, resilience, and adaptability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities along the way. How can you leverage your unique strengths and resources to chart a course toward sustainable growth and success in your entrepreneurial endeavors? Lebanese American businesswoman Tina Chamoun emphasizes the importance of identifying gaps in the market and taking proactive steps to address them. This echoes the advice she received that propelled her journey: "If you're complaining about a problem, fix it." Tina's approach involves meticulous planning, setting clear goals, and breaking them down into actionable steps. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, to outline their vision, prioritize tasks, and develop strategies to bring their ideas to fruition. To create meaningful change in the business landscape, embrace challenges as opportunities for innovation. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Tina Chamoun, Owner and Operator of Terranean Herbs & Spices to talk about bringing your culture and heritage to the North American marketplace. Tina discusses establishing her business, expanding her product line, and the value of mentorship in business.
35:17 4/4/24
Fear & Opportunity
Laura Xiao is the Founder and CEO of Henné Organics, a company that creates quality beauty products from organic ingredients. Since founding Henné Organics in 2015, Laura's mission has been to infuse modern minimalism into the beauty industry. Her Scandinavian-inspired approach revolutionizes standard lip and skin care products, offering something truly extraordinary. Prior to establishing Henné Organics, Laura co-founded Stockholm Hardcore, a web development firm renowned for its emphasis on customization. In this episode… Work-life balance is essential for maintaining overall well-being and productivity. For instance, juggling family responsibilities while pursuing career ambitions often requires careful prioritization and boundary-setting. How can we strike a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives for long-term fulfillment and success? Two-time founder, Laura Xiao explores the intersection of work-life balance, overcoming 'mom guilt,' and entrepreneurial success. Prioritizing self-care and setting clear boundaries can help us to better harmonize our professional and personal obligations. Similarly, embracing a methodical approach to entrepreneurship can foster resilience and strategic growth. Laura also stresses the importance of being open to reinventing ourselves along the way in our pursuit of happiness and success. Remember, success isn't just about achieving goals; it's also about maintaining our well-being along the way. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Laura Xiao, the Founder and CEO of Henné Organics, to explore her journey to become a successful entrepreneur. Laura discusses the value of work-life balance, her strategic approach to establishing her business, and her top tips for handling stress.
40:43 3/28/24
It’s Not About the Numbers, It’s About the People
Kathy Svetina is the Founder of Newcastle Finance, a company that offers fractional CFO services to women-owned businesses. Kathy helps small businesses with $3 million and above in annual revenue maintain financial health and sustainability. With extensive experience in senior-level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 companies, she has firsthand knowledge of how big corporations use financial information to drive their businesses forward. Now, Kathy dedicates herself to showing small businesses how they can leverage similar strategies to create thriving companies. Additionally, she has hosted the Help! My Business is Growing podcast for nearly 14 years. In this episode… Financial planning is essential for the success and sustainability of small businesses, providing a roadmap for achieving their financial goals. Through meticulous budgeting and forecasting, small businesses can anticipate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence. But how can they ensure their financial strategies adapt to the ever-changing business landscape? Fractional CFO Kathy Svetina explores how women-owned small businesses can achieve financial sustainability. She highlights a common pitfall among small businesses, particularly those led by women, where they only focus on minimizing taxes rather than holistic financial planning. Kathy emphasizes the significance of embracing a broader perspective on finance beyond mere tax planning. This entails prioritizing future financial planning and analysis (FP&A), which is crucial for the long-term success and sustainable growth of SMEs. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Kathy Svetina, Fractional CFO and Founder of Newcastle Finance, to talk about scrappy financial practices. Kathy discusses how she started New Castle Finance, why she focuses on women-owned businesses, and how to maximize your ROI with FP&A.
35:17 3/21/24
I Keep Going
Carla Fowler, MD PhD is the Founder and Managing Director of THAXA Executive Coaching, Inc., a boutique executive coaching firm that leverages the best ideas from performance science to help global leaders. Graduating magna cum laude from Brown University and holding both an MD and a PhD from the University of Washington, Carla's journey showcases her multidisciplinary expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. As an angel investor with a focus on med tech and biotech, she has built a diverse portfolio of over a dozen investments. Additionally, Carla engages in social impact initiatives with organizations such as Social Venture Partners, Seattle Rotary Club, Washington Women's Foundation, Alliance of Angels, and the Keiretsu Forum. In this episode… Performance science shows us how combining different skills can lead to amazing results. Whether in sports, business, or everyday life, we can achieve incredible results when we combine skills like creativity, strategy, and communication. How can you tap into the diversity of talents around you and within you to open doors to fresh opportunities and transformative breakthroughs? Executive coach Carla Fowler believes that embracing diverse interests and skills, coupled with strategic focus and resilience, can lead to transformative career opportunities and personal growth. She emphasizes principles like brutal focus, relishing uncertainty, self-awareness, adaptability, and confidence in navigating career transitions as keys to personal power. To find what truly makes you happy in life, you must deviate sometimes from traditional career trajectories and empower yourself to pursue your passions. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Carla Fowler, MD PhD, the Founder and Managing Director of THAXA Executive Coaching, Inc., to talk about performance science and how it can help us in our daily lives. Carla discusses repurposing your skills and capabilities, her top three performance science principles, and how to harness personal power in our lives.
40:39 3/14/24
Your Message Matters
Julie Fry is the CEO and Founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast booking agency specializing in connecting service providers and impact-driven leaders with top-ranked podcast shows. Before Your Expert Guest, Julie was the CEO of Business Among Moms (BAM), where she provided visibility and education for mom-owned small businesses. Prior to BAM, she spent 11 years as the National Account Manager for canine hardware company Chuckit. Passionate about the power of meaningful conversations, Julie aims to help experts and business owners leverage podcast guesting as a tool for increasing visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation. In this episode… Feeling stuck in your career despite having a clear vision for your future? You might be yearning to break free from the confines of corporate life and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. But how do you navigate this transition while ensuring you gain the exposure needed to thrive in your new venture? Podcast matchmaker Julie Fry shares her remarkable journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship. With over 2300 interviews booked for clients and a keen focus on tracking business growth through podcast appearances, Julie unveils the power of podcasting as a tool for thought leadership and audience engagement. To be an effective podcast guest, you must showcase your expertise and connect with the audience by understanding your audience and building a relationship with the host. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with Julie Fry, the CEO and Founder of Your Expert Guest, to discuss how to ensure your message matters as a podcast guest. Julie talks about how she created Your Expert Guest, who should consider being a podcast guest, and tracking the ROI of your podcast appearances.
35:57 3/7/24
Rise Above the Money Fog
Mikelann Valterra is a money coach, writer, speaker and leader in the personal finance space. Over the past 20 years, she’s worked with individuals to manage their cash flow more effectively. Mikelann has been quoted in numerous publications, appeared on dozens of radio shows, appeared on television spots, and written for Forbes and She is also an accredited financial counselor (AFC®). In this episode… Many people remain stressed about money even if they make a good income. If that sounds like you, then it might mean that you’re in a “money fog”. So how can you develop a good relationship with money? Financial coach Mikelann Valterra explores how to effectively manage your money by improving your relationship with money. A lot of us grow up with no idea of how to handle money because it’s not openly discussed in many families. As a result, we may develop unhealthy, paranoid money personalities. However, Mikelann asserts that talking to your kids about money can help them to develop healthy financial habits that will pay off in their futures. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts money coach Mikelann Valterra to discuss how to rise above the “money fog”. She talks about her new book and the meaning of “money fog”, how men and women differ in financial stress management, and three key questions to keep you out of a “money fog”.
38:40 2/29/24
Just Watch Me
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is the Founder of Total Care Academy, which teaches dentists to provide health-based dental care, and Living Well with Dr. Michelle, where she offers guidance for healthy living and natural health care. As a Functional Integrative Dentist (DDS) and a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath (BCTN), she founded Total Care Dental and Wellness to combine dental and overall health to heal chronic diseases. Dr. Michelle started the Living Well Foundation, a nonprofit providing organic, locally grown food and teaching communities how to grow their own food. In this episode… Research shows that 50-60% of people haven’t reached an ideal level of happiness. They often reference guides on attaining happiness, not recognizing that it’s a subjective state of mind differing between individuals and cultures. What actionable steps can you take to achieve happiness and general well-being? After developing mercury poisoning from exposure to metal cavity fillings, naturopathic dentist Dr. Michelle Jorgensen was ready to sell her practice. However, discovering the power of homegrown foods and holistic care led her to a life of health, wellness, and satisfaction. Dr. Michelle maintains that fear, negativity, and scarcity are harmful and limiting environments. Through self-sufficient living, you can gain the skills and abilities to care for yourself, creating security and vigor.  Join Andrea Heuston in today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she sits down with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, the Founder of Living Well with Dr. Michelle, to discuss the importance of maximizing your health and well-being. Dr. Michelle shares her definition of living well, her journey into entrepreneurship, and how she helps patients transform their health.
33:55 2/22/24
Stop Struggling, You're There!
Merrie H. Reagan is a former educational tutor, small business owner, and writer. She is the author of Life Flashes, a memoir, diary, and biography recounting spiritual recovery from illness, unemployment, and broken relationships. Beyond her professional endeavors, Merrie enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, singing, homemaking, and yard work. In this episode… Are you constantly dragged down by hardships in your personal or professional life? How can you stop struggling and relinquish your victim mindset to gain spiritual freedom? After grappling with mental illness and emotional turmoil, Merrie H. Reagan began writing to experience a spiritual journey. She maintains that viewing yourself as a victim leads to self-entitlement and a lack of confidence. Instead, accepting and embracing the conflict lets you recognize divine energy and experience gratitude for life’s beauty. Merrie also emphasizes the importance of engaging in activities you enjoy rather than living by others’ expectations. In today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Merrie H. Reagan, the author of Life Flashes, to discuss her spiritual journey. Merrie explains the importance of writing for an audience, how she merged global events with personal reflections, and her creative inspirations.
36:28 2/15/24
Creating a Life of Joy
April Roberts is the Founder of the Vixen Gathering, a coaching program and community for Gex X female entrepreneurs looking to scale to seven figures while enjoying life. As a keynote speaker, podcast host, and high-performing coach, she has helped guide hundreds of women’s transformations. April has been coaching entrepreneurs for 15 years through her financial practice and the Vixen Gathering. In this episode… Many Gen X women have reached a turning point where they’ve achieved their career goals and started a family. This sense of finality can cause them to lose direction and feel unfulfilled. How can you achieve personal satisfaction to reignite your passions? Having grown tired of living for others, self-established coach April Roberts discovered how to live her best life while juggling other responsibilities. She maintains that women face burnout when exerting their masculine energies in both personal and professional endeavors. Instead, women must channel feminine attributes to identify a work-life balance and attain optimal happiness. This often requires structuring your calendar around your energy by scheduling time for relaxation and enjoyment. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston sits down with April Roberts, the Founder of Vixen Gathering, to talk about finding enjoyment in your personal and professional life. April gives an overview of her podcast, explains how to transition from masculine to feminine attributes, and shares the importance of defining your personal values and goals.
45:09 2/8/24
Unstoppable Grit
Danielle Cobo is a motivational keynote speaker, best-selling author, and medical sales career consultant who helps organizations lead through change. As a former Fortune 500 senior sales manager, she built a high-performing team despite company-wide downsizing, restructuring, and acquisitions. This earned Danielle several awards, including Regional Sales Manager of the Year and four Sales Excellence awards. She is also the author of Unstoppable Grit and the host of the Unstoppable Grit podcast. In this episode… The professional landscape is demanding, especially for women leaders. These individuals face immense pressure in all aspects of their lives. How can you cultivate sheer determination to mitigate burnout and grow exponentially? Versatile leader Danielle Cobo was raised by a domineering mother who eventually committed suicide, nearly lost her husband in the Iraq war, and experienced a toxic work culture. Rather than surrendering to her trauma, Danielle identified and honed her propensity for resilience and grit. When facing hardships in work and life, she advises recognizing when to reprioritize and rest. Before lending yourself to others, caring for yourself, your family, and your business is vital to foster a long-term impact. On today’s episode of The Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston speaks with Danielle Cobo about her path to resilience and determination. Danielle shares how to discover your superpowers, the origin story of her brand, and how her traumas shaped her career journey.
34:31 2/1/24
Expand Your Community
Hayley Painter is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Painterland Sisters, an Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt made with USDA-certified organic milk. As a fourth-generation farmer, she strives to sustain her family’s organic regenerative farm in rural Pennsylvania. Hayley believes in nutritious, sustainable food and connects consumers to its source. In 2024, she and her sister were named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in the food and drink category. In this episode… Farmers are the foundation of US society, paving the way for consumers to work and live. Yet many farmers struggle to stay in business, especially those prioritizing sustainability and regeneration. One inspiring woman has revitalized the industry by empowering and connecting local farmers. With a mission to accelerate sustainable agriculture, pioneer and connector Hayley Painter engages with and supports diverse farmers to facilitate balanced regeneration. Having grown up on her family’s dairy farm, she recognizes the value of accelerating other farm’s unique missions to strengthen and integrate like-minded communities. When advancing these beneficial relationships, Hayley recommends creating a dialogue with those inside and outside your network.  Tune in to the Lead Like a Woman Show as Andrea Heuston sits down with Hayley Painter, the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Painterland Sisters, to discuss the brand’s mission to elevate farmers. Hayley describes how the brand became national, the farm’s early history and manufacturing process, and why she produces Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt.
33:10 1/25/24
Let’s Talk About Money
Hannah Smolinski is the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group, a virtual CFO agency providing small businesses with financial clarity and profit maximization strategies. As a CPA, Hannah's professional experience with one of the world's largest accounting firms shaped her vision of bringing high-level financial expertise to the small business community. She founded Clara CFO Group to be a trusted resource for small businesses as they navigate key financial decisions, strive for sustainable revenue, and plan for scale. Hannah also hosts a YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers, where she extends her mission of empowering small businesses. Through this platform, she shares financial strategies, best practices, and educational resources that assist companies in understanding their financial statements and achieving financial success. In this episode… The majority of US companies are small businesses, and women own 40% of them. Yet many of these entrepreneurs lack knowledge and awareness of how to manage their finances. Through empathy and accessible education, one leader helps women and other small business owners gain financial clarity. For many small business entrepreneurs, finances constitute their income and life savings, which often hampers their decision-making. With many of these professionals lacking transparency and managing their companies based on money in the bank, it’s crucial to maintain emotional intelligence to guide them through their journeys. As a CPA and entrepreneur, Hannah Smolinski hires analysts and consultants who possess a keen sense of empathy. She also creates comprehensible content to educate small businesses on loans and forecasting. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Hannah Smolinski, the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group, to address financial management basics for small businesses. Hannah shares common financial management mistakes, her experience working for her family’s business, and how she educates businesses through transparency.
36:33 1/18/24
Build Your Confidence
Barbara Wichmann is the Founder and CEO of ARTEMIA, a full-service strategic communications and digital marketing agency. As a marketing and communications strategist, she prioritizes DEIA in public outreach, national advertising, and culturally relevant in-language marketing programs. Barbara has garnered media coverage for her clients in outlets, including Good Morning America, the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. In this episode… Women-owned businesses comprise 40% of all businesses in the US, amassing $2.7 trillion annually. These companies have a tremendous impact on local communities, providing support and spearheading environmental, social, and governance initiatives. How can you advance your endeavors to inspire your community? Through empathy and reciprocation, women-owned companies promote employee, partner, and community growth. Drawing on her upbringing in the Netherlands, sustainability strategist Barbara Wichmann established a Women’s Business Enterprise certified, ESG-focused, and green business. She maintains that female-led organizations can assess and mitigate their carbon footprints, provide training and other resources for employees, and educate the community on social and environmental initiatives. Tune in to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as Andrea Heuston sits down with Barbara Wichmann, the Founder and CEO of ARTEMIA, to discuss her social and environmental impact. Barbara details her path to entrepreneurship, how to become ESG certified, and her experience as a member of WBEC.
33:39 1/11/24
Be Each Other’s Storytellers
Krista Bourne is a business leader and speaker who specializes in sales, service, operations, and workplace culture. As the former Chief Operating Officer of Verizon’s Consumer Group, she led five consumer channels, including 1,500 corporate stores and more than 5,000 authorized retail stores, multiple non-exclusive national retail relationships, and a globally operated customer service program. Krista focuses on challenging biases, embracing diversity and inclusion, and mentoring underrepresented groups into sales leadership roles. In this episode… Everyone has choices to make in their professional lives. Rather than relying on fate alone, your decisions shape your impact and how you present yourself. Learn how calculated choices can help you become a powerful leader. After dropping out of college to raise a child at 19 years old, Black business leader Krista Bourne decided she didn’t want to become another statistic. Through self-discipline, leadership, and personal accountability, Krista became a key changemaker at a Fortune 20 company before transferring her skills to coach other rising professionals. By choosing to build a portfolio of skills, capabilities, and experiences, you can communicate and lead authentically through storytelling. In today’s segment of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Krista Bourne to speak about creating an intentional life. Krista shares how storytelling facilitates effective communication, how to silence your critics through authentic leadership, and her approach to leading professionals.
30:36 1/4/24
Then What?
Maeve Wang is the Co-founder and CEO of IAMBIC, a tech-driven footwear company that reimagines the shoe manufacturing process. With 10 years of experience in strategy, market research, and entrepreneurship, she strives to bring personalization and innovation to the traditionally mass-produced footwear industry. Maeve has worked with Fortune 500 companies and invested in wellness, wearables, and data analytics technologies. She is a recipient of the US National Science Foundation grant for IAMBIC’s groundbreaking footwear. In this episode… The startup landscape is dominated largely by white men. So when women and minorities try to acquire funding for a new venture, they often face criticism. One Asian-American woman defied the odds to execute an innovative and passionate vision. After noticing her feet changing shape and growing bunions from traditional footwear, Maeve Wang struggled to find specialty shoes to support her feet. What began as a mission to develop an accurate size-prediction tool for footwear blossomed into technology-driven shoes that conform to consumers’ feet. Yet this journey was met with judgment about Maeve’s identity as a minority entrepreneur, leading her to doubt her capabilities. Through mentorship, encouragement, and a supportive team, Maeve launched substantial ideas with conviction. On today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Maeve Wang, the Co-founder and CEO of IAMBIC, to discuss her mission-driven journey. Maeve shares how she fuses art and science to revolutionize traditional shoe manufacturing, the origin story behind one of IAMBIC’s most notable inventions, and how to build a passionate and collaborative team.
42:36 12/28/23
Be Okay With Being Uncomfortable
Heather Dominick is the Founder and CEO of A Course in Business Miracles, a full-service coaching business where she trains highly sensitive entrepreneurs to work less, increase their income, and make a higher social impact. As a seven-figure entrepreneur with a branded mission, she has created the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs. Heather is also the author of Different: The Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution. In this episode… Research shows that up to 20% of the world is highly sensitive, meaning some people’s nervous systems process stimulation at higher degrees. This can lead to burnout and the false belief that highly sensitive people can’t excel in leadership positions. How can you recognize and harness your strengths to amplify your impact? After burning out during the first 10 years of entrepreneurship, highly sensitive coach Heather Dominick discovered her sensitivities and strengths. Particularly sensitive individuals are intuitive, empathetic, and exceptional listeners, making them supportive leaders. Yet many of these professionals become discouraged by the mere possibility of feeling overwhelmed, so Heather recommends remaining proactive and conserving energy during these periods. This allows you to leverage your strengths to serve your business, relationships, and community. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Heather Dominick, the Founder and CEO of A Course in Business Miracles, to discuss highly sensitive leadership. Heather shares her journey as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, the degrees of high sensitivity, and why you should follow your intuition.
35:14 12/21/23
Constantly Humbled
Thais Gibson is the Founder of The Personal Development School, which offers personal development courses to empower employees and teams. As a best-selling author, speaker, and counselor, she has been recognized by Psychology Today and other publications for her cutting-edge research on the subconscious mind, attachment styles, and personal transformation. Thais is certified in over 13 modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic processing, and trauma work. In this episode… Childhood trauma and experiences become embedded in the subconscious mind, dictating relationships and work styles. This belief is known as the attachment theory, which focuses on emotional connections formed in early childhood. What are the various attachment styles, and how can you identify and heal them? Professional counselor, teacher, and theoretical researcher Thais Gibson has discovered four main attachment styles. The securely attached style is characterized by healthy emotional expression and balanced relationships, whereas anxious, preoccupied individuals experienced inconsistent emotional attention in their formative years, leading to people-pleasing tendencies and poor boundaries in adulthood. Similarly, dismissive and fearful-avoidant people internalize volatility and struggle with workplace communication and relationships. Reconciling these styles involves subconscious reprogramming through repetition and memory. In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Thais Gibson, the Founder of The Personal Development School, to speak about attachment styles in the workplace. Thais talks about her research on attachment theory, how to recondition the subconscious mind, and her impetus for founding The Personal Development School.
38:37 12/14/23
Forward Is a Pace
Emily Drake is the CEO of The Collective Academy, a leadership development firm working with global organizations. With decades of experience in counseling, coaching, and facilitation, she helps leaders and teams create cultures that foster community, purpose, and well-being. Emily produces and leads programs for professional services and nonprofit organizations, supporting entrepreneurial thinkers, creators, and leaders to envision the future. As a mental health clinician, she hosts the Who’s Missing podcast, which explores the stories and perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds. In this episode… Every high-reaching leader has a personal growth story. Whether originating from trauma or accomplishments, these anecdotes facilitate meaningful connections. Learn about the impact of community on personal and professional development from an esteemed mental health expert. According to therapist Emily Drake, the most effective way of discovering your identity is through connection and community. These facilitation groups should include a humanitarian leader who can make decisions and support and appreciate other members. However, leaders need support too, so Emily says to cultivate relationships with other high-achieving women and diverse individuals to advocate for you and help you attain your next endeavor. In today’s installment of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes her guest Emily Drake, the CEO of The Collective Academy, to discuss discovering yourself through high-achieving leadership and support. Emily shares the importance of honesty and self-acceptance, how she establishes personal development programs, and why she decided to interview her mother on her podcast.
38:07 12/7/23
The Power of Mindset
Jane Frankel is the Managing Partner of The Art of Performance, which provides business education services to help organizations develop and grow through customer and partner relationships. As an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Temple University, she oversees project-based internships and corporate partnerships. Jane is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum in Greater Philadelphia, an advisory board member for Temple University’s Center for Regional Economics, and a member of the Middle Market Steering Committee for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. In this episode… Women have a competitive advantage in today’s corporate environment, with businesses dependent on their autonomy and authoritative decision-making. However, to become leaders, women must discover and own their strengths. How can you harness your mindset to boost performance? With a versatile career in education and innovation, Jane Frankel has identified four components of mindset: goals, values, beliefs, and work styles. Once you’ve established these elements, you can align them by observing and recording your behaviors and reactions. Gaining full control of your mindset lets you assess opportunities effectively to propel your personal and professional life. Tune in to this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as host Andrea Heuston sits down with Jane Frankel, The Art of Performance’s Managing Partner, to discuss the fundamentals of mindset. Jane breaks down the difference between mindset and mindfulness, her definition of women in leadership, and how to identify your five “whys.”
38:11 11/30/23
Less Judgment More Curiosity
Brandi Marek is a Business Advisor at Ferguson Alliance, which helps family businesses increase their value. As a second-generation family business leader, she helps leaders and owners assess their companies by aligning organizational structure, strategies, and finances with family goals. Before joining Ferguson Alliance, Brandi held leadership and management roles at Magnolia Gardens Nursery, a family-owned business. In this episode… Leaders in family businesses often face an overwhelming sense of obligation to uphold familial expectations. How can you maintain relationships to build a thriving inter-generational company? In a family-owned company, many members struggle to differentiate between work and relatives. As a former second-generation daughter-in-law in a family business, Brandi Marek simultaneously faced judgment for her role in the company and a duty to preserve the family legacy, causing her to develop imposter syndrome. Having become an advisor, she encourages families to communicate with each other by identifying their needs and goals, maintaining honesty, and clarifying expectations. Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she hosts Brandi Marek, a Business Advisor at Ferguson Alliance, who talks about reconciling expectations and commitments in family businesses. Brandi shares her transition from an executive assistant to the manager of a family business, how her role as a daughter-in-law impacted her business relationships, and her desire to become a consultant.
33:10 11/23/23

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