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A podcast about women, bikes, and taking up space in America. Few things changed the public landscape for women quite like the advent of bicycles, and yet, the cycling industry's focus on white men makes one think that no one else rides. This is a retelling of who gets to adventure through the town square and out into America on the vulnerable, and venerable, bicycle.


Ep. 1 Taking on the Town Square
Episode 1 dives into the past, comparing the revolutionary promise of the bicycle with the current state of inequity in professional cycling and the media’s portrayal of who rides. It features Tessa Hulls, Anna Brones, and Nicole Formosa.Find out more about this episode in our show notes.
60:51 05/28/2020
Ep. 2 Getting There
Stories in this episode reveal the hidden pleasures and problems of exploring a new place by bicycle. It includes a Black woman’s complex experience cycling in Montana, a Denverite’s coming to terms with being “Mid-western” on the TransAm, and one traveler’s fortune of finding much-needed feminine companionship in the unlikeliest of places, a monastery. It features Devin Cowens, Cynthia Ord, and Olivia Round.Find out more about this episode in our show notes.
56:16 05/28/2020
Ep. 3 Trial by Fire
Stories in this episode take you into the doubts, feelings, and triumphs of women who tackle adventure for the first time. One is a jaunt across Glacier National Park, another is an overnighter to the next town, and the last is a 200-mile technical challenge along the Mission section of the Baja Divide — as a complete novice. It features Jessica Zephyrs, Hilary Oliver, and Diana Sacks.Find out more about this episode in our show notes.
52:42 05/28/2020
Ep. 4 Feats of Strength
In Episode Four, we hear from women whose perspectives on athleticism and privilege have been shaped by their backgrounds, their bodies, and their love of the outdoors. Each of them lives in a body that traditionally isn’t associated with adventure. Yet here they are, riding across states and countries, and working to ensure they’re not the last. Their stories reveal the absurdity of widely held misconceptions about who rides and why they want to. This episode features Stephanie Puello, Marley Blonsky, and Kailey Kornhauser.Find out more about this episode at our show notes.
43:30 05/28/2020
Ep. 5 Hitting the Wall
Stories in this episode investigate the tough moments, the ones that are completely out of our control, the ones we bring upon ourselves, and the ones that lead to bad ideas but great stories.Perhaps it’s in these moments where we grow toughness, our fortitude and our resiliency. This episode features Jasmine Reese, Alissa Bell, and Laura Killingbeck.Find out more about this episode at our show notes.
71:25 05/28/2020
Ep. 6 Bringing It Back Around
In the last episode of this season, we pay our respects to a few of the people who ensure that bicycle touring isn’t just an activity for the privileged few. They’re the community organizers, bike shop owners, workshop leaders, and everyday people who put a lot of effort into creating spaces that usher in a new, more inclusive era of cycling. This episode features zahra alabanza, Leah Benson, and Briana Cohen with Cheyenne Meyer and Darrell Garza.Find out more about this episode in our show notes.
74:31 05/28/2020
Welcome to Dynamo Jenny, an audio mini-series of adventure cycling stories, featuring women who take on the world atop the venerable, and vulnerable, bicycle. For more information about this podcast, visit our website.
03:21 05/20/2020