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Sound like a tech pro, even if you’re not! Award-winning popular host Kim Komando is your secret weapon. Kim is in a class all her own. Her widely successful radio show is heard on over 500 stations in the United States and internationally in 175 different countries. Kim has millions of fans who love her down-to-earth, deeply relatable, and easy-to-understand way of talking about consumer tech. Every episode is loaded with the scoop about the latest gadgets, online security, social media trends, and digital privacy. Kim makes it all entertaining and fun. With a mix of important news, practical advice, and compelling conversations, you can make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech world. In the Kim Komando Daily Tech Update Podcast, every episode is loaded with ways to better your tech life. New Kim Komando Daily Tech Update Podcast episodes drop every day, Monday through Sunday. If you want Kim’s daily longer podcasts, search for Kim Komando Today in your favorite podcast player. To learn more about Kim, the things she mentions, or submit a topic or question, drop by


You're overpaying for internet
The average internet bill in 2023 hit $75. Wondering if you need to pay that much? Here's how to find out.
04:49 2/25/24
AT&T's massive screwup
What caused last week's network outages? I have the scoop in this short podcast. 
05:05 2/25/24
3 Google Maps tricks
Looking for a better way to get around town? Give these hacks a try.
05:18 2/24/24
The end of free shipping
Do you make too many returns? Many online retailers are starting to punish this behavior.
04:19 2/24/24
Don't put your wet phone in rice
You know the old myth. There's a better way — here's what you should do. 
04:40 2/23/24
The AT&T network failure is only a preview
Did you wake up to no signal yesterday? Here's why there could be more of that to come. 
05:44 2/23/24
Make an Amazon Alexa intercom
Need a low-cost, easy way to talk to people at home? Try building this DIY communication system!
07:05 2/22/24
Privacy is really dead now
Spy satellites aren't just for governments anymore — now, they're tracking you too.
04:22 2/22/24
What to do if your credit card is on the dark web
Not sure of the steps to take next? Hear these tips. 
06:33 2/21/24
Too smart to fall for a phone scam
Everyone thinks they’re too smart to fall for a phone scam. Here’s why everyone is wrong.
04:43 2/21/24
Smart water tech to save big bucks
Heating water takes up a fifth of your home's energy bill. Let's talk about using smart gadgets to cut that cost.
04:24 2/20/24
Sora is great and very dangerous
Looking to craft videos for any situation? The tools to bring those visions to life are on their way.
03:32 2/20/24
Your chatbot convos aren't private
Believing those chats are just for your eyes? Here's a reality check.
06:04 2/19/24
Warning signs of an Airbnb or Vrbo scam
Feeling something's off with your recent reservation? Here's how to tell if you've been duped and what you can do about it.
07:04 2/19/24
Online dating terms to know
Swiping for love? Dive into how folks are finding dates on apps and the key things to keep an eye on.
07:24 2/18/24
Tech phrases you'll never use again
Looking for the closest payphone? Here's why you probably won't be asking that question anymore.
07:27 2/18/24
Notifications are out of control
How many of them do you get in a day? The answer will suprise you. 
06:21 2/17/24
1 question to ask before you buy that new car
Are you getting the proper protection? Here's how to find out, and get what you want. 
03:49 2/17/24
The safest way to "unsubscribe"
How do you get rid of all that email spam? The trick in this podcast. 
06:52 2/16/24
Ayatollah's Instagram and Facebook account
Social media accounts for terrorists? I have the news in this short podcast. 
06:48 2/16/24
5 reasons why people return the Vision Pro
Is the headset worth the big bucks? Hear what owners have to say. 
06:38 2/15/24
Fake your location for low prices
Are you getting the lowest price online? That depends on where you live. Here's the lowdown.
05:22 2/14/24
The coming global ID System
OpenAI founder Sam Altman has plans for a worldwide ID system. I have the scoop. 
04:39 2/14/24
5 signs a keylogger is on your phone
Think your phone's being watched? Here's how to find out.
04:53 2/13/24
Playing hardball with the streaming services
Don't want to pay to watch your favorite shows? Here's a tip you need to know.
05:01 2/13/24
What Amazon Prime really costs
At $139/year, it still a bargain? Let's unpack the real cost of Prime and if it's worth your money. 
06:18 2/12/24
Biden calls and the FCC
Can the FCC's latest ban on audio deep fakes cut down the flood of unwanted calls? Here's the news in this short podcast. 
06:02 2/12/24
New threat at the gas pump
These devices are sneakier than skimmers. I'll show you how to spot them in this short podcast.
05:30 2/11/24
New York's robot patrol fail
Was a robot cop there to patrol or just to take selfies? Find out in this short podcast.
04:55 2/11/24
3 apps to make your run more fun
Feel like giving these a try? Lace up and let's get moving. 
06:51 2/10/24

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