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The podcast that goes behind and beyond the technology news headlines to explore the unheard and unseen. The topics include 5G, AI, IoT, Smartphones, Networking, Intellectual Property and others.


5G Advanced, 6G and Beyond - Discussion with Qualcomm R&D Head
After the successful launch of eMBB, everybody is eagerly looking at the next phase of 5G. Industry observers are wondering where the subsequent growth will come from, how the mobile network operators will recoup the enormous investments they have made in deploying 5G, when the exciting applications and use cases we have discussed for years will come to fruition, and what the key enablers will be. In this long-ranging discussion with John Smee, SVP and Head of Wireless Research at Qualcomm, I explore 5G Advanced, drivers of wide deployments of 5G Stand Alone, and the role of AI in the evolution of 5G, 6G, and beyond.  
28:41 3/31/24
Intel Foundry Event - Analysis and Key Takeaways
Intel Foundry Services (IFS) marked a significant milestone on Feb 21, 2024, with its highly anticipated debut event, where the company unveiled its comprehensive strategy and roadmap. The occasion was also highlighted by the enthusiastic backing from its key customers and partners.   In this episode, Bob O'Donnell, President and Chief Analyst at TECHnalysis Research, and I analyze  IFS's present status. We explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for them, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of their business. Additionally, we examine CEO Patrick Gelsinger's pivotal role in orchestrating the IFS's transformative journey.
26:12 3/8/24
Enterprise XR market - Lenovo's View and Impact of Vision Pro
Apple's Vision Pro has the potential to change the XR landscape entirely because of its high-end feature set, pricing point, and ecosystem. Its impact on the consumer market is very profound. But not yet clear on the Enterprise market.  In this episode, I talk to Vishal Shah, GM of XR and Metaverse business for Lenovo, about the needs of the enterprise market, the impact of Vision Pro, and how Lenovo differentiates its XR offerings. 
27:47 2/7/24
Key takeaways from Marvell Technology Industry Analyst Day 2023
In this episode, fellow analyst Leonard Lee from Next Curve and I discuss our impressions and the key takeaways from the recently held Industry Analyst Day 2023 of Marvell Technology. Marvell executives pitched how they are well positioned to exploit the massive surge in interest in Gen AI through their custom silicon and interconnect offerings. They also talked about the roadmap for leadership in  Automotive Ethernet. 
32:14 12/21/23
Current State of RISC-V Architecture
Recent market developments, like license litigations and the need for high-performance, low-power processors, have heightened the focus on RISC-V, the open standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).In this wide-ranging discussion with the RISC-V International CEO, Calista Redwood, I discuss where the ISA currently stands, how the ecosystem is expanding, what the challenges are, and when the market can expect RISC-V to support more complex, high-performance workloads, and be a formidable competitor for the incumbent Intel's X-86 and Arm architectures.
36:21 12/4/23
Current state of LoRaWAN - Discussion with the CEO & Chairwoman of LoRa Alliance
While everyone is looking for the proliferation of 5G IoT, LoRAWAN has been revolutionizing the low-power, long-range IoT industry for a long time. In this episode, I discuss with Donna Moore, the CEO and chairwoman of LoRa Alliance, the current state of LoRa WAN, its unique characteristics, the most suitable use cases, how it complements 5G IoT, and how the Alliance is helping the ecosystem. 
27:45 10/3/23
Discussion on Apple's Vision Pro & its impact on the XR industry
Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro XR headset fundamentally changed the dynamics of the XR industry. My good friend and fellow analyst Leonard Lee from Next Curve and I discuss Apple's positioning of the device, its impact on the XR industry, especially existing players, and strategies they can utilize to compete with Apple.
33:39 6/27/23
Best compute architecture for vRAN / Open RAN - Marvell Tech's take
As the vRAN / Open RAN deployments are slowly ramping up, there are a lot of questions on the best compute architecture to use, especially for L-1 processing. The objective is to utilize the most power-efficient, cost-effective, and scalable option. The popular choice seems to be using optimized silicon instead of a generic CPU. In this episode, I talk to Joel Brand of Marvell Technology about why silicon optimized for radio workloads such as DSP-based accelerator is better. Joe also shared details about their Octeon10 Fusion processor announced at MWC 2023 and their partnership with Nokia, Samsung, and others.  My article on the subject: What is the best compute architecture for vRAN/open RAN?   
32:56 5/4/23
Verizon's 5G Innovation Lab & 5G's next phase - Discussion with its VP of Device Tech.
This episode was recorded at Verizon's 5G Innovation Lab in San Francisco, during its inauguration event. I spoke to Brian Mecum, VP of Device Technology and Sports Innovation at Verizon, regarding the lab, partners, applications/services developed there that have become commercial, next phase of 5G for Verizon and more.   
25:37 4/17/23
State of XR and its Future - Conversation with HTC VIVE Executive
The recent bursting of the Metaverse hype bubble has allowed the AR/VR/XR/MR discussions to be real applications, services and use cases rather than hyperbole.  In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Dexmier, Country Head for Australia and New Zealand at HTC VIVE. We discussed the current status of the XR market, the challenges and opportunities that it presents, as well as the exciting launch of the XR Elite headset by HTC VIVE. Additionally, we delved into the rumors surrounding Apple's potential entry into the XR market, and what that could mean for the industry.
35:39 4/6/23
Test & Measurement Industry and the year ahead - Lite Point CEO's views
In this episode, I talk to Brad Robbins, CEO of Lite Point, a leading test and measurement (T&M) vendor that offers mass market Wi-Fi and 5G solutions. Brad and I discuss the role of T&M in the technology/product life cycle, Lite Point's business strategy, differentiation, its Wi-Fi 7 and 6G journey, challenges in the year ahead, and more. 
28:55 2/13/23
5G RoI concerns & what CSPs should do - Advice from IBM GM
Questions about 5G's RoI and monetization opportunities beyond smartphone and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market are lingering. At the same time, 5G Advanced is brewing up, and discussions on 6G are starting. In this episode, I talk to Stephen Rose, GM of IBM for Global Telco, Media, Entertainment & Distribution verticals, on what cellular operators should do and what opportunities lie ahead.
30:17 1/20/23
Open RAN Layer1 - Generic Compute vs. Accelerator - Marvell's View
Open RAN Layer-1 workload that performs and manages most of the radio functions is one of to critical blocks. It is highly complicated and requires real-time processing. The complexity only increases with advanced features such as massive MIMO, carrier aggregation, URLLC, etc. The debate in the industry is whether general compute or optimized accelerators are the most cost and power-efficient solutions. In this episode, I speak with Joel Brand of Marvell Semiconductor on his views on this debate. Relates articles to the subject: (click on vRAN/Open RAN tab)  
26:01 9/12/22
CHIPS Act – What is it, and why is it necessary? Discussion with a policy expert
After much back and forth, the US government passed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. The act provides $280 billion in funding to the US semiconductor industry. A significant part of the funding (> $50 billion) goes to fab companies for establishing new fabs in the USA, bringing much-needed resiliency to the semiconductor supply chain. The remaining funding is earmarked for various foundational, long, and short-term science and technology programs. In this episode, I discuss what is included in the act and when we can see the law's impact in real-life, with the veteran semiconductor policy expert Falan Yinug of Qualcomm. 
30:42 8/21/22
Chip supply shortage reasons & solutions - Accenture & Qualcomm views
The tech industry is reeling under one of the worst supply shortages, This is affecting almost every industry, but some such as Automotve, are affected much more severely than others. In this episode I discuss with Qualcomm's Falan Yinug and Accenture's Timothy Chu, how the global pandemic, geopolitical issues, Ukrane war, and inflation have created a perfect storm. And the reasons behind this disparity in the effects as well as possible solutions.  This discussion is based on a comprehensive report on the semiconductor value chain publsihed by Accenure, commissioned by Qualcomm. Here is a link to the full report: Harnessing the power of the semiconductor value chain 
37:47 6/9/22
Is BYOD as cost-effective as it seems? Find out from Oxford Economics Study
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a growing trend recently and became a norm during the pandemic. The biggest driver for this trend has been the upfront cost savings for the enterprises. A recent Oxford Economics report commissioned by Samsung analyzes the phenomenon with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach and casts doubt on the perceived cost savings. In this episode, I discuss the study's findings with Chris Balcik, VP of B2B Sales at Samsung USA.  Here is the link to download the full report: Maximizing mobile value - BYOD or not to BYOD (sign-up required)  
27:12 5/25/22
Discussing the next phase of 5G & 6G with the President of 5G Americas
In this episode, I interview Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas, the US cellular operator and vendor organization. The discussion includes the opportunites and challenges of 5G Americas. as well as how the next phase of 5G and 6G will take shape in the USA. 
27:54 5/2/22
How much can In-line accelerators save you in 5G v/Open RAN deployment - Qualcomm & HPE study
Discussion with Qualcomm RAN product marketing head Gerardo Giaretta on why in-line accelerators are needed for 5G virtualized and Open RAN deployments and their collaboration announcements done at MWC 2022. For reference, check out our previous podcast and articles on the subject below: Forbes: What It Takes To Build Modern 5G Open Radio Networks (Open RAN)  HPE and Qualcomm announcement signifies the role of cloud and telco collaboration in Open RAN   Podcast: Qualcomm re-entering cellular infra business with 5G RAN Solutions - How, What and Why?  
27:23 4/22/22
Samsung Networks MWC 2022 Round Up - Discussion with its Marketing & BD Head
Samsung Networks had lots of news before, during and after Mobile World Congress 2002. I go behind the headlines with its head of Marketing and Business Development, Derek Johnston to discuss what that means for the company and the industry at large.  Check out this article on Samsung Networks' growth tragectery -   
28:37 4/6/22
5G Private Networks - Should you deploy them now or wait for URLLC? Chat with a CTO
The discussion about 5G Private Networks often revolves around Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) and how such networks are a perfect match. In this episode, I chat with Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, CTO, and co-founder of Celona, a leading Private Network solution provider, to answer the question, "Wait for URLLC or deploy them today?" Additionally, address the perennial question, "What does a Private cellular Network do that Wi-Fi can't."  
25:57 3/8/22
What is the 5G mmWave deployment RoI ? Discussion with the writer of a Bell Labs Consulting report
In this episode, I discuss the mmWave RoI report and its specifics with its lead author Stephen Rose of Bell Labs Consulting. The discussion revolves around the methodology, findings, and the value of the report cellular operators and industry at large. As a reference, here is my article summarizing the findings of the report published on RCR Wireless News Can 5G mmWave deployments be profitable? Yes! Says Bell Labs Consulting      
29:08 1/11/22
Exploring Managed Wi-Fi and Role of AI with CTO of Plume Design
Once famous for its simplicity, Wi-Fi has gotten increasingly complex, with many spectrum bands, (2.4 GHz, two bands of 5 GHz, 6 GHz & more to come) new topologies (e.g. Mesh), a diverse mix of devices, applications, and use cases, each requiring varied needs of speed, bandwidth, latency, etc. This has made managing even simple home Wi-Fi very difficult for the average consumer. In this podcast I talk to Bill McFarland, CTO of Plume on how managed Wi-Fi works, how it can solve the challenge of managing Wi-Fi networks, and what role AI has in making all that possible.
38:00 11/22/21
5G Advanced Deep-dive – Interview with Qualcomm R&D Lead
Learn more about what, why, and how of 5G Advanced, especially regarding the new and exciting areas it is exploring—Artificial Intelligence, Full Duplex Operation, and Network Power Saving. Each of these has its challenges when it comes to standardization. I discuss with Dr. Tingfang Ji of Qualcomm what 3GPP is looking to study and standardize, including specific features and possible performance benefits. Also, check out these additional resources referenced in the podcast: Article Series: Demystifying Cellular Patents and Licensing Podcasts: How to evaluate 5G patents – Views from the subject matter expert Is owning lots of patents equal to 5G technology leadership?
36:11 9/7/21
Is SoC Domain Consolidation inevitable for the automobile industry? Bosch & Qualcomm business heads answer
While automobiles are being transformed from mechanical machines to electromechanical gadgets driven by SoCs and software, the trend is to move from 10s of single-function, limited-capability microcontroller-based ECUs to fewer high-performance SoC-based domain controllers. Stefan Buerkle, SVP Sales at Bosch USA, and Shyam Krishnamurthy  VP & Head of Auto business at Qualcomm discuss the drivers, challenges, and the current market status of domain consolidation.
38:56 7/19/21
5G Advanced and beyond - Conversation with Dr. Wanshi Chen, 3GPP RAN-TSG's incoming chair
A detailed discussion with the incoming chairman of 3GPP's largest group RAN - Technical Standards Group (RAN-TSG) regarding 5G Advanced and beyond, his vision for 5G evolution, his priorities, challenges, and opportunities, and how 3GPP is well poised to go beyond smartphone market into many industry verticals. Also, please check out my two ongoing article series related to 3GPP and standards:  1 - Demystifying Cellular Patents and Licensing  2 - The Chronicles of 3GPP Rel. 17    
30:24 6/9/21
Xeon Scalalble 3rdGen for 5G Networking & EdgeCloud - Discussion with Jeni Panhorst, VP & GM of Intel
An in-depth discussion with Jeni Panhorst VP & GM of Intel, on the latest trends in the Networking and EdgeCould market, what are the challenges the ecosystem is facing, and how Intel's latest 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors can address them. The Xeon Scalable 3rd Gen processors were announced at a recent event titled "How Wonderful Gets Done."  
30:35 4/18/21
Rural 5G - interview with Mike Irizarry, CTO of US Cellular
Defying expectations, rural 5G is attracting a lot of attention. FCC has set up a sizable "5G Fund" to help rural cellular carriers to expand the reach of 5G in the rural parts of the country. In this episode, I discuss with Michael Irizarry - CTO of US Cellular, opportunities, challenges, and the driving forces behind rural 5G. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Articles mentioned in the podcast: 5G FWA Broadband: A Better Option For Urbanites, Increased Access For Ruralites 5G Integrated Access Backhaul (IAB) - Article Series
32:48 3/28/21
How to expand 5G mmWave coverage with IABs
Small coverage footprint is one of the major challenges of mmWave bands. They require hyper-dense deployments to be effective. But bringing fiber backhaul to these is very expensive as well as time-consuming. Integrated Access Backhauls (IABs) introduced in 3GPP Rel. 16 solve that issue. It’s not just IABs, you will also need Self Interference Cancellation (SLIC) implemented in them to maximize the performance. In this episode, I talk to David Cutrer, CEO of Kumu Networks, the company developing SLIC for IABs, on how it works and when are the large-scale deployments of IABs expected. For more details, check out my Forbes article, and the article series on RCR Wireless News:
25:57 2/7/21
Are Virtual and Open RANs on the path to become mainstream? An open discussion with VP of Intel 5G Infra Group
Intel is a leading provider of the solutions to virtualized networks--both core and RAN. In this wide ranging discussion, I talk to Caroline Chan, VP and GM of Intel's 5G Infrastructure Division (Network Platform Group) about Intel's vRAN and Open RAN journey so far, quiz her about what makes her think the market forces are aligning to make these new architectures mainstream, and how Intel is accelerating that trend with its technologies, products and partnerships.
43:11 12/9/20
Qualcomm re-entering cellular infra business with 5G RAN Solutions - How, What and Why?
Qualcomm was a major cellular infrastructure player in the CDMA days, but only had a limited Small Cell offerings in 4G. It all changed with their recent announcement of 5G RAN solutions for virtualized and open radio networks. In this episode, I talk to Gerardo Giaretta of Qualcomm to understand the reasons behind this new development as well as the overall vRAN and Open RAN market landscape.
31:28 11/10/20

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