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Tantra's Mantra with Prakash Sangam

The podcast that goes behind and beyond the technology news headlines to explore the unheard and unseen. The topics include 5G, AI, IoT, Smartphones, Networking, Intellectual Property and others.


Discussing the next phase of 5G & 6G with the President of 5G Americas 27:54 05/02/2022
How much can In-line accelerators save you in 5G v/Open RAN deployment - Qualcomm & HPE study 27:23 04/22/2022
Samsung Networks MWC 2022 Round Up - Discussion with its Marketing & BD Head 28:37 04/06/2022
5G Private Networks - Should you deploy them now or wait for URLLC? Chat with a CTO 25:57 03/08/2022
What is the 5G mmWave deployment RoI ? Discussion with the writer of a Bell Labs Consulting report 29:08 01/11/2022
Exploring Managed Wi-Fi and Role of AI with CTO of Plume Design 38:00 11/22/2021
5G Advanced Deep-dive – Interview with Qualcomm R&D Lead 36:11 09/07/2021
Is SoC Domain Consolidation inevitable for the automobile industry? Bosch & Qualcomm business heads answer 38:56 07/19/2021
5G Advanced and beyond - Conversation with Dr. Wanshi Chen, 3GPP RAN-TSG's incoming chair 30:24 06/09/2021
Xeon Scalalble 3rdGen for 5G Networking & EdgeCloud - Discussion with Jeni Panhorst, VP & GM of Intel 30:35 04/18/2021
Rural 5G - interview with Mike Irizarry, CTO of US Cellular 32:48 03/28/2021
How to expand 5G mmWave coverage with IABs 25:57 02/07/2021
Are Virtual and Open RANs on the path to become mainstream? An open discussion with VP of Intel 5G Infra Group 43:11 12/09/2020
Qualcomm re-entering cellular infra business with 5G RAN Solutions - How, What and Why? 31:28 11/10/2020
How to evaluate 5G patents - Views from the subject matter expert 27:04 10/14/2020
The status and progress toward Open and Virtualized 5G RAN - Discussion with Alok Shah, VP - Samsung Networks 26:45 09/01/2020
Role of 5G and AI in robotics - A perspective from Qualcomm's business head 35:58 07/10/2020
Is owning lots of 5G patents equal to 5G technology leadership? 12:58 06/20/2020
Open RAN Policy Coalition - Is this US Govt's effort to neutralize Huawei in 5G? 14:57 05/21/2020