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When you hear the word “Disney” what do you think of? What emotions come up? What memories come flooding back? Do you think about your favorite Disney movie, the first time you walked down Main St towards the castle, or maybe the first time you were starstruck by Mickey Mouse? Disney is that smile spreading across your face, it is the pure joy you now see in your child’s eyes as they experience it like you did, this is what Disney does for the world. Every week we want to do that for you, we want to inspire that same feeling. We hope our podcast can bring you joy, happiness and magic through our experiences, advice and humor.


EP14: Cautionary Tales from EPCOT
The crowds are growing as more passholder slots have opened up in the reservation system. The weekend crowd at EPCOT resembled something closer to normal times than we anticipated and we didn't prepare properly. Listen and learn from our mistakes. 
43:49 8/27/20
EP13: Reilly's Return to the Magic Kingdom
Reilly is coming up on his second birthday and he had not been to the Magic Kingdom since January. Well, his visit did not disappoint. He saw all of his friends again, had some good food and collected some souvenirs. Of course, no trip to WDW with Reilly is complete without a poo-crisis. 
55:36 8/18/20
EP12: The Galaxy's Edge Episode!
This week, we travel to a galaxy far, far away and discuss how you can too! Galaxy's Edge is a one-of-a-kind experience based on a one-of-a-kind franchise that has captivated the minds and hearts of generations. Take a listen and hear about all Galaxy's Edge has to offer. 
76:21 8/10/20
EP11: Caribbean Beach Adventure
Three days, two nights at the most magical place on earth? Why not! We had a chance for a little couple's retreat and took in the Caribbean Beach Resort, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom with Disney Springs and plenty of Skyliner mixed in! 
70:54 8/4/20
EP10: We Booked a Resort Stay!
We found the rarest of combinations... a few days off from our day jobs and a great resort rate! Find out where we are headed and stick around to hear what hobbies we've picked up during quarantine! 
36:40 7/28/20
EP9: NBA in the WDW Bubble w/ Scott Manze
Co-host of The Sports Bar Podcast, Scott Manze joins the show to discuss what life is like for the NBA players currently hold up at WDW resorts. Janelle debunks several complaints from world-class athletes and we tip the cap to Scott's show by hosting our first Quarantine Draft: Favorite Rides!
72:48 7/20/20
EP8: Return to Animal Kingdom!
We jumped at the chance to have a passholder preview of Animal Kingdom! We'll tell you all about what we experienced and the changes you can expect on your next visit! 
56:56 7/13/20
EP7: The Battle of Disney Springs
At long last, we made our way back to a WDW property: Disney Springs. Twice. We discuss our visit, what we thought of all of the safety precautions and just how well we dealt with a parenting milestone. We closed this one out by taking a closer look at some of our favorite Disney Movies. 
45:01 7/6/20
EP6: Fun Resort Facts! & Breathtaking Moments
Janelle leads off with an update about a fan-favorite ride being re-themed. We check up on the opening dates of several resorts but stick around for some unique facts about each spot. We close out the show talking about some experiences we've had that transcended even our highest expectations. 
57:07 6/29/20
EP5: MORE Updates, Why We Love MagicBands!
Janelle gives the latest updates for reopening and what it all means if you are thinking about booking a trip. We talk about why MagicBands are a good, no, GREAT thing and should be here to stay. Close out Episode 5 talking about some of our favorite memories with the characters! 
42:50 6/22/20
EP4: Matt's First Ride at WDW was...?
Matt's tells us all about his first visit to WDW, Janelle provides some updates on the Disneyland plan to reopen and we do a deep dive into Disney+!
57:12 6/15/20
EP3: What It's Like to be a Grandparent at WDW! (WITH GUESTS!)
For the first time, we had guests in-studio to talk through unique experiences they've had. Janelle's parents, Jeff and Karen join the show to talk about visiting the parks for the first time as grandparents!
60:41 6/8/20
EP2: Disney's Plan for Reopening
Well, we already had to pivot (just a little) so that we could bring you all of the updates as it pertains to Disney reopening its doors to the parks in Mid-July! 
52:06 6/1/20
EP1: Just Getting Started!
In Episode 1 we tell some stories, give some advice and talk through what we miss the most! 
56:32 5/27/20
EP0: Welcome to the Mo' Magic Hour Podcast!
In this debut "episode" we introduce ourselves and give a little taste of what our podcast will be! 
12:03 5/22/20