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Anti lockdown, free markets, small business advocate and peaceful civil disobedience This podcast is for freedom lovers. I am trying to create a freedom family, Delivered 6 days a week, 2 short solo episodes giving freedom value and 4 30 minute episodes with freedom writers ,experts and liberty lovers. Are you Adventurous then subscribe to the freedom Adventure Podcast


476 Fiat money and the Covid Regime
Michael Esfeld says the covid regime would not have been possible without fiat money. Post modern tyranny is different because of little narratives. If covid gets debunked they move to climate change and then social injustice. We need to use reason, question and resist the regime in order to stay free. If you question the narrative, you are a heretic.
29:29 10/17/22
475 Wanted Economic Literacy
Per Bylund of AIER and Mises says that we can’t blame politicians for promising the impossible. The real problem is economic illiteracy with people in general. We discuss his new book How to think About The economy: A Primer. Economics is the least ideological science and teaches how the world works.
21:17 10/15/22
474 Agriculture Land Use
Kristoffer Hansen of Mises says celebrating less land use for agriculture is not a good thing is malinvestment of capital. There is plenty of land, but the state prevents people from using it. The Green revolution is not all it is made up to be.
34:13 10/12/22
473 China's Social Credit Scores
Sarah Lilly of Red State Abroad discusses China’s social credit score system. Things people are punished for include eating junk food, playing video games, visiting unauthorized websites, making frivolous purchases and criticizing government. The system is corrupt, rich people simply buy scores. China teaches the west why having social credit scores is a bad idea.
26:14 10/10/22
472 Digital Identity, The Elites and Defending Your freedom
Robert J. Burrowes says digitalizing your identity is a fast-track to slavery. Every detail of your personal life is being accumulated and stored and you will have to comply in order to buy and sell things. Facial recognition technology and cameras can track your every move. Elites want to micro-chip you and end freewill. We discuss how to defend your freedom.
37:25 10/8/22
471 Volker and the Great Inflation
Alex J. Pollock discusses Paul Volker and the great inflation and the similarities to today. Volker raised interest rates to an all time high and defeated run away inflation. His predecessor Arthur Burns anguished over inflation and central bankers are facing a similar anguish today.  We discuss the knowledge problem and how central planners are a menace to society.
31:16 10/5/22
470 Does the American University Deserve to Survive
Lee Trepanier of Law & Liberty discusses the 1971 paper education in a free society. We need to privatize universities or than will be no innovation. The American universities have been nationalized. We discuss how to bring change. Little has changed in 50 years.
30:56 10/3/22
469 The Swedish Labor Market
Charlotta Stern says countries like the US shouldn’t emulate the Swedish labor market. Sweden became rich after liberalizing their economy. Today the labor market uses coercion and is heavily unionized. However, Sweden is better than most EU countries and will be hurt by EU labor laws. It works for Sweden
19:53 10/1/22
468 Fed Hikes Interest Rate
Short solo episode on fed hiking the interest rate and coming disaster
04:10 9/30/22
467 Covid Enforcement Targeted Religion
Dr. Julie Ponesse of Democracy Fund says the state is targeting religious people and organizations with covid policy. Followers of the state believe the state can achieve Utopia. Anyone who questions the state is a non-believer. Freedom of religion must be preserved and freedom lovers need to fight the totalitarian state.
31:05 9/28/22
466 The Decline and Fall of the Soviet State
Yuri Maltsev of Mises says Gorbachev inadvertently brought the Soviet Union down by taking the fear out of socialism. Gorbachev did not reform socialism. Millions died under Stalin. The Soviet Union should be a stern warning against socialism. People should look to Austrian economics not Marx for answers.
35:08 9/26/22
465 When the Good Guys Get it Wrong
Bretigne Shaffer says Toby Rogers is a hero of the medical freedom movement, but gets classical liberalism and the progressive state wrong. Classical Liberalism was not helped by slavery. Industry capture is a bug, not a feature of the regulatory state.  The State is the biggest monopolist around. Freedom is the answer.
34:35 9/24/22
464 Constitution Day
I discuss Constitution Day and the Constitution
05:08 9/22/22
463 Elites Bug Me
Jon Sanders of AIER says the elites want us to eat bugs. Insects are eaten in very poor countries that can’t afford meat. The media is trying to normalize eating bugs. There is a yuck factor and bugs will never out compete meat Freedom is the answer.
17:07 9/21/22
457 The Elite and Destruction of Western Civilization
James Howard Kunstler says the Woke Up elites are destroying western civilization. The money system will fail and people in Europe are going to find it hard to heat their homes. Europe is declaring war on its own people. There will be an uprising against the elite.
26:18 9/19/22
462 People Adore Dogs Despise People
Thomas Harrington of Brownstone questions why we adore dogs and despise people. People are using dogs as a coping mechanism. People are losing social skills and worrying about being called out. Social media is making people crueler. College students have a lot of anxiety.
29:18 9/19/22
461 Teachers Unions and School Choice
Jack Elbaum of FEE says teacher Unions are politicizing schools and blaming parents. The parents woke up to education after Covid. Monopolies always are bad and we need school choice. The solution is educational freedom. The bad effects of school closures are becoming clear.
22:21 9/17/22
459 Sri Lanka and the WEF
Ben Bartee says Sri Lanka is a case study for the World Economic Forum’s policies. They took away the means for peasants to farm. They forced organic farming with no training or supplies and equipment. Food production decreased 50% and gas prices soared. The Dutch farmers are protesting. The best way to resist is become part of the parallel economy.
28:58 9/14/22
458 California Automated License Plate Readers
Jonathan Hofer of the Independent institute discussed the pitfalls of automated license plate readers in California. 1 out of 10 reads are in error. Law enforcement has a terrible record of protecting data. There is little evidence in increasing public safety. You can be pulled over at gunpoint.
30:32 9/12/22
456 Buy An Electric Car Don't Charge It
Talking about California energy policies and requiring all new cars to have 0 emissions
03:16 9/9/22
455 Pelosi's Trip to China
Christopher J. Coyne of the Independent Institute says Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was a clear signal to China, not to mess with Taiwan. Countries need to stop viewing the world as a zero-sum game. We need to look for non-violent solutions. We can no longer afford the empire.
28:34 9/7/22
454 Inflation is the Government's Fault
Andre Marques says inflation makes people poorer and it’s the government’s fault. Inflation is caused by monetary expansion and businesses lose profits. The poor suffer the most and the wealthy save less. It is the government that perpetuates poverty
32:35 9/5/22
453 Consumer Virtue Signaling
Kimberlee Josephson says Gen Z should ditch virtue in consumer choices. Consumers should abide the trader principle which promotes progress. Patagonia bashes chemicals and oil products then use these vey products. The thrift store is the most environmentally sound.
27:36 9/3/22
452 Anti- Depressants are Depressing
short solo episode about ant- depressants
03:48 9/2/22
451 Wilma Soss and the Forgotten Investor Movement
Jan Traflet discusses her book Fearless: Wilma Soss and America’s Forgotten Investor Movement. Wilma Soss was a activist for small shareholders. We discuss the similarities between the 69’s and 70’s and today. We discuss Wilma’s views on civil rights, Marxism and inflation.
26:46 8/31/22
450 The Populist Right and Trade
Tate Fegley is excited about liberty and the populist right, but disappointed about their views on trade. The founding founders were individuals with different views. Tariffs are a tax and hurt consumers. The populist right needs to understand the destructive effects of tariffs in American history. America benefits from being a gigantic free trade zone.
29:23 8/29/22
449 End the Gasoline Crisis through Production
Raymond C. Niles of AIER says we need to end the gasoline crisis through production, not coercion. Biden is thinking of price fixing, which led to long gas lines in the 1970’s. The fair price is the market price, which is telling us we need to increase oil production. Coercion makes people poorer and production makes us wealthy.
29:54 8/27/22
448 Adios Fauci
Short solo episode saying good riddance to Fauci
04:04 8/26/22
447 Government can make Climate Change Worst
Josiah Neely says government can make climate change worst. We need to cut regulatory tape for clean energy sources. States with utility choice can meet green energy demand better. We need to eliminate subsidies. The solutions for clean energy lie in the free market.
28:46 8/24/22
446 Planning fails because Rules Rule
Robert E. Wright of AIER says planners fail because of the knowledge problem and perverse incentives. Organizations need to decentralize and bring decision making to the lowest level. Firms need to incentivize their employees. Central planning almost always fails.
27:44 8/22/22

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