Show cover of We're All Going To Die, Anyway

We're All Going To Die, Anyway

What makes a good life? Is it money? Fans or followers? Health? Success? Having a family? Creating a spiritual practice? “We’re All Going To Die, Anyway” is a podcast and video series hosted by cultural expert, speaker, and consultant Jess Weiner. After twenty-five years as a self-made entrepreneur and CEO advising brands on better representing people in their media, marketing, advertising, and workforce, Jess has broadened her work to help others explore what it means to create a Good Life on their own terms. Together with inspiring guests, Jess will joyously delve into conversations about life, death, and everything in between, exploring what it means to live urgently, and asking: “What is the life you’ve always wanted to create that you’ve avoided creating?" As we are being called right now to consider what is essential and necessary in our lives, the world as we know it is changing—and so can we.