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Entrepreneurs / The Hustle / Craft Brews. Join me as I sit down with Local Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to talk about how they got to where they are today. Learn about the hustle it took to get there, the grind you never get to see, and how they turned a vision into reality.


Ep 20 - Roselawn Pharmacy - Jason Dorsey
On Episode 20, we’re chattin’ it up with Jason Dorsey at one of our favorite places to grab drinks…the Nine Giant Fermentorium!, Jason is the owner & head pharmacist of Roselawn Pharmacy. We met Jason at one of our favorite places to grab drinks…the Nine Giant Fermentorium! Not all entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs. Some, like Jason, play the hand they were dealt & end up stepping into the role.  He was actually preparing himself for ownership prior to knowing he was one day going to be an owner. Things happened…& an amazing opportunity presented itself…the timing was seemingly perfect. It couldn't have happened to a better person, in my opinion.We were also joined by the co-owner & head brewer of Nine Giant & The Fermentorium, Mike Albarella, to talk about their brews. Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Materialistic" by Cory Christopher Beats 
83:48 09/05/2022
Ep 19 - Panda Trading Co, Dope, Decibel - Kam Siu
I sat down w/ Cincinnati entrepreneur Kam Siu at Esoteric Brewing in Walnut Hills, OH.Kam Siu is the CEO of Panda Trading Company, Dope Asian Street Fare, & Decibel Korean Fried Chicken.Kam's ability to network & build a killer team/reliable work force, coupled w/ his drive & creativity have made him into one of the fastest growing hustlers in our city. If you ask him, he probably won't say it happened fast but he has created a lot of unique businesses in a relatively short time period. We are also joined by Esoteric's Assistant Brand Manager, Juice, to talk about the brews we consumed during the podcast & the brewery itself.Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Sunset Years" by Cory Christopher Beats 
115:09 06/20/2022
Update 2022
I've been missing for a while.Here's why.My apologies.I'm back.
05:36 05/17/2022
Ep 18 - Cincinnati Watch Company - Rick Bell
I sit down w/ Cincinnati Watch Company's Rick Bell at Brink Brewing Company in College Hill, OH. Rick Bell is one of the owners of Cincinnati Watch Company in Cincinnati, OH. Listen to how a passion for timepieces & a deep love for his city & community, in general, lead Rick to co-creating the first watch company to assemble watches in Cincinnati since 1958! We are also joined by Brink founder, Andrew McCleese, to talk about some of the beer we drank during the podcast.  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely Sponsor Music: "Bankrupt" by Cory Christopher Beats 
93:59 01/15/2022
Ep 17 - Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar - Steve Del Gardo
I sit down w/ Cincinnati's own..."The Cannoli Guy" at Third Eye Brewing Company in Sharonville, OH!Steve Del Gardo is the owner of Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar in Covington, KY.Hear how Steve's lifelong dream of being a business owner was realized after a winning  battle with breast cancer shifted his mind state to go for it.We are also joined by Third Eye brewer, Chloe Schaefer, to talk about some of the beer we drank during the podcast & the upcoming collaboration they are working on w/ The Cannoli Guy.Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Street Runner" by Cory Christopher Beats 
81:52 09/26/2021
Ep 16 - Hot Sauce For Mortals - Nathan Hanks
I sat down on the stage at Fretboard Brewing w/ Nathan Hanks to record my first ever LIVE episode (recorded on 8/9/21).Nathan is the owner/creator/chef of "Hot Sauce For Mortals", a young local hot sauce company that creates an eclectic variety of delicious hot sauces that focuses on flavor over heat.We handed out Face Murder Chocolates...we talked about his company...& we had a hot wing challenge.Absolutely under 1000 characters, Marco & Julia!!!!Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely
40:45 09/15/2021
Ep 15 - Gorilla Cinema - Jacob Trevino & Otto Baum
On this episode, we joined the Gorilla Cinema power team of Jacob Trevino & Otto Baum at the beautiful Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. If you’re unfamiliar w/ these two creative geniuses, you’re probably hip to their amazing & unique bars & restaurant as they are the minds behind Tiki Tiki Bang Bang in Walnut Hills (formerly The Video Archive), The Lonely Pine Steak House in Pleasant Ridge, Tokyo Kitty downtown, La Ofrenda in OTR, & the OG venue of The Overlook Lodge, which is where this podcast was recorded. These two hustlers joined forces to make, what I consider, one of the most powerful partnerships in the Nati.This is the first time I’ve ever recorded partners like this, in terms of them both being separate entrepreneurs successful in their own lanes...who didn’t even know each other...met...believed in the other’s abilities & vision…& teamed up to become a thriving partnership. I’ve been following both of these guys for quite a while & they have consistently blown me away w/ what they’ve come up w/ over the years.  Their spaces are always so creative, well thought out, unique, the attention to detail is impeccable, & they really DO take you to another place for an experience you won’t forget.  I appreciate them as a patron, I respect them as a hustler, & I admire them as Cincinnatian who loves his city. The takeaway is easy on this one & is right in line w/ what I’m trying to do w/ this podcast.  It’s two-fold too.  The first is that they’re telling stories.  Jacob has elaborate visions of venues that tell a story.  That story is one of the most important parts of what is ultimately created too. The second is that they are supporting local. Otto has an amazing ability to create physical spaces that match Jacob’s vision but he also has pride in the workmanship he puts into them because he loves the areas they are investing in & he is well-aware of the positive impact he is having on those communities.  I record this podcast to hear & record people’s stories & to support local businesses, so this was a great duo to have on as guests. I genuinely encourage you to make it a point to support these guys. Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Grow" by Cory Christopher Beats 
93:02 08/08/2021
Ep 14 - Adena Distributing - Michael Amann
This ep features Michael Amann of Adena Distributing.  I had the pleasure of sitting down w/ Michael at Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky as we talked about his journey into the distribution game.  Adena Distributing is the premier craft beer distribution company in Ohio & is responsible for bringing in some of the best craft beer our bottle shops, tap houses, & local craft brew spots have to offer! They are the newest local distributor in the state & are already making big moves in the short time they have been around.I’d heard of Adena before but this was my first time meeting Michael & I really didn’t have too much insight into his back story.  The thing that impressed me the most is the factors that pushed him to create a distribution company.  Michael created this company because he needed to make a career move…he didn’t see anything available for him…so he created his position by starting his own company. He had the industry experience, he saw an opportunity for innovation in a space that was lacking it, & he knew he could create a service that provided value to the local craft beer scene.I love this interview. I met a really cool guy & we fell right into a comfortable & casual conversation that felt like we were old buddies just catching up, & he taught me a lot about an industry I didn’t know too much about. 
112:10 07/20/2021
Ep 13 - Corporate - Matt Tomamichel
On this episode, I sit down at Streetside Brewery in historic Columbia Tusculum w/ Matt Tomamichel, the Owner of Corporate – Cincinnati’s premier sneaker & clothing shop. Not only is Matt the owner of Corporate, but he is also an accomplished designer, a giving philanthropist w/ his Bigger Than Sneakers non-profit, & just a helluva guy w/ some just inspiring & positive vibes.  It was a pleasure to talk to Matt & listen to his come-up story while enjoying some cold Streetside brews. Corporate is located in Hyde Park & is known by sneakerheads across the country.  However, creating such a successful business wasn’t the only goal for Matt.  Although his 2nd store recently opened w/ immediate hype & success in Indianapolis…that didn’t seem to be what made him tick.  Throughout our conversation you could see how excited he got when he talked about seeing people come up, or mentioning the pride he has in his team, or describing BTS – his Bigger Than Sneakers non-profit. It was those things, or the mentioning of his family, supporters, coaches, & mentors who were by his side & encouraging him & teaching him game along his journey to success that really lit him up. I could feel his energy when he described these people & things & it was obvious he was genuinely grateful for all of them. Like all real hustlers, he ‘s been humbled by failures & learned to embrace the lessons they leave in their wake. He respects the game, too, as he gets excited to see others shine & shows love to his community & empathy & compassion to those less fortunate. His climb to his current level of success makes perfect sense when he lays it out, but it was a grind the whole way & he deserves every ounce of success that he’s earned.  This dude is the truth & I’m excited for you to hear this interview. I hope you finish this & are as fired up as I was. 
125:48 06/03/2021
Ep 12 - Hustle & Brews Podcast / OwnerLand Realty - Matt DeMaris
This episode is different than any other &, honestly, it makes me writing this intro a little awkward. That’s because I’m the guest on this one & my wife is interviewing me. I typically give a nice long introduction on the episode’s guest & big up them about things they talked about in the interview & the hustle that got them to their position. However, since I’m the interviewee…that just seems weird, so…I’ll just tell you how the idea for this episode came about.My buddy Rock is one of my most trusted long-time friends & I pitched him the idea of this podcast prior to recording anything & then I sent him the first episode I ever recorded to get his thoughts & feedback.  He said he wanted to hear more about me & suggested that we do a few episodes talking about my “Hustle Journey”.  I was resistant…especially to a couple episodes, but my wife agreed so we started tossing around the idea.  This episode is part of what we came up with. The traditional “Hustle & Brews” sit down interview over quite a few brews.However, there is…& will be more.  See the whole reason I record this podcast, aside from loving to talk to hustlers while we drink craft beer, is to provide a blueprint for my kids. That’s, honestly, the bottom line to all this.  I think the insights & inspiration the folks I interview give us through telling their stories is invaluable & my goal is to document it so my kids can refer to the advice & guidance these amazing entrepreneurs lay out during our interviews.  Plus it documents me too. Long after I’m gone, these recordings will be available for my kids to listen to. Maybe even my grandkids or great grandkids & so on (on some Gary Vee shit).  I feel like I’m providing generations of my family w/ an opportunity to learn about a business owner’s mindset & to hear me & get to know me, in a sense.  That’s why I try to keep these super casual & edit as little as possible.  That brings me to the “more” part.  My wife also interviewed some of my family members, friends, & former business partners & I will drop those shorter interviews every now & again in between my upcoming future episodes.  The cool thing is…I haven’t heard those interviews yet so I’ll be listening to them for the first time when you do (too). She interviewed my parents, my brother, & some of my most trusted & loved friends & business partners so they can give you their perspective on my hustle as well. I think it will be interesting & give more depth to that “blueprint” this podcast is meant to provide.Keep in mind that this podcast was recorded almost a year ago, shortly after the quarantine went into effect. So, some of the things you'll hear might sound dated.  We weren't sure how we were going to present this episode so we held on to it for quite a while, finally just releasing it.  Enjoy!
86:12 05/06/2021
Ep 11 - Ali Rittenhouse International - Ali Rittenhouse
On this episode we sat down w/ Shanelle’s classmate & my newest friend in Sidney…Ali Rittenhouse.  She is the owner of Ali Rittenhouse International.The first time I met Ali, the whole idea of this podcast was just a blip of a thought in my head but I knew she was exactly the type of person that I would highlight on an episode if I ever made it happen. Well, here we are & I’m really excited for you to get to know her! She’s a social media guru, an online business coach, a consultant for entrepreneurs all over the word, & an incredible advocate & prod resident of her hometown of Sidney, Ohio.  The takeaway on this episode is easy.  Simply put “You Can Do It” & no matter what you’re going through or what kind of obstacles you’re facing…you can get through it, overcome, prosper, & succeed!  Every entrepreneur faces challenges while building their business.  Most are small learning experiences that come as part of the process but some are massive. Some have nothing to do w/ the business or the goals either.  Some are just life situations that pop up out of nowhere or that have been issues longer than we can remember. Most of these types of obstacles would break you down whether you are building a business or working a 9-5.  The bottom line is…we all go through some shit.  You might be going through something right now.  I just want to let you know that you can get through it…you’re stronger than you think…& you’re not alone in feeling like that.  Ali was very candid in telling her story & I already know it will inspire you if you’re in a place where you’re feeling like you don’t have any fight left in you.  You do…& you aren’t far from being amazing & happier than you’ve ever been!  Just keep grinding it out & believe in your hustle. You got this shit.
87:45 01/01/2021
Ep 10 - Highgrain Brewing Co. - Matt Utter & Brad Brooks
***Note - Please excuse the sound on this one again - We had some crazy reverb due to the venue & it effected the audio. However, now I know about what caused this so I will be more aware in the future.  Sorry y'all...I'm new to this, but I'm getting better. "I will fail my way to success"***On this episode of the Hustle & Brews Podcast I am talking to Matt Utter & Brad Brooks with Highgrain Brewing Company in Silverton, OH.I’m a big fan of Highgrain & I was really excited to sit down w/ these guys to learn more about them & the brewery. I’ve only met Matt in person really quickly a handful of times & we’ve been connected on Social Media for quite a while so we knew who each other was, but I’ve never sat down & chopped it up w/ him.The big takeaway from this episode is timing. The path & journey Matt has taken in his brewing career seems like it was laid out perfectly for him.  However, if he wasn’t ready to take the next step when the opportunity presented itself…the story might go untold…or at least it may have unfolded in a different trajectory.  He told me his buddy calls him the “luckiest guy in the world” & I can see why he thinks so. Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time or knowing the right people or working in the right spot can play to your advantage.  You have to be able to recognize or accept it when it does though. After talking to him, I think Matt’s script was written & he was just playing the role.  Good on him too! Visit & support Highgrain.  They’re good at what they do.  They have 2 brewers who were both, ironically, trained in Germany & ended up meeting in Cincy & ultimately working together in Silverton.  From the beer, to the food, to the venue, to the location…this place is impressive to anyone who loves a good craft brewery. Go see for yourself.  Just tell them you heard about them here when you do! 
91:46 11/01/2020
Ep 9 - Rebel Mettle Brewery - Mike Brown & Team
***Note - Please excuse the sound on this one - We had some crazy reverb due to the venue & it effected the audio. However, now I know about what caused this so I will be more aware in the future (not including the next episode, because it happened there too & I turned them into production at the same time). Sorry y'all...I'm new to this, but I'm getting better. "I will fail my way to success"***On this episode we’re talking to the crew behind Cincinnati’s newest brewery…Rebel Mettle…located on Central Avenue between 4th & 5th Streets in downtown’s business district. They’ve been open for about a month now, but we sat down with them for this interview only a few days before their grand opening. They were, literally, finishing up painting the floors when we showed up & had a sizable punch list of things to get to, so I was blown away when the whole team sat down w/ us! It was really great & there was definitely a noticeable “buzz” of excitement in the air about the quickly approaching Opening Day!  The big takeaway, for me, in this episode is the importance & value of the team.  It was immediately obvious that every single one of these folks had invested time, sweat, & beers to getting this place ready & each & everyone of them was as full of pride as they were exhausted.  Owner, Mike Brown, stressed the importance of everybody there as well as the one missing member, DWan, who we ended up meeting when we stopped down during the opening weekend. Mike talked about their value & his approach to managing several times through the interview & it was obvious he looked at his team like a family. I think the trust in one another was obvious & they were ready to start opening the taps to share their passion with their new neighbors & guests!  I was really impressed w/ everyone I talked to that day & all the beers I sampled were on point! I’ve been back a third time, too, & the most recent beer releases were super tasty too! I’ll be watching closely & showing them love for years to come!Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Circles" by Cory Christopher BeatsEpisode Sponsors: Vets & Brews & Donohoo Accounting Services
74:09 11/01/2020
Ep 8 - Point to Point Inspections - Pete Day
Point to Point Inspections, LLC is located in Austin, TX & is owned by Pete Day.  After building a successful home inspection company, Pete began day trading on the side & is about to turn that side hustle into his main source of income. Point to Point Inspections serves the greater Austin area & provides its clients with quality home inspections while providing honest feedback about a home's condition to help alleviate anxiety & build confidence through the home buying process. While building the inspection business, Pete also began to dabble in another long-time interest...the stock market.  After years of self education & trading, he has come to the point where his strategy & approach are starting to pay off. So much so, that he's preparing to switch his day trading side hustle with the home inspection business! Pete is a great example of how many entrepreneurs operate, in that he is always looking for new ways to create revenue streams.  The hustle just don't stop with this guy! Creating one successful business wasn't enough, so he focused on his next move while building the first one up & now has the luxury of switching them out.I don't have contact info for you on this one.  If you need a home inspection in Austin, hopefully he'll still be doing that by the time you get in touch with him after listening to this.  Otherwise, you might have to wait a few years until our follow up interview to get updated on how his day trading is going. If you're an aspiring attention.  Be like Pete.  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely Sponsor Music: "Sweat" by Cory Christopher Beats Episode Sponsors: Victory Hearing & Balance Center & Mister Good Beard
119:46 09/01/2020
Ep 7 - Chad Robert Paint Finishings - Chad Ulrich @ Happy 2 Brewing Company
Chad Roberts Paint Finishings is owned & operated by Chad Ulrich & he is, in my humble opinion, the best painter in the Greater Cincinnati area. Chad Roberts Paint Finishings has been in business for over 4 years (16+ in the industry) & they service the entire tri-state area, focusing on higher-end homes & commercial spaces. If you want it done right...on time...& on budget w/ no hassles...Chad is your guy! I've been working w/ Chad as long as I've known him. In those 14+ years, I've never met a painter to match his quality, work ethic, & attention to detail. As a Realtor & Real Estate investor I have worked with countless contractors over the years & Chad is the longest-standing & most confidently recommended contact I've ever had or handed out as a referral. He's the best at what he does. Not all small businesses & entrepreneurs make a living with brick & mortar business fronts & high overhead. Chad has created a thriving & highly reputable & referred business by fine-tuning & constantly improving a learned skill over many years & countless hours of experience. If you're looking for a painter & want it done right & don't want to worry about the stereotypical hassle of dealing w/ a yourself a favor & call Chad Roberts Paint Finishings at (513) 349-2560. You won't regret it. Be sure to tell him I sent you too!  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely Sponsor Music: "Champagne Tears" by Cory Christopher Beats Episode Sponsors: OwnerLand Realty & Sinclair Lawn & Landscaping
71:30 07/19/2020
Ep 6 - McHarper Manor - Tabitha & Tom Harper @ Narrow Path Brewing Co.
McHarper Manor is located in a beautiful historic building located in Milford, OH & is owned by Tabitha & Tom Harper, who are two amazing individuals who recently (& unexpectedly) found out what its like to “go viral” on a global scale! McHarper Manor offers in-person & online Arts & Crafts classes taught by owner, Tabitha Harper, & many other local artists eager & excited to share & teach their love of the arts.  They cover many mediums to engage & inspire people of all ages & from every corner of the globe with a passion for creativity. They provide the space & instruction for anyone & everyone to create something beautiful.  They initially caught my attention when I found out they are the creators of the locally legendary Cincy Brewery Map Shirts, but it was their recent viral explosion that catapulted them to the front of my list of guests!  They…blew…up, y’all!!!!  I’ve never seen anything like what they experienced & I wanted to sit down & talk about it over a few brews while it was still fresh.  A single post spawned from a compassionate & empathetic reaction for all of the kids & parents blindsided by the stay-at-home order, sent them on a journey of viral rock stars & completely changed their way of doing business. They are another truly local small business that just happened to capture the attention of people across the country & all over the world.  They have always been supportive of their fellow artists & other businesses in the city they call home.  Look them up…join a class or buy a shirt or something…just show them support because they absolutely deserve it.   Just make sure you tell them you heard about them here!  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely Sponsor Music: "Strive" by Cory Christopher Beats Episode Sponsors: Maddie Rae Designs & OwnerLand Realty
118:04 06/16/2020
Ep 5 - The Common Beer Co. - Mark & Amy Lortz
The Common Beer Co. is located in beautiful historic downtown Mason, OH & is owned & operated by two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, Mark & Amy Lortz.Besides serving up delicious locally crafted brews to their patrons & friends, this amazing Mason power couple lives in & loves the community they set up shop in.  They created the business as a way to, personally, better their hometown & they did that by investing in, renovating, remodeling, & reviving a building in their historic Main Street corridor & turning it into a brewery with hopes of creating a center point & hub where their neighbors could gather.  The Common Beer Co. is a beautiful venue with warm & welcoming decor that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step through the doors. There's plenty of space, a long L-shaped bar, & a relaxing outdoor patio area with a firepit & extra seating out back.  It's one of my favorite local breweries to visit. The staff, along w/ Mark & Amy, are always super friendly & make you feel right at home as you sit down to sample their beer.They are a true local small business & are passionate about their craft & city.  I encourage everyone listening to make it a priority to pay this place a visit once this quarantine ends. In the meantime, stop by for a carry-out growler & tell them you heard about them here!Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Drip Drill" by Cory Christopher BeatsEpisode Sponsors: Midwest Best BBQ & Cincy Brew Bus
115:45 05/01/2020
Ep 4 - Rob Radford's Boxing 4 Fitness - Rob Radford @ Bad Tom Smith Brewing (Madisonville)
Rob Radford's Boxing 4 Fitness is located in Madisonville, OH & has been dedicated to whipping Cincinnatians into shape for over 25 years.  My wife & I sat down with Rob at Bad Tom Smith Brewing on the corner of Madison & Whetsel Aves (just a few blocks away from his gym) & listened in amazement as he told us some of the most entertaining stories ever.  We also (mainly) talked about how he built his dream from the ground up.  His stories were as incredible as his grind!Boxing for fitness is located on Eriee Ave right on the curve by Whetsel Ave. &  is one of the most unique workout programs in the city!  The motto is "Train Like The Pros Without The Blows" & Rob is pretty sure he was the first boxing-only fitness gym in the country.  The 60 minute classes offer a total body workout through intense & fun interval training for all ages & levels of fitness. Rob also offers personal training w/ customized workouts designed specifically for you that are supplemented w/ a healthy nutritional plan. On top of that, Rob works w/ professional boxers, MMA athletes, & has even trained celebrities like Dave Bautista!Rob is a skilled teacher & an excellent motivator.  His style of training & methods of encouragement to help build self esteem is a perfect fit for his business.  Recognizing what you're good at & knowing how to utilize it is crucial for any entrepreneur starting their own hustle.  Rob has humbly nailed that down & capitalized on his natural ability to push people  w/ his zen-like demeanor & high level of likeability.  As always, I encourage anyone reading this to look up Rob & Boxing 4 Fitness & stop in for an amazing workout.  Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Horizon" by Cory Christopher BeatsEpisode Sponsors: 5 Pillars Health & Wellness & Emmett Ridge Farm (ERF)
78:51 04/01/2020
Ep 3 - Emmett Ridge Farm - Jeremy Boswell @ BC's Bottle Lodge (Montgomery)
Emmett Ridge Farm (ERF) is located in Amelia, OH (just outside of Cincinnati) & their mission is to instigate a mind shift, & help lead the charge to a vibrant & sustainable food system. They do this by showing people how they create food for their community &!  If you are concerned with & want to feel confident about the food you feed your family, & are looking for a local source that you can trust is treating their animals & the process w/ integrity...look no further.  Go online to find out more or go visit Emmett Ridge Farm in person & check out what they are doing.  Seeing is believing!Jeremy is as intense as he is driven.  In order to step into the role of an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to be focused & willing to go all-in.  He knew what he needed to do in order to make this dream happen & he went for it.  Plain & "simple".  You'll hear him talk about "tenacity" & it'll be evident that the level of tenacity that he's running on is through the roof! The drive, the passion, the focus, & the integrity are all additional qualities that make this guy's hustle so successful & interesting.  I urge anyone reading these words to look ERF up & give them a try. I sat down with Jeremy at BC's Bottle Lodge in Montgomery & we shared a few brews (& laughs) while we discussed his journey to becoming a first-generation farmer & the owner of Emmett Ridge Farm.Podcast Production: John Bl@zeTheme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelySponsor Music: "Drip Drill" by Cory Christopher BeatsEpisode Sponsors: Sinclair Lawn & Landscaping  Services & Cincy Brew Bus
76:15 03/01/2020
Ep 2 - Crooked Can Brewing Company - Jared Czachorowski @ Crooked Can Brewing (Winter Garden, FL)
Crooked Can Brewing company is located just outside of Orlando, FL.  The wispy oak trees & brick streets of historic Winter Garden create the perfect backdrop for a truly unique brewery that takes an obvious & tremendous amount of pride in the community in which it lives. If you ever visit Orlando, I highly recommend making Crooked Can part of your vacation plans.  Its worth the short drive to experience this one-of-a-kind place & spend some money at a great local establishment! Almost all small businesses depend on the support of their local communities.  Crooked Can Brewing Company is no different in that regard, especially since they're serving up delicious craft brews to all of their neighbors.  They are different in that they have incorporated the community support into their whole vision & business plan.  They created a beautiful gathering place for their town that epitomizes the concept of "Support Local" & I think the impact they've had will be felt & respected for years to come! I sat down with Jared at the Plant St Market in Winter Garden, FL & we enjoyed a few brews while discussing his journey as one of the three founders of Crooked Can Brewing Company.  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelyEpisode Sponsors: Brewing Heritage Trail & Cincy Brew Bus
41:12 02/13/2020
Ep 1.5 (2nd Half) - Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati (QCB) - Justen Cheers
The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati (QCB) closed its doors & locked up for the last time in September 2019. I sit down, separately, with Jason Surniak (Head Brewer) & Justen Cheers (CFO) to talk about why.  Not all hustles have happy endings. In fact, many small businesses end up having to shut down for some reason or another.  Its not an uncommon ending. These two entrepreneurs openly & honestly talk to me about what they feel, ultimately, lead to QCB closing their doors for good. We talk about how it started, what went down, & what's next for these two hustlers. I sat down with Justen at my house in Cincinnati, OH & we enjoyed a few brews while discussing his journey as QCB's CFO.  Podcast Production: John Bl@ze Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelyEpisode Sponsor: Cincy Brew Bus
65:36 01/07/2020
Ep 1 (1st Half) - Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati (QCB) - Jason Surniak @ Fifty West Brewing Company
The Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati (QCB) closed its doors & locked up for the last time in September 2019. I sit down, separately, with Jason Surniak (Head Brewer) & Justen Cheers (CFO) to talk about why.Not all hustles have happy endings. In fact, many small businesses end up having to shut down for some reason or another.  Its not an uncommon ending. These two entrepreneurs openly & honestly talk to me about what they feel, ultimately, lead to QCB closing their doors for good. We talk about how it started, what went down, & what's next for these two hustlers.I sat down with Jason at 50 West Brewing Company in Mariemont, OH & we enjoyed a few brews while discussing his journey as QCB's Head Brewer.Podcast Production: John Bl@zeMusic: "Farmers Name" by Highly LikelyEpisode Sponsor: Cincy Brew Bus
67:42 01/07/2020