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The Streets Dept Podcast features conversations with the creative minds shaping the world around us from street artists to poets, activists to politicians, small business owners to content creators. The podcast is hosted by Conrad Benner. Conrad is a Fishtown (Philadelphia, PA) born-and-raised photo-blogger, curator, and podcaster.


Streets Dept Podcast: Terrill Haigler Makes A Big Announcement
To kick off the 5th year of the Streets Dept Podcast, host Conrad Benner talks with a very special guest who's making a big announcement. That guest is Terrill Haigler, but there's a chance you know him better as “Ya Fav Trashman.” Over the last few years, Terrill has turned a much-beloved Instagram account that he created to help Philadelphians better understand the challenges of sanitation work at the start of the pandemic into a movement for better streets. Now, he's hoping to take that energy to local government.  
70:14 09/03/2022
Rick Krajewski On The Power And Possibility Of The PA State House
On today’s episode host Conrad Benner is joined by Rick Krajewski. Krajewski is a State Representative running for his second term serving PA’s 188th District. He is a progressive Democrat in a PA Congress which has Republicans in control of both chambers of the state legislature. As he comes to the end of his first two-year term and runs for his second, we discuss the obstacles and opportunities of working in this congress, especially over the last two years with the added challenges created by Covid. And we talk about his goals for a second term, one he'll likely serve if he beats his Primary challenger in the coming May 17th elections. 
31:43 05/15/2022
Alexandra Hunt On Running For Congress
On today’s episode host Conrad Benner is joined by Alexandra Hunt. Hunt is a public health researcher, a girls’ soccer coach, an advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and an organizer who’s running for election to the United States House of Representatives from the 3rd district of Pennsylvania. Running to the left of her Democratic opponent in this month’s Primaries, Hunt has employed her past experience to develop an out-of-the-box campaign that’s currently raised nearly $500,000 and earned lot of national and international attention.
40:27 05/03/2022
Ugly Art Films On Kickstarting A Filmmaking Career
On today’s episode host Conrad Benner is joined by Elijah Crawford and Zach Miscavage, Co-Owners of Ugly Art Films. In just over a year after Ugly Art's conception, the company has produced over 18 projects with artists nationally, including music videos, a not-yet-released interview series, commercial work, and more. Together we talk about how the pair met to start a filmmaking effort, how they've developed their signature style, and what's on deck as they plan their first short film, "The Cure for Depression"!
61:02 04/10/2022
Anne Ishii Talks Queerness, Love, Art, and Leadership
On today’s episode host Conrad Benner is joined by Anne Ishii! Anne is a writer based in Philadelphia and New York, as well as the Executive Director of Asian Arts Initiative. Anne also owns and runs MASSIVE GOODS, a fashion brand and manga publisher. Together we talk about queerness, love, art, leadership, and so much more!
56:16 03/15/2022
Josh Pellegrini on Photography, NFTs, and Building Creative Communities
On today’s episode host Conrad Benner is joined by Philly-based artist Josh Pellegrini. Josh talks about finding an artistic community through his sobriety. Leaving his nursing career to become a full-time photographer. And what he's learned with his newfound success in NFTs. 
55:30 02/10/2022
Jonathon Stalls and The Fight For Pedestrian Dignity
Today on the podcast host Conrad Benner talks with Denver-based walking artist and pedestrian advocate, Jonathon Stalls. In 2010, Jonathon spent 242 days walking across the United States. Since then he's built a grassroots walking movement focused on cultivating connections to others, to the places we live, and to ourselves. One of his latest efforts: creating content for his wildly popular Pedestrian Dignity TikTok page that explores good and bad public design across the world.
52:43 01/09/2022
Kah Yangni and Centering Trans People In Public Art
Today on the podcast host Conrad Benner talks with artist-on-the-rise, Kah Yangni about their burgeoning art career, their take on muralism, and their latest mural in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia that celebrates Philadelphians from the trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary communities!
58:44 12/23/2021
Conrad Benner on 10 Years of Streets Dept
In this special anniversary episode, Founder Conrad Benner opens up about 10 years of blogging about Philly art and public space! For the conversation, Conrad is interviewed by Streets Dept Contributor, Eric Dale. 
67:04 11/22/2021
Sidebar: A New View – Camden, Contemplating The Potential Energy Ahead (Ep 4)
In today's final Sidebar: A New View – Camden episode we talk with one of the final groups who built an installation for this project, Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi of SLO Architecture and contemplate the cycles of Camden’s history and potential energy ahead! 
36:15 10/13/2021
Sidebar: A New View – Camden, Art As A Public Resource (Ep 3)
In this third episode of the Streets Dept Podcast Sidebar series, "Sidebar: A New View – Camden," we’ll talk with two of the artist groups that built installations for the project whose work not only called attention to illegal dumping but created public resources for the surrounding communities to use and share: Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein (aka The Myth Makers) and their outdoor amphitheater; then, Athena Steen and Josh Sarantitis and their public oven!
51:19 10/06/2021
Miguel Antonio Horn and Sculpting For Our Public Space
Earlier this month, a new work of public art from Philly-based artist Miguel Antonio Horn titled “Contrafuerte" went viral and earned international attention. On this episode, we talk with the artist about the work, its wild reception, and the possibility of public art in the 21st Century. 
62:18 09/21/2021
Sidebar: A New View – Camden, “Mechan 11: The Collector” (Ep 2)
In this second episode of the Streets Dept Podcast Sidebar series, "Sidebar: A New View – Camden," we talk with artists Tyler Fuqua and Jason Hutchinson about their giant roadside robot and Associate Director for Education at Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts Noreen Scott Garrity to learn more about the curatorial process and need for a project that combines temporary public art and public space to advocate for a crucial municipal issue.  
32:40 07/06/2021
Sidebar: A New View – Camden, "The Invincible Cat" (Ep 1)
Welcome to the first Streets Dept Podcast "Sidebar" series, where we’ll explore different topics and issues with multiple people over several episodes. For this first Sidebar series, we’ll be talking with artists Don Kennell and Lisa Adler, along with the Vice President of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership Meishka Mitchell, to begin a conversation about public art, public space, and the $4 million problem of illegal dumping in Camden, NJ. 
34:56 05/16/2021
Anna Shipp
Anna Shipp is the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia! In today's episode, we chat about building a just, green, and thriving economy centered by local, independent businesses. We also discuss the challenges that systemic racism and COVID-19 present in creating that  economy.
58:54 09/22/2020
Kris Henderson
Kris Henderson (pronouns: they/them) is a movement lawyer and organizer. They are the executive director of the Amistad Law Project, a West Philadelphia-based organization that provides direct representation to people in prison, advocates for just criminal legal policies, and organizes against mass incarceration and for alternatives to imprisonment. Today we talk about ending mass incarceration in the US. 
52:18 08/22/2020
Fabiola Cineas
Fabiola Cineas is a race reporter at Vox where she covers politics, policy, and culture. Today we dive into some of her recent reporting, including how popular opinion is shifting with the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, finding justice for Breonna Taylor, and the coming Presidential Election. As well, we talk about her viral tweet thread that became a resulting factor in the resignation of her former editor at Philly Mag. 
64:08 08/05/2020
Michael O'Bryan
Michael O'Bryan is an expert practitioner and budding researcher in the fields of community development, organizational culture, and human wellbeing. He's currently an Innovation Fellow at Drexel University’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and serves as Director of Learning at The Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia. Today we talk about defunding the police, generational resilience after decades of chaos-creating policy, and why Philly's Mayor Kenney must resign now. 
84:50 07/21/2020
Tayyib Smith
Today, we’ll be chatting with Tayyib Smith! Tayyib is Principle of Meta Global, parent company to Little Giant Creative. Dedicated to cultural competency and the ability to engage multicultural audiences, Tayyib has long been a successful conduit of professional and cultural ecosystems.
54:07 05/19/2020
Robert Perry
Robert Perry runs one of Philadelphia's most beloved bar/restaurants, South Street's Tattooed Mom (aka Tmoms). And in this unprecedented moment, I talk with Robert not only about challenges of fears of being a small business owner in the age of COVID-19, but about his story, about how Tmoms has become the culture center and community space it has over the last 23 years, and about the ever-changing role of one of Philly's most iconic streets!
65:55 04/28/2020
Ginger Rudolph
Ginger Rudolph is a journalist, editor, curator, and founder of HAHA MAG, an arts magazine that brings the world’s most inspiring contemporary art to a global audience. Over the last several years, Ginger's worked on a series of projects bringing art to Philly's public space, including those created by the HAHAxParadigm public arts project, of which she is the co-founder. 
54:26 03/19/2020
Eriko Tsogo
Eriko Tsogo is a contemporary Mongolian American artist, project developer, civic leader, and activist for women's rights and immigrant's rights. She is also a first generation immigrant herself and DACA recipient. Eriko works in many mediums, and as a cross disciplinary artist, has created works on paper, has released several books, created an animated film, and has designed elaborate mixed media, interactive installations. She's considered one of Denver's brightest and burgeoning contemporary artists!
45:41 03/04/2020
Sabrina Allie and David Sabados
Sabrina Allie and David Sabados first met in the spring of 2019 as opponents on the campaign trail for Denver City Council's District 1. They both ran as Democrats in the primary, and they ultimately both lost that race. But in campaigning they realized just how many people complained about not having the resources to learn about local neighborhood and district issues. Ultimately leading them to start their own local newspaper, The Denver North Star! 
59:48 02/21/2020
Today we’ll be talking with artist, DINKC! Born in Kansas City, Missouri and having recently lived in New York City, DINKC currently calls Denver, Colorado home. His artwork ranges from gallery work to public murals, creating merchandise, custom toys, and even apparel. DINKC’s work is heavily rooted in Mexican-American cultures, graffiti/ street art influence, and "Día de los Muertos" skulls and beliefs.
43:47 02/04/2020
Daphne Rice-Allen
Today we talk with Daphne Rice-Allen, the Chair on the Board of Directors for the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center, a museum billed as “the only Western-black-history museum in the world”. The center highlights the history of African Americans’ movement west and includes artifacts and pictorial histories of Black cowboys, farmers, ranchers, miners, Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, and the residents of Denver, Colorado’s Five Points area. 
58:39 01/21/2020
Erika Rubio
How is Phoenix, Arizona using public art and urban design to draw people to their city? Today we talk with Erika Rubio, the Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Downtown Phoenix about the goals and challenges of growing a downtown district.  
50:48 01/07/2020
Antoinette Cauley
Named one of 48 most influential people in the state of Arizona  in 2019 by Phoenix Magazine, Antoinette Cauley is a Phoenix native artist on the rise whose work is reflective of her city–the gritty and the beautiful.
42:38 12/24/2019
Jose Acevedo
In our very first road trip episode we land in Phoenix, Arizona to talk with the host and founder of the Finding Arizona Podcast Jose Acevedo, who has interviewed over 200 local business owners in the state since 2015! In this episode we also hear from Brittany Johnson, the podcast's photographer and producer who’s typically more behind the scenes, but who we invited in halfway through recording! Aside from building the podcast together, Brittany and Jose are also married! 
49:06 12/10/2019
Christopher Plant
The founder of many things including Kismet Cowork, Radio Kismet, and the groundbreaking 24-hour ideas fest GreatPHL, Christopher Plant is equal parts business, art, commerce, fun and always connecting people in his wake! 
65:57 12/10/2019
Jane Golden
Over her 30+ year career thus far, Jane Golden has worked to promote the power of art as the head of Mural Arts Philadelphia overseeing the organization's growth from a small city agency into the nation’s largest public art program. 
47:44 11/26/2019