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Prequel, Sequel, Reboot: Episode 183
It has become something of a Hollywood crutch. The cynical amongst us consider prequels, sequels, and reboots to be lazy storytelling. Franchise horror comes in all forms. When obvious profits are predicted, big-budget studio films and straight-to-streaming B-movies fall into the same formula. Rinse, repeat, and rinse again. We think we can do this a little better.
58:15 5/19/24
Podcast Extra: An Interview with New Life Director John Rosman
At the Overlook Film Festival, The Scariest Things caught up with up-and-coming director John Rosman, who was on hand to present his debut feature film New Life. This thriller was a sleeper surprise at the festival. A political thriller that morphs into a toe-curling body horror show halfway through. The film is in limited theatrical release and can be streamed online now!
38:14 5/14/24
Spooky Time Episode 28: The Overlook Film Festival Overview
April means going to New Orleans for one of the best genre film festivals in the world and one of our favorites: The Overlook Film Festival. This year was a challenge for the festival as the 2023 SGA and WGA strikes had a diminishing effect on studio releases, the fest managed to pull in some terrific foreign films, and the short films shined too.
68:42 5/2/24
Spooky Time Episode 27
Spooky Time Episode 27: The Wheel of Misfortune is back, and so are The Jersey Ghouls!
30:39 4/18/24
Horror on the High Seas! The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 182
Here, there be dragons! The deep ocean conjures up deep-seated fears. They call that Thalassophobia. It's real, and it translates to the movies. The Scariest Things enters the life raft and examines ocean-born horror in Episode 182!
54:57 4/1/24
Interview with Easter Bloody Easter Director Diane Foster
As we’ve said before, pulling off a horror comedy is one of the most precarious feats a director can attempt. The feat is made all the more difficult when it’s done on a micro-budget with limited to no resources. Easter Bloody Easter manages to walk this tight rope with aplomb, while pulling in one of the coolest Black Sabbath horror references since the semi-eponymous Black Sabbath in 1963. Easter Bloody Easter is the new horror film from first time director, Diane Foster.
22:30 3/30/24
Dystopian Horror Future: The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 181
Oh God, please don't let the world end like this! The Scariest Things looks to the future of a dystopian world of the few surviving humans facing grim realities. Whether it's our fault, or the zombie's fault, or an alien incursion, or perhaps the Earth is just tired of us, this existential dread is the stuff that will keep you up at night.
58:30 3/19/24
“The Haunting Of”: The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 180
You have our apologies in advance. Mike challenged us to record a podcast where we discuss movies with "Haunting" or "Haunted" in the title. If you search "Haunting" in IMdB, there are well over 4000 films with that word in the title. Sadly, only a few of them are any good. Or, at least from what we've been able to determine so far. There are only so many "Haunting of" movies that a critic can stomach in a month.
63:19 3/4/24
True Detective Season 4: Night Country: Spooky Time 26
True Detective Season 4: Night Country has just completed its run on MAX, and it is totally worth stealing your neighbor's MAX... I mean, BUYING a month of MAX... to binge the series. As satisfying as it can be to binge a series, having this as a weekly water cooler show was a great way to build anticipation and chatter. Chatter like our Spooky Time 26!
38:45 2/19/24
Horror Movies We Are Looking Forward To in 2024: Episode 179
The Scariest Things eagerly awaits the slate of films for 2024. We are thrilled to cast our eyes forward to the scary films to come. Sadly, if years prior are any indicator, our ability to spot the best of what is to come is unfortunately spotty. That isn't to say that we won't make the attempt to predict horror movies that we think we will enjoy!
58:51 2/4/24
The Worst Horror Movies of 2023: Episode 178
The Worst Horror Movies of 2023. It's an unfortunate but needed exposure of what was awful in 2023. What is more unfortunate is that we had to watch these movies last year. You may consider this a warning. A red flag. But admit it, many of you like to kick a bad movie when it's down. Our advice? Kick away! You love this. We know you do.
54:24 1/16/24
The Best Horror Movies of 2023: The Scariest Things Podcast 177
The Scariest Things writing team didn't have a consensus #1 film, but all four of the films that reached the top spot are likely to become instant classics, remembered for decades to come. If you want a sampler platter of tasty tasty horror, then listen to the FIVE top ten lists in our roundtable discussion in Podcast Episode 177: The Best Horror Movies of 2023.
93:07 12/30/23
The Horror Movies That Made Us: Podcast Episode 176
Just How did a bunch of reprobates like the hosts of The Scariest Things become horror junkies? For Episode 176, we gathered to discuss our experiences watching movies to determine why we got into scary films. Gateway horror movies a plenty!
53:07 12/19/23
Podcast Episode 174: The Wheel of Misfortune Part 2
The wheel gives, and sometimes it gives you something kinda lame! Our joint session with Jacki and Marissa, The Jersey Ghouls, back on Spooky Time Episode 18, continues with the second half of our epic discussion.
60:45 11/27/23
An Interview with Frogman (2023) Director Anthony Cousins
There is still some life in found footage horror. Anthony Cousins has delivered one of the best shaky cam offerings in many years. It helps to have an underappreciated new cryptid, the Frogman of Loveland Ohio. It's a genuinely frightening film, in glorious low-res high-8 film. Anthony spent some time sharing his process with The Scariest Things.
52:00 11/21/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 173: The Wheel of Misfortune Has Been Spun- Part 1!
It's our Wheel of Misfortune Franchise Extravaganza (part 1)!
56:21 11/8/23
The Scariest Things Podcast: An Interview with “Totally Killer” editor Jeremy Cohen
Just in time for Halloween, Liz sat down and chatted with film and television editor, Jeremy Cohen to talk about his most recent project Totally Killer!
34:51 10/24/23
The Scariest Things Podcast: An Interview with Glorious Director and USC Film Professor Rebekah McKendry
Dr. Rebekah McKendry is a Renaissance Woman in Horror Cinema. She carries the unique position of not only being a director, but also is a professor of film at USC (Just the best film school in the world, right?) Dr. McKendry was the keynote speaker at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, and we got an opportunity to talk with her backstage to talk all things Cosmic, including her terrific film Glorious.
23:48 10/18/23
The Scariest Things Podcast: An interview with legendary screenwriter Dennis Paoli
Cosmic Horror screenwriting legend Dennis Paoli joined Eric Li to discuss his collaborations with Stuart Gordon, Barbara Crampton, and the new film Suitable Flesh. The master storyteller is not surprisingly a real fun interview. Enjoy this special Podcast Extra!
35:04 10/13/23
Spooky Time Episode 25
We've got a full house, and are fully loaded with reviews, previews, and news of festivals, books, and upcoming genre films! Check out Episode 25!
31:47 10/10/23
Spooky Time Episode 24
Cosmic fishiness, served up multiple ways, and one of the freakiest museum anywhere await in the latest Spooky Time. Liz and Eric literally travel the Earth (and the internet) to share the best in spooky in Spooky Time 24.
31:45 9/29/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: How to Survive a Horror Film with Georgina Black
Do you have the self control and common sense to survive a horror movie event? Georgina Black is here to present a tactical means to beat all those horror tropes that will allow you to be a Final Girl (Guy). Trust me, there are some tips and tricks that would have saved many a horror movie character if they had her knowledge. Find out in this TST Podcast Extra, live from the Cabin in the Woods Film Festival!
58:42 9/23/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 172: Canadian Horror Movies
It's Horror, eh? Get ready to experience a dose of Great White North horror in The Scariest Things Epsisode 172: Canadian Horror: AKA The David Cronenberg Invitational. Actually, Canadian Horror is much deeper than that auteur king of body horror, but you know we have to start there. The Scariest Things have picked out some deep cut choices from our Canuck neighbors!
72:16 9/18/23
Spooky Time Episode 23
As we enter into fall, Spooky Time takes some time to preview some upcoming big titles, as well as a promising franchise fan film, and we also look back at the best horror short films from the first half of 2023.
26:58 9/14/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 171: The ABC’s of Horror
It's an exercise we all learned from the moment we started reading. Learn your ABCs by associating words with letters. Imagine if you learned how to read and write by associating the alphabet with horror movies. That's the theme of The Scariest Things Podcast episode 171. Write your own list, before you listen to our selections, and play along!
47:51 9/4/23
Spooky Time Episode 22
We are talking all about Talk to Me
23:33 8/28/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 170: Vacation and Tourism Horror
As we celebrate the end of Summer, the Scariest Things is offering up a menu of cautionary tales. Going on Vacation may be the last thing you do. Eric, Liz, and Mike suggest you stay safe at home where you won't become victim to organ thieving maniacs. (Unless they decide to invade your home... we have another podcast for that). So listen in to our advice before entering the last dying days of summer for vacation horror!
71:14 8/22/23
Spooky Time Episode 21
Movies and Toys and TV, Oh my! It's Spooky Time Episode 21
26:49 8/14/23
The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: Queer Screams Film Festival 2023
The latest addition to the Portland Horror Film Festival scene arrives on August 18-20, the Queer Screams Film Festival! Filmmaker J.T. Seaton spends some quality time with Eric to describe the fabulous offerings that this festival is serving up in this exclusive Scariest Things Interview!
46:07 8/7/23
Spooky Time Epsiode 20
Spooky Time looks back at ONE MILLION views, and marvels at how this little engine that could, did it! Also, Mike talks about his experience with Sharksploitation, Liz is overloaded with Fantasia reviews, and we discuss if the Exorcist trailer has us more or less excited about the upcoming Reboot.
27:58 8/4/23