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Starship Tempest

A Star Trek roleplaying game podcast using the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying system published by Modiphius. Set in the Star Trek universe in the year 2339, 25 years before the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Episode 0: Intro and Characters
An introduction to the podcast premise, format, and a quick overview of the Star Trek: Adventures rule system. Followed by an introduction to each of the player characters. If you want to dive straight into the first mission, jump to Episode 1: Entropy's Demise (Part 1).
43:01 05/13/2020
Episode 1: Entropy's Demise (Part 1)
The Tempest embarks on her first mission and investigates a series of strange phenomena on a Federation colony and in the process, discovers an old enemy lurking in their midsts...
55:37 05/13/2020
Episode 2: Entropy's Demise (Part 2)
The Tempest crew tracks the source of the anomaly to an old abandoned starship adrift farther out in the solar system. But the enemy may have beaten them to the scene...
41:52 05/27/2020
Black Lives Matter
In support of the ongoing protests and in coordination with other podcasts, we are delaying our scheduled episode release and instead releasing this brief statement. Make sure you're registered to vote at
01:01 06/10/2020
Episode 3: Entropy's Demise (Part 3)
The Tempest away team races against time to find the weapon plans before the Hamilton disintegrates around them.
41:29 06/17/2020
Episode 4: That Which Is Unknown (Part 1)
The Tempest arrives in the Angosia system to witness the demonstration of a new torpedo technology but suspicions arise almost immediately about ulterior motives on the part of the project's chief scientist.
70:39 07/01/2020
Episode 5: That Which Is Unknown (Part 2)
The Tempest races to chase down the thieves and recover the prototype before they can return to the safety of enemy space.
61:55 07/15/2020
Episode 6: Border Dispute (Part 1)
The Tempest crew comes to the rescue of another starship that has accidentally crossed into the Romulan Neutral Zone. But the Romulans have other plans and the entire situation may not be as accidental as it first seems...
62:01 07/29/2020
Episode 7: Border Dispute (Part 2)
Suspicious that there's more to the Ellesmere's situation than meets the eye, the crew of the Tempest work to repair the stranded ship while also uncovering the truth of the Ellesmere's predicament.
59:35 08/12/2020
Episode 8: Border Dispute (Part 3)
The Tempest crew work to uncover the real source of the Ellesmere's malfunction before the culprit can make an escape with invaluable intelligence.
59:15 08/26/2020
Episode 9: Incident at Ivex (Part 1)
The Tempest arrives in the Ivex system, where a delicate diplomatic situation is brewing. The Tempest must keep the peace between two rival dilithium mines - one Federation and one Klingon - while also upholding Federation ideals.
54:34 09/09/2020
Bonus: How to Play STA - Core Mechanic
Learn the bare bones of how to play Star Trek Adventures in under six minutes. This bonus episode walks you through the game's core mechanic - Tasks - in its most basic form, as well as the basics of spending and earning Momentum.
05:29 09/12/2020
Episode 10: Incident at Ivex (Part 2)
The crew meet the Klingon next door neighbors, but are surprised by the welcome they receive. And another complication may be lurking just around the corner...
48:56 09/23/2020
Episode 11: Incident at Ivex (Part 3)
The Tempest crew brave the caverns of Ivex II to find the last piece of the delicate political/ethical dilemma facing them and have to make a choice between their commitment to seeking out new life and keeping the Federation safe...
58:15 10/07/2020
Episode 12: Sabotage on Station 7 (Part 1)
Sentry Station 7, one of the Federation's crucial first lines of defense against the Romulans, has been sabotaged. The Tempest crew must discover the culprit and find out if the sabotage is a prelude to a Romulan invasion.
63:08 10/21/2020
Episode 13: Sabotage on Station 7 (Part 2)
The plot thickens aboard Sentry 7 as the Tempest crew investigates both the station and its crew and begin to find details that don't add up.
53:23 11/02/2020
Episode 14: Sabotage on Station 7 (Part 3)
The pieces are starting to come together for the Tempest crew but will they put the right culprit in the brig before time runs out?
77:51 11/18/2020
Bonus: Discussing a Listener Email
In this first supplemental episode, Brian, Ryan, and Tara discuss an email from a listener about a tendency of the male players to talk over the only female one, what it means, and how to improve as players and people moving forward. 
30:21 11/26/2020
Bonus: How to Play Star Trek Adventures 2
In this bonus episode, Brian dives further into the nitty gritty of how to play Star Trek Adventures, laying out some of the finer points of mechanics that affect a player's odds of success.
07:33 12/02/2020
Bonus: Discussing Lower Decks Season 1
In this bonus episode, Brian, Ryan, and Travis discuss their thoughts on the first season of the Star Trek animated series "Lower Decks."
55:03 12/09/2020
Bonus: Tempest Lore
In this bonus supplemental episode, Ryan, Brian, and Tara are joined by listener and Patreon supporter - but not a prior long time Star Trek fan - about what aspects of the Tempest campaign and how it fits into the larger timeline and universe of the Star Trek franchise.
72:35 12/16/2020
Bonus: Becoming RPG Players
Join Brian, Tara, Ryan, Travis, and Matt as we reflect on diving into RPGs for the first time for most of us and what we've learned and adapted to over the course of the first season.
49:23 12/23/2020
Bonus: Interview with Aliza Pearl
Aliza Pearl, T'Lan from Geek and Sundry's "Shield of Tomorrow" series and now GMing her own Klingon based campaign on Queue Times on Twitch, joins Brian for an interview about Star Trek and Star Trek Adventures, roleplaying games and GMing, race and social issues in the space, and a webseries from 10 years ago that it turns out they both worked on without realizing it until this interview.
89:33 12/30/2020
Bonus: Ryan and Brian Discussion
Ryan and Brian talk about what makes Star Trek special, moments that stuck out to them over the course of recording season 1, and an old fanfilm idea that and how it may yet see the light of day.
46:21 01/06/2021
Bonus: Talking Discovery Season 3
Join Brian, Ryan, and Tara as they talked about what they liked and didn't like about the most recent season of Star Trek: Discovery, which just wrapped up its third season.
79:04 01/13/2021
Bonus: Talking Picard Season 1
Join Brian, Ryan, Tara, Travis, and Travis' partner Keeley as they talk about their thoughts and reactions to the first season of Star Trek: Picard.
88:23 01/20/2021
Bonus: Our Treks to Trek
Join Ryan, Tara, Brian, and Matt as they talk about...well, a whole lot of things, but one of them is their personal journeys into Trek fandom. Come for the nostalgia and reminiscing, stay for the cats and toddlers mucking up the recording session!
70:50 01/27/2021
Episode 16: The Tempest Tossed (Part 1)
And season 1 is back underway! The second half starts with mission 6, The Tempest Tossed, where a boring patrol suddenly turns very interesting as the Tempest crew must decide not only the fate of a group of refugees but also the freighter captain transporting them, who maybe a smuggler with a heart of gold...
55:14 02/03/2021
Episode 15: The Tempest Tossed (Prologue)
And we're off with the second half of season 1! Before we jump into the story of mission 6, The Tempest Tossed, here's a quick prologue that introduces the homebrew XP system Brian created for this campaign and introduced to the players at the start of this mission. A couple players end up spending some points right at the end of the mission, so you'll want to make sure you give this a listen before the mission's conclusion.
19:39 02/03/2021
Episode 18: The Tempest Tossed (Epilogue)
Join Brian, Ryan, Tara, and Travis for the game's very first XP spend, where they change the ramifications of the "Tempest Tossed" mission and change the fate of one character significantly...
05:05 02/17/2021