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Chris Pyak interviews courageous people that have been able to ditch their traditional lives and desk jobs to chase their passions all over the world. The topics covered include travel stories, the best ways to find travel deals, how living in an unconventional way has improved their lives, how they fund their travels, how to make money on the road, and advice for those wanting to ditch their desk as well. 956258


233 Live in Germany with an English job at Elektrobit GmbH
Ever thought about living in Germany? Or Vienna? Or Paris? This episode might be your change to get a job in one of these places. I talk to Dr. Joachim Schlosser, a senior manager at Elektrobit GmbH. Joachim shares why his company started to hire in English several years back, how this has changed the companies culture - and most importantly: Which concrete jobs you could apply for! Imagine yourself, one year into the future - drinking coffee in Berlin, Vienna or Paris: Just because you listened to your favorite podcast! :) Get 100 German employers that hire in English at Find current job offers with Elektrobit GmbH.
23:36 3/16/23
232 Naveen Got A Job In Germany - After He Already Got Rejected By HR
It's hard for international professionals to get an English job in Germany. Naveen got a job within four weeks - after he joined my coaching. Now it's nine months later and Naveen shares his story since. Get excellent advice on how to get a job in a foreign country - if you only speak English. Sign up for the Expats Job Offer Miracle at "But jumping to become a Quereinsteiger takes gall. However, Düsseldorf-based career coach Chris Pyak says if he can do it, anyone can – that’s why his job is now helping others overcome such obstacles." BBC
24:23 3/1/23
231 English Jobs at Magna International Europe
A change to work in the world's most livable city: Vienna! English jobs at Magna International Europe. Chris Pyak talks with Gerald Harzl, Vice President Human Resources, about job opportunities for international professionals at Magna - a giant with more then 55,000 employees in Europe alone. Get 100 German employers that hire in English at and jobs at Magna International Europe at
21:06 2/22/23
229 Esther Earns Income Everywhere
Esther Inman wanted it all: Travel, career, family. And she got it. Now she helps others to make a decent living, working as a virtual assistant. We talk about freedom, Bali and how to find your first client. (Her answer might surprise you.) Get her free VA course at & employment abroad at
34:20 5/12/21
An invitation to smile today
Hey! I am on vacation, but I made a little something to make you smile today. Listen to this trailer to find out more - then search for "Solarpunk" on your podcast app.  Or visit If you like what I did - leave a comment in your podcast app - over at the "Solarpunk" show. It means the world to me! :) Chris Pyak
02:14 8/18/20
228: "My Precious" - How To Be Irresistible To Foreign Employers
Expats: How do to become a precious asset to any employer. Especially when you move to a foreign country. Ana struggles to find a job in Germany, despite a PhD and an EU passport. Together we figure out how she discovers employers pain points and use them to her advantage. More:
27:17 6/24/20
227: How To Get A Job If You Can't Leave The House (And Live Abroad)
How do you get a job if you cannot leave the house? Shannon Digby had bad luck. She moved from New Zealand to Germany - just to be stuck in her flat, days after her arrival. I let you eavedrop while I coach Shannon. Together we figure out how you reach the decision makers behind a job ad - when you cannot leave the house. This method is respectful. It works in the US as well as abroad. Get coaching at PS: Get my book "How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans" on amazon.
30:20 6/4/20
226: Eric Molinsky, Wizard of Time
Eric Molinsky creates pieces of time and let's you escape into imaginary worlds. I talk with Eric about his journey from agonizing animator to becoming the host of the wonderful sci-fi & phantasy podcast Imaginary Worlds. Find more content on and
35:10 5/22/20
225: Will it fly, Pat Flynn?
Pat Flynn got fired in the 2008 crisis. Today millions listen to his podcasts. I talk with Pat about how you turn crisis into a happier life:
34:20 3/30/20
224: Sophie Makes A Choice
Imagine this: You are a successful lawyer in New York. You graduated from a famous University. You worked in France and Japan and you even had a stint at the European Court of Justice. Then you fall in love and move across the big pond to Germany. And suddenly none of your life achievements are worth anything. Join me in a short coaching session with Sophie Carter - who uses these challenges as fuel to build the life of her dreams.
55:05 8/5/19
223: Smart Cookie
Andrea just quit her daytime job. One year ago she told Chris in an "on Air" coaching that she wants to change her life - and girl she did! :) After taking a virtual assistant course, she found 5 clients. Now she works location independently - and plans her first trip. Resources: Andrea's website Virtual Assistant Course Andrea's "on Air" coaching session
15:35 7/1/19
222 Fadi got a job abroad
Fadi got a job abroad. 500 job applications and not a single interview. Then Fadi bought my Expats Job Offer Guarantee and got a job in Berlin in just 2 months. Listen to Fadi's story. Get the Guarantee at
41:58 6/10/19
221: "Tell me about yourself"
Everyone has a fascinating story to share - if you invest a little time, patience and empathy. If you dream of becoming an expat or digital nomad I want to hear your story. Sign up for a free "on Air" coaching at
13:52 6/3/19
220: Xavier Takes the Bike - All the Way to Argentina
Chris Pyakis joined by Xavier Hamm who traveled from Ottawa, Canada to Argentina - on a bike. Follow Xavier's travels at his site: Find Xavier's videos on YouTube:
46:42 5/13/19
219: How to Harvest Coconuts
Climb a tree with Mara Seng and make a living harvesting coconuts. Mara also takes us back to her childhood in Portugal, the weird feeling of being German in Germany - and she shows us the best places in Lisboa. You can follow Mara on Instagram: Also: Join like-minded adventure seekers in the Living Unconventionally Community at
18:46 5/6/19
218: A Nomad Finds Her Utopia Part Two
If you dream about becoming a digital nomad: Listen to Amy Scott and Chris Pyak talking about different ways to bring a location independent lifestyle and your desire to..well, eat... into harmony. Join Amy's Nomadtopia Collective at:
22:16 4/29/19
217: A Nomad Finds Her Utopia
Amy Scott is back on the show. Follow Amy on her journey to Argentina, dance Salsa with her and watch as she falls in love. (Chris also shares his own love story). Join Amy's Nomadtopia Collective at
24:28 4/22/19
216: A Meeting Room Full of Elephant Manure
Digital nomads, expats and adventure seekers: Let's talk manure! Meet Lydia Krüger and join her journey from wasted hours in pointless meetings in Berlin to becoming a game publisher and professional writer. Lydia also shares the joy of shoveling manure around the globe. Check out Lydia's blog about new work:
29:01 4/15/19
215: Have Hotels Pay For Your Stay
Erica Duran is a digital nomad, a podcast host and a experienced world traveler. She shares with us how she gets hotels and AirBnB's to pay for her stay. And why she loves Hawai so much. Meet Erica at
27:01 4/8/19
214: Mart's Boss Doesn't Want to See Him
Mart lives many digital nomads dream: Working remotely with his own schedule, while still enjoying the benefits of being an employee: Paid vacations and a secure salary every month. Join Mart and me in the conversation and maybe find your absolute dream job with Toggle. Remote jobs at
24:48 4/1/19
213: A Young Black Woman Travels the World
Rachel describes herself as a young black woman who travels the world. I would describe her as someone who brings joy to every conversation. I spoke with Rachel about her trips to South Asia, the reason why she ditched a six-figure job at the age of 25 and the freedom she found. Listen to Rachel's story. Meet her at
33:58 3/25/19
212: How To Get a Job In an International Company? with Maria Lamp
Become an expat and work for international companies around the globe. Experience a new country in debt for 3-4 years. Maria Lamp from Jobbatical answers the question: "How To Get a Job in an international company?" - And I talk about how you use that to move to your dream country. :) English speaking jobs worldwide: &
43:30 3/18/19
211: Startup Visa Estonia with Merlin Lukk
Startup Visa Estonia! I talk with Merilin Lukk from the Estonian government about the easiest way to get a work visa for the European Union. Really cool: A digital native visa is on the way as well. Startup Visa Estonia requirements:
42:34 3/11/19
210: Colorado Boy and German Kindergarten
John Collins moved from Colorado to work for Flixbus in Berlin. John shares his experiences with German kindergarten for his little boy, trips to Salzburg & Amsterdam and his love for trains, both fast and tiny. Check for links to the most beauitful locations!
28:37 3/4/19
209: "I Wish I Could Do That!" - with Charlie Stamp
Charlie Stamp is back on the show. After ditching his job and traveling through South East Asia (Episode 81 & 82) - he and his wife Christina finally settled in Malta. But not for much longer... Check out their blog for wonderful pictures & more stories.
30:56 2/25/19
208: Digital Nomads Should Have a Company in Estonia
Digital nomads work where they live. And they live wherever they want. One thing in your life needs consistency, though: Your business. I talk with Kristiina Aljas-Saarma about your company for global business. Use CHRISPYAK to get a discount
48:26 2/18/19
207: e-Residency for Digital Nomads
How do Digital Nomads create continuity in their business? How do you minimise paperwork and run your company completely online? Meet Arnaud Castagnet, chief evangelist for Estonia's e-residency.
43:41 2/11/19
206: Michelle, Tamara and how Millennials Change Their Life
How can you finance travels to 30 countries? How can especially young people alter their career to better reflect their values? And how does Michelle Obama plays into all of this? Find out in the second part of my interview with Tamara Thorpe. Meet Tamara at and
26:24 2/4/19
205: Tamara Lives with the Friendliest People in the World
Join us on a travel through space and time and finally meet the friendliest people on earth. I enjoyed this conversation with Tamara Thorpe for it's optimism, joy and down to earth life lessons. Meet Tamara at and
30:19 1/28/19
204: What A Wonderful Life...You Will Have 5 Years From Now
Sitting in an AirBnB in Lissabon I took a good look at my life and said "Thank You" to..., as a matter of fact. And to Pat Flynn. Listen to my story. PS: Here you find Pat's "Smart From Scratch": And "Will It Fly"
04:29 1/21/19

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