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HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts

Listen to the HRchat podcast from The HR Gazette ( and hear insights, strategies, and anecdotes to help you get more from the world of work. Show topics include HR Tech, Leadership, Talent, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Recognition, Wellness, DEI, and Company Culture.Hosted by Bill Banham and other HR enthusiasts, the HRchat show publishes interviews with influencers, leaders, analysts, and those in the HR trenches. New episodes are published 1-2 times each week and shows are typically 15 to 30 minutes.Past guests are from organizations including ADP, SAP, Ceridian, IBM, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Simon Sinek Inc, NASA, SHRM, Government of Canada, Hacking HR, Ultimate Software, McLean & Company, InnovateWork, Shopify, Culture Summit, DisruptHR, Talent Board, Gallagher Benefit Services Group, Virgin Pulse, WorkTango, Small Improvements, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Coca-Cola Beverages Company.Podcast Music Credit"Funky One"Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 to be featured on the show? Contact publisher@hr-gazette.comSupport us on Patreon:


How to Become a Happier Leader w/ Tia Graham 18:21 01/18/2022
Attracting Talent in an Economy Dominated by Gig Workers w/ Tessa James, Talent Reimagined 17:12 01/14/2022
How to Attract Top Tech Talent w/ Max Nirenberg, Commit 26:58 01/13/2022
Employee Health Trends w/ Lauren Florko, Ph.D., The Conference Board of Canada 15:03 01/11/2022
How Experiences Can Impact Employee Engagement w/ Jon Irvine, BlueBoard 22:50 01/07/2022
Measuring Employee Wellbeing w/ Dr. Don Brown, LifeOmic 22:04 01/06/2022
How Play Helps Employee Performance w/ Jeff Harry 24:33 01/04/2022
Labor Market Review and Predictions For 2022 w/ Andrew Flowers, Appcast 22:27 12/30/2021
Crossover Special w/ Chris Bjorling, People and Perfomance Podcast 17:42 12/23/2021
Building Better Business Relationships w/ Ted Rubin 17:13 12/21/2021
How to Make Online Hiring More Personal w/ Yves Boudreau, Alongside 20:01 12/16/2021
Achieving Higher Performance w/ Craig Weber 25:05 12/14/2021
The Great Resignation and Gig Work w/ Tiffany Pham, Mogul 23:11 12/10/2021
HCM Tech Buying Essentials w/ Jacqueline Kuhn, HRchitect 22:47 12/09/2021
What's Working in Job Advertising w/ Christian Forman, Appcast 25:07 12/07/2021
The Inside Gig w/ Edie Goldberg, Ph.D. 25:14 12/03/2021
How Your Brain's Wiring Impacts Ways You Work w/ Britt Andreatta, PhD, 7th Mind Inc 15:25 12/02/2021
Unlocking the Potential of Distributed Teams w/ Tyler Muse, Lingo Live 26:58 11/30/2021
Employee Experience Trends w/ Ben Kalevitch, United Minds 17:22 11/26/2021
HR Creating Positive Social Change w/ Cecilia Crossley, From Babies with Love 22:33 11/25/2021
Recruitment Marketing Trends w/ Jennifer Henley, NAS 21:21 11/23/2021
Covering a Rapidly Changing World of Work w/ Alan Hosking, HR Future Magazine 18:21 11/19/2021
The Art of Video Interviews w/ Sean Fahey, VidCruiter 27:58 11/18/2021
Maximize Your Career Potential w/ Kathy Caprino 14:59 11/16/2021
Self-Belief and Corporate Success w/ Dethra U. Giles, ExecuPrep 23:00 11/12/2021
Employee Stock Options w/ Oren Barzilai, EquityBee 20:22 11/11/2021
Attracting Talent with Packages That Won't Break the Bank w/ John Butler, JB Benefits Consulting 26:26 11/09/2021
Using AI to Build Company Culture w/ Devyani Vaishampayan, HR TECH Partnership 25:27 11/05/2021
Compliance Tech to Give Employees a Voice w/ Scott Lane, Speeki 25:29 11/04/2021
Talent Optimization w/ Matt Poepsel Ph.D, Predictive Index 20:13 11/02/2021