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Just a girl from Nigeria with no experience what so ever, sharing true stories of women in Africa and across the globe, deep conversations, debunking myths, and changing the narrative. Stories of strong and bold African women because together we are better informed. Hosted by Sarah Oseki Heart to heart conversation from women across the globe Season 3, Across Africa - features women from the different countries of Africa to share their story with us. Season 4 - Diaspora woman and the native woman. We bring you stories of Africa women in the diaspora and those in their hometown. Coming soon!


Financial Literacy for Women in Their 20s 32:44 09/15/2021
S4-EP5 - The loaded language of failure with Cara-Marie 29:06 05/26/2021
S4-EP4 - Brand strategy and community building, raising vibrations with Ego Aniebue 24:48 05/17/2021
S4-EP3 - Growing up as pastor's daughter with Jesukorede 52:59 05/04/2021
S4-EP2 - From Kenya to Budapest, Hungary with Tabitha Nyawira (Diaspora woman series) 51:59 04/26/2021
S4-EP1 - The girl who left home with Rita Chukwuike (Diaspora woman series) 63:02 04/16/2021
S3.E8 - The Journey of a Swahili Girl to the Government House of Kenya with Nadia Ahmed Abdalla 32:52 03/19/2021
S3.E7 - The future of the newborn in Nigeria society with Amarachi Igwe Kalu (Nigeria) 45:17 03/06/2021
Everyday Encouragement 02:38 02/26/2021
Everyday encouragement 00:37 02/25/2021
Everyday Encouragement 01:31 02/24/2021
S3-E6 - Hijab, fashion, model and the beauty and lifestyle of Somali women with Hani Abdi Gass from Somalia 27:40 02/23/2021
Let God (Everyday Encouragement Series) 01:25 02/22/2021
S3-E5 - Twice My Pain - The miscarriage story people don't talk about with Andikan Chimamanda (Nigeria) 45:17 02/16/2021
S3,E4 Doreen Moracha (Kenya) Shares her 28years experience of living with HIV 32:40 02/09/2021
S3.E3 The Role of the Parents in Gender Equality With Amaka Ezekwere (Nigeria) 34:37 02/02/2021
S3-E2 Salome Nthenya Nzuki (Kenya) - Feminist and advocate for gender equity and equality. (Across Africa) 22:26 01/19/2021
S3-E1: Faith Abandy - Contemporary Visual Artist from Nigeria (Across Africa) 23:10 01/12/2021
My Rebirth Story- How I Beat Sickle Cell [with Torubein Donyegha] Season finale of The Sickle Cell 35:29 09/30/2020
Leg Ulcer and Sickle Cell [with Ibukunoluwa Ajayi] Episode 7 of The Sickle Cell Warrior Series 32:33 09/30/2020
My Warrior Story [with Hannah Imo] Episode 6 of The Sickle Cell Series 10:51 09/29/2020
The Congenial Warrior [with Sussan Obiechina] Episode 5 of the Sickle Cell Warrior Series 37:32 09/24/2020
Audrey the Warrior [with Audrey Mukoro] Episode 4 of the Sickle Cell Warrior Series 44:58 09/18/2020
The Sickled Warrior [with Joan Jonah] Episode 3 of The Sickle Cell Series 39:04 09/12/2020
Thriving with sickle cell [with Abimbola Odiase] Episode 2 of The Sickle Cell Series 22:24 09/05/2020
Sickle Cell Disease and My Warrior Story [with Dr. Becky Solomon] Ep 1 of The Sickle Cell Series 22:43 08/31/2020
Albimazing [with Coco Anetor-Sokie] Continuation of the albinism series 34:37 07/25/2020
Black girl with no melanin - Albinism [with Jessica Hyacinth] 41:57 07/19/2020
Women and the society [with Barr. Atinukemiwa Fadayomi] 54:30 07/11/2020
NYSC helped me overcome shyness and social anxiety [with Nnnena Nwowu] 28:14 07/04/2020