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The Principl(ed) Podcast is a made-in-Canada monthly series that connects with BC school Principals who are working everywhere in the province, from the smallest rural schools to the bustling urban centres. Some guests are in the early years of their leadership journey, and others can share a wealth of professional experience to help Principals and Vice-Principals enhance their own learning and leadership skills. It's like networking and Pro-D, all wrapped up in a podcast!


Brian Leonard
In this episode, host Chris Horton asks Brian Leonard, the 2022-2024 President of the BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association, about his journey to leadership, the most rewarding moments in his career, and what he hopes to achieve during his presidency. Connect with Brian by emailing or call the BCPVPA office: (604) 689-3399.
36:15 09/13/2022
Jacqueline Borosa
In episode 17, host Chris Horton talks to Vice-Principal from School District 92 (Nisga’a) and BCPVPA Board Director Jacqueline Borosa about her pathway to school leadership and how she finds joy, connection, and fulfillment as an educational leader. The pathway to school leadership is not always linear as we learn from Jackie’s fascinating journey.
38:21 03/03/2022
Episode 16: Maghen Girard, Nancy Roberts, Raelyn Larmet, and Chris Martin
Episode 16 features two live recorded conversations with BC Vice-Principals. In part one, Maghen Girard and Nancy Roberts talk about VP fall responsibilities, and in part two, Raelyn Larmet and Chris Martin follow this discussion by speaking about January to end of year. Learn about the high-level responsibilities of Vice-Principals at the Elementary and Secondary level, and how portfolios fit into the day-to-day public school life of a BC VP.   Connect with Maghen Girard: Connect with Nancy Roberts: @NancyRoberts44 | Connect with Raelyn Larmet: Connect with Chris Martin:
46:48 12/01/2021
Episode 15: Tu Loan Trieu & Stefan Stipp
On Episode 15 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, Vice-Principals Tu Loan Trieu (SD 40) and Stefan Stipp (SD 36) discuss their approaches to instructional leadership with our host, Chris Horton. Connect with Tu Loan Trieu: Twitter | Email Connect with Stefan Stipp: Twitter | Email
20:14 11/02/2021
Episode 14: Tara Zielinski & Tom Aerts
On episode 14 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton speaks to Principals Tara Zielinski (SD 45) and Tom Aerts (SD 61) in a live interview for EASL 2021. They discuss the importance of creating authentic relationships and positive engagement with staff to build a successful team. 
18:46 10/06/2021
Episode 13: Katie Marren & Holly Zurak
Host Chris Horton shares his live conversation with BC Vice-Principals Katie Marren and Holly Zurak, recorded at BCPVPA’s 2021 Essentials for Aspiring School Leaders. As a Principal or Vice- Principal, how do you represent your core values in your school leadership?
18:34 09/05/2021
Jessica Antosz
In Episode 12 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton sits down with Jessica Antosz, BCPVPA Professional Learning & Development Director and former school leader. As Jessica approaches retirement this year, together they look back on her highlights, pivot moments, growth opportunities and successes from her many years in school leadership and supporting leaders across BC.  Get in touch with Jessica Email | Twitter
36:43 05/31/2021
Brad Baker
In Episode 11 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton connects with Brad Baker, SD 44 District Principal of Indigenous Education, to discuss his passion for shared responsibility, making sure everyone’s voice is heard, modelling vulnerability, and honouring and including Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in schools. Connect with Brad Baker: | @bradleyrbaker Links: Decolonizing Education by Marie Battiste First Peoples Principles of Learning Living Indigenous Leadership: Native Narratives on Building Strong Communities Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts by Margaret Kovach
39:14 04/30/2021
Andrea McComb
In Episode 10 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton speaks with Andrea McComb, Principal of Learning Services in Coquitlam (SD43) with more than 23 years of experience in school leadership. Their conversation explores Andrea’s passion for building collaborative team culture and strengthening leadership capacities, and what she loves about being a school leader. Get in touch with
36:44 03/30/2021
Dan Watt
In Episode 9 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton sits down with Dan Watt, a SD57 Elementary Principal who has been in school leadership for more than 17 years. Dan shares what critical lessons he’s learned over the years, including: showing up with intentionality, prioritizing relationships, building and re-building networks, and investing in your health and wellness. Get in touch with Dan Watt Email | Twitter | LinkedIn Links: The Well Teacher EIP Program | humanworks Brain Strain: Rising from the Ashes (Principl(ed) Magazine November 2020 Article)
39:47 02/27/2021
Mikel Brogan
In Episode 8 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton chats with Mikel Brogan, Principal of West Heights Community Elementary School in Mission, SD75. Mikel talks about working as a team to set goals and create a shared vision, the importance of building relationships, and how school community projects involving students, staff and parents can have a profound effect on the school culture and create a sense of belonging. “Every day I’m excited to get to school, and to get the day going. It’s such a fun job, even through the tough days. It’s the greatest job in the world.”
33:26 02/01/2021
Peter Johnston
In Episode 7 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton chats with SD36 Principal of LA Matheson Secondary and father of five, Peter Johnston. Peter shares how he went from Marketing Director to Principal, his challenges with dyslexia, and his passions for innovative thinking, collaboration, and preparing students for the modern world. Get in touch with Peter:Email: Twitter: @PeterJohnston36
44:47 11/30/2020
Shawn Lockhart
In episode six of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton talks to Shawn Lockhart, an elementary school Principal in Christina Lake, BC, about how to define a vision based on the needs of your school, the importance of trust, and how listening is likely the strongest skill you’ll ever need. @lockhartshawn @bettereducate
32:03 10/31/2020
Rosa Fazio
In Episode 5 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton speaks with Rosa Fazio, Vancouver Principal and recipient of Canada’s Outstanding Principal Awards. Rosa shares what inspired her to become a school leader, her experiences with balancing work and life, and the impact of collaborative and courageous leadership on her journey. Connect with Rosa Twitter: @collabtime Email:  Links Transformative Educational Leadership Program (TELP) UBC OECD Principles of Learning Helen Timperley                                                  
48:43 09/29/2020
Darren Danyluk
In Episode 4 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton speaks with Darren Danyluk – BCPVPA’s 2020-2022 President – about his 25 years in school leadership, and what has made him the leader he is today. Darren shares his thoughts on the characteristics of great leadership: saying ‘yes’, enabling others to be leaders, and demonstrating empathy and integrity, especially in complex situations. | @bcpvpapresident
37:28 08/30/2020
Barb Hamblett
In episode three of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton sits down with Barb Hamblett, Principal of Valleyview Secondary in the Kamloops-Thompson School District. Coming from an extensive background in school leadership, Barb discusses how creative problem-solving and effective collaboration have been transformative to her leadership journey and integral to the way she leads both students and staff. Barb shares her insight on modeling vulnerability in leadership, encouraging learning agency, and developing partnerships in the broader community. Links |   Transformative Educational Leadership Program (TELP) at UBC: OECD “Principles of Learning” (pg. 21-40): Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOII):
38:10 07/30/2020
Anneli Duncan
In episode two of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton visits with Anneli Duncan, the Principal of Moberly Lake Elementary, a small rural K-7 school that serves the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations in SD59. Anneli reveals her deepest learning in transitioning to a school with many vulnerable learners, and looks back on the eight years that she has spent encouraging calm, creating a school vision, and working to prepare students for high school. Anneli shares the importance of building relationships and friendships in the community, how the gift of knowledge can be a lesson in the classroom, and how she has become a different kind of Principal through her experience. LINKS
33:02 06/29/2020
The Principl(ed) Podcast: David DeRosa
In the premiere episode of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton visits with David DeRosa, the outgoing President of the BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association. David reflects on his own journey from teacher to Principal, and from Principal to provincial leader, and talks both about the value of mentors to his career and what drew him to leadership. David shares his experience with Compassionate Systems Leadership and its impact on schools and school leadership through community building, practice, research and capacity building. As a relationship-focused leader, David talks about the role of self-awareness in leadership, the tools leaders need to manage in a crisis and be successful, and his two biggest pieces of advice for new leaders.
42:12 05/26/2020