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Here at OmniKey Realty we specialize in providing real estate investors with everything they need to be successful. We service 80% of Texas to include areas like Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and many of the secondary and tertiary markets. We provide real estate investors with property management, investment acquisitions, sales, education, and maintenance. You can choose the level of management you want, from hands on to completely passive. OmniKey Realty is a licensed, insured, and accredited A+ rated BBB company that has served real estate investors since 2006. We are a Freddie Mac approved manager and are members of NARPM, TAR, NAR, HAR, ABOR, BCS, Metrotex, CTAR, and SABOR.


A Client Success Journey
Metra joins Leah Slaughter to talk about how she went from 2 properties to 20 and counting!
34:39 09/07/2022
Why You Should Relocate to Texas
Leah Slaughter discusses all the reasons why you should relocate to Texas, from the job market to housing details and more.
19:51 08/17/2022
Why to Buy in Texas Now
Leah Slaughter discusses everything you need to know about why to buy in Texas now!
68:05 08/04/2022
New Purchase Contract Changes
Leah Slaughter discusses everything you need to know about purchase contract changes. 
25:53 07/13/2022
Insurance with James Jenkins
Leah Slaughter is joined by James Jenkins to discuss Insurance
55:16 06/09/2022
Extreme Value Plays & The Slaughter's Crazy Rehabs
Leah Slaughter discusses everything you need to know about extreme value plays as well as talks about some of the Slaughter's crazy rehabs. 
23:08 05/12/2022
How To Properly Calculate Returns On Your Rental To Help Maximize Profits
Leah Slaughter discusses how to properly calculate returns on your rental to maximize profits.
23:35 04/20/2022
Why We Recommend Infill Property
Leah Slaughter discusses why she recommends infill property. This includes property tax benefits, pricing benefits, locations, and more! 
52:00 04/07/2022
Cost Segregation
Leah Slaughter is joined by Winston Shurtz from KBKG and CPA, Howard Goodman, to discuss everything you need to know about cost segregation.
58:21 03/02/2022
2022 Predictions
Leah Slaughter is joined by Daniel Munoz to discuss some real estate predictions going into 2022.
63:15 01/07/2022
1031 Exchanges
Leah Slaughter is joined by Lu Ann Blough from ERG to discuss 1031 Exchanges.
58:56 12/02/2021
Why We Use Cash On Cash Returns & How To Calculate Them
Leah Slaughter discusses everything you need to know about cash on cash returns and how to calculate them. 
35:31 10/12/2021
New Law Changes in Real Estate & Property Management Webinar
Leah Slaughter discusses new law changes in real estate and property management. Texas adds a large number of new laws that go into effect on Sept 1st. This webinar covers HOA laws, evictions, and more.
25:54 09/22/2021
Increase Returns With Incredible New Lending Program
Leah Slaughter is joined by Wade Comeaux and Austin Pool from Catalyst Funding to discuss this incredible new lending program.
74:52 06/24/2021
CDC Moratorium Update
Leah Slaughter is joined by Daniel Paz to discuss the newest updates to the CDC moratorium.
47:46 05/27/2021
The Importance of Tiering Leases
Leah Slaughter discusses the importance of tiering leases, prime season, the inventory and days on market in Texas, and so much more!
25:14 04/28/2021
Why to Start Investing in Your Golden Years
Join Leah Slaughter as she discusses why to start investing in your golden years. Leah will go over what the market is like, the ease of investing, how to boost your retirement, and more.
63:30 04/13/2021
All About Sub 2
Leah Slaughter discusses all about sub 2 from the pros and cons, to how it works and more. Make sure to check it out!
17:44 03/24/2021
The Pros & Cons of Fannie Mae Lending
Leah Slaughter discusses both the Pros & Cons of Fannie Mae lending including how it has been impacted by the pandemic. 
30:43 01/27/2021
Election's Over: What to Expect for 1031 Exchanges, Lending, Taxes, and Real Estate!
Join Leah slaughter as she discusses what to expect for 1031 exchanges, lending, taxes, & real estate now that the election is over. She is joined by special guests Lu Ann Blough from ERG, CPA, Howard Goodman, and Daniel Munoz from American Financial Network. 
67:54 01/21/2021
The BRRR Model & How Our Model Improves On It
Join Leah Slaughter as she discusses the BRRR model and how our model improves on it. We will discuss what the BRRR model is, the math behind it and so much more!
52:36 01/13/2021
Houston Market Update
Tune in to watch as Leah Slaughter discusses an update on the Houston Market. We will go overview employment and housing statistics, Covid-19's impact, and so much more!
21:21 01/06/2021
How to Double Your Portfolio Every 2-6 Years
Leah discusses how to double your portfolio every 2-6 years. We will be giving an overview of 1031 exchanges, new construction, and so much more!
58:41 11/11/2020
Residential Repair Series: Appliance Overview
Join Leah Slaughter as she gives a quick overview of appliances as part of our residential repair series. 
12:16 10/26/2020
All About Reverse 1031 Exchanges
Lu Ann Blough and Dan McCabe from ERG join Leah Slaughter in a discussion all about reverse 1031 exchanges. This is a great class for any real estate investor!
49:47 10/22/2020
Eviction Cost Coverage Class
Join us in a discussion over our Eviction Cost Coverage Plan. Leah will go over the cost of the plan, what it can do for you, and more.
14:13 10/07/2020
Our Professional Property Management Services Overview
Cindy Vasquez, our director of business development, joins Leah in a discussion on our Property Management services. Learn about some of our different department and why people work with us.
28:05 10/01/2020
How to Expertly Sell Your Investment Property
Will Clark gives an in depth look at how one can expertly sell their investment property. Listen to what he says are some good tips and tricks to follow.
93:33 09/22/2020
New CDC Moratorium Update from Supreme Court
The Texas Supreme Court has issued an emergency order related to the CDC eviction moratorium. Join us for an overview of the updates, and how this will change handling evictions through 12/31/2020.
36:45 09/21/2020
Biden's Tax Plan and It's Effect on Real Estate Investors
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68:27 09/18/2020