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Real people. Real Topics. Real Stories. Join Trevor Tyson, a long-time mental health advocate and media personality, for interviews that invite you into conversation, education, and inspiration. You’ll hear the perspectives of musicians, authors, and dreamers from all walks of life. Each guest shares their real stories of overcoming obstacles, chasing their passions, and finding wholeness in this broken world. Wherever these episodes find you, chances are that you’ll hear a little of your own story in the stories on Trevor Talks!


The Kendrick Brothers
The Kendrick brothers have a name that has become synonymous with Christian cinema. Alex, Stephen, and Shannon Kendrick have dedicated their lives to crafting faith-forward films like Overcomer, War Room, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants. Lifemark is the latest entry in the brothers’ shared life’s work, a movie telling the true story of a life-changing adoption. Based on interviews with the real people who lived out the story, the Kendrick brothers hope that it’s poignant and powerful in the way that only true stories can be. They share more about that on this week’s episode of Trevor Talks.Before you hear from the Kendrick brothers, you’ll also get to hear from two actresses who have firsthand experience in their films: Micah Lynn Hanson and Shari Rigby!For more about Lifemark, visit: If you’re struggling and in need of support, visit:HeartSupport: www.heartsupport.comDeath2Life: Teen Hopeline: the Skin: Follow the Kendrick brothers:Official website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Follow Shari Rigby:Official website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Follow Micah Lynn Hanson:Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow The Women In My World:Official website: Facebook: For more Trevor Talks:Spotify: Music: Google Podcasts: Instagram: Facebook:
32:09 10/04/2022
Elias Dummer
As a part of the uniquely multi-faceted worship collective City Harmonic, Elias Dummer’s voice was heard around the world on songs like “Manifesto” and “Holy (Wedding Day).” Since the conclusion of the band’s work five years ago, Elias has continued to explore the craft of sacred songwriting through solo work.The songsmith and multi-instrumentalist’s latest release is The Work Vol 2, an album full of the keen insight and attention to detail that has always marked his ministry. We dig into the project on this episode of Trevor Talks, unearthing a wealth of wisdom in the process. Listen in to hear why Elias just relocated his family back to their native Canada, how founding a marketing agency led to better music, and what precious gems of wisdom he’d offer aspiring artists.Listen to The Work Vol 2 on your platform of choice by visiting: If you’re struggling and in need of support, visit:HeartSupport: www.heartsupport.comDeath2Life: Teen Hopeline: the Skin: Follow Elias:Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: TikTok: For more Trevor Talks:Spotify: Music: Google Podcasts: Instagram: Facebook:
42:44 09/27/2022
Sonya Hunter
Sonya Hunter’s story is a gift to anyone wondering how to survive the unsurvivable. As a wife and young mother, Sonya felt like she had her dream life. That life was shattered in an instant with a car crash that delivered devastating loss: she lost a son and her husband in the same moment. Doctors told her that her surviving son, Conner, wouldn’t live through the night. It’s been 16 years, and Conner is still proving that dire prediction wrong, one day at a time. Piece by piece, Sonya has watched God reform the pieces of her old life into something uniquely, beautifully new.That process of redemptive purpose through unimaginable pain is captured in her book Unsurvivable: Even in the darkest storm, always find your rainbow. She gives the Trevor Talks family a glimpse of that journey on this latest episode, offering the wisdom, grace, and courage of a woman who has survived the storm.If you’re struggling and in need of support, visit: www.heartsupport.com www.teenhopeline.comwww.beneaththeskinonline.orgGet Unsurvivable on Amazon: Sonya Hunter:Website: https://www.unsurvivablebook.comFacebook: Sonya HunterInstagram more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
32:58 08/23/2022
J.T. Harding
J.T. Harding is a bona fide hitmaker. His credentials? Several #1 hits co-written with artists like the Jonas Brothers, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few. But he’s also an overcomer with a story of living life LOUD.In his new book, Party Like a Rockstar, J.T. talks about his journey growing up as an adoptee, losing his brother to suicide, and struggling to find his own way into the music he loved so much. This unforgettable conversation on Trevor Talks maps J.T.’s path from Los Angeles to Nashville, from two failed label deals to the top of the charts. How does getting booed off the stage at a Linkin Park show fit into all of this? Listen to find out!Listen to Party Like a Rockstar by JT Harding on audiobook: a hard copy on Amazon: Barnes & Noble: your adoption story for a chance to write a song over zoom with JT: you’re struggling and in need of support, visit: Follow JT Harding:Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
35:13 08/16/2022
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson’s journey into music has been one of redemptive plot twists. Before the breakaway success of her viral hit “My Jesus,” Anne was just a sister mourning the sudden, tragic loss of her brother.Anne was 15 when her brother Jacob died in a car accident. Despite never being drawn to music before, Anne found herself compelled to worship through song as she processed her grief. The very first time she ever sang publicly was at her brother’s funeral. Just a few years later, she had a record deal— and a hit that offered comfort to others walking their own grief journeys.We follow that journey from heartbreak into hope on this episode of Trevor Talks, soaking in all the wisdom that this 20-year-old songstress has to offer.Get My Jesus by Anne Wilson: Anne Wilson:Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
26:29 08/09/2022
Naomi Raine of Maverick City Music
Naomi Raine is the powerhouse voice best known as one of the core members of Grammy-award-winning group Maverick City Music. But, with her debut solo album, Journey, she’s bringing her voice to center stage and sharing her story. Growing up in Queens as the daughter of worship leaders, Naomi’s life has never been without music. She sang publicly for the first time at a major gospel concert at just 2 years old.However, her path into the vibrant music ministry that has impacted the world was not always smooth. An unexpected pregnancy at 18 planted social alienation and deep-held shame. But on this episode of Trevor Talks, Naomi shares how grace has made every bump in the road level.As we gratefully celebrate 100 episodes of Trevor Talks, take a deep dive with us into the heart and the healing found in the songs on Journey.Get Journey by Naomi Raine: Naomi Raine:Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
44:44 08/02/2022
Jonas Myrin
You might not have heard Jonas Myrin’s name before, but you’ve definitely heard his songs. As the writer of worship anthems like “10,000 Reasons” and “Our God,” Jonas has resourced the global church. Through collaborating with legends like Barbra Streisand and Natasha Beddingfield, he’s also given his musical gifts to the whole world.This GRAMMY-winning songwriter’s journey began in an unlikely place: as the Swedish kid of missionaries to Africa. In those early years of life, his soul was filled with the wonder of witnessing miracles. That awe permeates the songs Jonas writes. You can hear it on “Mountains,” a brand new song that uses faith to turn fear inside out.Listen to this episode of Trevor Talks for the inside scoop on the development of his music and ministry, the meaning of “Mountains,” and the profoundly personal way that a song he wrote ushered his dad into heaven.If you’re struggling, visit: Get “Mountains” by Jonas Myrin: Jonas Myrin:Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
37:40 07/26/2022
Kristene DiMarco
Kristene DiMarco is a worship leader with a rich history of personally experiencing the kindness of God— a reality that has always shaped the songs that she has led, first with International House of Prayer (IHOP) and now for years with Bethel.The Field is the latest outcome of that history, an album Kristene wrote during a season of personal shaping and softening. Here on Trevor Talks, she shares about the process of writing that album, taking a deep dive into songs like “Wherever You Lead.” Beyond the music, Kristene dives deep into her personal story of finding her voice in music and in ministry, a story marked by this encouragement: “don’t lose hope, and He’ll meet you with His faith.”Get The Field by Kristene DiMarco: Short Film: Kristene:Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
53:07 07/19/2022
Michael Felker of Convictions
Michael Felker is the voice that leads Convictions, a self-proclaimed “aggressive worship” band that is capturing raw emotion with noise.Convictions has rapidly risen to be a forerunner in faith-based metalcore with their blistering riffs and vocals and their unafraid approach to some of life’s hardest conversations. With songs about PTSD, suicide, and what it really looks like to live as a person of faith amid mental health struggles, songs like “Moros,” “Hurricane,” “The Price of Grace,” and recent release “Supernova” continually invite listeners to feel intensely heard.In this episode of Trevor Talks, Michael Felker shares some of the stories that have fueled these aggressive worship songs— stories from his own life, and from friends and fans of the band. It’s a conversation that continues to remind us that no matter what darkness we’ve walked through, we’re not the only one.If you or someone you love is going through a hard time, find resources through HeartSupport ( and Death2Life ( Listen to “Supernova”Spotify: Music: Convictions:Website: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
37:16 07/12/2022
Steven Curtis Chapman
Steven Curtis Chapman is undeniably one of the best-known names in the past century of faith-focused music. As the most awarded contemporary Christian musician of our time, Steven Curtis Chapman is still being inspired 35 years into the journey.Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest single “Still” is the starting place for this conversation on Trevor Talks. The song captures the comfort of supernatural peace that passes understanding, peace Steven has come to know intimately through grieving the loss of a daughter and, more recently, a brother-in-law. “Still” is the first single from an upcoming album that promises to answer the question so much of the world is asking right now: “how do we keep moving forward?”For Steven, the answer to that question comes through unshakable faith in the God that took the son of a Kentucky music store owner into a career that would span 11 million album sales, 59 Dove Awards, 5 Grammys, 49 number one hits, and untold lives changed through the songs he’s been given to sing.Get “Still" - Spotify: Music: Steven Curtis Chapman:Website: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
24:32 07/06/2022
Alexa PenaVega
You might know Alexa PenaVega best for her roles in movies like Spy Kids and Twister, but she’s so much more than an actress. As a YouTuber, blogger, author, wife and mom, Alexa is constantly envisioning new ways to tell stories with her life.Those stories are informed by her faith, which has been an anchor point throughout her adult life. The same has been true for her husband Carlos PenaVega, to who she has been married since 2014. Together, the couple has three lively boys, and the family is consistently exploring what it looks like to embody love. The most recent way they’re doing that is through the book "What if Love is the Point?" available on June 28 from Thomas Nelson.On this episode of Trevor Talks, Alexa talks about the book, growing up as a child star, her journey into faith and recovery from her eating disorder. It’s a down-to-earth conversation sure to leave you encouraged about what can happen when we truly surrender to our purpose.Get What if Love is the Point? from Thomas Nelson: Alexa PenaVega: Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
50:44 06/29/2022
Miggy Sanchez of RELENT
Miggy Sanchez is a man defined by his family, by his calling, and by his deep faith. But it hasn’t always been that way.Until his mid-20s, Miggy’s life was defined by any addiction that could numb the pain. As a musician in the Texas scene, he lived the drugs, sex, and rock and roll lifestyle— not knowing that his life was on a collision course with God’s purpose. An encounter with God radically changed Miggy’s life, leading to a new vision for what it meant to be a husband, a father, and ultimately, a musician. Miggy shares hope now through the Rockfest Records band RELENT, whose Grizzly Award-winning album Heavy has been turning heads for the past year.On this episode of Trevor Talks, Miggy spills it all— his story, his lyrics, his heart. Follow Miggy and Relent:Website: Facebook: Music: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
41:50 06/22/2022
Mandy Hale
Mandy Hale has been offering her down-to-earth, relatable insight on what it’s like to be a single woman for years now. But with her newest book, Turn Toward the Sun, she gives voice to human experience as a whole.In her conversation with Trevor Talks, Mandy explains why this book— which is all about letting go of the “what-ifs” in order to embrace what is— couldn’t possibly be more timely for the world in 2022. She tells the story of the personal heartbreaks and intense heart-work that this book grew from. Her authentic perspective on mental health, creativity, singleness and healing offers solidarity to anyone in the middle of their own what-ifs.Get Mandy's Book! "Turn Toward the Sun: Releasing What If and Embracing What Is" -Amazon: & Noble: Mandy Hale:Website: https://www.mandyhale.comFacebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
37:29 06/14/2022
Kevin Olusola & Donovan Donnell
Imagine Faith Talk is a podcast born from a unique synergy of stories. Donovan Dee Donnell is a life coach, author, entrepreneur and former exotic dancer. Kevin Olusola is a beatboxer and cellist known for his role in the legendary acapella group Pentatonix. Together, they’re holding conversations that show that you don’t have to sell yourself to fulfill your dream.Kevin and Donovan joined Trevor Talks for a power-packed discussion about holistic, ethical ways to be an entrepreneur, owning your unique calling in this world and operating with an excellence that points to Christ. Along the way, both men share their stories. Donovan explains how he went from exotic dancer to Bible study leader in just a year’s time. Kevin lays out his path from medical school student to acapella household name. These are stories you won’t want to miss!Find the Imagine Faith podcast, which is part of Annie Downs’ That Sounds Fun podcast network, at Donovan:Website: Kevin: Website: Trevor:Website: Music: Podcasts:
54:42 06/07/2022
TAYA Gaukrodger
As part of the Hillsong family, Taya Gaukrodger (better known as simply Taya) has given voice to some of the most recognizable worship anthems of our generation— including Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), Touch The Sky, Captain, & Even When It Hurts (Praise Song). That powerful voice is now coming into its own through her debut solo album, TAYA.This episode of Trevor Talks is a deep dive into the season of life that fueled her solo venture, which was co written and produced by Jon Guerra. Taya explains how the sweetness of the Lord was the theme that wove its way through this project, how that was manifested even in the right people being led to collaborate at the right time. She also offers insight into some of the cornerstone lyrics on this project, and her perspective on the Hillsong community that she has faithfully served alongside.Get her debut album TAYA at Taya: Facebook: more Trevor Talks: Website: Music: Podcasts:
53:11 05/31/2022
Brant Hansen
Brant Hansen has become a respected voice of wisdom in the world of Christian media. As a radio personality, podcast host and author, Brant has shared his perspective alongside Producer Sherri on the Brant and Sherri Oddcast. He’s also authored books like The Truth About Us, Blessed Are the Misfits and Unoffendable.Brant’s most recent book is The Men We Need, a radical perspective on healthy masculinity as a protective force in this world. It’s a perspective shaped by Brant’s own experience as a son, a husband, a dad and now a grandpa. He shares about that experience on this episode of Trevor Talks, while offering insight into the way he has chosen to approach his calling as a communicator to elevate the healing work of CURE International. This is an episode for anyone who is looking for wisdom on living their own unique calling.You can get Brant Hansen’s The Men We Need on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Follow Brant Hansen:Website: Branthansen.comFacebook: Brant Hansen PageInstagram: @branthansenTwitter: @branthansenSpotify: Brant & Sherri OddcastApple Music: Brant & Sherri OddcastFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
43:42 05/25/2022
Crystal Lewis
Few voices command as much immediate respect as that of Crystal Lewis. This singer, songwriter, actress and author has garnered multiple Dove Award wins and Grammy nominations while inspiring a generation of strong vocalists.Part of Crystal Lewis’s enduring strength lies in her ability to reinvent herself, which is exactly what she’s done with her new jazz album Together We Can. Featuring duets from powerhouse vocalists like Tori Kelly, Kate Flannery and Crystal’s own kids (Izzi Ray and Solomon Ray), Together We Can is a project of unity in a time of global discord.We talk about the album on this episode of Trevor Talks, and we also delve into all of the life experiences that made it: over 30 years of breaking music industry norms, a painful divorce, depression and the process of reimagining her personal faith. This is an episode full of insight, encouragement and humor from an industry icon.You can get Crystal Lewis’s Together We Can at Crystal Lewis:Website: www.crystallewis.comFacebook: Crystal LewisInstagram: @thecrystallewisTwitter: @thecrystallewisYouTube: Crystal LewisFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
59:24 05/17/2022
Joey West of Disciple
Joey West is best known as the drummer for veteran Christian rock band Disciple, a band that has accumulated Dove Award nominations and a win, Grizzly Awards, and multiple #1 singles (such as “Erase,” “Dear X,” and “After the World”). But beyond his role as drummer for one of the most recognizable names in faith-based rock, Joey is a voice of hope and solidarity for those questioning their calling or struggling with mental health.That’s exactly what you’ll find on this episode of Trevor Talks, our first-ever episode featuring a drummer! Joey opens up about how his passion for drums and daily desire for faithfulness in his walk with God led him onto stages across the world. He also generously shares his own mental health journey of heartache and healing, a journey that motivates his commitment to be real and authentic— both on and off stage. Follow Joey West and Disciple:Website: disciplerocks.comPatreon: Disciple, Joey WestInstagram: @disciplerocks, @disciplejoeyTwitter: @disciplerocks, @disciplejoeyFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
56:50 05/04/2022
Jaime Villalovos
Jaime Villalovos is a success story who is teaching others to redefine how they view what “success” truly means.Growing up in a large, impoverished family in rural Montana, Jaime learned what it was like to be lacking both practical and emotional support. Even as she spent her early years trying to protect her younger siblings, she was dreaming of a better future. She’s built that future with her husband Shawn, and together they have become accomplished entrepreneurs and philanthropists.In her new book Happy and Strong, Jaime offers a heart to heart look at what it truly means to be successful. She shares some of that insight with us in this episode of Trevor Talks.Get Happy and Strong on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.Follow Jaime Villalovos:Website: Facebook: Happy & StrongInstagram: @jaime.villalovosTwitter: @jvillalovosYouTube: Jaime VillalovosFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
30:46 04/26/2022
Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire
Matty Mullins is the lead singer of iconic metalcore band Memphis May Fire, fronting the band with his alternating clean and screamed vocals. Forever one to wear his heart on his songwriting sleeve, Matty has expressed his story in songs like “Sleepless Nights,” “Carry On” and “Heavy Is the Weight.”That passion and vulnerability reach new heights with their upcoming album Remade in Misery, which holds songs like “The Fight Within,” “Somebody” and “Blood and Water.” In this episode of Trevor Talks, we talk about all of those songs, and about the reasons why Remade in Misery is Memphis May Fire’s strongest outing yet. We also take a walk through Matty’s personal story of mental health, anxiety, faith, music, and how his healing process has been an interweaving of all those things.Presave Remade in Misery: you are experiencing mental health difficulties, you can find resources at (for females), (for teenagers) and or (for everyone).Follow Matty Mullins and Memphis May Fire:Website: Facebook: Memphis May Fire, Matty MullinsInstagram: @memphismayfire, @mattymullins Twitter: @MemphisMayFire, @MattyMullinsFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
37:34 04/18/2022
Dr. John Delony
Dr. John Delony is one of the leading voices in the global mental health conversation. As a team member of Ramsey Solutions, John’s radio show serves as a place to foster wellness on every level for listeners.In this episode of Trevor Talks, we have the honor of hearing how John’s own mental health struggles inspired him to rethink our cultural approach to wellness. We also get his vital and knowledgeable perspective on the way current events and social climates are impacting our mental health on a very real and daily scale.With two PhDs to his name, Dr. John Delony is sharing his wisdom with the world through the brand new book Own Your Past Change Your Future, which you can get from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.Follow Dr. John Delony:Website: Facebook: John DelonyInstagram: @johndelonyTwitter: @johndelonyFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
32:27 04/12/2022
Karen Bruton
Karen Bruton is known as the “Lamb of Wall Street,” an unusual title she’s come by through forging an unusual path.At the age of 50, Karen began to learn the ins and outs of the stock market. Although she quickly learned to excel in trading derivatives and futures, she found her true passion and calling in sharing what she’d learned with disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship training.This is the story that Karen shares with her autobiographical book The Lamb of Wall Street. We get a glimpse of the perspective she’s gained on this episode of Trevor Talks!Get The Lamb of Wall Street from Amazon or Target.For more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
18:59 04/06/2022
Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty
Missy Robertson is a mom, grandma, author and media personality best known for her role in the famed reality series Duck Dynasty. More importantly, she’s a steadying representation of the unconditional love that can be found in healthy families.For Missy, that unconditional love extends to both birth and chosen family. Missy and her husband Jase have been on an adoption journey in recent years that has added to their already extensive parenting experience. That process informed Missy’s latest kid’s book, Because You’re My Family, which uses adoptive family as a way to share about God’s unconditional love.Missy talks with Trevor about all of that and more on this week’s episode, with special co host insight from Brian Layne (an adoptee and adoptive father himself). Get Because You’re My Family from Brave Books: Missy Robertson:Website: www.missyrobertson.comFacebook: Missy RobertsonInstagram: @missyduckwifeTwitter: @MissyDuckWifeFollow Trevor’s guest co-host, Brian Layne:Facebook: Brian LayneInstagram: @evgbrianlayneFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
33:21 03/29/2022
Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber
Joseph Rojas is the lead singer of Dove-award winning Christian rock band Seventh Day Slumber, president and founder of Rockfest Records, president of Teen Hopeline, and an innovator in the touring industry. But before he was any of those things, he was a broken kid desperate for hope.On this episode of Trevor Talks, Joseph talks about the band’s new album Death by Admiration and the ways in which it pushes the boundaries of everything the band has done in the past. He also shares deeply personal stories from his journey of growth as an industry leader and, more importantly, a father. Join us for this candid conversation about the ways God has brought Joseph from days as a teenage drug addict who did not believe he’d live to be 22 to becoming a husband, father and one of the most consistent voices of hope in the rock genre.Get Death by Admiration: you’re a young person who is struggling, you can chat anonymously with a caring adult at Seventh Day Slumber:Website: www.seventhdayslumber.comFacebook: Seventh Day SlumberInstagram: @seventhdayslumberTwitter: @seventhdayslumberFollow Trevor’s guest co-host, Brian Layne:Facebook: Brian LayneInstagram: @evgbrianlayneFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
61:43 03/23/2022
Steve Cobucci of Wolves At The Gate is BACK!!
Wolves At The Gate has established themselves as a staple in purpose-driven metalcore, consistently setting the bar for what it looks like to create heavy music with weighty messages. Much of that strong theological thrust has been propelled by vocalist Steve Cobucci, the band’s clean vocalist and guitarist. Wolves At The Gate also happens to be one of Trevor’s personal favorite bands. On March 11, 2022, Wolves At The Gate is releasing their latest album Eulogies, which Trevor considers to be their best album yet. On this episode of the show, Steve joins us in conversation about the things that have to die in our lives in order to make way for a truer allegiance to the Gospel of Jesus. He reveals the ways in which this is the most personally reflective album he’s been a part of. Along the way, he offers priceless wisdom for anyone seeking to pursue their own personal calling.Get Eulogies: Follow Wolves At The Gate:Website: www.wolvesatthegate.merchnow.comFacebook: Wolves At The GateInstagram: @wolvesatthegateTwitter: @wolvesatthegateFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
26:12 03/08/2022
Korey Cooper & Lacey Sturm
Over the past 20 years, you’d be hard pressed to find many people as influential in rock and roll as Korey Cooper and Lacey Sturm. As part of Skillet and Flyleaf (respectively), their songwriting has been at the forefront of shaping modern purpose-driven rock as we know it. They also happen to be frequent collaborators and longtime friends.On this extra special episode of Trevor Talks, Lacey joins Trevor to co host an interview with Korey Cooper. This is a conversation that touches on Skillet’s new album Dominion and Lacey’s recent single “Awaken Love” (co-written with Korey). But it also goes much deeper. This is your opportunity to be in the room as Korey and Lacey talk about the demands of being called to music, touring with their families, their unique spiritual synergy in the cowriting process, and what hope they would offer to anyone struggling with depression and despair.Stream Dominion at Skillet:Website: Facebook: SkilletInstagram: @skilletmusic, @koreycooperTwitter: @skilletmusic, @koreycooper Follow Lacey Sturm:Website: Facebook: Lacey SturmInstagram: @officiallaceysturmTwitter: @LaceySturmFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
71:35 03/02/2022
Brian Dawkins
Brian Dawkins is an NFL legend. The football safety played for a historic 16 seasons, spending the majority of those seasons with the Eagles. His tenure earned him a place in the NFL football hall of fame.Beyond the football acclaim, Brian Dawkins is a man of faith who remains deeply committed to his family. His dynamic personality is rooted in integrity that was developed through years of learning through the highs of career success and the lows of personal mental health battles. On this episode, you have the opportunity to hear wisdom directly from Brian about how to build a faith that can weather the storms. He also shares practical advice for incorporating prayer and scripture into our daily life, and pays homage to the mentors— and to the women in his life— who have made him the man he is today.Get Blessed by the Best on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.Follow Brian Dawkins:Website: briandawkins.comFacebook: Brian DawkinsInstagram: @briandawkinssrFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
54:58 02/23/2022
Morgan Harper Nichols
Morgan Harper Nichols has become one of the most vital voices of peace, light and comfort in our digital space today. With an Instagram following approaching 2 million, several best-selling books, and art placements with brands like Target and Starbucks, Morgan offers stories of hope paired with vivid paintings.Morgan recently released her latest book Peace is a Practice. On this episode of Trevor Talks, she shared a little bit about the way she has implemented the concept of peace as a cycle in her life. She also shares a little bit about her music career as a young adult and about how being diagnosed with autism changed her life. Along the way, expect Morgan’s honesty and wisdom to offer solace for your soul.Get Peace is a Practice, the latest from Morgan Harper Nichols, on Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble.Follow Morgan Harper Nichols:Website: morganharpernichols.comFacebook: Morgan Harper NicholsInstagram: @morganharpernicholsStoryteller App: The Storyteller Album HereFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
59:06 02/16/2022
Kristian Stanfill of Passion Music
As one of the most consistent servant leaders in the Passion movement, Kristian Stanfill’s voice has led landmark songs like “Always,” “Heart Abandoned,” “One Thing Remains” and “Forever Reign.” The commitment that’s so visible on stage comes from a life lived in servant leadership behind the scenes.Kristian has been a part of the Passion family since 2005, citing Louie and Shelly Giglio as significant factors in mentoring his calling to worship ministry into maturity. However, his personal pull towards this work goes back even further, to an experience at a youth camp that transformed his life. That testimony has driven him to becoming a participant in God’s transformation of tens of thousands of students through Passion Conferences.You’ll hear Kristian’s story and his wisdom in this latest episode of Trevor Talks, as well as getting a window into how the ministry of Passion intersected with Trevor’s own calling.Get Burn Bright, the latest from Passion, on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Kristian Stanfill and Passion Music:Website: passionmusic.comFacebook: Passion MusicInstagram: @kpstanfillYouTube: Passion MusicFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
43:29 02/08/2022
Maddie Rey
Maddie Rey is a powerhouse voice for a generation. At just 23 years old, she already has over a decade of ministry experience. Since she was 12, Maddie has been part of her parents’ ongoing ministry at New Church of Joy in Wakegan, IL, participated in an all girls’ Christian rap group, written and published books and ventured into a music career as a young adult that has included singing with TobyMac.Through all of it, Maddie Rey’s heart has been driven by a desire to offer a roadmap to young people who might be lost, confused or stuck in areas of their own purpose and identity. In this episode, Maddie tells Trevor “I will lay my life down to do whatever I have to do to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus.” And when you hear her share her heart, it’ll leave you with no doubts that she truly means it. Listen to Maddie’s latest single, “Deserve Your Love,” on Spotify and Apple Music.Follow Maddie Rey:Website: Facebook: Maddie ReyInstagram: @officialmaddiereyTikTok: @officialmaddiereyYouTube: Official Maddie ReyFor more Trevor Talks:SpotifyApple MusicGoogle PodcastsInstagramFacebook
35:47 01/31/2022