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Anesthesia Deconstructed: Science. Politics. Realities.

This award winning podcast will touch on issues ranging from clinical to politics of anesthesiology and take a balanced, realistic approach based on the evidence.


Navigating New Frontiers: NorthStar Anesthesia's Approach to Modern Anesthesia Challenges
Introduction:In this episode of "Anesthesia Deconstructed," we delve into the evolving landscape of anesthesia services with two leading figures from NorthStar Anesthesia: Randall Moore, DNP, MBA, CRNA, Chief CRNA, and Jim Roberts, MD, Chief Medical Officer. Together, they shed light on NorthStar's innovative strategies in navigating staffing shortages, private equity involvement, and the complexities of the post-No Surprises Act era.Guest Insights:Randall Moore brings a wealth of experience in anesthesia management and clinical excellence, offering a unique perspective on the role of advanced practice anesthesia professionals in addressing current challenges.Jim Roberts shares his insights from the viewpoint of medical leadership, emphasizing the importance of strategic partnerships and quality care in the face of industry shifts.NorthStar's Journey:A brief overview of NorthStar Anesthesia, detailing its foundation, mission, and evolution into a leading national anesthesia services provider.Key Topics:Addressing Staffing Shortages: Strategies and initiatives employed by NorthStar to combat the ongoing staffing challenges in healthcare, particularly within anesthesia services.Private Equity and Corporate Investment: An examination of the role of private equity in healthcare, specifically in anesthesia services, and how NorthStar navigates these issues.Thriving Post-No Surprises Act: Discussion on the impacts of the No Surprises Act on anesthesia services, with a focus on NorthStar's adaptive strategies to ensure financial stability and patient satisfaction.Blueprint for Success: Insights into NorthStar's operational, clinical, and strategic methodologies that have positioned them for success in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.Why It Matters:This episode offers a glimpse into the operational and strategic mindset of one of the leading anesthesia services providers, highlighting actionable strategies for navigating modern healthcare challenges. It serves as an invaluable resource for anesthesia professionals, healthcare administrators, and anyone interested in the intersections of healthcare policy, management, and clinical excellence.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
44:42 4/15/24
Revolutionizing Recruitment: The MOTION Behind Transforming Anesthesia Careers
Introduction:Welcome to a groundbreaking episode of "Anesthesia Deconstructed," where we delve into the forces reshaping the landscape of anesthesia and healthcare recruitment. Today, we're thrilled to have Jarod Collins with us, a visionary behind "MOTION" - a pioneering platform set to redefine how anesthesia professionals navigate their career paths.Guest Spotlight:Jarod Collins, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at MedGeo Ventures, is part of the innovative team that developed "MOTION," a platform described as the “Zillow of CRNA jobs”. This episode explores Jarod's journey, the genesis of "MOTION," and its mission to bring transparency, efficiency, and quality to healthcare recruitment.What's New:Introduction to "MOTION," a cutting-edge job search platform designed for the modern anesthesia professional. Unlike traditional job boards, "MOTION" emphasizes quality metrics and user-friendly design to connect talent with the right opportunities.Why It Matters:Elevating Job Searches: Discover how "MOTION" moves beyond the limitations of outdated platforms, offering a streamlined, intuitive experience for both job seekers and employers.Quality Over Quantity: Learn about the unique approach "MOTION" takes to ensure listings are of the highest quality, making it easier for professionals to find meaningful employment.Impact on Anesthesia Careers: Understand the potential of "MOTION" to transform the career trajectories of CRNAs, anesthesiologists, and other anesthesia professionals through better job matches and career insights.A Step Towards Innovation: This episode sheds light on how "MOTION" represents a broader shift towards innovation and quality in the healthcare industry, setting a new standard for how job markets operate.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
35:22 4/8/24
Meet Annemarie Wiley CRNA and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star!
Meet Annemarie Wiley CRNA!When you think about reality tv and especially the Real Housewives franchise, you probably do not think about adopted small town Canadian girls of Nigerian/Dutch descent raised by a single mom.  Well, not only is that Annemarie, but she is also an athlete, became an RN, worked in Canada and then the U.S. and eventually became a Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA)! She is eloquent, intelligent, gregarious and very proud of her chosen profession, Nurse Anesthesiology! In this episode we talk about her background, her experience as an RN and CRNA, the housewives show and her families amazing charity with its mission:"To inspire, equip, and support individuals in their journey of transformation, ensuring they not only navigate transitions successfully but also emerge stronger, more resilient, and ready to lead." Enjoy this great conversation with Annemarie and do not make the mistake I made! It is pronounced Annamarie not "Anne-Marie"! Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
47:58 2/28/24
Josh Condado, CRNA Deconstructs the Path to Real Estate Investing for Anesthesia Professionals
In this session, we talk with Josh Condado, CRNA, from his initial foray into a highly controlled anesthesia ACT lead to his exploration of real estate investing. It makes us wonder how fully utilizing CRNA roles can significantly enhance staff retention – but that’s for another episode. Josh is only 31 years old, but it was an enlightening conversation about diversification with real estate investing, something anesthesia providers of all types can potentially diversify their assets with. This show has been produced by Adkins Media Co.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
33:05 12/18/23
Special Series: 5 Questions: Matt Mazurek, MD on Burnout and Anesthesia’s “Dirty Little Secret”
As part of our series “5 Questions” - we’re happy to have Dr. Matt Mazurek, MD, Physician Anesthesiologist, and perennial learner.  Matt has done it all: private practice, Chief of Staff, working for a “big box” shop, and now academics at Yale.  Although he became known to the show from his article supporting full practice for CRNAs, we brought him back to talk about burnout and how he avoids it, work-life Integration, what he believes is the “dirty little secret” of healthcare. Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
53:28 11/6/23
Special Series: 5 Questions: Mike MacKinnon Addresses Criticisms and Answers What Keeps Him So Professionally Driven
Few CRNAs are as well-known as our co-host, Mike MacKinnon, and at times, he’s not been an uncontroversial leader – he’s been on the cutting edge.  Leading off our “5 Questions” Series – we hear from Mike on being criticized as “anti-physician”, on what he’s learned as a leader of the past 10 years, and how he keeps a sustainable edge to remain a high-performance professional for so long. Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
36:38 10/23/23
An Introduction to Our Special Series: 5 Questions
In this series, we will dive deep with some of the most intriguing professionals in the specialty of Anesthesia! Through these five questions, we will be foster important conversations, gain insight into where the specialty is going, and learn how we can influence that future.Tune in next Monday for our first episode of this special series and enjoy the ride!Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
01:32 10/16/23
A Look Into the Core Anesthesia App with its Creators: Cole Dill & Tanner Hulin
Take listen as Joe interviews the founders of CORE Anesthesia!Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
29:12 9/29/23
Dr. Joe Rodriguez testifies against title protection bill in Wisconsin
In an attempt to control the freedom of what other professions call themselves and limit titles in Wisconsin, the medical society introduced SB 143.  On May 24,  Wisconsin Association of Nurse Anesthetists President Jenna Palzkill—as well as Dr. Joe Rodriguez, who was representing the AANA—helped inform and educate the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Health on why proposed SB 143 does NOT help Wisconsinites. If passed, this bill would preclude the use of the title Nurse Anesthesiologist in the state. An attempt of one competitor trying to control another. This is the audio of that testimony that ended this attempt.You can learn more about the genesis of Nurse Anesthesiologist here: us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
20:09 6/21/23
Medical Malpractice Policies: What you didn't know, but should
Meet Julie Nycum, CPCU, RPLU, ARM, the current director of AANA Insurance Services, providing medical malpractice to CRNAs across the country through Medical Protective (med pro).  Julie worked for Medical Protective (med pro), a Berkshire Hathaway Company writing 2 billion in policies a year for 24 years as Vice President of Underwriting. In 2006 she met with AANA insurance services on behalf of med pro to develop the medical malpractice services AANA uses today.  On this podcast we talk about:Occurrence vs Claims made and how important it is to know the difference related to YOUR risk and why over time claims made is MORE expensiveBuying claims made "tail" isn't as simple as it sounds. Or as good.Time does not start until discovery starts. Might be past your claims-made policy and then YOU are on the hook.Consent to Settle & Hammer Clauses (Scary Stuff)You can be named (and need coverage) for NON-Anesthesia issuesPolicies may cover a lot more than you are aware of like lost wages etc.What does "1 million per occurrence and 3 million aggregate" coverage mean?Why 1/3 mil vs 250/500K  per claim/aggregates are different in different states? Should you get a 1/3 policy anyway?What happens if a claim went OVER the max/occurrence (1 million) policy? You pay that is what happens. Why does Admitted vs Non-Admitted matter? The Oceanus StoryDoes AM Best matter to providers or facilities?How the size of an insurance company impacts the lawyers you get access toIf you own an anesthesia company should you have special insurance for your contractors for vicarious liability?If you are covered by a groups policy should you also have your own to protect your interest?Does a settlement result in you being reported to the national practitioner databank? Is there any increased cost for med mal for an independent CRNA to the CRNA?Is there extra cost for the facility or surgeon working with an independent CRNA?Is there decreased cost for the CRNA or facility when working in an Anesthesia Care Team with a physician anesthesiologist? "liability shield"If you do ketamine clinics, medical aesthetics, IV infusion work does your CRNA medical malpractice cover these things?Medical Malpractice rates have not increased for CRNAs at Med Pro for 14 years. Now they are increasing, why and what does that mean?When do you have to report to the med mal company? Can you self-trigger coverage by hearing something might happen or when an event occurs? Can claims made do this?Whats the process and length of time of a claim?Addendum: If you are threatened with a claim (lawsuit) you should report that to medpro in writing ASAP.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
81:19 4/17/23
The CRNA Scientist: Dr. Rhea Temmerand Designing Drugs with Spider Venom
Anesthesia Deconstructed host Joe Rodriguez talks to a rare professional: Dr. Rhea Temmerand, CRNA who is a pharmacology PhD and actively involved in bench research while maintaining a clinical practice.  We talk about everything from what it is like to be known as a Scientist and as a CRNA, and why CRNAs often do little bench research. Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
37:40 3/23/23
Simon Willman, JD - Do Non Competes Get Enforced?
Simon Willman, JD, former in-house counsel for CORE Orthopedics and Current owner of McDowell Mountain Law, speaks about non-competes and their impact on Anesthesiology Professionals, which touches every practicing provider, 1099 or W2.  The bad information out there on this topic is rampant – Simon lends his expertise as a healthcare business and contract lawyer to give us a brief introduction.  Send us your questions so we can discuss them with Simon again in the future!Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
24:58 11/23/22
Mark Silberman JD - Former General Legal Counsel for the AANA
Meet Mr. Silberman JD from the BENESCH law firm! We talk about the New Hampshire ruling and Nurse Anesthesiologist, Qui Tam lawsuits and anti-trust, The risk of medicare fraud with medical direction and TEFRA, if Extubation is part of emergence as it related to TEFRA based on the Donegan v. Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City, PC, Liability of surgeons with CRNAs in the ACT or independently and MUCH more! A little about Mark:Mark is an experienced trial lawyer, health care attorney and litigator. His practice focuses on helping health care professionals and businesses navigate the complex and changing landscape of health care with an emphasis on achieving governmental and regulatory compliance.Mark concentrates on managing internal and external health care investigations, False Claims Act cases, white collar criminal defense, all forms of health care litigation, and all aspects of the Illinois Certificate of Need program.Mark handles audit, compliance, investigations and enforcement actions involving HHS-OIG, the Medicare/Medicaid programs, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (Certificate of Need). He advises clients regarding managing and avoiding allegations of health care fraud and health care-related criminal conduct, addressing concerns related to the Anti-Kickback Statute, and pharmacy and pharmaceutical related litigation. He provides counsel and litigation services for physicians, facilities and pharmacies engaged with any federal agency, along with handling Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement issues, False Claims Act/Qui Tam defense, and various health care transactional matters. Mark also served as the outside General Counsel to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.More about Mark can be found hereFollow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
79:18 8/26/22
Interview with A CPA: How to go 1099 to Maximize Career Benefits
In this episode, you will hear from Mr. James Laubham CPA, owner of Capital Accounting,  PC on why Nurse Anesthesiologists and Physician Anesthesiologists are turning to 1099 to maximize their career benefits. He goes through the ins and outs as well as what you need to know when deciding to go 1099. Learn from a CPA who is an expert in anesthesia business accounting!Learn more at the Capital Accounting website us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
25:05 8/25/22
Part 3: Interview with Dr. Randall Moore Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia
Meet the former AANA CEO and now Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia Dr. Randall Moore DNP, MBA, CRNA. We talk about ALL the things in this 3 part interview! Topics range from anesthesia reimbursement, the impact of the pandemic, the difficulty recruiting, why he left the AANA, culture, what his new role entails at Northstar, and what it takes to build a functional anesthesia team!There is an incredible amount of information packed into this 3 part interview from a leader in one of the leading companies in anesthesia services in the United States. us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
19:27 6/29/22
Part 2: Interview with Dr. Randall Moore Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia
Meet the former AANA CEO and now Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia Dr. Randall Moore DNP, MBA, CRNA. We talk about ALL the things in this 3 part interview! Topics range from anesthesia reimbursement, the impact of the pandemic, the difficulty recruiting, why he left the AANA, culture, what his new role entails at Northstar, and what it takes to build a functional anesthesia team!There is an incredible amount of information packed into this 3 part interview from a leader in one of the leading companies in anesthesia services in the United States. us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
38:22 6/15/22
Interview with Dr. Randall Moore Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia Part 1
Meet the former AANA CEO and now Chief Anesthetist Officer of Northstar Anesthesia Dr. Randall Moore DNP, MBA, CRNA. We talk about ALL the things in this 3 part interview! Topics range from anesthesia reimbursement, the impact of the pandemic, the difficulty recruiting, why he left the AANA, culture, what his new role entails at Northstar, and what it takes to build a functional anesthesia team!There is an incredible amount of information packed into this 3 part interview from a leader in one of the leading companies in anesthesia services in the United States. us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
35:55 6/1/22
Interview With A Lobbyist: Kelsey Lundy from Compass Strategies, Arizona
Everyone wonders what a lobbyist is, what they do, and do you NEED one? There is always a lot of demonizing lobbyists and their role in the media but what is the truth? On this episode, we interview Kelsey Lundy, Managing Partner at Compass Strategies in Arizona, and talk about lobbyists, grassroots involvement, Political Action Committees, how politics work, and how a good lobbyist can be critical to your legislative goals. We also discuss how to find and interview a  firm as well as how to assess the effectiveness of one you have. There are so many pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting a bill across the finish line and Kelsey has been critical for more than 20 years in guiding many clients to success!You can learn more about Compass Strategies at Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
54:10 3/31/22
Dr. Jeff Gadsden MD Discusses Regional Anesthesia & Nerve Injury
Dr. Jeff Gadsden is a Physician Anesthesiologist who did a large portion of his residency with Dr. Admir Hadzic at the New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA) where his love of regional anesthesia was born.  He has since brought that passion and expertise to Duke University where he currently serves as the Chief, Division of Orthopedic, Plastic & Regional Anesthesia. Dr. Gadsden is not only an expert at regional anesthesia but passionate about it which comes across in every video he does, to every trainee he mentors and in this podcast!We talk about everything regional anesthesia from the movement away from epidurals, new blocks, the utility of the nerve stimulation, new drugs, adjuncts in nerve blocks to nerve injury, and the evidence! If you love regional anesthesia you do not want to miss this one!You can see his phenomenal regional anesthesia videos on his youtube channel titled "Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine" located here can also follow him on Twitter at and with the hashtag #DukeRAPFollow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
61:34 2/3/22
The Butterfly IQ+ Ultrasound With Butterfly Network CMO Dr. John Martin
On this episode we talk to John Martin, MD the Chief Medical Operator at Butterfly Network, Inc. about the utility, future and applications of the powerful Butterfly IQ+ portable ultrasound probe. We discuss the butterfly iQ+ built in educational videos teaching point of care ultrasound (POCUS) and how it is all three probes in one right on your hip. Will this be the replacement of the stethoscope and be on everyone's hip? Listen and find out! Learn more at us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
26:34 11/30/21
From Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA) to Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA)
In this episode we talk to Lee Austin, a former Anesthesiologist Assistant who went back to school to become a CRNA. Lee explains how different the educational programs were, how different the focus is on training between the independent practice trained CRNA to the  assistant role of the AA and how that difference really resulted in professional fulfillment for her. We also discuss the Texas Christian University AA to CRNA bridge program and how Lee feels every AA should consider it!This is a great insight from someone who has been through both programs and worked as both types of provider. Listeners can learn more about the TCU AA to CRNA bridge program HERE !Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
39:13 10/24/21
The Title "Nurse Anesthesiologist"
On this podcast we talk about the title 'Nurse Anesthesiologist' it's genesis, the movement within the CRNA community that pushed it into the spotlight, why it is important to CRNAs and patients, some of the misconceptions related to it and the controversy surrounding it. This is the inaugural episode with Dr. Joseph Rodriguez as a co-host talking about this topic.As a special addendum we add some clarifying information about the ASA President's letter to the ASA members on the topic which came out after this recording.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
42:00 8/31/21
Rural Surgeon Talks About Surgery and CRNA Only Practice
Meet rural surgeon Dr. Nathaniel M. Wolkenfeld a general surgeon who has worked in both rural and urban practices. On this episode he talks about the difference between rural and urban general surgery as well as the resources, challenges and benefits of practicing in a rural area. We also get his thoughts on independent CRNA practice after having the opportunity to work for 7 years with them.This is a rare view into the world of rural medicine and CRNAs from a surgeon who has actually been there and seen it! Do not miss this one!Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
61:09 6/30/21
The Business of Anesthesia Part 2
Please join me for Part 2 of this discussion with Joe Rodriguez MSN CRNA where we talk about the trials and tribulations of building an anesthesia company, being successful at it and all the pitfalls in between! Learn the ropes in this 2 part series! Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
31:43 5/4/21
The Business of Anesthesia Part 1
Please join me for this discussion with Joe Rodriguez MSN CRNA where we talk about the trials and tribulations of building an anesthesia company, being successful at it and all the pitfalls in between! Learn the ropes in this 2 part series! Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
29:30 3/27/21
Chronic Pain Management & CRNAs
Meet Nurse Anesthesiologist Scott Rigdon DNAP, CRNA who owns a full time chronic pain practice and trains other CRNAs to do so as well.On this podcast we talk to Dr. Rigdon about what it is like to be a chronic pain practitioner. What the training is like and how to get it as well as what he does day to day in his clinic. We learn about the process of attaining competence in chronic pain and how different it is from clinical anesthesiology.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
61:55 12/7/20
The Federal Trade Commission, Medicine, APRNs & Anti-Trust
Meet Daniel Gilman Phd JD an Attorney Advisor in the FTC’s Office of Policy Planning, where he works on competition issues in health care and technology, and on the impact of regulation. He has received the He co-authored the FTC staff policy paper, Competition and the Regulation of Advanced Practice Nurses, helped draft the FTC Staff Report, Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy, and has published in journals such as the Georgetown Law Journal, Health Matrix, Oregon Law Review, American Journal of Law & Medicine, the Journal of Health Care Law & Policy, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.On this episode we discuss the role of the FTC, the FTC staff report on competition and regulation of APRNs and some of the interesting cases Dr. Gilman has been apart of! Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
63:41 6/24/20
You Have a Complaint Against Your License: Understand, Defend and Navigate
Have you ever had a complaint filed to the board of medicine or board of nursing against your license? It is a process that providers are unprepared to navigate and unaware of the risks and pitfalls which could permanently impact their license and ability to work. What may appear as a frivolous complaint you feel you do not need legal help with could easily become a year(s) long process which consumes you. Do not underestimate being targeted by a weaponized complaint! Meet lawyer Teresa M. Sanzio JD who has specialized in administrative law for over 22 years representing APRNs, RNs, Physicians and other healthcare professionals defend against license complaints. Sanzio does a great job of explaining the process, the dangers of going it alone, the possible outcomes and the best way to proceed. She relays this all in addition to stories about what NOT to do! Do not miss this one, Sanzio's advice could save you license!Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
74:39 5/28/20
Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell MD: ER/CCM on Covid 19 in Brooklyn NYC, Experiences, Theories & Treatments
Meet Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Physician Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell. He has been on the front lines in one of the epicenters of Covid 19 in the US, Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn New York City.On this podcast we talk to Dr. Kyle-Sidell about how the virus has evolved from a clinical perspective, past and current theories on treatment and current understanding of the pathophysiology. He shares with us his experiences treating these patients, both young and old and the personal connection he has had with them. Dr Kyle-Sidell talks about how some theories are falling out of favor and proposes one of his own, diffusion hypoxemia. He suggests that rather than primarily V/Q mismatch or shunt physiology, could COVID19 be a DIFFUSION hypoxemia triggering maladaptive pulmonary vasoconstrictive responses?An amazing critical thinker, an amazing physician and a great human trying to contribute to solving the Covid 19 problem. Dr. Kyle-Sidell can be found on twitter at @cameronks where he regularly posts important insights, questions and videos about Covid 19.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
50:42 4/22/20
Anesthesia on the Front Lines of Covid 19 in Detroit Michigan
On this podcast we talk to Nurse Anesthesiologist Joshua Olson MS, CRNA about what it is like on the front lines of Covid 19 in the country, Detroit Michigan. Mr Olson talks about the emotional toll this takes on everyone involved, the heroic level clinical work done at his facility to save patients lives and the ever changing face of this new pandemic. We also discuss the socioeconomic factors which have made Detroit a hotspot and how Nurse Anesthesiologists have stepped up to make a difference outside of the operating room.  From experimental treatments to what we think we know about Covid 19, Mr Olson guides us through how he and his colleagues are doing everything they can to save lives. We end with a positive survival story which reminds everyone in healthcare that this does not just strike the elderly but those we work with everyday.Follow us at:InstagramFacebookTwitter/X
50:08 4/17/20

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