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John Minor - Don't Try and Stop Me
Exploring the path to a fulfilling life, Mike and Corey engage in a conversation with John Minor on the vital elements of longevity. Mike, inspired by John's triumph over his fear of heights on Mt Whitney at 14,000 ft, discovers the significance of incorporating weight training into one's life for an enhanced quality of life.
92:43 2/21/24
From Pounds Lost to Miles Gained: Kelby Garman's Inspiring Wellness Journey
Explore the extraordinary transformation of Kelby Garman in this Mountain Wellness Podcast episode. Hosts Corey Reed and Mike Maina take you on a journey from weight loss to trail running triumphs. Delve into the psychology of Kelby's 100-pound transformation, emphasizing the significance of family, friends, and community support. Gain valuable insights as Corey, Kelby's coach, imparts practical tips on performance breath work, recovery, nutrition, and strength training. Join us for a compelling narrative of self-optimization, personal growth, and conquering mountain challenges. This episode is a source of inspiration, motivation, and practical advice for mountain athletes and wellness enthusiasts alike. 🏃‍♂️🏔️
87:56 1/22/24
"Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity: The Shocking Truth Revealed in the Life Insurance Report 2023!"
Embark on a journey with Corey and Mike as they dissect the factors driving the 2023 mortality surge in Episode Two of the Mountain Wellness Podcast. Gain insights into historical context, financial implications for insurers, and global perspectives. Gary's expertise in "Bio-Hacking" and "Functional Medicine" provides actionable health advice, covering exercise benefits, red light therapy, sunlight exposure, nutrient optimization, and methylation tests. Explore the complexities of long COVID-19 impact and insurers' responses, emphasizing proactive mortality risk management. The episode concludes with impactful insights, encouraging listeners to prioritize well-being. Stay tuned for more episodes on this transformative wellness journey!
65:03 12/6/23
Stress Resilience - The Breathing Tool You Need!
Mike and Corey Talk about the respiratory system and how it is closely linked to the body's stress response, and stress can have a significant impact on breathing patterns and overall respiratory health. When the body experiences stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, triggering a series of physiological changes known as the "fight-or-flight" response. This response prepares the body for physical exertion or danger, and it can also affect the respiratory system in several ways.
66:03 11/20/23
Mt. Whitney - No Fall Zones - Snow Bridges - Risk Mitigation - Extreme low 02 levels
Do you cross a snow bridge with water running underneath in a no-fall zone? with or without proper gear? The dreaded headache at 12,500 Feet with no acclimatization. Broken sleep, Gastrointestinal issues from altitude. How the right gear can make you feel safe even though the reality is you're untrained.
93:14 8/28/23
Stay Out Of The Sun! What? - Why Sunlight is Actually Good For You!
How to work with sunlight for optimal health and longevity.
85:22 7/15/23
Do you need the gym?
Corey and Mike discuss how the Kettlebell has transformed their routines and much more!
91:38 5/22/23
Keyes To Longevity
Special guest and best-selling author Adam Hart reveals one of the keys to longevity. 
76:15 4/17/23
What Matters To You Most?
Corey and Mike examine how to get clear on the essential things in your life.
61:46 4/3/23
Do You Need A Morning Routine?
Mike and Corey look at the most important tools to jump-start your day. 
70:52 2/27/23
Coach Educator - Emily Hightower - Mastery of the Stress Response - Disrupting Limits - Aligning With Nature
As an Educator and Coach at SH/FT, Emily Hightower leverages her expertise in the neurophysiology of trauma and resilience to help clients master their stress response and improve their quality of life. By combining over 25 years of experience as a breathing expert, yoga instructor, river guide, and wilderness EMT, Emily empowers high performers to disrupt limits, align with nature, and heal their bodies and minds.
92:01 2/13/23
Brian Mckenzie - Human Performance Specialist - Pioneering work in optimizing human health and performance
Brians's protocols have been used to accelerate and raise mental and physical performance in world-class Olympic and professional athletes, top executives, and elite military operators, as well as to improve the health of people suffering from various chronic and pathological issues. 
111:10 1/30/23
Easy Metabolic Reset for 2023 Going Fast!
Mike hides his cinnamon roll as Corey breaks down an easy-to-follow, metabolic reset. This four week package will launch your metabolism into a fat-burning machine. you get: 1. FOUR consecutive weekly coaching sessions with Corey.  These can be in person at the Recovery Den or remote telehealth. 2. Our Mountain Wellness Daily Essentials nutritional supplement bundle includes: * Thorne Creatine * Pure Encapsulations Essential Aminos * Celtic Salt * Natural Vitality Calm * ProOmega EPA+DHA fish oil * Grass Fed Whey- pick Chocolate or Vanilla 3. Unlimited text support with Corey for any questions throughout the month. 4. Unlimited access to the Mountain Wellness Sauna during the month you are enrolled. 5. Discount link for 20% off InsideTracker blood and DNA test. This is a bonus, but not necessary in order to participate in a four-week Metabolic Reset.Contact Shay at:
61:16 1/9/23
Best Moments of 2022!
Mike and Corey recall a crazy year with the best moments from thought leaders and world champions.  Plus, Corey and I, when things get out of control in the mountains.
61:21 12/19/22
Just Eat the Damn Christmas Cookie!
After years of pursuing health and wellness, Mike and Corey have learned just to eat the damn cookie!
65:02 12/5/22
How to Self-Optimize Your Health and Longevity
The Mountain Wellness team begins their journey with InsideTracker to further self optimization and longevity. 
72:51 11/21/22
Deep Survival - Who Lives, Who dies, and Why.
"Mike and Corey exchange experiences as they profile the book "Deep Survival," Who Lives, Who dies, and Why by author Lawrence Gonzales. 1. Be here now—no other thought than the present. Keep an up-to-date mental model of changing conditions.2. Everything takes eight times as long as it’s supposed to. It’s the friction rule.3. Mistake - Make a plan and worship the plan despite changing conditions. More and more effort will somehow overcome the friction.4. The more complex the plan for overcoming friction, the worse things get.5. "We live like fish in an aquarium. We are the domestic pets of a human zoo we call civilization. Then we go into nature, where we are least among equals. There we are put to the test. Most of us get out unscathed, which can make us even more vulnerable to the ever-changing conditions before us—even arrogant. We have been there, and done that."
59:18 11/7/22
Nick Heath Ph.D. - The Breathing Diabetic
Why do we take respiratory performance seriously? You will hear from breathing expert Nick Heath in this episode, who has benefited from his breathwork practice to reduce the effects of diabetes. 
72:24 10/17/22
Davis Hermes - Freestyle Highline World Champion
At the GoPro Mountain Games, Corey and Mike are captivated by Davis Hermes's trajectory before he becomes a world champion. At twelve years old, Davis found his calling in the world of slackline. By twenty-two years old, he takes the world champion freestyle Highline in Switzerland. 
61:09 10/3/22
Mark Divine - Retired Navy Seal Commander, NYT Best Selling Author, Leadership Training. Founder of SealFit
A generation has leaders, and we believe Mark Divine is one of the best. Whether pursuing purpose, mindset, resilience, or being of service to humanity at the highest levels, this conversation has it all. Bestseller, WSJ Bestseller, and #1 Amazon for booksRanked the #1 trainee of SEAL BUDS/class number 170Served nine years on active duty and 11 years as a Reserve Seal, retiring as Commander in 2011SEALFIT has helped thousands transform their lives, both online and on-site in Encinitas, CaliforniaMark is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and author and makes frequent media appearances to discuss Seal's way of life.
108:08 9/5/22
World Champion Kayaker Nick Troutman - The Mountain Mindset
Mike and Corey find out what it takes to launch off an 80-foot waterfall as Nick Troutman takes us inside his preparation for freestyle Kayaking.
104:04 8/15/22
Mark Healey - Legendary Big Wave Surfer, Free Diver, Spearfisherman, Conservationist.
Mark has dove as deep as 135 feet, all on a single breath of air. An astounding breath hold of six minutes underwater.  “As a waterman, Mark is unrivaled,” says big-wave icon Laird Hamilton. “When it comes to riding giant waves, diving deep, and hunting fish, he’s the total package—unique even among us.”
83:57 8/2/22
It all Falls Apart on the John Muir Trail
Corey Reed makes another round with COVID, while Mike, who believes he's mastered the backcountry, gets humbled on the John Muir Trail.
60:30 8/1/22
Mt. Whitney - Dangerous 02 levels at the Summit 14,508 Elevation.
Corey gets the low down. In another attempt at the Mt. Whitney Summit, 14,508 Oxygen saturation levels dropped to as low as 75% as Mike and the athlete team worked to raise oxygen saturation levels. Bear encounters, Crazy Jack, Mike, John, Chad, Seth, and Jonathan all make summiting another unforgettable experience.
83:27 7/22/22
Lung Capacity - The Key to Endurance and Longevity
Endurance - The ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions. Mike and Corey wrap up with the third biomarker from their premiere online respiratory performance online course. Oxygen utilization is foundational to the mountain athlete in all endeavors.
57:56 7/4/22
GoPro Games Vail - Athletes First Look At Moutain Wellness Performance Breathwork
Mike and Corey share their foundation for human performance beginning with the highest oxygen transfer possible. Oxygen powers every muscle, cell, and vital organ in the body. Simply put we can potentially raise an athlete's performance by as much as 20% with our closed balanced system.
58:16 6/20/22
Mountain Wellness® Performance Breathwork Series - Force Rate
LINK: Mountain Wellness Performance BreathworkMike and Corey are off to the GoPro Mountain Games Vail to introduce their proprietary Closed Balanced System of breathing for the first time.
46:50 6/8/22
Mountain Wellness® Performance Breathwork - Series CO2 Tolerance, why you need it.
Mike and Corey dive into the world of carbon dioxide to explain the vital connection to the oxygen in your system. This is a game changer!
40:36 6/1/22
The Governor's Cup 48th Marathon - June 11 - 2022
Registration link:  Mike and Corey get the run down on the biggest race in Montana from director Bryan Haines and elite athlete coordinator Jesse Zentz. See the link in this post for registration and you can support your local montanans community June 11, 2022.
43:38 5/30/22
Mountain Wellness® Performance Breathwork Launches at the GoPro Mountain Games
Mike and Corey with the support of a great team effort put the gas pedal to the floor to Make it to this years 2022 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail C0. Looking back Corey recognizes Mountain Wellness was born at the GoPro Mountain Games. 
49:43 5/20/22

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