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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Open your mind and expand your possibilities through heart-centered discussions about money, business and mindfulness. Join host Leisa Peterson, business coach and long-time finance-pro, for inspiring discussions, interviews and commentary that will inspire your mind, warm your heart and solidify your connection with your higher Self. It's the perfect blend of self-mastery, visionary leadership and practical financial wisdom.


Being Mindful about Inflation with Simone and Leisa 40:40 06/29/2022
Finding Prosperity with Gloria Fagbemi 61:30 06/23/2022
Overlooked Revenue Generating Actions with Melinda Cohan 40:43 06/15/2022
Self-Advocacy with Simone Griffin 47:48 06/07/2022
The Energetic Path to Your Next Level with Maii Vu 33:30 05/31/2022
Hiring a Copywriter with Samantha Burmeister 33:48 05/25/2022
Showing up with Sandra Pelley 30:33 05/19/2022
Journey to Possibility with Charles Rose Jr. 38:00 05/02/2022
Membership Program Strategies with Lisa Princic 56:37 04/28/2022
Living Your Best Life with Linda Claire Puig 31:28 04/18/2022
Practical Wisdom with Nicky Dyal 39:01 04/14/2022
Discovering Happiness Through Cancer with Sucheta Phadke 53:54 04/11/2022
Beating The Broken Cookie Effect with Patty Block 32:14 04/01/2022
When Shifts Happen with Leisa Peterson 25:04 03/28/2022
Enjoying Your Business with Susie Carder 48:22 03/22/2022
Infusing Your Coaching with the Arts with Owen Ó Súilleabháin 44:15 03/15/2022
Why People Buy From You with Stever Werner 46:43 03/10/2022
Living in the Present Moment with George Kinder 43:23 03/07/2022
Thriving Relationships with Marie-Elizabeth Mali 43:48 03/03/2022
Strategies for Financial Success with Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon 35:49 02/28/2022
What's Your Sparketype with Jonathan Fields 43:49 02/24/2022
Humane Selling with Sarah Santacroce 41:04 02/08/2022
Presence in Business Ownership with Debbie Allen 41:25 02/01/2022
Building a Real Estate Investor Community with Dustin Heiner 35:49 01/23/2022
Stacking Your Money with Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken 48:00 01/06/2022
The Art of Customer Feedback with Dr. Matt Champagne 43:36 12/21/2021
Niching Your Way to Wealth with Stephanie Breedlove 42:14 12/08/2021
The Art of Business with Steven Morris 38:38 11/24/2021
Sparkling through Big Challenges with Astrid Mueller 35:45 11/17/2021
Overcoming Self-Sabotage with Tracy Crossley 23:18 11/09/2021