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Conversations on Applied AI - Stories from Experts in Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the Conversations on Applied AI Podcast where Justin Grammens and the team at Emerging Technologies North talk with experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. In each episode, we cut through the hype and dive into how these technologies are being applied to real-world problems today. We hope that you find this episode educational and applicable to your industry and connect with us to learn more about our organization at AppliedAI.MN. Enjoy!


Erik Zwiefel - Asking the Right Questions of Artificial Intelligence 29:22 12/07/2021
Ryan Phelan - The Impact of AI on Patents and Intellectual Property 45:43 09/14/2021
QingHui Yuan - The Data Science of Physical Dynamic Systems 24:57 08/22/2021
Greg Hayes - Applying Design Thinking and Machine Learning to Solve Business Challenges 34:44 07/28/2021
Peter Voss - The Third Wave of AI 33:22 07/13/2021
Sabina Stanescu - Building Better Products Using Responsible AI and MLOps 39:06 06/01/2021
Jason Shepherd - Trust Fabrics, IoT and Interconnected Ecosystems at the Edge 39:01 05/18/2021
Jessica Meyer - Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Important for AI Practitioners 33:55 05/05/2021
Mike Hugo - Using AI Technologies for Biomedical Analysis 36:07 04/21/2021
Danika Hannon - The Impact of Quantum Computing on Artificial Intelligence 41:29 04/07/2021
Bongjun Kim - Sound Recognition and Audio Signal Processing with Machine Learning 45:53 03/24/2021
Nick Walton - Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Human Creativity 28:14 03/10/2021
Fatma Kocer - Using Artificial Intelligence for Product Design and Simulation 33:18 02/24/2021
Tyler Nigon - Artificial Intelligence in Production Agriculture 48:56 02/09/2021
Nick Heller - Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis 40:26 01/24/2021
Tina Nguyen - From Vietnam to Becoming a Leader in Artificial Intelligence 40:25 01/13/2021
Jake Mason - Building Data Science Communities and Applying Artificial Intelligence Before It Was Cool 38:05 11/10/2020
Dave Mathias - Online Options to Learn Artificial Intelligence 43:25 10/13/2020
Kevin Church - Data, Information, Knowledge and Profound Knowledge 54:14 09/01/2020
Parker Erickson - Baseball, GCNs and the Next Generation of AI Practitioners 51:47 08/18/2020
Dave Mathias - Data Coaching and Artificial General Intelligence 29:21 08/04/2020
Josh Cutler - Building Expert Systems Using Artificial Intelligence 34:48 07/20/2020
Joe Schneider - AI & Embedded Systems 43:40 07/08/2020
Jon Herke - AI & The Next Generation of Emerging Technologists 38:02 06/24/2020
Senthil Kumaran - AI & Personalized Healthcare 34:38 06/04/2020
Dan McCreary - AI & Enterprise Knowledge Graphs 47:01 05/27/2020