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Something Even Better

Equal parts research and down-to-earth stories, Something Even Better is the podcast to help you find your own way through the many twists and turns we take to our most meaningful work and lives. Life and business are better when we stop holding on to what’s not working, and make room for Something Even Better. In this podcast, Career Coach turned Business Coach Stacie Mitchell talks about slowing down, finding more peace, and increasing our expertise and thought leadership online – without relying so much on social media. And because there’s more to finding your Something Even Better than just quitting social media, the podcast also features stories of leaving behind businesses, old dreams, careers, school, and more to make room for more alignment, more peace, and, well, just something way better than before. Deep work, sustained focus, intentional practice, slow living, career changes, minimalism, Eastern philosophy, psychology and more are all covered on the podcast in our quest for Something Even Better.


Sign Clients Without Social Media Mini-Course -- Grab it for $25 off! 05:56 05/12/2022
SEO for Coaches: A quick-start guide to attracting your ideal clients 26:43 05/09/2022
Social media marketing for coaches: The hidden cost to your practice 31:13 05/02/2022
Overcoming good girl syndrome in a sacred women’s circle with Mandy Steinhardt 41:03 04/18/2022
Why I quit my MLM with Sales Strategist Erika Tebbens 31:15 04/11/2022
Mimetic desire, the social media comparison trap, and why it matters for your business 29:45 03/28/2022
Debunking the myths of entrepreneurship with Jenna Hellberg 60:28 03/14/2022
Marketing your business without social media: Is it possible in 2022? 36:16 02/28/2022
Breaking up with someone you love with Kari Lu Cowell 37:46 02/14/2022
The truth about working for yourself vs. working for someone else 34:25 01/31/2022
Making a career change in your 30s with Courtney Holgate-Champney 37:32 01/17/2022
My no social media challenge: Results from just one week 19:19 01/10/2022
Arrival fallacy: The curse of the unhappy achiever 29:37 01/03/2022
"What do I really want?" plus a quick 2021 recap 08:39 12/20/2021
How to close your business and walk away for something even better 38:04 12/13/2021
Six reasons to quit social media in 2022, and maybe even FOREVER (gasp!) 30:50 11/29/2021
“Why am I never happy with any job?!”: The 6 surprising reasons 22:41 11/15/2021
What you’re chasing is chasing you with Burnout Coach Katie Rapkoch 40:22 11/01/2021
Follow the fun to more interesting work 18:48 10/25/2021
Making room for something even better 21:39 10/20/2021
Pre-SEB: Charging for the transformation with Mindset Coach Rebecca Wiener McGregor 54:17 10/04/2021
Pre-SEB: Finding the balance with Burnout Coach Maggie Supernova 46:11 09/27/2021
Pre-SEB: Why every coach should create a signature coaching program 17:22 09/13/2021
Pre-SEB: From zero audience to fully booked with Social Work Coach Laura Ann Dunn 46:26 09/06/2021
Pre-SEB: The two boats and the power of commitment 14:05 08/30/2021
Pre-SEB: Your most important business non-negotiable 10:46 08/23/2021
Pre-SEB: Coach burnout and why it matters 30:34 08/16/2021
Pre-SEB: The coaching that made us 16:57 08/09/2021
Pre-SEB: Consistently create unboring copy with Tracie Kendziora 53:38 08/02/2021
Pre-SEB: Make your own marketing rules with Miranda Rodriguez 59:43 07/26/2021