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Give your people the tools they need to do their job, and then let them do it. We sit down with thought leaders to explore why this is the most important element of being in business, and why the tools aren't always technology! Enable your people with the right tools and they will drive your business forward! Join us in a fun and honest conversation that has no jargon.


S2.E21: Staying Sane in a Volatile World 49:45 10/18/2021
S2.E20: AI won’t fix Diversity and Inclusion, but it may hurt it 58:31 09/07/2021
S2.E19: Goals That Matter – The Deceptively Simple System to Achieve Every Dream 40:19 08/24/2021
S2.E18: The future of cyber security 36:03 08/10/2021
S2.E17: Digitalise at the speed of Business 45:09 07/27/2021
S2.E16: Onboarding as a superpower 40:54 07/13/2021
S2.E15: Planning for the out before you go in 43:41 06/29/2021
S2.E14: Representing Culture in a Digital World 46:06 06/15/2021
S2.E13: Values Based Recruitment 34:30 06/01/2021
S2.E12: Office culture vs Culture in the office 49:29 05/18/2021
S2.E11: From inception to exit - the commercial realities of running a Technology start up 51:36 05/04/2021
S2.E10: Technology, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability 46:31 04/27/2021
S2.E9: Supporting customers during a global lockdown. 47:25 04/14/2021
S2.E8: Going global brings new challenges 45:00 04/06/2021
S2.E7: Automation isn't expertise 46:46 03/22/2021
S2.E6. Go Phone Free to increase your digital wellbeing 49:10 03/15/2021
S2.E5: Is following the process more important than accomplishing the mission 49:23 03/09/2021
S2.E4: What is it that makes a hammer work? 43:48 03/01/2021
S2.E3:Code your own Conversational AI Platform 42:33 02/22/2021
S2.E2: SaaS vs Deep Tech - what's the difference 61:04 02/08/2021
That's a wrap for Season 1! 01:58 12/15/2020
Ep. 38: The Digital Detox 51:21 12/01/2020
Ep 37. The Creator Mindset 46:50 11/23/2020
Ep 36. From Counting Barnacles to Delivering Banking Apps 53:54 11/16/2020
Ep. 35 Customer Service in the age of SaaS 59:57 11/09/2020
Ep 34. The Secret to No Hassle Venture Capital 57:54 11/02/2020
Ep 33: Peace of Mind in a Volatile World 58:36 10/26/2020
Ep 32. The Value of a Partner in a Cloud World 57:21 10/19/2020
Ep 31. Better Compliance at Lower Cost 61:49 10/12/2020
Ep 30: Driving Digital Culture 49:03 10/05/2020