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Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or a small business owner? The Causey Consulting Podcast is designed especially for you! Our episodes are guaranteed to ALWAYS give you valuable insights that you can use in your life and your business immediately. You'll never walk away from an episode without learning something new. Your host, Sara Causey, is a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a coach for solopreneurs and small business owners Sometimes Sara flies solo with her own insights and experiences, and other times she interviews a fantastic, bad-a$$ guest with expertise in topics like work/life balance, financial freedom, marketing, social media management, business communication, etc. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and visit her website at for more. Like our theme music? It's "Rainbow" by Scandinavianz. Show them some love at: Need music of your own? Check out


Crossover Episode: Inflation & Economic Weapons
Crossover Episode for both The Causey Consulting Podcast and con-sara-cy theories."I'm the one who taught the Pentagon how to use economic weapons." 😐➡️ Does America believe it's an empire?➡️ Is there any way out of the debt we're in?➡️ "the myth of dollar permanence"➡️ "How did you go bankrupt?" "Two ways: gradually, then suddenly."➡️ Massive food inflation = riots.➡️ "We used to be a manufacturing nation."Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
30:51 4/18/24
The November Election & the Beginning of Act 2
In May of 2023, I published a podcast episode to warn that I felt we were moving out of the Opening Act into Act 1 of this economic nightmare. I believe the November election will usher in Act 2. What exactly will this look like? I dunno. Quite frankly the information I'm hearing is not good. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
22:29 4/11/24
Getting Your Mind Right in a Down Economy
Once you've done all that you can, what's the point in panicking or getting super pessimistic? Anything we accomplish starts with a thought. If we get into a negative thought loop and we expect disaster all the time, guess what? That's what we'll get.  Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
18:14 4/4/24
The economy "doesn't add up" on purpose!
"40-year-old homeowner says economy doesn't add up: 'I'm making the most money I've ever made, and I'm still living paycheck to paycheck'"- DOES ADD UP. IT ADDS UP FOR THE FAT CATS IN THE CRONY CAPITALIST SYSTEM WHO PROFITEER MERCILESSLY OFF OF EVERYONE ELSE!If this is new news to you, who have you been listening to?!?!Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
18:39 3/28/24
Should You Jump Through Hoops for a Job or a Freelance Client?
With layoffs and a less than stellar economy, prospective employers expect candidates to go through longer and more frustrating hiring processes. Likewise, some clients will expect freelancers to jump through hoops to gain a project. So what to do? Should you go along with this? If so, how far?Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
24:22 3/21/24
Flakes & Disappearing Act Clients
When you work 1099, providing a notice on either side is typically not necessary. However, let's be honest: it stinks when someone abruptly cancels a contract and leaves you high and dry.  So what to do with flaky, disappearing act clients? Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
19:04 3/14/24
Crossover Episode: "Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve"
Crossover Episode for both The Causey Consulting Podcast and con-sara-cy theories.I recently watched the documentary Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve. Depressing? Yes. Surprising? Not really. We hear all sorts of outrageous claims from the fat cats who claim they want to protect us. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
48:28 3/7/24
Y.O.Y.O., Redux
Y.O.Y.O. - aka: you're on your ownIf you still have your head in the clouds that there will be some miracle, some Hail Mary Pass that will save the economy - or maybe some amazing, honest, decent politician will be elected in November and that person will save the day: you better get real clear, real fast that Y.O.Y.O. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
26:58 2/29/24
Do You Actually Want to Get Better?
Or do you want a "yes man" to tell you that everything you do is perfect? If you're not improving, you're sliding backwards, especially in this economy. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
15:10 2/22/24
AI & the Majority of Jobs
"They took our jobs!" -South ParkAccording to the IMF, 40 to 60% of jobs could disappear globally due to the influx of AI. But hey - I'm sure that's nothing to worry about. *sarcasm*Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
21:47 2/15/24
Knowing When to Quit
Making the decision to sell or close a business is a big one. Likewise, if you've been freelancing professionally, it's a big decision to close the operation and go back to a full-time 8 to 5 job. ➡️ Is the whole business in shambles? Or are there particular aspects that can be changed in order to make things better?➡️ Are you relying on freelancing websites and, by extension, nightmare clients? ➡️ We live in an age of constant screens and distractions. Take the time to get still and quiet and figure out what you really want. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
19:58 2/8/24
Crossover Episode: The Playbook We Find in Why England Slept
Crossover Episode for both The Causey Consulting Podcast and con-sara-cy theories. I recently read Why England Slept  and it sounds like it could be a playbook for how the public is led into conflicts, changes, social engineering, etc. Links: Links where I can be found: more? Email me: 
24:05 2/1/24
What to do with a Backstabby Client
There are plenty of articles about backstabbing coworkers, office gossips, and nightmare bosses. But what happens if we as business owners or professional freelancers onboard a client  who turns out to be a backstabber or a giant gossip? What then?My experience with "Billy" the Backstabber taught me some important lessons.Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
20:28 1/25/24
What's Your Why?
What's your why? Why are you doing what you are doing? If you are thinking about starting a business - or you already have - why? Why did you choose that specific line of work? If you don't have the answers, you may not make it. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
22:13 1/18/24
Permanent Inflation & How This Affects Your Job
Some commentators and fat cats have admitted that inflation is permanent. So if you are counting on a magical politician to save the day and bring back 2018-2019 prices... you're probably not gonna make it.Links: Links where I can be found: more? Email me: 
19:19 1/11/24
10 Signs Your Business is in Serious Trouble
One common question I receive from coaching or advisory clients is: how do you know a business is doomed to fail?Key topics:✔️ Ownership sets the tone. If you are lazy yet you expect your employees to work hard, you are: a) a terrible boss and b) probably not gonna make it. ✔️ Does rejection crush your entire soul? Do you fly off the handle in a rage or burst into tears at the slightest rebuff? ✔️ Do you need the money or are you a spoiled housecat who won't even bother to catch a mouse? ✔️ If you don't believe in yourself and believe in what you're doing, no one else will either. Links where I can be found: more? Email me: 
22:05 1/4/24
Housekeeping Notes & a Spin-Off Podcast Coming Soon! 🎙️
I am in the process of launching a new podcast called con-sara-cy theories  to serve as an after-hours spot to ask the questions and find the information we shouldn't. The Causey Consulting Podcast  will remain a daytime broadcast to cover the economy, the job market, business issues, etc. Enjoy your holiday time! ❄️You'll be able to find the spin-off podcast here: or where I can be found: more? Email me: 
06:30 12/28/23
Rethinking Camelot & "rough justice" : two wrongs ≠ a right
Or in this case: multiple  wrongs do not make something right."Rethinking Camelot is a thorough analysis of John F. Kennedy's role in the U.S. invasion of Vietnam and a probing reflection on the elite political culture that allowed and encouraged the Cold War. In it, Chomsky dismisses effort to resurrect Camelot—an attractive American myth portraying JFK as a shining knight promising peace, fooled only by assassins bent on stopping this lone hero who would have unilaterally withdrawn from Vietnam had he lived. Chomsky argues that U.S. institutions and political culture, not individual presidents, are the key to understanding U.S. behavior during [the] Vietnam [War]."-'s assume Chomsky's analysis is correct and that he has no agenda of his own in writing this book. What justifies these intell!gence agencies operating with no oversight, no accountability, and no mercy? Even if we assume JFK was as much a warhawk as those before and after, which is possible, how does that absolve these agencies from their sins? Also, how does it change the litany of people who did not like Kennedy and benefited from his absence? NOTE: After this episode, content like this will live on my new, upcoming podcast, the con-sara-cy theories. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
36:26 12/21/23
Cold Case Hammarskjöld & Why it Matters
This was one of the craziest documentaries I've ever seen. It's simultaneously a murder mystery, investigative journalist effort, purveyor of insane theories (and possibly truths), and dark comedy all at once. ➡️ "This could either be the world's biggest murder mystery or the world's most idiotic conspiracy theory. If the latter is the case, I am very sorry."  ➡️  "Conspiracy theory for senior citizens" 😆Why does this still matter? For one thing, do you think these huge corporate interests and governments that seek to dominate and exploit others are a thing of the past? GET. REAL. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
42:31 12/14/23
"We did it"
"We all were sea-swallow'd, though some cast again / And by that destiny to perform an act / Whereof what's past is prologue, what to come / In yours and my discharge."-The Tempest I recently read Ravi Somaiya's The Golden Thread: The Cold War and the Mysterious Death of Dag Hammarskjöld. The implications are staggering, even all these years later.  Key topics:✔️ "Draw your own conclusions."✔️ "We did it" is really tantamount to, "Yeah, we did it. And what are you gonna do about it? Nothin'!"✔️ "our motivation for Balkanising their country" ✔️ "he should drop the matter" Links: photo I mentioned: Links where I can be found: more? Email me: 
31:15 12/7/23
Bonus Episode: Are Rewards for Hard Work Dead?
Subtitle: Did they exist in the first place?Was there some utopia, some golden age where no one was exploited by Corpo America?  😒 Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
29:13 12/5/23
Saturday Night Special: What a jumbled up clown world 🤡
Persistent inflation is the fault of John & Jane Q. Public.The recession is back on again. A sea lion wants to know what "motive" the state and the cronies have for lying to us.Hit pieces are made, reputations are ruined, and then quiet revisions are made that no one hears about. 😵‍💫🤡😵‍💫🤡😵‍💫🤡Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
25:59 12/2/23
"We 'set the vibes'" 😆
I think by "vibes" you mean "exploitation." Key topics:✔️ You're there as long as you lick the corporate boots and entice others to do the same. Encouraging the presence of a toxic environment to your peers doesn't make you a hero.✔️ If your environment is so bad that you need to hire someone to play the role of clown or hypebeast, mightn't it not be a better idea to determine WHY the place is so bad?✔️ The day will come where you need skills to pay the bills.✔️ So much boils down to: are you gonna go along to get along or are you gonna be a problem, pal?Links: hire_l_62bb3559e4b0187add18eec4 where I can be found: more? Email me: 
30:11 11/30/23
Monday Night Special: Rezoning America?
"While we are dreaming / This little island disappears / While you are looking the other way / They'll take your right to own your own ideas...""Inside Job" by Don Henley And take away your right to own anything. Go live in an abandoned strip mall and be happy! 😖 During the throes of the Cold War, what westerner would have imagined хрущёвка style living coming to America?  Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
26:47 11/27/23
60 Years Later: JFK Revisited
Today marks the 60 year anniversary of JFK's death. For me, this is not about lionizing any politician. It's about understanding just how powerful the powers that be truly are. If they would lie to you about something monumental, they would lie to you about the state of the economy and the job market, too. Wakey wakey, folks. Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
17:17 11/22/23
Sunday Night Special 3: What Golden Age??
Crossover from today's blog post: Where is this golden age? Where was the party? Were middle class, working class, and working poor people all having some Great Gatsby soiree for the last three years? I don't f**king think so!Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
26:02 11/19/23
Fahrenheit 451 & Misunderstanding Propaganda's Purposes
Have you heard commentators say that propaganda is necessary because the "other side" (whatever than even means) isn't guaranteed to win? To me, this either misunderstands or intentionally obfuscates an important purpose of propaganda. Key topics:✔️ You get hyped up and wild when you're supposed to. You sit down and watch the boob tube when you're supposed to. You ignore conflicts and problems when you're supposed to. The emotional reactions are carefully orchestrated. ✔️ If you lobotomize yourself, the fat cats and their cronies can do whatever they want without interference. Ray Bradbury explores this concept in his novel Fahrenheit 451. ✔️ IMO, one function of controlled oppo is to convince you that even if things are bad and it appears the hyper elites are plotting something nefarious, fear not - people are waking up. The power brokers are shaking in their boots! 😒 Riiiiiiiight.Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
24:00 11/16/23
Will realtors vanish?
One of the most dangerous statements you can make is: "Well, that would just neevvvverrrr happen to me." Similar to people telling you that it's impossible for 2008 to ever happen again. 😒Key topics:✔️ After all the FOMO & YOLO in the markets of 2020 & 2021, what did you think was gonna happen?✔️ Could a number of realtors be replaced by technology and FSBO scenarios? Yes, probably so. ✔️ Knowing your market and being TRUTHFUL about your market = you staying in business and having loyal clients when others are folding. Lying, cheating, maneuvering, getting out during a bust cycle, etc. = going under.  ✔️ In some respects, the death knell rang when the internet was released to the public. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sorry, not sorry. Links: Links where I can be found: more? Email me: 
26:36 11/9/23
Tuesday Night Special: "It's been far more difficult finding employment than I expected"
Who are you listening to and for what reason? If you have been caught in a layoff or a company closure and you thought finding another job would be "easy," WHO HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO?Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
08:44 11/7/23
Sunday Night Special 2: More Bank Failures & Insolvency
$40 billion in unrealized losses hitting the major big name banks. A deposit problem hit the big name banks as well. A small town Iowa bank has failed and been taken over by the FDIC. Stay aware! This does not sound to me like the banking crisis has ended and all is well.Links: where I can be found: more? Email me: 
14:22 11/5/23

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