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The Momxiety Club is a podcast for new moms-whether it’s your first or fourth. We discuss real life as a mom - our triumphs, missteps, struggles, insecurities, relationships, and most importantly our worries and anxieties. We believe postpartum isn’t discussed enough and we have created this space for YOU! Get ready to listen and share openly about all things motherhood. Anxiety is such a big part of so many of our lives and we want you to know you are not alone. We are in this club together! Listen while you’re driving the kids so they nap, commuting to work, doing the never ending housework, walking/working out, showering, or anytime you need a mental mommy minute to regroup and keep being the awesome mom you are! This isn’t your average mommy advice show. We are your self-deprecating, unfiltered, and overly anxious support group. Lean on and listen in anytime you need a reminder that you are not alone.


Four ways to show yourself some love this February! 11:05 02/03/2022
My January 2022 Takeaways - Be Kind to Yourself 16:25 01/27/2022
Goals, Organization, and Systems to Tackle Momxiety: Part 2 19:11 01/20/2022
Goals, Organization, and Systems to Tackle Momxiety: Part 1 13:19 01/13/2022
Less Overwhelm In the New Year: Set Better Goals 12:17 01/06/2022
Are you a risk taker? Risk tolerance and the end of the year 17:12 12/16/2021
Between sick kids and work is there any time for me? 19:57 12/09/2021
Unplanned haircuts and throw up on a Paw Patrol puzzle...a peak inside a Momxiety Club Support Session 25:11 12/02/2021
All or Nothing Thinking and Our Inner Voice 14:38 11/25/2021
Worried the Pediatrician will think you are an Anxious New Mom?: An Interview with The PediPals: Dr. Ana and Dr. Sami 40:47 11/18/2021
Momxiety Attack: From "Get me out of here!" to "I need to get back!" 14:57 11/11/2021
Prepare For the Worst; Hope For the Best 08:35 11/04/2021
Losing Childcare During a Pandemic 07:59 10/14/2021
Routines to Reduce Tantrums and Manage Overwhelm: An Interview with Marlene Spence 42:37 09/23/2021
Parenting a Child with a Chronic Illness: You Never Know How Long or When it Will Hit You 16:47 09/02/2021
Discussing the COVID-19 Vaccine for Breastfeeding Mothers: An Interview with Bridget E. Young, PhD 31:31 09/02/2021
The Connection Between Sensory Processing and Anxiety: A conversation with Dr. Lauren Pittard of Kidable Therapy 70:02 05/27/2021
Discussing the COVID-19 Vaccine for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers and those Planning a Pregnancy with Dr. Kathryn J. Gray 22:30 05/06/2021
An Update, Random Acts of Kindness, & Promo 16:50 02/18/2021
An FPIES Diagnosis after Introducing Solids and Breastfeeding Challenges with a Tongue Tie: An Interview with Carly Sachs 55:21 02/11/2021
Postpartum Anxiety After Having a Second Child: Why it was so Hard to Recognize the Second Time with Tori Levine 39:03 02/04/2021
Coping with Anxiety when Your Child is Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness with Tori Levine 47:40 01/28/2021
First Time Mom Anxiety with Tori Levine 35:39 01/21/2021
NEW episode NEXT Week PLUS Reduce Momxiety Free Download 02:28 01/14/2021
Tips to Start the New Year off with Reduced Anxiety and Stress 15:55 01/07/2021
Accepting Things As They Are: An Interview with Rabbi Ariana Capptauber 50:47 12/31/2020
Owning Anxiety An Interview with Carrie Mahoney 60:55 12/24/2020
Survival Mode for New Moms: An Interview with Ashley Buffa 43:23 12/17/2020
Taming anxiety using realistic self-care: Ideas to calm momxiety submitted by moms for moms 27:45 12/10/2020
Infant Gross Motor Development, should it cause Momxiety? An Interview with Dr. Shannon PT 56:06 12/03/2020