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Our Mothers Ourselves

Katie Hafner -- longtime New York Times reporter and author of "Mother Daughter Me" -- interviews the offspring of one extraordinary mother. The concept is simple. And sometimes simple turns profound.


Joy Liasson, whose warmth carries on. A conversation with Mara Liasson 35:21 12/03/2021
Ginny Hughes, Unflappable Mom. A Conversation with Mallory Woodruff 39:06 11/04/2021
Barbara Van Dusen, the Jackpot of Moms. A Conversation With Lisa Van Dusen 35:33 10/07/2021
Valerie Jarrett, Political Rock Star and Unflappable Mom. A Conversation With Laura Jarrett 36:12 09/09/2021
Benter Akoth, Determined to Educate Girls. A Conversation with Enos Magaga. 30:44 08/26/2021
Rita Kelly Mullan, Agent of Peaceable Change. A Conversation With Bronagh Hanley 33:46 08/12/2021
Molly Luther, Passionate Composer. A Conversation with Meg Luther Lindholm 30:28 07/29/2021
Alice Davidson, Send-Back Queen. A Conversation with Sara Davidson 32:20 07/15/2021
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Religious Leader. A Conversation with Erin Prophet 32:35 07/01/2021
Where is Mother Mine? 00:36 06/25/2021
Luca Di Pietro: Creating community around food. A Conversation with Isabella Di Pietro 31:06 06/20/2021
Parental Alienation: When Divorcing Parents Go Too Far 30:40 06/03/2021
Linda Heidenreich, A Life Fully Lived. A Conversation with Brittany Zaccagnini 30:35 05/20/2021
Bernice Wachter, Mama Bear. A Conversation with Lori Wolfson and Andrea Wachter 33:27 05/09/2021
Lorraine Fixler -- The Long Goodbye. Sarah Kuhn on the gradual loss of the vivacious mother she once knew. 32:41 04/22/2021
Helene Goldstein Wolff, who saved her children from the Nazis. A conversation with Sonia Levitin 33:47 04/08/2021
Nicole Harrison. @AstronautAbby talks about her pragmatic, supportive mom 33:24 03/25/2021
Harriet Turkle -- Sherry Turkle's Homage to her Mother, who plays a central role in "The Empathy Diaries" 36:24 03/05/2021
A Mother, a Daughter, and Little Choice. A Conversation about China's One-Child Policy (独生子女政策) with Simeng Dai. 31:26 02/25/2021
Flora Horne. "She Broke the Cycle." A Conversation with Malaika Horne and Gwen Moore 32:41 02/11/2021
Maria Tallchief: By Turns Firebird, Cinderella, Mother, Muse. A Conversation with Elise Paschen 33:53 01/28/2021
Lea Alcott's Unerring Support for her Daughter's Golf Passion. A Conversation with Amy Alcott 28:40 01/14/2021
Anne Morrow Lindbergh -- "You'll Have the Sky." A Conversation with Reeve Lindbergh 32:22 12/31/2020
One of our favorite episodes: Julie Andrews -- She is Our Sunshine. A Conversation with Emma Walton Hamilton 36:20 12/25/2020
Tanjeet Basra. Indian Matchmaking and the evolution of a marriage. A Conversation with Gurki Basra 26:46 12/06/2020
David Whyte's mother, the lyrical Mary O'Sullivan, whose love radiated like the sun itself. 38:44 11/28/2020
Alison Aucoin’s mother, Lynn Evans. The Facebook Post about one Covid death that stands for 404,689 in the U.S. – and counting. 37:42 11/22/2020
Rita Waterman, Soul Mother. A conversation with Ariel Leve 31:38 11/15/2020
Liz Mitchell – Manual Not Included. A Conversation with Biz Mitchell. 35:45 11/08/2020
"What Would Betta Do?" Betta Ehrenfeld – A Gracious Southern Lady with an opinion or two...or three... 32:06 11/01/2020